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  1. because this cast is so utterly contemptible - yep, yep, yep...you are so right, zclue.
  2. First time a woman won when she was up against a man. Finally!
  3. HoH LetterFrom Frankie's Friend http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/hoh_blog/1003088/
  4. I don’t think a woman has ever won when up against a guy in the final 2.
  5. Eating like a glutton, not following rules, taunting people (?), etc. are not excuses to constantly verbally abuse Jen. What is happening in BB is unbelievable cruelty. Ferfet, I want to be in your fan club. Edited; please watch the commentary about other posters -- Mags
  6. None of these repulsive people deserve to win any money. The money should be used to send them all to therapy so they learn that even if it is easy to abuse a woman, it is not OK.
  7. It must be extremely difficult for this young woman to be in a house with people who condone verbal abuse. Furthermore, they not only condone the verbal abuse, some of them join in.
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