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  1. Comedy

    My new favorite show. Been watching it on Hulu.
  2. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Really though? Booger?
  3. Diary Room - Off-Topic Discussion

    Sucks. Nothing makes it better, but at least you got to have her in your life.
  4. Joe Anglim

    Snidely Whiplash with a man-bun.
  5. David Wright

    I’m pretty sure I remember liking him.
  6. Gavin Whitson

    I like him. I kind of share his mom’s opinion though.
  7. Kelley Wentworth

    I do not remember her, like, at all.
  8. Chris Underwood

    I bet he’s going to be insufferable.
  9. Keith Sowell

    Please dear god don’t read any of your poetry.
  10. Julie Rosenberg

    Who encounters hoarders so often that they become a pet peeve?
  11. Lauren O'Connell

    Got to her only finding her worth in Jesus and zoned out.
  12. Aurora McCreary

    I like her but I also don’t have high hopes.
  13. Eric Hafemann

    What the fuck. Another person I like. WHAT’S HAPPENING?!?!
  14. Wendy Diaz

    She’s going to fall apart early, and then it’s “So long senorita” for her. Also I bet her business is something dumb.
  15. Rick Devens

    I like him. Don’t disappoint me, token nerd.