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  1. Project Runway

    I'm not sure yet how I feel about Michael leaving last night. Kentaro's creation was just bad, except for the coincidental timing of this episode to air close to Halloween. Liris was NOT having that outfit at all - the hairstyle was truly the crowning piece on that costume! Margarita was a little delusional about her final look. It looked much better before she began haphazardly gluing "flair" to it. Brendon's creation was really flirty and fun - very well-constructed, even with the danger of a butt-cheek flashing the judges....and the dangling ribbons didn't really bother me this week. Ayana's dress was amazing - good for her for that win. Kenya's texture and shaping was so cool - but it did NOT flatter her model's shape. I'm actually amazed we still have the Tim Gunn save in play - likely to save one of the 'bros so there can be a showdown at Fashion Week.
  2. Project Runway

    Sure, I asked for an avant garde challenge......but I sort of hated what most of what they created. There was something so wrong with the placement of the bumps on Michael's Lost-in Space: Girl from the Green Dimension-themed costume. And while Batani's look wasn't truly unfinished when it wasn't, Margarita simply chose off-white tulle to accomplish pretty much the same look. I'm with MrsGryn.....of all the looks, I'd give the win to Ayana for going all-in and designing something a CHILD would like to have on a toy with which CHILDREN play. I did like Brandon's look, dangling ribbons and all, but it was not even close to avant garde.
  3. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Can't believe it took decades to finally bring down Harvey Weinstein as the rapist and misogynist that he is. While she's singing a different tune now - EFF YOU, Meryl, for turning a blind eye to the matter for those decades and then claiming you'd never heard the whispers about his behavior.....as if you supporting Polanski wasn't bad enough, now this. I'm including GOOP in that shade as well. And Lindsay Lohan - there are simply no words for what a lost little girl you really are. Hope you were ready for retirement, Donna Karan, because I can't imagine a woman who would knowingly wear your brand now. There aren't enough "save my brand"-hearted apologies in the world to erase a WOMAN victim-shaming by stating that the women "asked for...." that behavior from a man. Just earlier this year, hearing of Casey Affleck's behavior, I wondered how Casey had fallen so far from the tree. Turns out, the tree was just as much of a predator (allegedly) - since Hilarie Burton came out with her account of Ben Affleck grabbing her breast on TRL. Oh, look - there's video of it. Then there's this: The only man who seemed to at least stand up to Weinstein over these past decades appears to be Brad Pitt. Not current day Brad Pitt, but not-yet-A-list Brad Pitt who refused to turn a blind eye to the behavior.
  4. Project Runway

    Not for long - she announced yesterday she's leaving his rapey ass. Georgina has always been sweet when she was a judge on Project Runway - and some of the Marchesa dresses are beautiful - but word around Hollywood is that Harvey's influence was one of the main reasons there was always a Marchesa gown worn on the red carpets. Time for a rebranding, Georgina, because I can't imagine another celeb will agree to wear the brand that's so recognized with this mess (still shaking my head as I read these comments from "celebs" and actual celebs...but I'll take those comments over to the celebrity thread).
  5. General Drama

    Is anyone else watching "Outlander" on STARZ? I finally binge-watched the prior seasons and loved them - but this season really seems to be dragging along until this week's episode. I don't want to spoil much about the storyline in case others will watch someday - but wondering if enough people are watching and interested in discussing in a separate thread so people can avoid spoilers in the General Drama discussion.
  6. Project Runway

    Find the dress now, JunkTV, find it NOW and store it away! My stepson is getting married in May and I'm have a damn hard finding a dress that's dressy enough for a wedding, but not too dressy for an outdoor evening rustic wedding, yet not more flashy than the mother of the bride or mother of the groom, while staying in the color scheme of their wedding which completely wash me out. They say the groom's mother should be "beige" in comparison to the bride's mother - I'm that, twice-removed. Heh. If Kentaro's dress was a little more "beige" in color, it would have been PERFECT for me. MrsGryn - I do think the length is what I turned me off to Ayana's dress. It really hit her customer at the wrong spot(s) of her leg to be flattering....again, as Shawn would reiterate (INDEED!), on a normal model, it would have been a cute style. Believe me, it wasn't the worst on the runway in my opinion.
  7. Project Runway

