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  1. If I could just interject - a suggestion to same some typing? "EnzHOLE!!"
  2. Shannon, STAMP. STAMP. STAMP. ...and, I ain't talkin' about the sound you hear when Brendon lurches up the spiral staircase. Outside of the actual rules of the game, all bets are (or should be) off. Someone in the game *might* lie, cheat, steal or otherwise manipulate YOU, dear players, into giving them the $500k - if YOU'RE not the one doing it, it's being done TO you, so wise up and have a shot at the money, or keep preaching 'friendship', 'integrity', and who 'deserves' the money....all from the comfort of the jury house.
  3. I'd love it to (and I feel fairly confident it will) be Kathy as the replacement nom - she goes up, and out. Matt either has a full-on, side-, or semi-alliance with everyone else in the house, so throwing Kathy under the bus doesn't break any of that up. Also, it's gonna be a quickie vote once she goes up, and everyone voting will evict her without having too much time to dwell on it, especially over Lane, but at least by a 3-2 vote, since Matt will vote as well. This move makes the least amount of waves, except for nullifying Brendon's HOH reign - not to mention, who doesn't want to see Rachel's face when HER MAN's HOH reign results in the 20-hour per day sleeper/c*ckblocker strolling into the jury house??
  4. I don't see Matt turning on the Brigade just yet - because he doesn't know as yet that the Brigade are starting to turn on him. Brendon has said more than once that he would not backdoor Britney, so that leads me to believe he does put Matt up Monday once Ragan vetoes himself. Given that, Matt will undoubtedly have to use the DPOV to remove himself, and since he's allied in one way or another to everyone except Kathy, not to mention he wants to make as few extra waves for himself as possible after whipping out this power, I see him putting Kathy up as minimal collateral damage - with Kathy getting the boot Thursday by a vote of 5-0 or 4-1.
  5. I believe the lie has screwed him out of final 2 contention - who wants to go before the jury against the "guy with the dying wife"?
  6. Actually, if Brendon HAD to win an HOH, this is the week for him to win it. Except for the fact that he cannot be evicted this week, he has NO power. The Brigade have four of the five votes this week (three of five if one on the block), and the Diamond veto will override the noms should two Brigade members be put up. The Brigade will get out Ragan, Britney or Kathy, no blood on their hands. Couple that with the fact that Brendon cannot compete for HOH next week...
  7. Don't fastforward tomorrow, are you kidding me? Who cannot wait to see Julie Chen come between Rachel and HER MAN, via blindside????
  8. So, I noticed tonight in the POV meeting that Brendon employed the ever-more-popular tactic of "[insert insult towards Veto holder here], now please use the Veto on me." Well, it worked for Andrew, after all, so...ummm. Huh?
  9. Tonight's broadcast was undoubtedly The Rachel Show..and, for once, all the better for it. Maybe I'm not seeing it objectively because I do watch the feeds, but I found tonight's edit a rare accuracy for CBS, to include most of The Many Faces of Rachel - Smirky Face, Pouty Face, Dry-Crying Face, Poor Sport Face, Hypocrite Face...and the ever-more-present DeathGlare Psycho Chef. Adding the Lapdog/Bully/Poorest Sport Brendon truths in for good measure (or out of necessity without having to airbrush him out of shot) was a nice touch as well, accompanied by [what I found to be] MOCKING violins made tonight's episode the best I've seen this season to date.
  10. I watch the feeds...and I like Enzo, farts and all. The guy cracks me up - which I suppose makes me a proud member of society's lowest common denominator...Team Meow Meow. Yeah, he's a pig, a slob, grandiose, self-inflated, and along for the ride. Thing about him is that Enzo KNOWS he is all of these things. He says 'here I am, yous deal wit it', and takes nothing too seriously. Refreshing, in contrast to types like Rachel who hasn't had a genuine, non-self-scripted action/reaction this entire season, or Brendon, whose own delusions of self-superiority and condescension are so misguided they border on the utterly maddening. Not to mention, Enzo's not as dumb as one might suspect. Matt is clearly target number one in his alliance, and Enzo has positioned himself (yes, by throwing comps and not aligning himself outside the Brigade with anyone) as target number four. Whether one approves of this strategy or not, if it works, it's a good one. Meanwhile, Enzo sits back and listens to his 'enemies', playing the 'I'm alone' card, never commits too much to the conversation, all while gaining info and...playing dumb. In that regard, he's an uncouth version of Ragan - similar strategy, both equally low on the radar at this point. Or, it could just be I've got a thing for Jersey mooks - that'd be a first, though.
  11. There's a another tack to consider as well...two Brigade members have side alliances - Matt and Ragan, Lane and Britney. Will be interesting to see how the Brigade members campaign towards/against keeping their side deals without having to turn on one another, which seems inevitable at this point. The Brigade think they can cruise to F4 then deal without backstabbing one another, but I foresee splinter-ation coming sooner rather than later. ETA: Not to mention, Lane and Hayden, as well as Matt and Enzo, have already started discussing F2 deals with each other, ruling the other two out as contenders based on prospective jury voting. "Layden" have determined that they would not want to be F3 with 'sympathetic' Matt, nor 'America's Favorite' Enzo, and "Menzo" have decided similarly against Lane and Hayden. That's gonna factor in here soon.
  12. Brendouche commented to Matt last night, as the two met privately in HOH: "There's a fatal flaw with some of the players in this game - they have two X chromosomes. Women are just too emotional for this game." You know, because he's been Mr. Gameplay...in between whining about being a have-not two for two weeks, whining about 'rigged' comps, crying to Rachel about how much he [unrequitedly] 'loves' her...yeah, all business and strategy there. WOMEN are too emotional?? Is he calling HERself out or what?
  13. He's gathering material for upcoming Enzo-tainment - when he recounts the conversation to the Brigade complete with The Face and the obligatory rhetorically "What are yous tawkin' about?"
  14. I'm patiently awaiting the moment that will signify the inevitable Brenchel Implosion...when neither of them wins POV, and Rachel outright blames Brendon for not winning HOH nor POV...sealing her impending eviction. Who needs a saboteur?
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