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  1. First cast I've been interested in in ...several years. Don't make me hate y'all.
  2. It's pretty funny that she knows that her power means whoever goes out this week gets a chance to come back. So I'd be careful if I were her.
  3. Which one of the bros had the Alabama Football shirt on?
  4. I can't tell them apart. But I only watch the broadcast shows this year. Not really invested.
  5. It annoys me that she's co-opted part of the religions of various native peoples for her personal gain.
  6. I guess I would not make a great BB player (in fact, I know that I would not be) but how is voting out Swaggy good for his game? So he can go to the other side and fight Kaitlynn for the bottom of the other alliance (I guess "Foute" is no more, so now there's an alliance of 6 and maybe some side alliances? I don't watch the feeds.) At any rate can someone please explain to me how voting Swaggy is best for his game?
  7. Sure, put up strong players. But not from your OWN SIDE. There are plenty of strong players from the other side. I realize alliances are made and broken up early. But floating to the other side of the house/alliance does not give her any advantage right now. She would be on the bottom and have outed herself as a floater/flipper. I understand her getting pissed at Fessie. But in my opinion basing your decisions on emotions like that is not the best way to play the game. Of course, what do I know, because if I were in there I would DOR before 24 hours. And one of the "strong players" she originally put up was Scottie, who is hardly a strong player and had the potential to be a number for their side. So yeah, bad gameplay all around in my opinion. There's no reason to put up a pawn at this point in the game. Put up 2 strong players. If one gets vetoed put up another strong player.
  8. Why is she putting up members of her own alliance? Did she switch sides?
  9. Adam Rippon is the only person I think who could get me to watch this mess. And I'd watch every second.
  10. I loved Season 2. That was the season of Dr Will and the giant peanut butter jar. Also Kent and Bunky's unlikely friendship was awesome to watch. Season 3, 6 and 2 are my favorites.
  11. It's not meant to be done without permission though. At all. Also: she was "routing" for Victor? I'd almost think that made her a reader here, but I don't think she's that smart, so just grammatical error?
  12. I think I'm over this season. There was one "old" guy, who is already gone. I basically hate both sides of the house. Lots of interchangable girls and bros. I thought the hippies might be interesting, but ugh. There's no "there" to this season.
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