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  1. Michael Yerger - Malolo

    I already called dibs!
  2. General Reality Shows

    She just wanted to see that peacock cock cock, that peacock cock cock.
  3. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    How badly do you think FFF is angling to play one of the victims?
  4. Domenick Abbate - Naviti

    Yeah he's gross
  5. Survivor 36: Ghost Island

    It was a pretty great tribal, honestly. The four Malolo just destroyed the numerically advantaged Naviti. There is no way Angela is going to work with Naviti anymore, and Chris wants Dom out too badly to work with him. They kept Wendall Glover so they maximized their chances of staying physically strong, and got rid of Morgan so there's no way she can win the all-important dolphin training challenge later on. Instead of 5-4 (5-3 after tribal), now its 4-2-2, and Malolo has the 4. They went from doomed to a great position. It helps that Naviti is stupid and dysfunctional.
  6. Comedy

    I honestly think it's one of the best shows on tv right now. I'm shocked more people don't know about it or watch it. I know it's gotten dismal ratings, but critics love it and it's got great scores on Rotten Tomatoes, for instance. Initially I dismissed it because of the title (it sounded like a dumb sitcom) and the fact that it was on the CW (gross) but I saw one of the music videos and that was enough to make me try the show, and since then I was hooked. I sound like a gushy fan boy, but really, it's a great show. It's made me laugh and cry and laugh and cry all in one episode.
  7. Wendell Holland - Naviti

    I liked Donald Glover. As long as he doesn't go fucking nuts, which Survivor's Token Black Man seems to do lately.
  8. Chris Noble - Naviti

    I'm torn between this guy and the Italian construction guy, because I hate them both. But Italian Construction Guy gave us Sea Bass, so I was going to root for him, but then Male Model Guy didn't trust him, but then he didn't notice that ICG's fake immunity idol fell apart, so...I guess I just hate them both.
  9. Sebastian Noel - Malolo

    I'll never not think of him as Sea Bass now.
  10. He has good instincts but his body is weird.
  11. Kellyn Bechtold - Malolo

    I liked her personal story. I hope she sticks around and doesn't piss me off.
  12. Stephanie Johnson - Malolo

    Ugh, I hated her. Hated her gigantic mane, her smugly face, and her seeming to target my new Survivor boyfriend. Having said that, she at least knows the game, but...yeah, still hate her.
  13. Jacob Derwin - Malolo - Eliminated second

    What a dipshit. Also, Tsy nailed his nickname, which was the only reason I will miss Jacob.
  14. Donathan Hurley - Naviti

    For the first half hour I thought he was a lesbian. Also, he sucks and I hate him, so at least I predicted that correctly. Also, Jeff's boner for him couldn't get any bigger. Let's not forget, Probst, that you had to shame him into the water. Left to his own devices, he would have stayed a wilted flower on the raft and let the wonderfully built but woefully nonathletic dude take all the blame.
  15. James Lim - Naviti

    Well he was just awful.