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  1. Yes - the lady doth protest too much, methinks. Hair was definitely the theme for the night - with mega-hair Molly getting the blindside boot.
  2. Just one.....in the midst of all the "CBS attacked Michie and Jack" babble I've been reading online since the finale - I'm left with just one hope. Hope that Grodner and the casting crew takes a long, hard look at how their nearly lily-white and young casting over the past decade may have had a part in what all went down within the house this season. The original premise of BB was to bring together people who are not like each other - those who had celebrated differences. To bring BB back to what it has been in the past - I may even say pre-BB15 - try compiling and casting a diverse group of hammies (age, race, religion, etc) so we don't have to endure another season of famewhores who belittle everything and everyone who are not like them.
  3. Surely I missed something in this season I really tried to ignore.....the references to Jackson's mom - can anyone summarize for this SLOWOLD HT'er, please?
  4. Damn, she's impressive so far. She took quite a faceplant in that first challenge and bounced right back up to conquer the next stage for the team. I suspect she'll leave the game due to a medical issue sometime within the next 4 episodes.
  5. Couldn't Elizabeth simply say Rob and Sandra weren't part of it when she was sent there? Or that she never saw those enormous Lost-style idol heads and what she found must be on the other side of the island? Her lie was horrible, though. Why not just say you have a fear of being alone and sat down where the boat dropped you off waiting to be picked back up?
  6. MrsGryn knows her Survivor - I simply couldn't overlook his hair plugs, which were VERY noticeable once wet, where he attempted to create bangs. Hair plugs are often acceptable - but bangs, on a guy, are never a good look - just ask Nick/BB.
  7. She was ON FIRE during the let's-address-your-behavior segment. Brava, Julie, brava indeed!
  8. I'm so glad that I didn't give up on watching the finale....."The Inquisition of Jackson" segment MUST go down in BB history as one of the most satisfying conversations. Way to go, Moonbot - all circuits were firing last night! To have that despicable human actually achieve his confetti shower only to have it completely sullied by him knowing America views him as a egotistical bigot who has muddied his family name is phenomenal karma. Even when he first saw his parents, at the very close of the episode, his immediate question for them was about his behavior. I heard his mother say something like "that was early on...." Hope the $500,000 was worth it, Michie! Nicole - wow - one of the sweetest things ever said to a hamster by ChenBot.....to acknowledge her growth within the house and her constant positive perspective on dealing with negative situations. I'm ready to have her back next season. Now - off to watch the backyard interviews!
  9. Binged an excellent limited series this weekend - "Unbelievable" on Netflix. Not just a true crime drama, but focused on how the victims of the crime are treated very differently across varying law enforcement agencies. Excellent acting and compelling/captivating writing. This 8-episode series will definitely leave a mark during the 2020 Emmy Awards.
  10. There's something to be said for tenacity in this game....it's what I liked about Cody during his season (that and his walk-across-the-coffee-table exit from the house). Where Jackson lost me was his way of speaking about others in the house; women, in particular.....as if they were fortunate enough to simply be permitted to breathe within his atmosphere. Not exactly arrogance, which is tolerable at times (see Howie/S6), but a dismissive tone when speaking of or to anyone who wasn't exactly like him - a sports-loving, young white man. He's socially awkward and lied his way through the game. He did what it took to get himself to the F3, but I think the path he chose may have lost him the win when the jury votes.
  11. Jackson…...if the rumors are true that he was "helped" to win the Veto, then he's the de facto winner since Production wasn't an option.
  12. If it's America's, isn't it Favorite? Nicole for the win!
  13. For me, it makes strategic sense to boot Holly. The opportunity of Jackson not playing HOH this week is crucial for Cliff and Nicole. All they need to do is get Tommy to promise to nominate Jackson should he win HOH. Holly, as HOH, would never nominate Jackson over the duo. I'm not seeing the resounding win by Tommy that others have mentioned. Between the comp wins and his multiple HOHs, I think a non-bitter jury would vote Jackson for the win over all of the others. He's an ass, but he's the most accomplished (in comps) of the season.
  14. Sadly, Chris March has passed away from a heart attack. He was never going to be a mainstream designer, but his skills and creativity were amazing!
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