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  1. Survivor 36: Ghost Island

    Laurel has passed multiple times. She's a shitty player who wants to go to the end with her friends, that even she admits she can't beat. No more of her, please and thank you. I don't mind the tribe switches. It shakes things up and had things been different, the Malolo minority could have dominated one or more of the new tribes.
  2. Survivor 36: Ghost Island

    So...this season is kind of crappy. No surprises, and apart from Michael's hotness and some douchebags, no compelling contestants. It'll be a Dom or a Wendell win, which is dull as dogshit but no one else deserves it.
  3. General Reality Shows

    I've been watching Arrested Development season 1, and holy shit, there was Jonathan Penner. I totally forgot he was an actor.
  4. Project Runway

    Project Runway is unwatchable for me the past few years. The expansion to an hour and a half, and the bargain basement accessory walls, and the total favoritism of the judging got to be too much. Hopefully Bravo can bring it back.
  5. General Reality Shows

    Have you met Donathan and SeaBass?
  6. Laurel Johnson - Lavita - Finished third

    She's kind of dumb. Not as stupid as Buck Tooth, but...not good. She knows she can't win against Dom or Mr Wendell, she knows they both have idols, and yet she blows her opportunities again and again. I hope she gets to the end with both of them and loses spectacularly.
  7. So they're both insufferable douchebags. At least they gave us a heads up.
  8. POLL - Visits From Home

    The Loved Ones visit gave us the dead grandma strategy by Johnny Foreskin, so there's that.
  9. Movies

    Infinity War was awesome. They jumped right in and it never stopped. Dialogue was great, characters were great, just a really fun movie. I haven't seen a lot of the preceding titles, but wasn't lost.
  10. Watching her dictate to Dom, I was like "Ooh bitch, you goan get surprised."
  11. Desiree Afuye - Lavita - Eliminated tenth

    I liked her, and her plan was solid. It isn't her fault Laurel betrayed her.
  12. Will Win/Want To Win

    I also weirdly hate Donathan, and every time I see him, I think "Oh it's that buck-toothed lesbian from Hee Haw." Because that's what he reminds me of. If, like, Hee Haw had had a lesbian.
  13. Wendell Holland - Lavita - Winner!

    So...I actually thought it was kind of weird. Like, I loved that Wendell called him out, but then he just kept going on about it, and for me it got weird.
  14. Wendell Holland - Lavita - Winner!

    I mean...I like him, but apart from looking like Donald Glover I don't know that he's done anything All-Star worthy yet.
  15. Will Win/Want To Win

    I picked Chelsea to win, because who the fuck knows, but I want my sweet baboo Michael to pull a miracle win.