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  1. I feel like she would just end up in the same position, with her ACL broken or whatever. I'm bummed, I wanted to see her kick ass in the physical challenges.
  2. Gabby Pascuzzi - David

    She did kick ass in that challenge, so I didn't hate her after that part of the episode. I'm sure she'll earn her way back next week. I actually really like everyone on the SexyWrestlerDoctorNerdCrybaby tribe (for now, Crybaby) plus Hillbilly Lawyer and Amazing Race Old Guy. Most of the rest haven't made a good impression and that fat old bitch Natalie hit the ground running into my Hate Zone.
  3. Alec Merlino - Goliath

    What a dumbass.
  4. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    I bet every one of her employees looks at their spouse every Wednesday night and says "Remember when you thought I was exaggerating?"
  5. Tribe Swap!

    I think it's a way to bond them together, so the other person thinks Hillbilly Lawyer is tight with them. I thought it was a pretty good strategy actually.
  6. Literature

    Yeah I'm about a third of the way in. I quite like it, but there's a small aspect that's bothering me...it's supposed to take place between The Black Company and Shadows Linger, but there's no mention of Raven and Darling, who joined during The Black Company, if I'm remembering correctly. edit: Nevermind. I forgot they left at the end of The Black Company.
  7. Literature

    Speaking of, Grynnie, did you see there's a new Black Company novel out?
  8. Tribe Swap!

    I like tribe swaps this early. People have time to bond, and then are forced to reevaluate. They don't have so much time that alliances are written in stone, though, and it gives people on the outs a fresh chance.
  9. Gabby Pascuzzi - David

    It reminded me of my friend's girlfriend. She's very needy and insecure and she sounds exactly like this chick doing her "Please be my friend" routine. Also she stopped taking birth control without telling my friend, so he's a dad now. I hate her. And now I hate Gabby too.
  10. Nick Wilson - David

    I think so, yes.
  11. John Hennigan - Goliath

    I actually really liked him. He came off as intelligent and together, and I found him kinda funny and liked his attitude.
  12. Davie Rickenbacker - David

    God, I hate to say it, but I kind of liked him.
  13. Gabby Pascuzzi - David

    She's Supernerd's girlfriend, right? She came off sounding incredibly needy to me...I liked her at first, but that all ended during the "Do you want to play with me" conversation because of that.
  14. Alec Merlino - Goliath

    Somehow between this picture and the show, he became a blond. By the way, TIL that blond is for men and blonde is for women.
  15. Dan Rengering - Goliath

    Hottie with a body, but not good with the ladies.