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  1. I'm drunk, so give me a break. On the couch are all 8, with Shriless! X and David F in the Bad Chairs. All watching the TV screens and wondering what it means. Can't see it ourselves. Kyland and SB under a yellow blanket. The missing person is Azah, acutallly.
  2. Kyland, we approve you using your Shirtless! Body on more tasks.
  3. Azah had draped her toga similar to how... (names) that one Drag Queen did on the premiere of All Stars this month. It's very sophisticated and stylish. Big D is in a white one. Travis has added a row on his hair resembling Julius Caesar's ivy chapeau! X is in orange. I think that was Whitney in Fuschia. And back to WBRB. Did the togas forget to sign a waiver?
  4. is it National Sunglasses day? Sarah Beth has her heart ones, She's sitting with Christian and Hannah, who has white sunglasses on . Big D and Xavier were wearing them earlier. All of them inside the house. Raza now laying in bed talking with them about Greek Gods. Quick, who was the Goddess of Fertility??? They're guessing Dionysus. It's been very low energy today, but it also oppressively hot here in L A. They want to introduce everyone as a specific God, and make Ambrosia.
  5. Stop the Presses! Britini has Flashdanced herself out of the T Shirt and is now showing some skin. Raza is working with a fuschia sheet, and is trying to style / drape it. She's been watching Rami on Project Runway, that girl! Christian is also there, toga style, and he DOES look like Caucasian Jesus! He's adding a dust cleaner as accessory. And back again to WBRB.
  6. Some of them are getting ready for the orgy, er, Toga Party. Britini has eschewed the naked aspects, and tied the sheet over her New Jersey... eagles(?) T Shirt. (Purple T-shirt with white logo, for any locals.) Don't recognize the sports team so maybe something high school? Brent is wearing his Toga appropriately, showing off the tattoos, including a big "4" on his bicep. Sarah Beth lounges in the bed in the anchor room, wearing Heart sunglasses. Christian is also dressed up shirtlessly, as seen earlier. He's back to the Medusa hair style
  7. I'm beginning to think Big Brother forgot to sign the waiver, because we've seen WBRB more than the House Guests! In the Blue and orange room, Moms Raza and Tiffany, with Britini, whisper stategerize... and WBRB. Sheesh!
  8. It looks like everyone is outside on the patio chairs. Tiffany is doing her toenails. They are discussing arm curls. Britini is setting up the pool game. Whitney is doing some yoga type thing on the lawn nearby. Nope just stretching. It's David X on the yoga mat. Frenchie, Sarah, Raza and Big David are also there. Raza is wearing a floral sun dress that is GORGOUS!
  9. Brent is playing ball with someone off screen, and you know what Mom says about playing ball in the house. Whitney and Britini saunter on through. And we're back at WBRB before I could even see who is up in the game room.
  10. Whitney is working on Hannah's hair in the Orange and Blue room (which is a mess, of course.)
  11. Well, I have photos to share but Security is blocking. We keep going back and forth to WBRB for some reason. Same old chitchat going on. Wait, in the living room are Frenchie, Alyssa, Whitney, Christian, and Sarah Beth, discussing portmanteaus. #Christney and #Frenchie... oh, sorry, #Chrunchie !!!
  12. They are hoping to get the Back Yard today. No sign of Frenchie, Xavier, Tiffany. Not much going on, just random chitchat.
  13. Azah and Whitney discuss their skin regime, while Christian picks his zits. He then washes hands. Sarah Beth and Clarie still cooking and cleaning. Looks like Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (?) Claire is wearing a Michigan Sweatshirt for you Wolverines out there. Kyland and David X are conversing, but the mics aren't picking them up. Still at the table are Brent, Hannah, Britini and Travis, eating and laughing.
  14. In the kitchen are Bid D washing dishes, Sarah Bell, drying, and about 8 others. Post lunch clean up? Talking at the table are Brent and Hannah. Christian lounging with Azah in the barthoom. Whitney just out of shower.
  15. Checking in, and it's the WBRB Bubbles right now. Not even puppies or kittens?!!?!? Where is the manager???
  16. He needs to be more Shirtless! more often.
  17. Drive By Posting: In the Living Room couches are Giggly Shirtless! Brent, Whitney, Hannah and X, giggling that it would be bad if Frenchie or "Derek" wins the VETO.
  18. 1330 and we are back. ... Nope back to kittens. For a short second, we saw Sarah Beth at the kitchen bar, and Xavier, wearing a golf hat, staring into the closet. But was the Abyss looking back at him? 1348 Still the Same. And all of them still sleeping too. Big Brother would not be happy! 1402 Still the same. But the Fur Babies are awake and wagging! 1432 Still the same. We do have a Shomance, though. Baby Brown Puppy just kissed other Baby Brown Puppy. 1500 I've lowered the volume, but I'd rather listen to purring and barking to the BB song! 1600 Yep. Puppies and Kittens. 1718... Kitten and Puppies are moving around again. The Houseguests? Who knows?
  19. I've got Kittens on 3 if you want a change from puppies! 1225 L A / B B Time: Still with (Sleeping) Kittens and Puppies
  20. Sarah Beth doing yoga, while Derek X on the bicycle. Some male lifting weights. They are definitely in an Exercise Room, but I can't tell from the Camera Angles where in the House the room is. People were passing by, so maybe the first bedroom area?
  21. She just told Shirtless! Xavier that she has done some voice acting, so another FameWhore Wanna Be!
  22. Sarah, on slop, just asked if she can eat a pickle. Insert "That's What She Said" GIF *here*. In the living room are Brent, and glasses wearing Britini (?). Alyssa got maybe 15 minutes nap in the Have Not room. Brent is super tired, but insists he is "not napping". Whitney is discussing exercise moves. Whitney's forehead is just SHINING! Lots of overtalk going on, but everyone still in the Honeymoon stage!
  23. Sarah Beth, David F, Travis, Kyland, Christian, Azah in the (very blue) kitchen discussing the heat yesterday, which means they are already running out of conversations. (We do have an Excessive Heat Warning in Los Angeles until Monday, so this should be an ongoing conversation.
  24. I thought Christmas was one of the final 2, so... no.
  25. Seemed very simple to me. That made ZERO sense for Cody and Memphis and Enzo. ZERO.
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