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  1. Normally, when we have a large group of hammies storming their way through the first part of the game, the outliers bring the levity. Not this year, it's just like watching a continuous Mutual of Omaha lion hunting episode with the baby antelopes hoping they can hold out until the lions grow tired or have had their fill.
  2. I'm firmly holding out hope that Jessica's meltdown/tears are for show; an attempt to prove she's weak and a good floater to bring along until the end. The only solace in her situation is that she's on the block next to another non-caucasian woman.....which at least gives her a fighting chance amid the racist, misogynistic tyranny of this HOH. There would be no hope at all if she were on the block next to a man, not even a tan white man.
  3. The first time this season that I fire up the feeds and it delivers silly hammies cutting up plastic to make a slip and slide. Interesting note, the plastic is only about 18 inches wide. Here's hoping their AstroTurf burns should show up well on camera!
  4. This is so boastful, but I do love my "MFMarvin" nickname for Marvin Latimer from BB5. Marvin was like the Samuel L. Jackson of the BB house that summer. BB5 was may favorite cast as a whole - there was diversity/drama/love. Which season of hammies do you like the best and why?
  5. I'm a fan - never liked the comeback because of the isolation those faced which I felt put them back into the game as uber-easy targets. Also, in that position, I'd be more apt to stir the pot and do my part to create drama amid the hammies to break up the alliances before my potential return.
  6. Minority women, of course.....so, Jess and Kemi likely. The only bright side is the tension headache Fug & staff must be enduring at this point as not only did their new twist once again fail the first week but they're forced to wrangle & heavily edit a(nother) BB racist/misogynist. I predict they'll add a super-sekrit loophole which will allow Ovi to bequeath his nightmare power to one of the lady noms in exchange for a fast-track, immunity-for-the-week pass back into the game - then add a double elimination later in the season.
  7. Bella - Kemi would be safe and Jack would lose his mind when another woman wouldn't just do what he tells her to do. Good times!
  8. I was wrong - this one's not a Buthis Face, he's a Buthis Character. Also, his words and behavior so far have me convinced he bathes in Drakkar Noir.
  9. if she's not, her nickname would be A-no. Seriously, why do some parents NOT think of what nicknames their child would face in life when naming them?
  10. Gotcha - the one with the bad tattoo. Then I think there's no way he doesn't use it because that man seems to want all the DR camera time he can get.
  11. I'm gonna need a "Who's Sam?" option.
  12. Hey there Grodner! While I figured the theme of "Camp BB" was just a coincidence to our constant reference to BB being summer camp - now after seeing the squirrel (who more closely resembled Fisty than a squirrel) on the last episode I am convinced Grodner is pulling her ideas from HT. So, while she's lurking, may I suggest a return visit of MIME!, a plethora of wine to amp up the drama and an HOH comp showdown where, between duos by random selection, a dog chooses their preferred hammie to ultimately select the HOH?
  13. She seriously has no job other than to shop for outfits for the shows.....and we kick off the season with THAT dress? Oh, ChenBot. Time for a wardrobe reboot.
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