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  1. Chris Harrison is stepping aside "for a time" because of his dismissal of racism. Who do we predict will step into his hosting duties for the next season? Alum or seasoned reality host?
  2. Well, he's wrong.....he went through zero "rehab", he may have gone through detox from Xanax while in the BB house. Special note - alcohol and benzos (of which Xanax is one) are the only two detox processes which can kill a person. Those who are physically addicted can suffer seizures if not gradually weaned off the drug. He couldn't have hidden even the less severe physical symptoms of detox, like sweating and/or vomiting, from the DR - whose watchful eye was on high alert for physical issues amid the pandemic. Much like everything he said in the BB house, I'm not buying much of what he's saying now.
  3. Did their wedding happen - or did they lose their "funding" when all of her influencer gigs were dropped over the summer?
  4. I like Matt, so far. He'll inevitably do something douchey, but he (and his abs) are good for now. VibratorGirl and QueenVictoria simply HAVE to be paid actresses playing characters, right? I quickly grew way too attached to the ballerina so I should have seen it coming that he'd toss her aside. At least she was wearing her toe shoes for the light landing.
  5. A Reality Blurred interview with the producers - they weren't thrilled with the alliance and hint there may be rules implemented going forward against just giving other teams the solution to challenges.
  6. Completely fitting end for the year 2020 (yes, I know it was filmed 2 years ago). No real challenges the last leg and an ending challenge which required basic geology knowledge - requiring zero memory recall nor puzzle-solving. Meh - do better, Amazing Race!
  7. It's so 2020! Right down to his jilted significant other ALLEGEDLY releasing nude pics of him. What did we do to deserve any of this? I can't wait until he inevitably knocks her up, they name the child Faithful, he cheats on her and she tries to run him down with her car. This combination may be worse than HWSNBN and Krista.
  8. Goodbye, Clare - don't let the veranda gate hit you in the butt. Now the real season begins. I'm a fan of Tayshia - she only has 16 guys left with about 50% of them being there for the bromance/notoriety. Hope it works out well for her.
  9. I'm guessing when Nicole arrived home to learn her BB antics adversely impacted her "influencer" income, she began hacking away to distance herself from BB. Damage is done, NickkyPoo.....time to buck up and own your words/actions, renew that nursing license and scale back the wedding extras. Also, I imagine what you're feeling now is what Ian felt when you sliced him. Hurts, don't it?
  10. not pregnant - while she has always been curvy, she has filled out since her Victoria's Secret modeling days. None of her wardrobe presented this season has flattered her curves.
  11. I'm all in for an Enzo win. He's the only one where I can imagine agreeable nodding at the outcome - he played the best social game and manipulated people to vote in ways that benefited him until he needed to win comps. Cody made too many promises to other hammies and was outwardly quite a dick about his game moves (how DARE Enzo go for an HOH win!). Lastly, Cody's a Calafiore, where guilt by relation is actually a thing.
  12. There's no good choice between these two - but I'd rather Nicole go this week because it will crush her to do so. And that may be the only sweetness we can salvage from this season.
  13. He's so damn quiet - no one on HT has cared enough to post in his thread since week 1. I have to say, he'd be blessed to have Nicole or Christmas win the Veto. Cody has to sit on the block as the replacement and a single vote by the Veto winner would seal Cody's fate. If Cody goes to the end, he wins.....if he's gone, I bet Enzo would take the crown if he can get to the F2.
  14. Never, in the history of fashion, has a woman reflected upon a photo showing her choice to wear a denim dress and said "Yep, I nailed it!"
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