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  1. There's something to be said for tenacity in this game....it's what I liked about Cody during his season (that and his walk-across-the-coffee-table exit from the house). Where Jackson lost me was his way of speaking about others in the house; women, in particular.....as if they were fortunate enough to simply be permitted to breathe within his atmosphere. Not exactly arrogance, which is tolerable at times (see Howie/S6), but a dismissive tone when speaking of or to anyone who wasn't exactly like him - a sports-loving, young white man. He's socially awkward and lied his way through the game. He did what it took to get himself to the F3, but I think the path he chose may have lost him the win when the jury votes.
  2. Jackson…...if the rumors are true that he was "helped" to win the Veto, then he's the de facto winner since Production wasn't an option.
  3. For me, it makes strategic sense to boot Holly. The opportunity of Jackson not playing HOH this week is crucial for Cliff and Nicole. All they need to do is get Tommy to promise to nominate Jackson should he win HOH. Holly, as HOH, would never nominate Jackson over the duo. I'm not seeing the resounding win by Tommy that others have mentioned. Between the comp wins and his multiple HOHs, I think a non-bitter jury would vote Jackson for the win over all of the others. He's an ass, but he's the most accomplished (in comps) of the season.
  4. Sadly, Chris March has passed away from a heart attack. He was never going to be a mainstream designer, but his skills and creativity were amazing!
  5. Please, you're not terrible, the season is.
  6. Not voting - FUG will decide anyway, so why bother?
  7. Julie was living in a Material World in that outfit.....it was completely Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan minus the lace glove(s) and rubber bracelets.
  8. Jack, Jackson and Analyse. Hands down to ensure one of them leaves.
  9. I dunno - a sheep herding challenge isn't at the level of what that dude from a few seasons ago did to the goat at his fraternity.
  10. So THAT is where Jun's mesh shirt went!
  11. I don't want either to go - but if it gets Screamin Sam out of the DR, then I'll have to go with that one.
  12. Heads up for a Grodner/DR-influenced vote or other shenanigans for tomorrow evening's eviction - TMZ is on the hammie-is-racist train!
  13. Hammies are idiots if they don't evict Jack, but they won't. Bella surely isn't going to win this game thanks to her horrid social game, but Jack just may.
  14. Normally, when we have a large group of hammies storming their way through the first part of the game, the outliers bring the levity. Not this year, it's just like watching a continuous Mutual of Omaha lion hunting episode with the baby antelopes hoping they can hold out until the lions grow tired or have had their fill.
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