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  1. The Final HOH

    I'd like to see Tyler win it the FInal HOH. He really ran the house the first 8 weeks and deserves to be in the F2. He's so vocal about having the F2 deal with Kaycee that I'd be gobsmacked if he didn't bring her along. JC may be such a buzzing gnat in Kaycee's ear about how meaningful it would be having an LGBT F2 that she could end up taking JC along over Tyler.
  2. I like Kaycee and voted for her as my pick for winning Part 2. That being said, the truth is anyone else's name could have been opposite JC and they'd get my vote. There's something so sketch about that one. Many say Sam was the mental one in the BB house this seaon, but JC pulled plenty of WTF moments with his behavior. His behaviors and what he deems as jokes flash an Adam Jasinski-vibe for me.....and we all know we don't need more of that within the BB annals. Edited because apparently @nixiechick and I not only live in the same area, we share the same opinion of JC at the same time!
  3. POLL: America's Favorite

    Yep - Brett, the one whom I initially hated brought the house much needed entertainment. A good DR personality will get my vote every time.
  4. BB20 House Discussion

    Andy who? Did Bayleigh look to be a little "fuller" to anyone else during the segments from the jury house? Burrito Baby or Real Baby? Also, did Haleigh actually wear a beach cover-up with 6-inch heels? That's really all I have to say about the jury house segments since it was overly scripted and horribly delivered.
  5. Crime Shows

    Not sure this show fits the "Crime Show" category, but this thread really needed some attention after a 4-year hiatus. Veronica Mars revival is happening! The best part of the deal gives Hulu the rights to air all of the three original seasons.....so, if you missed the show back in 2004, you too can become a LoVer after binge watching the early seasons to prepare for the revival's 8-episode season.
  6. BB20 House Discussion

    I'd like to see Kaycee and Angela in the F2. Not so much that I don't want Tyler to win, but I really would enjoy hearing the jury go full throttle on Angela.
  7. We'll never truly know what Sam would have been in the BB house because of that robot punishment during the 10 days. It's challenging enough for introverts to actively engage with new people - and impossible to do when you don't have a physical presence to do so. Absolutely a case of "thems the breaks", but I'll not be quick to judge her from being odd or an outcast within the house. As far as the DR statements - many of those are prompted by Production, so they don't hold much water for me.
  8. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Well, something went down because Roma Downey (Burnett's wife) tweeted a photo of a bruise on her wrist/arm and said it happened when Tom was attacking her husband.
  9. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Good OGG - what the hell is happening to/with people involved with our beloved reality shows? Tom Arnold claims Mark Burnett choked him at an Emmy party! This isn't just one of those odd marketing efforts to remind us to watch the Emmys tonight, right?
  10. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Interesting note in this Page Six story: "A moving truck was spotted at their Southern California home bringing in packing supplies on Tuesday."
  11. BB20 House Discussion

    I hold firm to my belief that last night was a missed opportunity to get Kaycee out. Given the likely bitter jury, having Kaycee next to you at the end means you're coming in 2nd. If not Kaycee, then JC. But to have used a blindside on Brent just doesn't make sense since he hasn't really been a leader when it comes to strategy/game play and certainly hasn't won competitions. Maybe Sam will just luck into the F2 and a win after all!
  12. Well now, ChenBot, that was a huge FU to CBS. I admire the spunk and interpreted it as an "I won't go quietly.....your move, CBS" statement. Staying with Moonves is likely not the decision I'd make, but she loudly owned her decision to remain loyal. My guess is CBS will have her to finish out this season and then we'll have a new host for BB21. I think "The Talk" is toast by the end of the year.
  13. Bachelor/ette

    Well, if you thought the Annaliese drama on last night's show was shocking - Jordan basically told her to "hold my beer" with this real-time shocker which all went down yesterday before the taped finale aired. Kendall still doesn't deserve Joe - maybe he'll realize this after spending more time with her while he dances with the stars. Krystal and Chris' redemption tour couldn't feel more staged. "Yes Bitch, yes!" is going to be my new go-to reaction when I see a woman discover she has a spine. The most interesting piece of the reunion was Venmo John is a player! Chelsea really needs to realize soon that she deserves better than being someone's second/third/fourth option.
  14. Dancing With The Stars

    Here's this season's official cast - all I have to say is "Go Mary Lou!!"
  15. BB20 House Discussion

    EW.com has a preview of the BB superheros from tonight's Veto competition.