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  1. in the Kitchen, Monte is chopping... things, while Taylor is in one of the yellow chairs, blanketed up. Monte seems to be giving himself a recommendation to Taylor. They are guessing who is going to choose who to win the game. The other hamsters did not approve of this conversation, so We Will Be Right Back!!!
  2. They are making Tie Dye shirts, with some White Wine (Faith might be the name?) while getting some food. Brittany specifically is making one. Turner is watching her, and he is very subdued. Is he the one in trouble? Monte is watching also, but sitting on the ground, despite there being 5 chairs out there. Which is worse? Making Tie Dye shirts on a Saturday night. Or being home alone watching people on TV make Tie Dye shirts on a Saturday Night?
  3. I did read there will be ZERO Non-Elimination Legs!
  4. Meanwhile, Taylor in the Storeroom, picking ingredients, which include Prego Pasta, Diced Tomatoes, something in a baggie that was fluffy and white, lettuce, a can of "-ste" and Romaine lettuce, too. No sign of Michael yet. Back in the Living Room just mindless chatter. Kyle is wandering around the bathrooms, possibly just burning energy. There's Michael, in a maroon T Shirt, on Screen Right couch with Brittney. Lots of yawning. Monte, looking REAL GOOD in a vertical striped tan, brown and black Polo, might fall asleep here.
  5. Turner, wearing a Cuban shirt that could be described as Pollack-esque, is off to the Diary Room. Kyle, Allysa, and Monte are all on Screen Left Couches. Kyle still in that blue gray T-shirt from all week. Kyle does look a tad shell shocked. They are rehashing the HOH challenge, and it sounds like that Arcade game with The Claw!!!! (Insert Toy Story GIF *here*). Brittany, in that rust two piece outfit, is on the other side, nodding her head like, "yeah". Nothing really happening.
  6. 1002 PM HT Just after the show aired here in Los Angeles, Turner and Monte were in the Living Room - BAM We'll Be Right Back. Can Concur with CycleRob that Turner is wearing the key. He's on the Chairs of Doom in the Living Room. Camera 1 is focused solely on him, although I can hear Monte, Terence, I think Brittany and another female (Taylor?). They are figuring out the dates and times. Turner says 29 days left (which means 29 Days until Survivor!!! Terence just walked off, and it looked like he had Fur Bracelets on him (?)
  7. Has Taylor said what the patch on her shoulder is? Is it a Nicorette Patch?
  8. Indy blows her hair out without using the hair - there it goes. Taylor still prettyfying herself up in the bathroom mirror, and wearing that key. Michael still rinsing his clothes out in the shower. No conversation going on. Monte and Turner at the Kitchen island table, but the camera is following a still ALL SMILES Taylor. jasmine has joined M & T at the kitchen table, and Brittany might be cleaning in the kitchen. Michael in the Orange Cross room talking to somebody, but the camera doesn't show who. Turner and Shirless! Monte discuss Turner's.... business? apartment? There is a Pride Flag there, so I approve. The Hot J Guy who's name I've forgotten, but the specific personality trait is HOT, and Alyssa are folding clothes and putting them in a closet. ROMANCE!
  9. NO ONE watched the feeds??~?~ I believe Taylor is our New Head of Household, . She is all smiles in the Bathroom with Michael, and she knows People are MAD about this Michael is rinsing out his clothes in the shower.. She's cleaning off her face with Shirtless! Monte. Jasmine "limps" in and wants to take a shower but also wants to keep her makeup on (?) (Tried to post this in the previous Michael thread.) Sorry.
  10. Why do they always have to tell someone in advance? That should have been a really fun blindside last night, but Nicole seemed very aware. Daniel isn't my favorite, but he's right to vote for your own game. Voting with the house is BORING!!!!
  11. Back again. Turner, wearing Marron Sweatshirt, Fingernails and headband, is at the Dining table eating something that is better with Ranch dressing. PervCam spys on Indy putting away clothes in her bedroom. Michael also at the table, in his usual Blue T shirt, but not speaking. General overlapping conversations, but everyone seems in a happy mood. Alert! Michael is stretching. Repeat. Michael is stretching. Bethany Joseph, Monte, Jasmine, Kyle and Michael at the Dining Table, while Turner is eating on the Island. PUPPY Cam In the Work Room are Taylor and Terence laughing it up, dressed all in black. Alyssa is riding the Cycle, and crossing her arms. The first non-happy looking Hamster. The other two leave, but we hold on Alyssa. She's yawning, but I forgot to note above that she had a Red Bull in front of her earlier. 2216 in Los Angeles here, and still warm. She's still cycling. She's still crossing her arm. In the background though is a lot of hollering. Looks like some people ARE happy about the win. Alyssa has uncrossed her arms. Repeat. Alyssa has uncrossed her arms. She is now holding the handlebars. I'm sure you'll see this on the show on Sunday.
  12. Drive By Review. Terence and Brittany are cleaning up the kitchen, which includes regular Dr. Pepper and something Welch's, while Monte and Joseph talk to Alyssa and Inga about... cleaning. Joseph is eating Saltine Cracker, and I for one would not kick him out of bed for that. Turner and Michael zip off to one of the bedrooms that I didn't recognize to discuss Bestie Nominees. The wine kept me from figuring out who was the possible choice. Back at the Dining Table, Inga is counting something, in either Portuguese or English, but the Audio holds on some male speakers babbling. And now we're at Puppy and Birdie Vision for the last few minutes. About half of OF the cast I didn't see at all. Daniel, Jasmine, Kyle, Puppy is awake! ,... never mind.
  13. I'm guessing The Saboteur, but actually being paired up makes some weird sense!!!
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