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  1. Food Shows

    Sorry to see LeeAnn leave due to illness - sweet of the other chefs to state the obvious that she'd have kicked all their asses if she'd stayed. I see nothing wrong with a fusion German dish presented via an eggroll. It was too soon for Brother to leave. I hope he continues to battle back via Last Chance Kitchen.
  2. Project Runway

    oh HELL no There's no way that Stanley's singed-Gunne-Sax taffeta prom dress, circa 1984, was a better design/execution than Kelly's. No way.
  3. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    If only he'd added the PhilBrow to ramp up the excitement.
  4. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    I had assumed Phil's commentary was dubbed in after the fact - which makes it even worse. I don't mind the concept of the head-to-head challenges to complete a leg. It can be a big win for the creating a time gap for departure when another team may have been right behind you to the "mat" (since they need to not only race, but wait for the next team to arrive to actually race). In the end, it's a chance to see faceplants and teams turning on each other, so I'm not ready to rule the concept out yet. All that being said - wonder why everyone chose to push the dolly rather than pull the dolly (it's easier to steer when you lead). I have no idea how any of those fools were able to accurately rate a diamond.
  5. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I was going to add to my post regarding a small town (less than 30,000 population) nearby where four students, a blend of both high school and MIDDLE school) have committed suicide since August. I stopped myself from adding that section since I didn't want to veer off on the topic of teen suicide. Ironically, Amber's daughter was the now FIFTH suicide in that small community. Simply stunned.
  6. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Wow, wow, wow.....so young, so tragic.
  7. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Interesting in that as of the morning after the Globes, Michael Douglas is preemptively/proactively defending himself against claims of sexual harassment.
  8. Bachelor/ette

    Wow, Krystal......she really turned into a psycho stalker after her 1:1 date. Take your apologies and that ridiculous porn star affect to your voice (yeah, someone once described to me what they sound like.....) and hit the road next week. I'm completely jealous of Becca for receiving the Neil Lane earrings and Louboutins on her date. I need one of those dates! Not too impressed with the Rachel Zoe dresses (they looked like Barbie outfits), but the rest of the loot was very nice! My four picks are still in the game - unprecedented! Note: I'm looking forward to the Bachelor Winter Games series.....it's always such an amazing trainwreck!
  9. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Derrick Levasseur wrote a book and has quit the police force! Good for him - I enjoyed his participation in that special OJ series.
  10. Project Runway

    That jumpsuit was certainly a Deli Kelly design.....I really enjoyed her on the prior season. Not many of her designs are in my wheelhouse, but I do admit she was robbed of her win by the "Ashley designs for plus size" gimmick that season. I hope she stays around this season and takes the finale!
  11. General Reality Shows

    America's Next Top Model is back tomorrow evening at 8pm Eastern on VH1. Tyra returns - sitting along side her on the judging panel is Ashley Graham and two fools who I care not to Google. Here's a sneak peak of the first 5 minutes......less judges, more house drama, please!
  12. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Interesting op-ed piece on Hollywood and last night's Golden Globes. My favorite clip: "Imagine if Penn State had thrown itself a party months after the Sandusky scandal broke, given itself awards, and wagged its finger at everyone else, scolding us for our failure to defend the innocent. I doubt the event would have come to a close before the ballroom was swarmed by an angry mob and the attendees were forced to flee while being pelted with their plates of caviar." Omitted (oversight?) from the article was the fact that they rolled out Kirk Douglas for a dog/pony show as it's been rumored that he raped an underage Natalie Wood. Just like all those rumors of Spacey and Singer and Weinstein. Or does the "Time's Up" movement wipe one's slate clean once you're a centenarian?
  13. Food Shows

    Damn if Carrie didn't come through again - diving into the camping challenge by baking a cake, which wasn't a hobo pie, took some balls. Then, to build her own oven at the campsite and run a trial/error batch to adjust the timing/heat. Wow. Other than that, I don't remember much other than Chris came very close to leaving the competition too early.
  14. Project Runway

    Hometown (or adjacent hometown) PR contestant, Joshua, is back in all his diva glory. Ugh. I was certainly not as fond of Merline's dress as the were the judges. Mustard yellow and high-low hems are two of my least favorite features in fashion - then she added cutouts sleeves and a puffy shoulder. And if the judges want to praise the architecture of it ll - shouldn't the cutouts match on both sleeves (or are we forgiving quality over design)? Please, please, please tell me that this mess would have been in the bottom if not for the Fall win? The design is bad enough, but it really fit horribly. The one design that really caught my eye was the skirt on this by Candice. If they had been given more time, a color-blocked bodice using the various fabrics of the skirt would have created an amazing look. Looking forward to seeing more from her over this season.
  15. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I always thought steroids hindered such accomplishments. Cute baby - it's bothersome when parents make birth announcement photos all about them rather than the child.