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  1. Very well deserved! Well done Taylor--- after all the irrational hate.
  2. Funny I saw it as a memory game and I've notices Turner is very good with details.
  3. I was sad to see Michael go- I love myself a good competitor.
  4. Terrance--- I don't like him and can understand why he is in his third marriage.
  5. Gameplay wise I thought it was really good- up to Dan's funeral level. Bringing up race is always tricky- but to say it was bad game play.... he saved Taylor and Britney and is sending a strong player that was part of a showmance to jury.
  6. I'm shocked he is actually thirty- by the way he acts I would have said 20-24
  7. I like Indy- I actually think she is the best casting decision this season- it's too bad she is in the wrong alliance.
  8. I'm really concerned for @angelmi does anyone know this poster?
  9. It's funny because my mom saw the elvis preview and said adam could have played her.
  10. same- I've been wondering about her. She really helped a lot with the recaps and was great at it!
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