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  1. Seemed very simple to me. That made ZERO sense for Cody and Memphis and Enzo. ZERO.
  2. Taking the money is a rookie move, but if you know you have nowhere else to turn, and the odds of getting 2nd place lousy, why NOT take the money?
  3. We just had an earthquake (4.6 allegedly, but it felt a LOT stronger) so, expect that on the Sunday .... Monday? episode.
  4. He said at the beginning of the season that he was planning to lay low for the first half and take control in the second half. So I was really hoping that he could do just that, and turn this whole thing around.
  5. Can I hope to see what Roddy looks like 15 years later, since he seems to have disappeared from Social Media? (Not that that would be fun for anyone else but me, but Selfishness is on trend in 2020!)
  6. I just want to see Ian try to take over the back half of the season again, like he did on his winning season. He's a sweetheart, and he would be a fine double winner in my book.
  7. The cable froze when Nicole was walking in to vote. Did she comment anything of interest?
  8. I'd just like to shout out to CBS for showing Shirtless!Kaysar. He is looking FOINE!!!
  9. On tonight's episode, it looked like she was wearing Scotch Tape as some type of Beauty Regiment. Is this some new thing, or was that not Scotch Tape, but some odd looking lotion?
  10. Facebook Watch is showing the house LIVE right this second. They're all in the living room asking and answering BB questions. Currently what was your favorite BB comp? Many said OTEV.
  11. Please keep up the photos! Love them! Missing having BBAfter Dark on, and posting my own!
  12. I voted for Nicole A, because there was just something there in the Premiere episode I will be very happy with a repeat for Ian, or Queen Janelle to finally, FINALLY, win this.
  13. Someone started calling him Mempa in the feeds, but I didn't see why. Is he going for the Chicken George Dad of the Group?
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