    How did I miss all that? I thought Margarita was just pissed to see a shirt (non-dress) with the exact rusching (spelling?) that was the main design element of that wretched shirtdress that allowed her to win last week's crown. I wondered why she wasn't just shaking off the copycat aspect of Claire's design.....and now I learn there was much more behind this week's obsessive shade......which I was clearly too SLOWOLD to catch. Ayana's forte is definitely modest, because that jagged-edge hem dress did NOT flatter her model. And what the hell was that mess that Amy sent down the runway - were those chaps? Someone's been watching Brandon get all the praise and thought she'd take some inspiration from his past designs without actually pulling it off. And Kenya, wow, this was not at all a good design no matter the body style of the model - maybe some wide flowy pants with it, but certainly not a tulip skirt. There really wasn't a design that I liked other than Kentaro's this week. I like extra flowy material, even on a petite woman, if it's light-weight material. The color combination grew on me over the challenge. I certainly liked the design with the pleated back to the dress peeking out from the bottom of that cropped jacket. My one critique is that it seemed too long for her. I don't mind a little bit of drama amid the contestants on PR - but I don't like the judges being involved.....and certainly not Yolanda who's been accused of possibly deceptive actions/stories herself. I'd prefer Tim Gunn address the concerns inside the workroom rather than on the runway.
  8. Chrissy Hofbeck - Levu: Heroes

    Huh - first time a LONG time that I've understood someone's strategy on Survivor. Didn't consider her using the idol as a decoy in the future, though - that's brilliant. Just another reason why I'm not an actuary (would never pass even one of their endless credentialing exams).
  9. Joe Mena - Soko: Healers

    This dude certainly never had the nickname Mensa, right?
  10. Here's an Inquisitor article which gathered several Twitter spoiler photos from the race's start. All I will say here is that Jessica must have picked out their matching shorts. Oy.....I think she bought them both the same size!
  11. Comedy

    I have heard reports that this was the most political episode and the rest of the 10 episode run is better. I haven't dismissed it completely because I loved the show so much - but it has moved over to my Hulu watchlist from my DVR....so, basically, it's now a back-burner show that I'll watch someday. Certainly no longer MUST.SEE.TV. If I'm forced to say something nice.....Sean Hayes is still amazing in that character.
  12. Comedy

    As a lifelong Will and Grace fan......WTF was that mess? Also, The Good Place, I'm watching you. I almost left you at the 10 minute mark this week, but you've received a reprieve until we see how next week pans out. But you're on a short rope here. Lastly, I realize I should and please know that I try so very hard to do so, but I'm utterly incapable of enjoying any Tina Fey sitcom. For years I believed it was the Alec Baldwin factor during my repeated attempts to enjoy 30 Rock......but I'm truly beginning to believe it's really that all Tina Fey's humor falls flat for me. Someone tried to convince me the other day that Great News had already aired a complete season - but how could I have never heard of it before now? I only made it 11 minutes into this mess before I turned it off.
  13. Project Runway

    On the bright side, we'll be dumping one of the twins. But, really PR, "To be continued”? Ugh. I didn't get the top dresses at all. I thought that Margarita's looked like a bed sheet poorly rusched into a shirt dress. I hated the velvet coat dress because it looked like every other JC Penney dress from 10 years ago. Truth is, I didn't care for anyone's designs this week. None were as wretched as the twins' ensembles, though. We know what's going to happen with this runway showdown. Shawn will meltdown completely and send the model down in a fabric wrap that's held together with safety pins and rubber bands. Claire will spend so much time in the workroom consoling Shawn that she'll not have much more on her model. In the end, I predict that we'll see both twins are auf'ed and no one else goes home next week because of the drama created by what seems to be another sort of team challenge. Lastly, I'm watching you, Amy. You say you have great design, and I thought you leisure pantsuit was almost acceptable until the close-up examination showed the orange stitching all over it. Oy, ye of low taste! Isn't it time for an avant garde challenge?
  14. Chrissy Hofbeck - Levu: Heroes

    If she had used it, she would most certainly be aligned with Katrina in a very weak party of 2. By not using it, after seeing the turmoil/disagreement between 3 of her tribe mates, and by not rattling the cage with a super-seekrit power at the first council, her silence bought her time to align with Alan and Ben (who each stand alone at this moment) to vote out Ashley and JP next.
  15. Alan Ball - Levu: Heroes - Eliminated Week 4

    It really did come off to me as a football hazing of the freshman on the varsity team, MrsGryn. The good aspect was he only showed the crazy in front of the 2 strongest members of the tribe, which could allow him to create enough fear/doubt in the remainder of the tribe to align themselves and take out the strongest 2 next.