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  1. Jeff and Jordan made an adorable baby! https://www.instagram.com/p/BLg42-Zh-Zn/ In another season of NSFW and Brenchel babies, this makes me smile.
  2. Sometimes I load a rando chat room while feed watching. The CAPS though!
  3. lurker

    Good Idea / Bad Idea

    Bad Idea: She eats every single ant on Frankie's rotted carcass and finally blows up.
  4. lurker

    Good Idea / Bad Idea

    Bad Idea: The ants in the backyard smell right through that glitter and attack.
  5. Upstairs Morgan and Monte confab. Monte says Shane might be double-crossing him, you just don't know. Shane walks in, as if on cue. Monte says people know Kryssie is the target and it's awkward. Shane tells them that Justin is voting for Cornbread. Monte says they have the votes for Kryssie to go. Monte says "The King" aka, him, should come upstairs and let the house calm down. Barf. Monte says getting rid of Kryssie is one less negative vote for him and his crew. They agree Neeley is a wild card. Shane leaves, Morgan stays. Monte says people will realize that he and Morgan are really close, not that there's anything going on. They say Shane makes them nervous, he is blatantly talking game with Justin. Monte has no idea where Jason's vote is. He's "going to get reads on him." They don't understand why people would hate Shelby. Gotta run!
  6. Shane and Justin are still playing pool, and Justin is making fun of a girl for prancing around like a fool. Said girl is over on the couch, as Shane points out. Justin says he doesn't care. He made a joke about Danielle and Cornshit, I didn't catch it, but he and Shane are laughing hysterically. Shane has yet to take the vitamins, and Justin says don't take them, he'll get an ass fight. Justin says Monte just sees the plastics on the surface, and that Kryssie is so fucking cool. Justin starts counting votes, they wonder if it'll be a double eviction, and if it was it'd be Corny and Kryssie. Shane asks Alex, who's changing her laundry, when they vote. Shane asks Justin if he wants Kryssie or Cornbread to leave, Justin says "NO! Cornbread." They run numbers, there are nine votes, and if they split three, three, three, Monte breaks the tie. Alex is totally stumped by the dryer. Pool game breaks up.
  7. Shane and Justin are playing pool, and Justin wants to know why Mt. Douche didn't put up Shelby. Justin also says the house is full of a bunch of fake girls. Skippy flips us back to the outdoor couches, where Jason is saying that Julie is very nice to the evicted houseguests, that is nothing to worry about. In the kitchen Scott is awkwardly sitting with Shelby, Monte, and a sister, they're trashing Kryssie for talking smack while on the mack. Monte says it's hard in here, because you're working out with people and they're your friends, then poof, they're a threat and you're nomming them. Scott says he's grateful not to be nommed, and Monte says he'll be good for a while. Scott says she's going to have zero votes, Monte agrees, because no one wants to touch him or Shane at this point. I guess Kryssie said "Well played, sweetheart" to Shelby. Shelby is parannoying.
  8. Jason adjourns the meeting, and Justin says, "So we don't vote today?" The all laugh. Jason dropped his veto on the floor in the kitchen on his way to hang it back up. Monte is talking to Tatty telling her it's not personal. Corny heads outside, Tatty comes out and Scott (also there) gave her a hug. Jason comes out, and Scott says we all knew Jason was going home if he didn't win the veto. Kryssie says it's like High School all over again in the BB House. IIWII. Kryssie says she's eerily calm. Ian Steve Scott heads over to the pool to pick up the logs that scattered. Danielle comes out to sit with Kryssie on the green monster couch. Danielle thinks Monte wanted to nom someone else but had to nominate Kryssie. No exciting game talk happening. Inside, at the tall kitchen table, Shane, Monte, and the pretty girls clique are snacking. Monte says he'll talk to them all later about votes, either individually or as a group. Back outside, Danielle is sweetly advising Kryssie to cry if she needs to, just take time for herself. Neeley has joined them, though she's quiet. Looks like Shelby is out there too, but I'm still unclear on exactly who is who. ETA It's Whitney outside...OGG that voice!
  9. 1pm HT Back from a massage just in time for the veto ceremony. Jason has notes on a printed card, and he is sitting on the couch with Danielle and Corncrib. Corncrap says he's smooth on top and on bottom, he's no turtle. He loves all ya'll. Buffering. Really, now with the buffering? Jason takes himself off the mac. BB Voice tells Monte to nominate someone else. He congratulates Jason, and selects Kryssie!
  10. Scenes from a group picture: Skippy is very very bossy. And he can say Cornbread with a straight face. Cornbread gets in, and winces as the water is cold. I'm enjoying his wince a bit too much. Skippy is chiding the hammies to be careful and not fall in the pool. Thanks dad! Skippy says they're on a time crunch and gets them moving faster. Kryssie (or however you spell that) can't get in the water because she'd get her cardigan wet. Danielle has to lean into Cornpone, in she goes. Shelby and Jason head over and are placed by Skippy. Finally the hamsters are all set up to Skippy's apparent satisfaction. Now they're getting further instructions on poses. Skippy calls for the large blue ball. There's a joke there for those willing to go there, but I'm keeping this clean. Cornfuck (oops!) is straddling the blow up log in the pool, and Skippy calls for Shelby to sit on the big blue ball. Shelby's bikini bottoms have a seam that runs vertically up the back, so she always appears to have a wedgie. Who buys those?! Anyway, some girls get on guys shoulders, and cabana boy Skippy waters the pool deck. Shelby gets a bucket instead of the big blue ball to sit on. The flash is on strobe, they're going to be blinded. Cornass is indeed straddling the blow up log for the photo. The internet is going to love that.
  11. Hi Toolie and Angel! Scott had his turn, he is so furry! He almost fall in. Shane has his turn, and is clowning for the camera. The sun is in his eye and making him squinty. He gets his hair elastic and comes back for more pics with Skippy. Kryssie is next. She's wearing a cardigan over her swimsuit, as one does when one's tattoos aren't allowed on camera. Cornboobs is clowning in the background. He's gross. Kryssie is done. They assemble for a group picture. Skippy is wearing a tie and everything! He's on the border between the HT and pool...wouldn't it be something if Skippy fell in?
  12. lurker

    Caption That Cap

    When I'm not clicking my talons together, I lead people in prayer and stuff.
  13. Sloth, that was it. But Sloth didn't have cornbread. So what set of circumstances lead up to "Don't call me Mike, just call me Cornbread?"
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