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  1. Excited for Austin & Vanessa. I would like to see Jeff or Audrey go home. On a completely other note, can you believe someone stole my 60" TV but not my computer & 40". Feeling violated.
  2. He always knows how to pander to her but does he have the connections and ability to use that to his advantage. I haven't seen that so far as Audrey seems to be his only ally.
  3. Food in the fish tank It is a nice gesture Too bad nobody cares.
  4. False. I always expect them to disappointment me. The next poster actually picked a favorite before the game started.
  5. I love hamsters who think they are in every alliance and are in control. Their downfall is soooo sweet.
  6. Well, she hasn't pissed me off yet which is a miracle cuz her personality is a turnoff for me.
  7. I agree she's playing them but I feel that the strategy is failing spectacularly. Hope it works out in the future but she probably went overboard.
  8. The video is no longer posted to the BB page (that I can find). Do you think he's been booted already?
  9. Do you think the monkeys are a better alliance at this point in the game?
  10. I'm with you g. I hated to vote Natalie but her name hasn't even been mentioned yet. It was good strategy this week but will it backfire?
  11. I still see them a mess at the merge. Blood vs Water seems to be a bad thing this go around. You have the sins of your partner. Chaos abounds.
  12. I was running things. Why couldn't they understand the only thing to do was throw the comp? It's a way to get rid of those loudmouths that actually work around camp.
  13. So sorry. Losing a parent is a heartbreaker that effects the those left behind. My prayers for you and your family as you go through this rough time. May our next birthday bring only happiness.
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