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  1. Let's hope this isn't an experiment for BB US, sorry, @gforce
  2. The most surprising part of BB24's Kyle and Alyssa announcing their split was learning they'd actually tried to make it work for the past year!
  3. While I knew Twitter had Taylor-fever, I certainly thought the jury vote would be closer. Some quick thoughts on the finale show: Ameerah, who I'd picked to win it all, was shayyyDee for calling out the Monte/Taylor showmance - of all that she observed this season, it's not lost on my that the observation she chose to comment on painted Taylor in a negative light. Daniel, oh Daniel, it seemed as if you'd control the show after the first few weeks, but oh how small he seemed on the finale. Kyle knows that Alyssa's family will never let her tie her star to his wagon, right?
  4. Interesting that Kyle came in either 2nd or 3rd in votes for America's Favorite.
  5. Never bring a pageant beast to the F2 - they're trained to slay speeches.....and she did! Congrats to Taylor for making BB history in several ways.
  6. Joseph - dude has heart and cares for others - since there was no stellar standout BB player this season other than Michael, I'm going to defer to the one who seems to be the best person.
  7. Taylor - safe from eviction (again) and she took Monte for a ride.
  8. so - Taylor and Monte making out in the HOH overnight.....just horny young adults scratching an itch or game play on either's part?
  9. Agreed, Mags - Alyssa is the floater you drag along to have something to prop up next to you at the end.
  10. I think Taylor will be his "pawn".....but he really should be taking Turner out for the very reason he took Michael out last week. Monte's chances of winning next to Turner are 50/50 at best, but his chances go up exponentially sitting next to any of the women in F2.
  11. Sooo....thoughts on Michael's tactics in his attempt to avoid eviction? Calling Turner out on voting out an LGBT+ houseguest after he had claimed he never would. Throwing Brittany under the bus? And how about that exit? Still thinking Cody's was the best, but that was rather good!
  12. copssister

    poll Best DRs

    When we use the term "best" in regards to the DR sessions, there's really only one standard against which we can compare, no?
  13. I tend to agree with Taylor going amid the chaotic double eviction for purely entertainment purposes of giggling at the Twitterverse mourning.
  14. Terrance offered us a glimmer of hope during his DyreFest HOH that he had actually brought some game into the house - but it turned out, he's really is just a mess. See ya, Terrance!
  15. I noticed MIME wasn't an option....beyond MIME, I have no opinion.
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