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  1. Yeah, Kevin is this season's Victoria....dragged forward in the game because he's done absolutely nothing. His only hope is sitting next to Nicole at the F2.
  2. I'm hoping the neighbor(s) living next door will be the jury. So, I'm guessing the legend moving in will be Ian with the other jury members to follow.
  3. Enzo is gliding through this all - he's going to emerge from the alliances all stabbing each other in the back. If he remains neutral throughout the next few weeks while they feast on each others' kills, he'll win out no matter which one of the alliance members is sitting next to him at the finale.
  4. I actually didn't mind Derek. I completely despised Tyra in this role. Her enormous hair is not masking her COVID-40 gain. Even her earring wanted to socially distance itself from her - leaving its mate behind without a worry. What were the judges watching when they scored Carole Baskin? Wow. Poor Charles Oakley looked like Lurch out there.
  5. Entitled generation - believes they have a right to influence the game. I'm guessing they also drink hard seltzer. Now where is that corkscrew??
  6. I'm guessing the United States doesn't offer the filming perks compared to Fiji. May not be cost-effective to film in the US.
  7. The idea that Johnny could be voted out before Carole Baskin is so 2020. He definitely feels the music when he skates, so he has that going for him. Not all skaters have that talent (looking at you, Kerrigan).
  8. I'm no Cody fan, but it seemed like he spewed whatever was the biggest mystery in his tiny little brain.....he's too young to "Columbo", "Matlock" or even "Monk" a comparison.
  9. Len's situation is temporary - he's stuck in England due to COVID. As if COVID hasn't taken enough - now we're stuck with Derek Hough.....a plague in and of itself.
  10. Nicole Anthony: "Reality Is What I Paint It"
  11. It's not salmon. Say something nice about the weather.
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