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  1. Well, this would really be a plot twist! Is it an actual BB season if it's not in the house?
  2. RealityBBQ tweeted about a Craigslist job post which is calling for field producers for day-work posted in US cities - scheduled now through the end of June. Timing could be right for this to be the "I got a KEY!" segments if we're expecting BB22 to begin launching mid/late-July. My guesses (assuming this is true)..... Raleigh - there's one person whom I've not seen mentioned online nor in our guesses AND has a load of baby-daddy drama to bring into the house AND has a connection with the beloved Paul.....Christmas! Enzo lives about 50 miles from Philadelphia and just over an hour from Trenton, NJ. Sure, it's an obscure guess, but I wouldn't mind seeing that nearly-lovable meathead back in the game. And, for the love of OGG, please let it not be either of the Calafiore brothers. Detroit could be Nicole Franzel, Victor Arroyo or/and Dan Gheesling. Though Dan is still listed as a football coach (and MI allowed conditioning to begin yesterday) and I'm not sure Victor could get the extended time off from his police department, but his perspective would certainly be relevant in the house at this time. Evel Dick claims Nicole wasn't asked (though, weird if Victor was and she wasn't). Minneapolis = Janelle Queens is likely Tommy Bracco I don't care enough to do more thinking than that......just thought I'd share in case any of you want to take some guesses based upon multiple Craigslist postings which may have absolutely zero to do with the BB22 cast.
  3. I'm also struggling with the other half. For the first minute of that video, I kept thinking "that guy looks a lot like Donnie....why can't I remember his name?".
  4. Drugs do crazy things to people - especially those who lacked any sort of self-control when they were sober. How terrifying for Will and his family. Hope Boogie is sentenced to a drug treatment/dual-diagnosis program. He's needed help for years.
  5. @nixiechick - I keep forgetting that you're just right down the road from me. It was fun playing a bit of a spoiler source on chat boards that season since her brother was a friend of a friend and we all got the scoop (long before a RealitySteve had appeared).
  6. It took social unrest (and perhaps a pandemic), but we finally have the first black Bachelor!
  7. CBS could win big if they have both 1) new programming and 2) social discussions. This means casting people like MFMarvin, Derrick, Johnny Mack, Kaysar, DaVonne, Brittney, Ragan, etc. People with varying perspectives, zero agendas with each having the ability to carry on a conversation. If Kass fills the house with mostly Caucasian, 20-something famewhores again, it would seem to be a missed opportunity to reinvigorate BB.
  8. Dammit - I refuse to believe we're not old enough to be losing Trading Spaces folks! Hopefully, he's painting farmhouse chic murals all over walls in the good place.
  9. I imagine she looked and acted much like Jessica of "Cody and Jessica".....because that's who I picture when I recall the woman with James. Or I'm just so SLOWOLD that our beloved hammies are morphing into each other.
  10. Just like BB season - "drinking until my belly swishes"!! Glad to hear today is better than yesterday. Praying that's a trend for you in the days to come.
  11. Hang in there, @Mockingbird - drink PLENTY of fluids, like until your belly is constantly swishing. It could help your headaches which may be from dehydration. And, because we could all use a laugh, yesterday I ran out for curbside pickup of dog food at the pet supply store and three young adult guys walked out to the parking lot while we waited. One was holding a small white goat which was wearing a disposable diaper. Now that's not something you see every day!
  12. Yeah, I get that if I were hungry enough, I'd eat most anything. However, straight peanut butter is tolerable for no more than 2 scoops. It would take me 90+ days to eat that entire jar, assuming I was smart enough to hide it effectively from both the other contestants and ANTS!
  13. I'm on board for the season - that being said, I'll be watching differently this season. Now, it's about learning how to make a decent meal out of the lima beans, arugula, shallots and hog jowl which were the only food items that I could find at the grocery store this week.
  14. We're old school and learned math before common core, so mercury is fine.
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