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  1. Sorry, it was in poor taste. I only meant it as a joke, and not anything deeper.
  2. On the one hand, it sucks that we aren't finally rid of her, because she sucks more every week. Just when I think she's hit rock bottom, she starts digging with fresh arms. On the other hand, she used her idol and the only way she'll get another one is if someone forces her to get off her ass and do something, so we should be good.
  3. Elaine, Janet, and Dean for final three. Not sure why all the Dean hate, but I'll take my eye candy (such as it is) to final Tribal. Nopes went to Dan ( I believe he's an innocent grabber, but still, when people say stop, you stop dude), Tommy (something about him) and possibly the most useless Survivor ever, including that poor ukulele lady, Karishma.
  4. Seems like you fell into that like Karishma in a challenge.
  5. It was Vecepia versus the Mormon girl, right? Weren't they both terrible? It's been so long.
  6. I was going to hate on this dumbass for jumping off the challenge and losing the shot at pb&j, but then I was like eh, fuck it, she probably just got caught up in the excitement.
  7. I changed my mind. There's something about him that rubs me wrong. It started a couple episodes ago with him screaming at the puzzle people and then at Jeff when he thought they'd won (but they had pieces wrong). And then little things here and there along the way just strikes me as off.
  8. Yeah, Jeff had a point, but so did she. When you constantly feel like you're on the bottom, when you finally feel like you came out on top it's nice to have that acknowledged. To Jeff it wasn't a big deal, to Missy it was, because they come from two very different experiences. Also, yes, two voted out. A-Aron and Missy.
  9. Anyone dumb enough to vote her out deserves to lose. I hate her and want her gone, but if I was on that island I'd drag her useless carcass all the way to the end and watch my votes roll in.
  10. Ugh, this other bitch. She did make me literally laugh out loud with her cartoonish expressions at Tribal though.
  11. Oh my god, this bitch. I just can't with her, and now she found an idol because someone made her get off her useless ass and find some coconuts. Ugh.
  12. No tears for you, A-Aron. You were almost likeable until your ignorant speech at Kellee's ouster, but you played hard and I can at least appreciate that.
  13. I'm sorry to see her go, like I was sorry to see Kellee go. Both were strong young women in a group dominated by strong women, so I guess it's no surprise they were targeted. I am kind of upset though, that after Missy's heartfelt speech, that Jeff failed to acknowledge that this was the first time two African-Americans were voted out at the same time. It's like, have you learned nothing, Jeff Probst? You literally just had a conversation about important milestones.
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