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  1. Just like BB season - "drinking until my belly swishes"!! Glad to hear today is better than yesterday. Praying that's a trend for you in the days to come.
  2. Hang in there, @Mockingbird - drink PLENTY of fluids, like until your belly is constantly swishing. It could help your headaches which may be from dehydration. And, because we could all use a laugh, yesterday I ran out for curbside pickup of dog food at the pet supply store and three young adult guys walked out to the parking lot while we waited. One was holding a small white goat which was wearing a disposable diaper. Now that's not something you see every day!
  3. Yeah, I get that if I were hungry enough, I'd eat most anything. However, straight peanut butter is tolerable for no more than 2 scoops. It would take me 90+ days to eat that entire jar, assuming I was smart enough to hide it effectively from both the other contestants and ANTS!
  4. I'm on board for the season - that being said, I'll be watching differently this season. Now, it's about learning how to make a decent meal out of the lima beans, arugula, shallots and hog jowl which were the only food items that I could find at the grocery store this week.
  5. We're old school and learned math before common core, so mercury is fine.
  6. It's about to look like "Lost" around here.....except that their hair never changed. Whoa - maybe that should have been our first clue about that ending. In all seriousness, given the varying level of distress we're all experiencing based upon the number of cases in our areas or if our area is on lockdown, I wonder if there's anything an HT'er is looking for that I could ship to them if I can find it in my area. For years we would laugh about never being able to find the thermometer around the house when we needed one - now I actually can't find one at the stores nor online. I've just begun that search, so I'm not ready to give up hope for getting one locally (does anyone really trust the dollar store thermometers?) - but while I'm on my search excursions, I'd be happy to add "your" needs to my list.
  7. San Francisco has ordered a three week 24-hour curfew where people can only leave their homes to see a doctor or grocery shop. Suddenly, our bar/restaurant, bowling alley and gym closures don't seem so bad. Today was day 1 of work-from-home for my company and we don't expect to be back on campus until May.....thankfully we have video conferencing for meetings and can use it to stay connected with team members.
  8. And......(as we all expected).....Peter and Madison have already gone their separate ways.
  9. Ever the conspiracy theorist, something in the back of my brain keeps insisting that Sandra, Amber and Rob are working together to get all three of them to the final tribal council. Like they got together for hours on end before the season premiered to play out all the different scenarios which could play out and had a plan for how to handle each one. "With a format of two tribes for the game, at least one will have 2 of us on the same tribe, so one conspires to get the other voted off to Exile Island (Edge of Extinction) to manipulate those folks while the other remains in the tribe to manipulate the ones still in the game.....the one ending up alone on the other tribe will manipulate those in the game to continue to push us all to the final three". Yeah, I know, I have too much time on my hands.
  10. Like @nixiechick said - he won Survivor back when reality shows were still fairly new in the world of entertainment. He went on to do good things in the world via the opportunities which "stardom" provided him. He used his fame to raise money for charity rather than pocketing cash from Cameo like most of the famewhores do these days. (GET OFF MY LAWN!!) All that being said, most of us who remember him from his original season appear a little slack-faced as well these days. He was completely worthless on this season - I'm just glad that casting hadn't forgotten him when they went about filling this season.
  11. Netflix released another "The Circle" season today.....if you speak Portuguese or don't mind subtitles.
  12. So Hannah actually "won" the Bachelor......the finale show, not the pilot. So many of my friends are freaking out about Peter's mother's over-involvement, but I openly admit that she and I may share some of the same qualities when it comes to watching sons pick the wrong women. I mean, if Hannah Ann's murder of Peter wasn't enjoyable enough for me, the fact that HIS mother sat in the audience clapping along with the verbal assault of her own son was priceless. Peter is actually more of a freakin' mess than we all realized. He spent nearly a third of his season being still hung up on Hannah B - outwardly encouraged the stupid girl drama which went on throughout the majority of the season and then didn't show high enough intelligence to even question why one of his final THREE women would wait until that moment in the show's journey to throw down an ultimatum about fantasy suite activity.....an ultimatum which he ignored and admitted to ignoring only to result in her saying she'd stay to fight for their love only to have her leave the race just 3 feet from the finish line. THAT's the woman he feels will serve him best as a life partner. They both clearly deserve each other. All that said - I'm sure Peter will appear on Bachelor in Paradise in the upcoming season.....where they'll have Madison join the moment after Peter falls instantly in love with the next victim.
  13. I think it's worse than keeping a secret - I've read that they don't get their winnings until the season airs. As far as the current season which halted filming......can you imagine if a contestant quit a job to go on TAR (very few employers give you a sabbatical, even unpaid) and then had their season SUSPENDED! Do they go home to find another job while they wait.....of which they'll need to resign when filming starts back up? Such a cluster!
  14. Thank you so much, Mrs G - she did look so familiar to me, but I couldn't place Stephenie (nor spell her name correctly) until you jogged my SLOWOLD memory. Very much appreciated!
  15. Someone remind me how bad Stephanie was that this idiot won her season, please!
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