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  1. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    NEM and Lolo are bitching in the Twitter Room about how Tom is DARING to play this game to win?!??! They both look slumped and dejected. Boo. Hoo. Kandi, TAMAR, are listening to Dina up by the pool table. TAMAR need Ricky to go or they are fucked. She thinks they have the same vote. Back with the athletes, NEM tells Lolo it is not in Lolo's best interest to oust Tom. I'm wondering if the Veto has been played. It's been sunny but cool (California cold) since Monday. Ricky and Tom still missing. There is Zero energy in this house tonight. TAMAR is currently twittering away.
  2. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    Kato and Tom are trying to figure out what to do next, while doing their usual, playing pool. Ricky and Kandi come up to play chess. Or spy....? It has been very rainy here in L A, with 3 storms coming through in 5 days, continuing through Tuesday. So.maybe an indoor HOH game? No conversation, other than squeaky chalk. In the palm fronds purple small room, Lolo chats with NEM, and they are planning... what to do also. NEM may have won the HOH, which has something to do with letters. Lolo is multi tasking with a tablet during this. Back upstairs, silence outside general squeaking and pool noises. Lolo and NEM are rehashing tonight's episode and the disintegration of #TeamFun . Ooo, TAMAR may be the new HOH. NEM is happy that "Tay won" or "they won". TAMAR herself has not been heard or seen yet. Dina also missing.
  3. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    By the fire. Kato and Tom are having an intimate conversation that they won't be thrilled that BBAD is showing. He'll explain it to Fom in the bathroom He spelled out 3 letters on the table, but he couldn't see it. Cancer? AIDS? O J? Dina come out, no wearing a yellow slicker with a pink cowboy hat, and they split up. That was a serious non reality TV show moment between friends. I probably shouldn't even post th-
  4. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    Outside, Dina (in pink cowboy hat), Kato and Tom are discussing "Body Heat" versus "Body Double" (which are two terrific 80s sex thrillers). Ricky, making his debut appearance on BBAD, is chilling in the Forever Hot Tub.
  5. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    He's chatting with a snacking Kato while TAMAR is cooking something up. In the gold and white back bedroom are Lolo and Ricky. She's explaining that she has "Her" (presumable NEM)'s back, and she has Ricky's back too. I think she's saying that NEM needs to win, because that will be safer for all three of them? Possibly there on to Kato and Tom, I mean, ugh, "Team Fun" ... are planning to back door Ricky. So they are planning to be light and fun, while NEM will find out what's going on. And also keep Joey. They also thank Ricky "for saving them earlier".
  6. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    Tom is sitting at the kitchen table, and he's wearing a chain. We have a winner! EDITED: Never Mind, See angelmi's correct answer. This is why I'm better at recapping the mundane stuff than the stategery stuff.
  7. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    Lolo is looking for crackers, while Joey the Gentleman seaches for a Sprite. Breaking: Lolo has mud in her hair. Lolo should have shaved before she entered the house. Kato congratulates them on a good job, and they have the audacity to not tell me who won. Wait, Ricky is now wearing a jersey, so maybe he did play. yes he did. It has his name on it. In the Supply Room, NEM and Lolo rehash the game. It sounds like Lolo may have thrown it. They cement that they do have a Final 2 with each other, which surprises zero people. Kandi and Dina come in and it moves to childhood sports. Joey gives the Sprite, and then Ricky comes in. Still no sign of Tom. *waves at angelmi*
  8. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    ...and we're back. Everyone but Ricky and TAMAR are in football uniforms, oh and by pure coincidence, there's a football game this Sunday, only on CBS. TAMAR however does have hair now. That Beyonce but less curly look. Kato also uniformless. Dina and NEM and Lolo are though. Ricky, is trying to help take the Jersey off Lolo. No sign of the Veto. No sign of Tom or Joey either. There's Joey. He is in good spirits, but I don't see the VETO on him either. Lolo and NEM look a little upset and disappointed. So.... Lolo also says her stomach is not going well.
  9. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    In the non Forever Pool, Cowboy Hatted NEM , TAMAR, and Lolo are assuring TAMAR that she is not going home. Across the way at the fire lounge are Kato, Tom, Joey and Dina. For a change of pace, they have beer, although it's in cups so I can't tell what Celebrities choose for their beer. Apparently, it's Stella Artois, right Carrie and Dude? They're discussing smoking and if they have ever smoked cigars or cigarettes . ( 6 years clean come April myself. ) None of them are actually smoking during this (unlike someone's famous smokey voiced daughter.) I'm several nights into this, and Ricky and Kandi are STILL missing from the broadcast. they somehow moved from nicotine to the ouevre of one Randy Quaid, fellow Canadien, former Christmas Vacationer, and total cookoo. From there the move to Joey Pantolino . From Days of Thunder and Risky Business they discuss the career of Tom Cruise Which means tonight is the Celebrity Name Drop of Who You have Worked With Night. I have technically worked with Marky Mark and a fake Michael Jackson, so I can, like, totally relate. Like totally.
  10. House Analysis and Discussion

    Having to listen to TAMAR while not getting to look at dumb but hot Ryan is not helping me keep interest here. This is definitely going to be a female winner this season. Possibly NEM for being behind Lolo.
  11. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    More pool playing. Ryan, Kato, Tom and Dina..
  12. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    TAMAR is gossiping about Toni Braxton's time on Dancing with the Stars. She did not get along that well with Ali, she says. And then we're back to pool.
  13. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    Party time in the kitchen, with overlapping conversations between Joey, Lolo, a cleaning up Dina, Kato, Kandi, Tom, NEM, TAMAR and Ryan. Lolo is making faces out ... brown sugar? on the table. I think it's Jesus. Ryan, meanwhile, STFC. TAMAR in hoodie and big sunglasses. Wait, did Dina just say she was in the WTC when 9/11 happened? Pool playing time for Tom and Kato. Playing cards are Joey, Ryan, and...someone else. Everyone seems in good spirits, though I don't see any actual spirits. Ricky is still MIA.
  14. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    I'm dozing in and out. Our celebrities, meanwhile, are not. Dina is apparently doing well at Cornhole. Ryan is making tea. Lolo has on an Army hat to cover her ruined hair. Either no one is talking or all of the microphones have been turned down. Lolo aslo makes some tea. oh boy, the C&H sugar is open and on the table. Here comes the remake of "It Happened at Lakewood Manor". Tom is the one practicing Cornhole. STILL no sign of Kandi or Ricky. WE have another game. Catc the Paper Towel. In the middle bedroom,with the Cityscape, TAMAR an Dina wonder if there will be returning players. Their whispering about "staying cool in the house" is so quiet that I can clearly hear the Cornhole game better than them
  15. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    In the kitchen, Joey, Kato, and Ryan are wandering around it, meta discussing the game of the game. Joey has added a black sleeveless shirt to his wife beater shirt. So he now looks like Ryan, who is black sleeveless shirt without the wife beater. Kato is just wearing a black, pocketed Polo. Looks like they've been given the indoor version of ... Piehole...? It's the toss the thing in the thing hole game. Cornhole? They have it on top of the big table, and are practicing. Ryan and kato, while NEM and Dina look on. Cornhole has Oswald the Owl imprinted on it. So I guess we know the next HOH wone.