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  1. Seriously - how did Tiffany and Hannah not see that the cookout men would pick off the women first (notice, I expected nothing from Azah)? Half of their alliance are 2 alpha males and BigD, who is the perfect non-winner/floater to drag along to the end. For Hannah and Tiffany, it's as if the final six was always their end goal and they didn't pause to think of where that combination of HGs would leave them as they started picking each other off.
  2. Same, @Magpie....I like them both, but Tiffany played the game while Hannah laid low.
  3. The only thing I got on Big D from last night's show is that he FINALLY used the right words (in the right order) when he voted out Claire. Yay for little wins!
  4. It takes an amazingly mature person to see beyond their own immediate situation to recognize the value of making a stand against a much larger situation which has spanned the years we've all watched BB. Well done, Claire.....you're an All-Star in my book.
  5. If Tiffany takes the opportunity to flip the alliance-in-charge to All Women by blindsiding another cookout male, for me (as a juror), THAT would be enough of a ballsy game move to vote for her for the win. Either Derek or Kyland, but Kyland would be the better option to get Alyssa, Hannah, Claire and Azah onboard for a 5-1 vote against a cookout male. Then again, that move could blow up completely in her face....but at least it would make for good TV until the 2nd eviction is announced live on Thursday.
  6. The beetle - which, in my head, was a mini-drone sent by Skippy with a mission to stir up some excitement.
  7. This must be the proverbial TV show versus live feeds impressions. While Production revealed Ky's behavior this week may be been self-servingly sketchy, I'm unclear as to what's been going on in the house 24/7 which would cause such concern.
  8. DerekX hit it on the head when he referred to her playing a Nicole F game. Even better that she KNEW it was about her and it clearly bugged her.
  9. DerekX will do fine on his gone-too-soon season in the future....I'm pulling for Claire to survive.
  10. None - because I faithfully support the continued failure(s) of Grodner twists.
  11. She very well may be more delusional than Cowboy (yes, I went old-school with that BB5 reference).
  12. Claire - time for her to step up
  13. I have never for a moment believed that what ever happens was anything other than what Grodner most wanted to happen. I barely believe the live-voting happens without manipulation from Production....there will never be enough evidence to convince me that America has any choice at all.
  14. I kinda enjoyed it, but it also doesn't feel like we have yet seen enough to judge how it has affected the long-term game play. I'd prefer the teams were assigned via random draw versus schoolyard picks.
  15. I think these hammies are too dumb to vote out the intelligent one...Whitney, while annoying, has the mental capacity of Holly/BB5. Those are the type I'd keep around to drag along to the end to sit next to me.
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