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  1. Cynthia is one of the most likeable down-to-earth housewives they could have put in the BB house. She'll do well as she doesn't like to live in the drama and people enjoy having her around.
  2. That's a good thing having no Kardashians, Mags, right? Shanna was one of the more famous Miss USAs back in the day.
  3. Okay - some background here - this one entered into the world of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as the "fitness gal" who wasn't about glam. Her second season brought some robot glamor version Teddi 2.0 whom didn't connect at all with the show's viewers. She was booted from the series and has been grasping at that "fame" by hosting a podcast with another booted housewife. She is the daughter of John Mellencamp (while proclaiming she HATES that connection, she's married and still uses the name Mellencamp) who was quite chubby as a young adult. She got herself in shape and became an "ACCOUNTABILITY COACH". She owns a sham (allegedly!!) subscription service which provides an extremely low-calorie meal plan and unrealistic daily minimum exercise requirements. The other "celebs" are going to quickly grow tired of her always trying to fix them.
  4. Surprisingly, I know quite a bunch of them given my love of figure skating, my non-profit focused on recovery and my shameful guilty pleasure of watching the Housewives franchises. Still, of those that I have actually heard of, I would never have used the term "celebrity" when referring to them.
  5. So we not only got to see it paused, but also start up again. I wasn't surprised the Love Island couple, Caro and Ray, didn't rejoin the race - they barely seemed to have the relationship skills to get through the next race leg let alone a pandemic together. I was shocked that I didn't see Taylor and Isaiah at the (re)start line. Did I just miss them as the camera panned over the teams? Also, any guesses on the "familiar faces" that Phil mentioned taking the place of the teams who didn't return? Is it too much to dream of the possibility of Tyler/Korey, Charla/Mirna, Uchenna/Joyce or Ken/Gerard??
  6. Welcome back, TAR. This is the first season in a long time where I don't hate at least one of the teams even on the first leg. Some of the challenges were pretty simple, sure, but I'm admittedly rather forgiving since the race has been gone so long.
  7. This hammie is the one for whom I most worry in returning to her post-BB world. Her delusions of popularity may just shatter her psyche. Bless her heart, she'll never turn out to be the legacy she'd hoped to become from her BB adventure.
  8. I'm going with a solid B as well - mainly because this was the first season where Production wasn't clearly (to the feed watchers) working their magic within the DR to ensure the white guy remained in the game. Also, there was a real FIRE incident and an earthquake. Still, only a B because ZingBot, a highlight for me each season, was rather lackluster this time around.
  9. Ugh - there isn't enough hotness in the history of BB eye-candy hotness to overcome seeing this man shove household food items into his nose and then place it back in the bag for others to consume. Xavier gets my vote for the win if not only for having the mental strength/control to know this was happening and contain himself from going off on Kyland. The tortilla assault is impossible to wipe from my memory bank - it's one of the most disturbing behaviors (with smelling his used dental floss coming in a close second) I've seen throughout all seasons of BB. I weep on behalf of this man's future children as to what they'll have to endure.
  10. Seriously - how did Tiffany and Hannah not see that the cookout men would pick off the women first (notice, I expected nothing from Azah)? Half of their alliance are 2 alpha males and BigD, who is the perfect non-winner/floater to drag along to the end. For Hannah and Tiffany, it's as if the final six was always their end goal and they didn't pause to think of where that combination of HGs would leave them as they started picking each other off.
  11. Same, @Magpie....I like them both, but Tiffany played the game while Hannah laid low.
  12. The only thing I got on Big D from last night's show is that he FINALLY used the right words (in the right order) when he voted out Claire. Yay for little wins!
  13. It takes an amazingly mature person to see beyond their own immediate situation to recognize the value of making a stand against a much larger situation which has spanned the years we've all watched BB. Well done, Claire.....you're an All-Star in my book.
  14. If Tiffany takes the opportunity to flip the alliance-in-charge to All Women by blindsiding another cookout male, for me (as a juror), THAT would be enough of a ballsy game move to vote for her for the win. Either Derek or Kyland, but Kyland would be the better option to get Alyssa, Hannah, Claire and Azah onboard for a 5-1 vote against a cookout male. Then again, that move could blow up completely in her face....but at least it would make for good TV until the 2nd eviction is announced live on Thursday.
  15. The beetle - which, in my head, was a mini-drone sent by Skippy with a mission to stir up some excitement.
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