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  1. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Dammit, I kinda liked these two crazy cats. Neither are the quickest wits, but they do seem to fit together. Maybe they'll go with "Maeve" as a nickname.....because changing the short "a" in Mav to a long "a" seems to fit their vibe. That little blessing now faces a lifetime of having her name misspelled and/or mispronounced and certainly misinterpreted as male on documents.
  2. Food Shows

    I got the distinct impression from the judges that it wasn't even close between the women......even though Kelsey lost her damn mind with selecting a soft-shell crab dish.
  3. Kelley Wentworth - Lesu

    Ha - she lost me too with that comment, AVorlon. Plus, interestingly timed episode given next year's Browns are looking like the Avengers!
  4. Wendy Diaz - Manu - Voted out Week 6

    For someone who normally likes quirky characters on reality shows, I'm not connecting at all with this one.
  5. Bachelor/ette

    I honestly don't know why they picked Hannah B. I didn't mind her as much as others during her quest for Colton, but she truly cannot form words to communicate her thoughts as proven by the mini-meet and rose ceremony on the finale.
  6. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Huh, I always thought it was the norm to finance a new building on campus when your child couldn't get into their 1st choice college. Seems like a more direct route than paying someone to cheat on the SAT or lie on the application. I'm going to be irritated if this negatively affects future seasons of Where Calls the Heart!
  7. House Analysis and Discussion

    This season may have been boring, but it appears Lindsay is ready to spill some CBS/BB secrets because she felt her mother was robbed of the win. Grab some popcorn, she went after Tamar with claws out.
  8. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Good to hear Fessy stepped up and did the right thing once he learned of what happened.
  9. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    So, great news - Kevin/BB20 had surgery and has reported he's "cancer-free". However, Fessy & Swaggy (and Bayleigh) organized a charity event which was held last month to help Kevin out which raised $19,000. Kevin received a check of $500. Lots of controversy swirling around this since both Swaggy & Fessy received a $2,000 talent fee. Perhaps they're too young to understand that if you organize an event to help someone out and call it a charity, it doesn't leave you in the best light to draw any appearance fee let alone one which is quadruple the amount provided to help out that person.
  10. House Analysis and Discussion

    A good portion of bottled water brands are "purified" tap water. The manufacturers pretty much turn on the factory's local tap and run it through a Brita-type filter. Aquafina, smartwater, Dasani, Pure Life, etc. Unless it is labeled "spring water", it's likely filtered tap water. My brand of choice is Mountain Valley Spring Water. Now, back to the show - I was sad to see Kato voted out. I'm thoroughly surprised at how much I actually liked the guy. Kandi has some good ideas, but horrible delivery. Tom had better brush up on his challenge skills, because unless he wins out the Veto challenges, it will be a rough ride to the finale. How the hell is Dina still in the house - is she this seasons Marissa (c'mon, we all know Ross was robbed last season!)?
  11. Diary Room - Off-Topic Discussion

    There is never enough time with our pets - sorry for your loss.
  12. House Analysis and Discussion

    I'm irked that they're so scared of this power. Worst case scenario, they have the person with the power as the Veto'd replacement. That person uses the power and they're no longer on the block. So, you simply put the next target (Ricky?) up in their place. If you have a strong alliance of four, you're either safe in the future because your alliance wins HOH or you have the voting strength to remain. Something tells me the DR is pushing them to be (or act) much more afraid of the power than they really should be.
  13. Project Runway

    Alyssa really is the worst, isn't she? I have to give her props for managing that python this week, though. Wondering how you felt about the Dimitri/Michelle controversy this week. I absolutely adored Michelle's dress and felt it was rightly chosen as the top look. While it may have been inspired by the technique Dimitri used in his final collection that year, I didn't feel it was a blatant copy of his design. Also, I'm a full supporter of Michelle's reaction of calling out a friend regarding his comments. He looked weak by backing down when confronted - and I was quite surprised as I'd never imagined Dimitri showing weakness. I knew Juli was doomed the moment she talked about having "cheeky" monkey cheeks on the bum of her dress. The final design didn't deliver that look - the end result (excuse the pun) was much worse. I am wondering what Irina is still doing there, though. Guess I just didn't get the correlation between her blooming jacket toward a kangaroo.
  14. Project Runway

    First look trailer for the NEW Project Runway as it returns to Bravo. I have to say, while I'll miss Tim Gunn, it's perfect casting to have Christian as their mentor. I cannot wait for All-Stars to wrap up.....I'm not enjoying it, but I just can't quit it either.
  15. Her lack of accountability toward cleaning after herself is to the point, at least for me, that it can only be a conscious decision to act this way as some sort of delusional strategy while within the house. I'm lackadaisical at best when it comes to household chores, but I normally have a clean kitchen after every meal prepped there. Tamar is cray-cray in the least entertaining way.