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  1. Amber was a smart first boot for her tribe, but I'd make sure Sandra was next to go.
  2. I remember when Tsy hated Survivor and refused to watch. We were all so young then...
  3. He got a big old gut in his downtime. He was my crush that season, despite his weasely face and his jacked-up vampire fangs.
  4. Well all the people I like survived the first 2 tribals, so that's good. Extinction Island should have stayed extinct, it was stupid the first time and much like all the Jurassic Park sequels, it seems like it can only get worse when they try it again. The token thing...eh. If this was Big Brother someone would have spent them all by now and the token box would have caught fire and burned Jeff's blue shirt closet, but this is Survivor, so I'd say there's a 50/50 shot of it being interesting. The first episode did not leave me hopeful, however.
  5. Well I'm not sorry she's gone (except for Jurassic Island, which fucking sucks so bad that it might ruin this season) I think she was a dumb first vote. She's quite strong, it looks like she ate her twin and gained all her muscle. I would have gone with Denise, who despite an awesome dive seems like the oldest, or Adam, who just gives off that weasel vibe.
  6. So is it like a Three's Company situation where Picard has to pretend to be Romulan or Mr. Roper will throw him out?
  7. Sorry to hear all that is coming down on you and your family. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying things, it’s the only thing that keeps you sane, and I hope you can always find things that make you laugh
  8. I’m rewatching this season...holy shit. I remembered how vile that shitbag Colton was, but there were so many other bizarre things going on that I had forgotten about. My favorite Probst quote so far: "Michael, with balls hanging on both sides of his disc..."
  9. Yeah I remember being pretty fond of Cochran and not liking Dawn at all. My views on them completely changed. Coach was still a gigantic douchebag though.
  10. Because the best contestant doesn’t always win.
  11. So it turns out the reason no one remembers her is because her season was absolute shit. Tons of predictable tribals, whining, hypocrisy, praying to Jesus, and Coach’s special brand of smug preaching. It sucked, and it turns out that Crying Mormon Mom was the best contestant all along.
  12. I started rewatching her season on Amazon Prime, and she definitely gets lost in the shuffle of personalities. You have Coach and Ozzie each playing for the third time, you have Cochran, you have arguably the craziest Hantz, Brandon, you have his tawdry temptress Mikayla...and then you have her, and she's a bit of a drip starting off. Oh and also that crazy crying mom.
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