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  1. I like Indy- I actually think she is the best casting decision this season- it's too bad she is in the wrong alliance.
  2. I'm really concerned for @angelmi does anyone know this poster?
  3. It's funny because my mom saw the elvis preview and said adam could have played her.
  4. same- I've been wondering about her. She really helped a lot with the recaps and was great at it!
  5. I said Indy because she is my favorite and super unpredictable... they would all freak out if she won.
  6. Pooch should leave. What idiot volunteers to go up. So conceited in thinking he would stay.
  7. I said Joseph...I don't think he is in anyone's radar right now.
  8. Hi I just wanted to say thank you to all the recappers on this website. I love this place and I've been a member for the past 16 years (2006).... though I think it's been earlier. This is my big brother comfort zone and I admire people who can sit and watch this hamsters..... thank you for all you do!
  9. I would vote for Brittany just based on the fact that she is an actual fan of the show.
  10. Hey guys her mom just gave an interview with the biggest news paper in Brazil. She said among many thing that her daughter is beautiful and highly spiritual.... and most importantly she is our favorite type of hamster... the fame whore. She has always wanted to be famous and this is finally her chance.
  11. She is Brazilian folks... we bring the crazy. She will be very promising for entertainment this season.
  12. laziest cast reveal ever--- they have nothing on this players. Just picture name age and occupation. I'm already rooting on my fellow Brazilian Indi Santos. I had to admit I have quit on the last few season of BB in the first 4 weeks-6 weeks. I wonder how long I will last through this one.
  13. Even when she's gone though they are still going to to be talking about Janelle.
  14. lol I love that Kaysar and Janelle are even. I just voted Janie because no offense to Kaysar because I absolutely love the guy but he is worse when it comes to reading people than janie and I think could be a little arrogant.
  15. I find it interesting that Big Brother Producers rarely take action against anyone here in the US version. I watch BB UK and a contestant got a warning for using the n-word and was told that if he used it again he would get ejected from the house. The contestant later ended up getting ejected. Here they give them so many breaks... I've seen it happen so many times on BB UK that contestants get ejected from the house for things that here in the US they wouldn't even get a warning.
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