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  1. SLOWOLD alert.......please accept my apology for just assuming I had every Sunday episode, jennknee. Fisty has my approval to delete mine - I tried to steal your show!
  2. I'm an idiot......I just assumed I had all the Sundays.  Forgive me for being SLOWOLD!

  3. Okay - it's now time for Cody to shake up the damn house. Pots/Pans/etc. EvelDick the hell out of that place. Because, at this point, the only win he's going to acheive in this game is to ruin Paul's reign over the house. Stop whispering what you know, Cody, and start shouting. Reference Dominique's speech about Paul. Those who threaten Paul always go home at the hands of his manipulation of the entire house. Tell Matt/Raven that Paul doesn't have their back. Tell Josh what a menace Paul says he is. Lie - make shit up....just like Paul does to manipulate the group to always benefit himself. Shaking the hell out of the house is the only slim chance Cody has to stay. Is it too early for us to weigh in on what we'd like to see as the double eviction outcome??
  4. Another source reported from the live feeds that after the VETO comp (sponsored by Outback Steakhouse), Raven said she never eats there because she got food poisoning and was in the hospital for 2 days because of it (of course you did, Raven). Great work, Skippy.....perhaps hitting the FISH a bit earlier would have avoided pissing off your annual sponsor for this challenge. And, Raven, may I suggest you use some caution before calling any reaction food poisoning, given your body isn't capable of digesting food properly?
  5. Previously……Paul manipulated the entire house and Jessica was evicted as a result of a fine blend of Paul’s charisma and her snarky mouth. Alex tiggers her way into both jury and HOH. We could really do with much less bouncing, Alex….Honey Boo-Boo, you’re no Jannelle. Josh DRscreams at us….again….something about him being our boy. Delusion at its prime. Mark reflects on Jessica’s outing of Paul – and seems like he may get the concept that Paul is running the house. Perhaps he should wear his glasses more often, since he hasn’t seen much without them. Cody cries in the DR. Ironic that production has chosen this week, where he’s actually showing emotions, to add robotic noise clips when he moves his body. Cute idea, FUG, just about 3 weeks too late to be that amusing. Raven pretends she wanted that HOH win. Her targets would have been Mark and Elena because they’re flip-floppers, as opposed to floaters that she and Matt choose to be. Team Kiss-HOH-ass laments about nominations. Mark and Elena are their expendable pawns, with the larger goal to backdoor Cody. Kevin has small game talk with Cody in the kitchen, trying to simply avoid shunning Cody completely. Alex happens to pass by and reports back to Team Kiss-HOH-ass. Kevin is interrogated and becomes the new Dominique. Mark, sans eyeglasses, plays chess with Jason and mistakenly believes it’s appropriate to have a “don’t trust Paul” discussion. Put your damn glasses back on, Mark! Team Kiss-HOH-ass decides to have Matt throw the Temptation Challenge to avoid Cody ensuring playing the in VETO challenge. Random sound clips are blared over the BB house speakers…..babies crying, cats wailing, lawns mowing, drum solos, cars honking, HT’ers groaning. Everyone is participating in the last Temptation Challenge which requires the hammies to virtually stand within the room, atop a graphic (I refuse to call that mess a blueprint) of the house layout, where they heard each of the sounds when they were played last week. It’s the most boring competition in BB history….running about 5 questions too long. Cody, in an attempt to lose it, chooses to stand in rooms other than HOH (where we and Paul can ensure he certainly wasn’t, ever) for every answer. He gets one right, so his loses his loss attempt to Matt who loses better. Eventually, Mark wins safety and Matt joins the block. On a side note…..anyone notice how PAUL didn’t offer to lose this challenge, much like he’s never stepping up to be the pawn in his master plans. Oh, you notice it, too? Huh, wonder why Team Kiss-HOH-ass doesn’t see that at all. Team Kiss-HOH-ass pawns Elena onto the block – and I think she’s finally realizing that she’s not exactly a firm part of Team Kiss-HOH-ass….even more so once Cody provides her with the information that Kevin came to him to form an alliance with just a fraction