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  1. It’s really good. I think you’d enjoy the books as well.
  2. You should be ashamed you haven’t watched The Expanse, Grynnie.
  3. Oh man I miss MXC. Where are you watching it?
  4. 2020: When the after show drama is better than the show.
  5. He could use a little less eye makeup in that pic.
  6. He’s even worse than Victoria. At least with her we had delusions of grandeur and horse-talk.
  7. Twitter is a cesspool with all the credibility of that 10th dentist that doesn't recommend Crest. If Twitter is in favor of something, it almost automatically makes me against it.
  8. Well, except that time Knife Wielding Justin got removed. And Chair Throwing guy. And Chima. And the Hantz.
  9. It's impossible to avoid with All Stars. These folks all know each other to some degree, so when the calls go out, people start talking. It happened in Season 7 too, and most likely in a Survivor as well.
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