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  1. What the hell was that bark-like substance covering the chocolate shoes? And that was a LOT of chocolate to eat, even if it was between the teams of two. I'm not buying Zen Colin - we all know he has at least one rage incident boiling as the legs continue. Of course Janelle chooses the chocolate shoe on her first guess, because she's Janelle. I wish that inflatable mountain had burst under Rupert. Just when I think he couldn't bug me more, he proves me wrong again.
  2. Diary Room - Off-Topic Discussion

    Awww, of course you've got my positive thoughts!
  3. I swear, if I hear "Adora Borealis" constantly......ugh, that name.
  4. Ugh - is it too much to hope for elimination on the first leg?
  5. I recall liking these two - glad to see them return.
  6. While Nicole can be a bit annoying (that voice!), I do like Victor and hope he brings out the best in her.
  7. My hope is that no "coincidental" non-elims work in their favor.
  8. My hope is that all "coincidental" non-elims work in their favor.
  9. Please, please, please let them last until Colin is again dragged, face-first, by an ox through a muddy-poop-soup field.
  10. Britney!! I hope she brought plenty of baby photos to share.
  11. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Dammit, I kinda liked these two crazy cats. Neither are the quickest wits, but they do seem to fit together. Maybe they'll go with "Maeve" as a nickname.....because changing the short "a" in Mav to a long "a" seems to fit their vibe. That little blessing now faces a lifetime of having her name misspelled and/or mispronounced and certainly misinterpreted as male on documents.
  12. Food Shows

    I got the distinct impression from the judges that it wasn't even close between the women......even though Kelsey lost her damn mind with selecting a soft-shell crab dish.
  13. Ha - she lost me too with that comment, AVorlon. Plus, interestingly timed episode given next year's Browns are looking like the Avengers!
  14. For someone who normally likes quirky characters on reality shows, I'm not connecting at all with this one.
  15. Bachelor/ette

    I honestly don't know why they picked Hannah B. I didn't mind her as much as others during her quest for Colton, but she truly cannot form words to communicate her thoughts as proven by the mini-meet and rose ceremony on the finale.