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  1. I was all in the moment I saw Yul's name included.....right to the point where I read that Bobby Bones was hosting the show. I'll tune in and endure Bobby as long as Yul and Janey remain.
  2. Frankie Grande is a married man - who'd have thought that Star Wars would be his dream wedding theme?
  3. As if we actually needed (additional) proof of Todrick's lies - the landlord of the DREAM HOME he'd claimed to have purchased is suing him for past due rent.
  4. Even sadder now that Shana is saying she was really never pregnant - but had a false-positive test due to the hormones she was taking to lose weight before going into the BB house.
  5. It's so bad - so, so bad. The ONLY reason I would rank it just above Unan1mous is because I enjoy at least one of the "celeb" contestants.
  6. Shanna is going to need a lot of support - this piece of trash she is was dating beat her last night and is currently residing in jail on DV charges.
  7. The sad part is his refusal to meet with press will keep him in the spotlight longer....as the media will drag it out for days when it could have all been neatly wrapped up last night and forgotten. Thought he'd actually take not being America's Favorite a little harder than losing to Miesha. Of course he'll blame editing. Petulant F-lister, that he is.
  8. Miesha had better hope she wins the final HOH - because neither will take her if she doesn't. Todrick's only hope of winning is in a F2 against Cynthia - and even that may not work out well for him with most of the jury rather bitter toward him. He may have played all sides of the house well, but forgot the jury isn't sequestered before the final vote like a normal BB season. I was sad to see Lamar go - and loved his message that perhaps he was in the BB house not to win the game but to find a staunch sober coach.
  9. Your mention of Cody and walking out the door reminds me that his exit was the best in BB history.....followed closely by Grodner's "Don't sit down" direction to Chima in the Diary Room. And, because this is Shanna's thread.....she seems nice.
  10. Miesha is definitely overplaying her hand. A blindside from Chris, if he can finagle it, would do well for his game in the long run. Carson is certainly a social threat, but he isn't a comp beast like Miesha.
  11. Thanks for the link to the article, Mags. Not surprised that boring Teddi Mellencamp didn't even get a mention from Julie.
  12. While he may go missing here and there for days at a time or deceive others while in the house, Lamar has no history of violent tendencies. Personally, I'd be more concerned about Kirkpatrick - you never know with those boy banders.
  13. Cynthia is one of the most likeable down-to-earth housewives they could have put in the BB house. She'll do well as she doesn't like to live in the drama and people enjoy having her around.
  14. That's a good thing having no Kardashians, Mags, right? Shanna was one of the more famous Miss USAs back in the day.
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