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  1. She's got you all on the take? THIS GOES DEEPER THAN I THOUGHT
  2. Can we band together and ban an Admin? MrsGryn has crossed a line!
  3. Hopefully his genital wart medicine is allowed in rehab
  4. Paul...like, Paulie Paul, or is there another Paul? He's eye candy at least. Oh wait, wasn't that bearded gnome lookin' motherfucker named Paul? Didn't he play twice already? Or does it just feel that way? i don't think even Janelle could make me watch another season of Francis.
  5. You know it's the dystopian end times when BB becomes a voice of enlightenment and hope. We want Kaysar, we'll get Gina Marie.
  6. I haven't watched in years, so an All-Star season would almost be like an All-New season for me.
  7. uaintjak


    Love Arrested Development but not so much after season 3. I'm halfway through season 2 of Kim's Convenience
  8. uaintjak


    Out of the four main characters, Levy is actually my least favorite, which should tell you something about how good the others are. Catherine O'Hara is simply amazing, and Levy's son and the girl who plays Alexis are just so much fun to watch.
  9. uaintjak


    Don't give up. I loathe Chris Elliot, but Schitt's Creek is one of my favorite shows. The cast is so good, and I could gush for hours. You won't be disappointed.
  10. uaintjak


    I tried with Trailer Park Boys but it didn't click with me. I am enjoying Kim's Convenience though.
  11. uaintjak


    Now that Community is on Netflix, I finally decided to watch it. I'm in love, it very quickly has become one of my favorite comedies.
  12. I'm not too invested, but from the article, it seems like James tweeted that he had told her she might be gay and maybe that's why their relationship didn't work, and she freaked out back. I mean, both of them were on Big Brother, so they're probably both fucking nuts.
  13. My Survivor girlfriend goes home. She played dumb though. Don't be vocal about your target before immunity, and don't give up your shot at immunity. Dumbass.
  14. Anytime Magpie. I just saw Barry is available on Hulu. Dark comedy with Bill Hader who I love. 30 Rock, The Good Place, Letterkenny, Party Down, Difficult People, and The Mick are all great comedies on Hulu, and they have The Handmaid's Tale which I think is really great.
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