of Team Kiss-HOH-ass. She leaves the room after telling Cody she hopes he gets picked and wins the VETO. Elena pulls Paul into the apple room and starts to explain that she’s worried about being left on the block and going home – Paul interrupts her and quickly negates that as an option… he high-tails it away from her as quickly as he can. Mark joins Elena and Cody stops by the doorway just as the Christmas scooter goes rolling by. Elena asks Cody to use the VETO on her if he wins since he can’t be put up as the VETO winner. Christmas listens as she applies fake eyelashes in the bathroom. Mark exits the apple room and Christmas attacks – why were you talking game with Cody? Mark denies. Christmas takes this opportunity to use minimal information against him to create doubt about him throughout the house. Damn, girl, what’s with the venom flying out of your mouth? Does Santa know you speak to people like that, Honey? Kitty Boo Boo? Josh, unable to avoid a fight where he has no dogs, jumps into the conversation and tells the guy who tossed pickle juice/hot sauce in his eyes that he doesn’t trust him. Mark meanders away down the hallway – dude does not like confrontation at all. Alex runs through nominations – as expected we have Jason and Elena joining Matt on the block.
  6. Brilliant! She's my favorite snarky hammie. Not sure she's located in L.A. - so, would it make sense to uproot your family and move them just to shoot a handful of interviews for a few months each year? I can't see her leaving her girls behind while she works in L.A. either. Now, if FUG worked Brit into the show segments to compliment the ChenBot with some personality and fashion sense (maybe have Britney introduce some of the best social media/website comments about show happenings or have her talk about poll results from the CBS BB page)....that would be worth a relocation.
  7. Well, that goodbye dig to Jessica certainly rules out Alex winning the America's Favorite Hammie popular vote when she's booted by Paul in the F3 competition. If she's not smart enough to take Paul out while she can, she doesn't deserve more than the third place finish she'll solidly earn due to her blindness.
  8. Poor Kevin - he had the right idea just a few days too late. Attempting to team up with Cody was the right thing, but action needed to happen when the carrot at the end of the stick was to save Jessica and boot Raven. If he'd presented that idea I proposed last week (take Jason and Alex and team up with Jody and Marlena) to Jason and Alex first and then to Cody before Jessica's eviction (almost typed "conviction" there), that group would have had the right blend of competitors and brains to dominate the competitions and run through the rest of the house before they'd have to compete against each other to stay in the game.
  9. Best thing for Jeff and Jordan and their move away from L.A. and distance themselves from Big Brother. Good for them. Sadly, I fear we may end up with Dominique doing the post-finale backyard interviews.
  10. Completely agree, CripesAlmighty - Paul is simply a hairier Cappy/Eric. Here's hoping Cody can pull a Kaysar and get Paul's ass out.
  11. Absolutely Paul......he again treated the HOH room as his own, proceeded to get the HOH to cave on his intended target and still has every one of those damn hammies entranced by his faux friendship and double-talking. Seriously, do these people never compare notes?
  12. See what we get when we beg, pre-season, for BB to cast older hammies? Walkers and scooters!
  13. You know you're someone when TMZ runs a story on your shenanigans - she'll be so proud!
  14. This thread is feeling a bit slut-shamey to I'll bring discussion back to Jessica and her game play. She's certainly not without logic and strategy. For someone who was clearly a recruit, she really does have a good grasp on working within the rules to remain in the game. Much like my favorite soap opera characters from years ago (I'm talking about you, Reva Shayne, Holly Lindsey, Vanessa Chamberlain, Lily Walsh, Barbara Ryan and Nikki Newman!), I don't necessarily have to relate to their decisions to enjoy watching the fallout/aftermath/drama of their decisions.
  15. I went with Mark - he really needs to start doing more than picking things up and putting them down. He would be forced to reveal his true allegiance in the house. Plus, I'd laugh my ass off if he was the HOH who finally got Paul out of the house.