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  1. Well, become jaded? Oh, what a sweet thing to say! That being said....I wasn't far from the actual ending, right?
  2. I hate that I, too, checked out "The Circle" and watched through all of the episodes. Even found myself a bit disappointed when I got to the end of the latest one and found I had to wait for the next one to be released. I'm going to hate when (if, really, but I'm convinced) we learn they're all actors and Shooby is being "schmoe'd".
  3. It's baaaaccckkkk! Given the casting of a new Hannah among the ladies, my unspoiled/uneducated guess is Peter ends up with Hannah. BUT! Will it be new Hannah or she's-already-rejected-you-once Hannah? I know nothing - except how Bachelor production thinks.
  4. It's been an interesting season so far - and then THIS caused me to audibly gasp at a reality show for the first time in what seems like a decade or so. Likely Tyler simply meant that he could see Ivanka wearing what he designed (not a compliment on a design show), but what came out seemed a little more shady than intended. Still, when this rebuttal is the most interesting thing one has produced, it was his time to go. Please tell me that the Karma Bus is waiting around the corner to take out Sergio soon. I'm holding out hope for Brittany or Nancy to take the title this season.
  5. Yes, @Magpie, yes! It wasn't timid women who weren't strong enough to report it - they were using it to further their own game. And, @gforce, of course Dan holds the ultimate blame for his actions. My comment was made under that assumption, but stating the delay in booting him may have been due to those women using it as part of their game. He was lecherous from Day 1 and I'm glad he left in the manner he did. I do find it interesting that they're pre-taping the reunion special this season (4-hour delay, from what I've read). It doesn't take a tin foil hat to presume that approach has to do with the ability to edit out any derogatory comments toward CBS which may potentially pop up.
  6. I've read a few sources stating he "grabbed the leg" of a female production member while exiting the boat. I blame the women who used the harassment as game play for CBS' delay in addressing the offender until it happened to a woman outside the game. I don't like it at all, but I can see where their Legal folks may have recommended taking no action until claims came from outside the cast. Either way, he's gone and rightly so. I do feel for his boy, though, as he's at an awkward age where kids read the internet and can be horrible when it comes to assigning unjust responsibility to their mates for the actions of the mate's parents' behavior. BRING BACK ELAINE!
  7. I was interested to know how those whom attended the reward feast were sparkly clean after they were completely covered in sand and mud just moments earlier. Or was a shower, shampoo and blow dry part of the reward?
  8. Upset with the editing - or simply don't want to be a spokesperson for their race/ethnicity? I could see both reasons. It strikes me that this silence may create an environment for a very interesting live finale!
  9. I went with Elaine, Janet and Karishma as my optimal final three......because I want a 50/50 shot at winning between Janet and Elaine,
  10. Yes - the lady doth protest too much, methinks. Hair was definitely the theme for the night - with mega-hair Molly getting the blindside boot.
  11. Just one.....in the midst of all the "CBS attacked Michie and Jack" babble I've been reading online since the finale - I'm left with just one hope. Hope that Grodner and the casting crew takes a long, hard look at how their nearly lily-white and young casting over the past decade may have had a part in what all went down within the house this season. The original premise of BB was to bring together people who are not like each other - those who had celebrated differences. To bring BB back to what it has been in the past - I may even say pre-BB15 - try compiling and casting a diverse group of hammies (age, race, religion, etc) so we don't have to endure another season of famewhores who belittle everything and everyone who are not like them.
  12. Surely I missed something in this season I really tried to ignore.....the references to Jackson's mom - can anyone summarize for this SLOWOLD HT'er, please?
  13. Damn, she's impressive so far. She took quite a faceplant in that first challenge and bounced right back up to conquer the next stage for the team. I suspect she'll leave the game due to a medical issue sometime within the next 4 episodes.
  14. Couldn't Elizabeth simply say Rob and Sandra weren't part of it when she was sent there? Or that she never saw those enormous Lost-style idol heads and what she found must be on the other side of the island? Her lie was horrible, though. Why not just say you have a fear of being alone and sat down where the boat dropped you off waiting to be picked back up?
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