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  1. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    I'm going to be pretty disappointed if the final 3 ends up as any combination of Mike/any of the three women. With Christian gone, it feels like only VampireHillbillyLawyer and Davie are the only ones who have been really working for the win. Sure, the others have strategized some, and have won an immunity or two, or gave up immunity so everyone could eat some rice and don't you fucking forget it, but for the most part they haven't done anything that makes them worthy of winning.
  2. So...I'd like him a lot more without the whole God thing, which, sorry, I find really annoying. He's done really well though, and I think between him and VampireHillbillyLawyer, it would be a tough choice.
  3. Ironically, this was the week I hated her the least.
  4. I love Deadhouse Gates (yes, you got the right book). There's a character arc/story in there that broke my cold heart. I'm looking forward to going back to it. I like Kruppe, and my favorite part about him is that even when we find out who he is, I feel like we don't know who he is. Kruppe is an onion. Quick Ben, too, is great, and my favorite Bridgeburner. Sorry was a great foil for him...like her initial story in the book was frontloaded, while his was more revealing on the back end. Lorn was tough, because I feel like we were shown the exact moment where she could have turned aside, and that's where we learn she really is all about doing her duty. Felt bad for her too, kind of. Also like how Anomander Rake gives like, zero fucks about everything. And his sword!
  5. That's sad, MrsG. Sad. Ok, so what did you think of it? Which characters did you really like? Do you plan to continue?
  6. I have to say, her getting Christian out would be a ballsy move, and despite the fact that I like him, getting him out would be pretty respectable. For me, it's the crying, the whining, and the entitled attitude that makes me hate her.
  7. His little hang lose schtick is old after one episode full of it.
  8. Comedy

    I've been in love with Amy Sedaris since Strangers With Candy. And I love her brother David as well. Also I love that David voiced Amy's character's mom on Bojack Horseman.
  9. See I was thinking that too, but then him finding two idols made me think he had potential...until he came down firmly on the whiny bitch side.
  10. Dang lady, you must've powered through! I just now finished the first book. So my first time through, the poetry etc was both helpful and confusing. Like, I would understand some of the references, and be lost by others. This time, I feel like I had a better grasp, and they added to my interest.
  11. I'm surprisingly not hating him as much as I thought. He's a pretty good player. Also, I always forget about him.
  12. So it always kind of bothers me when someone goes home unfairly, and I'm not sure how I feel about FatSwat going. On the one hand, he did everything right and the nullifier is kind of gross, like battle backs, and he was cute and had great hair. On the other hand, he was turning into a little bitch. And on the third hand, now my eye candy is reduced to VampireHillbillyLawyer, and he's not really eye candy, he's just the guy you go home with when you're kind of drunk and think "Well, sure, why not, nothing else going on here." And on the fourth hand, because 3 hands would be weird and asymmetrical, FatSwat leaving means my favorite players who are all Davids get a fighting chance still.
  13. MrsG, as the SLOWOLDest, you have to start the discussion because we're ahead of you and we don't want to spoil things by discussing them before you get there. I do hope you guys are liking it though. I have some weird attachment to it because I recommended it, so I really am curious what you think so far.
  14. Survivor 37 Early Winner Poll

    Apart from Dr Alison being the most likeable of the women, what's she really done?