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    I think if Jordan is evicted tonight that she'll win America's Choice rather than Jeff.
  2. CBS just posted an extended exit interview with the goodbye messages. ( To TPTB - Answering tlh9, however, I already posted this info in the Kalia thread, feel free to delete if you feel this is cross-posting)
  3. Here is her Exit Interview along with the goodbye messages and Rachel did call her a cow.
  4. Kahlua gets out of bed, grabs a box of tissues and heads to the DR, we see her waiting to be let in and we're sent to the back yard where A, P and R are on their second game of Cut Throat (pool) and genuinely seem to be having a good time. No idea where Jordan is. Apparently the DR didn't want to listen to Kahlua either and she's now in bed with the lights out and sobbing. Only getting snippets of what she's saying, something like "she doesn't even deserve to be a fan of this show if she doesn't even try playing(?) Did anyone else catch that? Anyhow, sucks to be you, Kahlua! Jordan was in the DR and just came out to the backyard, she must have been in there when Kahlua was trying to get in. Julie interrupts to let us know that we're watching BBAD exclusively on Sho2. But we already knew that.
  5. 10:48 HT I see that no one has been posting, so I'm going to do the Cliff Notes version of BBAD up to this point. In the kitchen... Jordan telling Adam he needs to do what he needs to do, but he's a good guy, a stand up guy, blah, blah blah. Rachel concurs. On the patio... Porch and Kahlua discussing how to convince Adam to save one of them, mostly Kahlua talking (SURPRISE!!!) and Porch going, um hmmm, um hmmmmm. Adam comes out to grill some steaks and Kahlua starts working Adam with the same speech she just got done telling Porch to use: Use the veto on Porch, Jordan goes up and out because she doesn't even want to be there, she wants to be with Jeff, she's not even trying, they had a F3 alliance of newbies, make a big move, be a man! Everyone out on the patio making nice and talking... Well, OK, Kahlua is talking about how she wants to be a writer or be on Broadway or both and she used to work a bartending gig on weekends and it paid for her to live in Cali, $11 an hour and 400+ a week on tips (me doing math fast, about 2200 a month, NICE!!) Kahlua in the kitchen working Jordan, totally throwing Porch under the bus (or what's her name's car), she even manages to squeeze out a few tears. OK, she makes heavy sobbing noises and dabs at her eyes, but I didn't see tears and when Adam walked in, every thing is rosy! Adam, Porch and Rachel are playing pool (after folding the towels from the dryer, Adam teaches them how to fold towels the way Shelly did because they look so pretty). They're all doing that crazy accent. Kahlua is in her Roy G Biv bed practicing her crying for her Broadway career and managing to squeak out a real tear or two. There's a helicopter hovering over the backyard, whether to watch them or to cover a breaking news story, we don't know. My bet is a breaking news story, A, R and P beg to differ. And now you're all caught up. ETA: Diane!! It's Diane's car that Kahlua is throwing people under.
  6. Kalia, Porsche, Rachel and Jordan are on the patio talking and Kalia said that in real life (outside of the house) she's probably more obnoxious. Is that possible?
  7. I'm not voting for "Breeeennneeeen," but a small part of me really wants to see Dani & Kalia's faces if he walked back in the house.
  8. KatieLiz


    Well, it doesn't shed much light, but this website is stating that he left for personal reasons involving his girlfriend from Colorado. ETA: I'm one of the few that enjoyed watching DICK! and I'm sorry to see him gone.
  9. I was following links from the original link that ff174 posted about Jessie possibly returning next summer and found this story. He's filmed a prime time pilot for a series called The Peck-ing Order. Oh no... I will not watch that and you can't make me!
  10. KatieLiz


    Even Jeff doesn't like her, he writes a pretty good blog.
  11. This was an entertaining read: BB12: The First Annual Chima Simone Memorial Bat-Poo Insane Awards Page 1 is a bit of a yawn, but then it gets fun. ETA: Went back and forth as to which was the correct forum to post, obviously I chose the wrong one... Thanks for moving it.
  12. I picked Brook and Claire because, Hello!! Watermelon in the face! And also, I drew them in a pool to win.
  13. HA! Last night Enzo the Asshole tweeted: Having had a libation, and certainly not expecting a reply back, I asked him: He actually responded: I feel so dirty...
  14. It could be really funny, though, if they had Ragan come into the bar as some bigshot shouting, "Oh Raaaaaa-tress!!!"
  15. KatieLiz


    When I read his name, I saw "Cheese n Rice." Maybe Cream Cheese n Rice?
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