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  1. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Apparently, Paulie's reality shelf-life has not yet reached expiration. Blech! Allegedly, his ex appearing on the MTV show is not Zakiyah, though she's definitely his ex as he's now fauxmancing exclusive with Danielle Maltby from The Bachelor franchise shows.
  2. Stephanie Johnson - Malolo

    I'm still holding out to see what kind of "together" she means when referring to this 87-year-old man......smells of Anna Nicole sugar daddy scenario, to me.
  3. Project Runway

    Stanley's designs are always so prime rib/baked potato/veggie platter.....when the world of fashion is more molecular gastronomy and ceviche dinners. He's a classic designer, which in a fashion contest doesn't always catch the eye.
  4. Project Runway

    Finally! Without doubt and completely certain, I agree with the judge's pick for the boot. When they showed Helen's model walk during the fitting, I actually gasped and dropped my jaw at her depiction of "country". Has she never seen Carrie Underwood? Even back in Loretta Lynn days of Country, that dress would have been only served as a costume in an SNL skit. So bad.....so very bad. And Helen acted as if she was shocked to not only lose her category but leave the show. Speaking of Carrie Underwood - I'm sure her stylist was on the phone with Fabio last night to buy up his look. It screamed Carrie Underwood to me. I'd prefer a different color, but I loved the design. I did love Edmond's look - Freddie Mercury would have approved. I was a fan of Anthony's over Ken's design - loved, loved, LOVED the fringe accent. Loved it so much that I would have placed Anthony second to Edmond. There was just something very DEPENDable about Ken's design - and that dress was largely impactful only due to his model's beautiful/rich dark skin. This episode really made me miss Kelly. She would have ROCKED the runway! Gone too soon (yes, I'm still bitter).
  5. General Reality Shows

    And that's a $25 Million money shot.....hell, I'd be kicking myself if I'd negotiated a $1 Million contract for her to appear. Then again, we ARE talking about American Idol, so maybe they are getting their money's worth.
  6. General Reality Shows

    In the era of Time's Up - this seems predatory and inappropriate. Katy Perry robs young man of his first kiss.
  7. Michael Yerger - Malolo

    Stupid as hell for not securing the numbers before tribal council, but damn he's pretty.
  8. Bradley Kleibege - Malolo

    Huh - I wonder if he knows anyone like this.....
  9. General Drama

    Since Randall and Beth's "Worst Case Scenario" game was so prevalent this episode.....I have some horrible thoughts about the glimpses into the future that I need to let go. 1. Kevin and Zoey (adorable coupling, TIS Writers!) are flying to Vietnam because they receive word from Jack's (or his brother's) illegitimate child left behind - and the half-sibling throws a wrench in the dynamic of the Big 3. 2. Toby's depression is triggered by a medical diagnosis for Kate that is not favorable. 3. Beth and Randall's worst fear of Deja killing them in their sleep almost came true - Deja kills Beth and Annie, leaving Tess and Randall behind to go and see her in prison. YES, I realize how horrible this thought is - which is why it's my worst case scenario! I really enjoyed the writing in this episode. We know the writing team is able to bring the tears, but this episode was filled with so many milestones on their rocky journey of Season 2. How sweet to see Kate recognize and clarify to her mother that she, indeed, was trying to be her! We had Kate finally release Jack as the primary focus of her life to make room for a man who loves her at least as much. We saw Kevin admit they all have held their breath since Jack died (wonder how Beth, Toby and Miguel felt when he said that!) and we had Randall proclaim he cannot control everything. Lastly, despite the rumors flying around the 'net about Jack's aged appearance, the writers did NOT torture us with Rebecca being struck down as Kate and the boys walked up the aisle. I'm not liking that we have to wait 6 months to see the Pearsons again, but I did really enjoy this season.
  10. General Reality Shows

    And she liked it!
  11. General Reality Shows

    Anyone partaking in the new edition of American Idol? The time I've spent with it so far has confirmed that I'm no fan of Katy Perry. Lionel seems sincere and wise, while Luke Bryan is simply adorable. The few memorable auditions for me so far were Harper Grace, Catie Turner, Laine Hardy, Alyssa Raghu and Layla Springs (Dyxie Springs for 2026!!!) I'm just not sure about the reboot itself - and I sort of wish they had replaced Seacrest with a new host since all the judges were new.
  12. Food Shows

    Oh my goodness - such campy fun. I watched the first episode and while I do love Jacques, I'm yearning for an entire season's worth of Sylvia Weinstock!
  13. Bachelor/ette

    Some insight on the season from Nanny Bekah and Taxidermy Kendall. Here's just a taste:
  14. Food Shows

    I'll give you that - honestly, I'd completely forgotten about Claudia. She was much worse than Mustache Joe, who irked me mainly because of his dismissive attitude toward Carrie's fancy toast..
  15. Food Shows

    Here's a retrospective interview with Tom Colicchio regarding this Top Chef season, including how they decided upon the winner. Also, given his comment about no villain contestants, he's clearly not met Mustache Joe or he must have missed the edited episodes.