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  1. Bachelor/ette

    Well, I don't have much to say about this week's episode. Oh, who are we kidding - you know I have a LOT to say! Garrett is clearly best suited to Becca. Their lifestyles mesh, his family is great, he drove up in a OGG-damn minivan for his first impression. Producers worked diligently in the edit room to clip together pieces which mask their level of connection, in my opinion. Jason is nice. Nice guy. Very nice guy. Quite boring, but a nice guy. And, from what we hear over and over again, a good kisser. That's where I see their connection ending....at physical. My guess is he's the boot next week. Blake is sweet. As the mother-in-law to a young woman who survived the school shooting in Chardon, OH - I've witness first-hand the serious long-term effects these traumatized children face as they mature. Oddly enough, my DIL is perfectly fine with shooting guns and the sound of gunfire, but helicopters flying overhead still cause her to go back to that moment - remembering the safety forces coming to help the students and staff. It's heart-breaking to see such a vibrant young lady become instantly terrified at an everyday sound that most ignore. Blake seems to have used his tragedy for positive power to build his life. Good for him - not all do as well. I'm glad he shared that experience with Becca, because up until that point as they were visiting his high school I was assuming he was just one of those guys who couldn't move past his glory days. Added bonus, he hooked a girl UP with a concert by her favorite singer. Okay, Production coordinated the cross-promotional event, but who cares? He's such a sweetheart - and likely our next Bachelor. Colton. Oh, sweet, naive, virginal Colton. Regardless of what seemed like very heavy-handed manipulation/storyline from Production, you never truly had a chance to make it to the Final Rose. I think Colon's dad was fed the line to say he should be let go now to avoid a more intense heartbreak. I think Becca may have known all along that Colton was still on Tia's mind. That whole balcony chat seemed very scripted/forced. It feels very much like Production would like him to be that next Bachelor with Tia as a contestant. Not a fan at all of that idea, since Colton is very sweet but completely lacks charisma - would rather he be a surprise late-addition to this BIP season.
  2. POLL: Week 3 - Eviction Prediction

    I'll take boring Winston over smug/delusional Brett. Plus, Brett's a mister, according to Scottie, so my guess is he's the one out the door on Thursday.
  3. BB20 House Discussion

    So, here we are - into their fourth week inside the house......and I cannot recall one mention of a girls alliance this season. They're all too dense (or famewhore crazy) to notice, but they have the numbers (and the powers) to help get rid of most of the guys before the halfway point. But they won't. Because Tyler is Grodner's new chosen one and there would surely be a koo-day-tah in his basket after he wins the surfing HOH competition.
  4. Yet. The endless/senseless crying over her backdoor move on Chris was the end for me. I can overlook quirky. I can often find and focus on good qualities in a flawed hammie to cheer them on. She's simply impossible to root for. Even her boyfriend agrees.
  5. Sam Bledsoe - It's hard out there for a robot

    She used to be a hairdresser in backwoods Virginia. Think Truvy/Steel Magnolias - complete with the double-wide as the salon. I'm guessing 98% of her clients wanted either braids or a curl/set. Bet she can backcomb like a monster!
  6. POLL: Has the App Store been worth it?

    Fuzzy math has always been Grodner's specialty.
  7. POLL: Has the App Store been worth it?

    I liked the twist because for years we've complained that the hammie we've liked the most has been sent packing too early. While I'm not sure everyone loved/loves Sam, it did feel right that she received a boost toward remaining in the game when it appeared she was doomed. The crap app aspect wasn't my favorite, unless they'd twisted the twist to have it be the most hated hammie rather than the least-trending. All that brought on was more fuel for hammies, like JC and Swaggy, to act out to get attention.
  8. This one was an enigma whom I just didn't care to understand. So many words, yet so little to say. He'd do well to hone his listening skills.
  9. POLL: Who will Scottie nominate?

    I can't figure Scottie out - but he's a super fan, so I'll say he realizes he needs to break up the larger alliance (cool kids) if there's hope of him making it long-term in this game. Putting up Winston and Brett, telling them it's due to their bromance and their amazing individual strength yet being upfront by allowing them to play for Veto, while having a backdoor option of Tyler, Rachel or Angela.....that buys him confirmation for that group's number diminishing. If no one from Level 6 goes this week - it's going to be nearly impossible to break up that voting block and they'll run the show for the rest of the summer.
  10. POLL: Week 3: Who do you want to win HOH?

    I went with Rachel as well. You want to change America's perception of you? Dance, Hammie!
  11. Bachelor/ette

    Eh, it was apparent that Leo's acting gig stopped before hometown visits. Hell, we didn't see much of him until his solo performance on the 1:1 date last week. Don't worry Leo, you'll get another acting gig soon - heck, NBC is producing a live version of Hair next year - perhaps that's a possibility! Sorry to see Wills go - such a nice guy, but you could tell he cared more for her than she did for him. Of those remaining, I wouldn't mind seeing Wills as a Bachelor in the future. Blake seems way too desperate to have made it this far in the JOURNEY. Colton is likely gone after hometown's where his parents don't appear to be all that supportive of his budding relationship given the previews. I gotta say, being a virgin at his age is admirable if it's due to your faith or personal choice. Being a virgin because you've just been too busy with football.....just no. RED FLAG waving! If he's waiting for the right one - and was in love with his last girlfriend - why is he still a virgin? Either he's secretly playing for the other team (or eventually will) or he's simply lying about being a virgin.
  12. Certainly, she's no Regina George. However, she did ping a bit of mean girl for me when RoboSam was in the Storage Room hoping to chat with the house individually after she was nominated last week - Kaitlyn entered the room and said something like "why am I even here?" Tyler explained that Sam wanted to speak to people about being nominated. Kaitlyn, ever the life coach, retorted with [paraphrasing] "I don't have the answers, figure it out." Then there was her "come help me find the pieces of the EIGHTY-FIVE-DOLLAR bracelet of mine that you broke" exchange with Fessy. So, perhaps, she's more of a unsympathetic malevolent girl than a mean girl? Regarding the statement from her ex's sister - "We are all aware of her psycho...." pretty much tells us what we already knew. However, there's nothing quite like throwing in a shameless plug for your bro when denying any association with a hammie.
  13. BB20 House Discussion

    Poor Kaitlyn - her spirit guides should have warned her she was about to be dumped.
  14. Project Runway

    Here's an update on Chris March's recovery. Such a crazy scenario for him - amazing he lived through it!
  15. She's like the female Scottie - never on the live feeds. She's doing a fine job of floating. Even wearing a spin wheel the first week, she's had like 2 minutes of coverage on the episodes. So, first impression? Meh.