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  1. We should have expected as much from the one whom uttered these words at final tribal council:
  2. Correction: this imbecile stupided his way into a $10,000 gift from Sia.
  3. Laurel Johnson - Lavita - Finished third

    So, in the end, it all came down to Yanny's vote. Fitting for this season.
  4. Domenick Abbate - Lavita - Finished second

    Not sure his wife would agree to another season - she didn't seem pleased to have him gone for so long.
  5. General Reality Shows

    I will (and have) listened to Leah speak about Scientology because she earned the right to do so after her life-long participation until the brainwashing wore off. I simply question whether that personal experience makes her a valuable mouthpiece toward other religions. And to make Jehovah Witness the next target? Surely Warren Jeff's LDS sect, with their practice of child-brides, seems like a better next step in the current TimesUp culture.
  6. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Moonves successfully pulled his coup d'é·tat! The matter is now just pending a judge's approval (since Sheri Redstone had filed a lawsuit to stop the vote). Here's a rather interesting article (for those who enjoy the business behind entertainment) which presumes from "numerous sources close to the situation" the top 4 reasons that Moonves is bound and determined to stop the Viacom/CBS merger. This is like watching a real-life "Dallas" storyline play out!
  7. General Reality Shows

    So, when's the Universal Unitarian expose planned, Leah? While I respect her for focusing on a "religion" from which she's departed, does A&E believe viewers will consider her a competent fact-finder branching out? Then again, if it stops them from ringing my doorbell, I may have to reconsider her authority.
  8. Survivor 36: Ghost Island

    Allegedly, a plethora of love connections on Survivor - Ghost Island. Is Peachy still shagging the hotties or has he finally aged out?
  9. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    We may not be able to be friends.
  10. General Drama

    We surrendered after the very same episode, SLuG. It wasn't the first time I gave up on the series - but before last season I'd caught up via Hulu before last season (2016-2017) began. I read a few recaps this morning on the finale and must admit that I much prefer yours over any have read. Something about Rumple's sacrifice resetting all the timelines (??). I gave up on the show at the right time - never could get into Lucy or her mother (annoying) and since a timeline reset must mean AdultHenry never existed (I assume), then there's really no reason to take a 2nd pass at trying to make it through what ABC considered a bonus season. I'll just remember the gang all happy at Emma/Hook's wedding. Much better plot for a series finale.
  11. This imbecile is going to stupid his way to $1 Million.
  12. General Reality Shows

    From the article: "He's also been disinvited to the finale episode broadcast, in which cast members come together and reflect on the season." Uh, Burnett.....this pretty much spoils this individual's outcome in the season by punishing the one who spoiled. Plus, lends itself to assume the woman did make it that far as you didn't punish the female who also broke NDA. There's no way they'd not include someone who either made it to jury or the final showdown.
  13. Project Runway

    Every once in a while, this cold-hearted Grinch requires shows like Project Runway Junior and MasterChef Junior to remind her there's hope for our world. Palate cleanser, so to say.
  14. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    There's no way he would appear on a season of reality TV having only limited access to glam, glitter and guaranteed camera time. Edited to add: Frank and Bridgette? Really? WHY?
  15. Project Runway

    Honestly, the last time I recall gowns was when Kentaro was on the show.....and then the Juniors version before that. I do love a gown challenge! Is it wrong that I kinda like the Overstock.com/Wayfair.com tents they're using on Trading Spaces? I'm always finding something that catches my eye! In all my seasons of watching Project Runway, I have never searched out an accessory from their wall nor purchased hair/makeup products from what they've shown. Updated to add: Guess this news answers my question about Juniors.....seems Lifetime released all obligations toward Runway as well as any of the Runway spin-offs back in January. While it's not a guarantee that Bravo will green light new editions, at least they have the rights to do so in the future.