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  1. Joe Mena - Soko: Healers

    Not sure what he did that's so bad...
  2. Joe Mena - Soko: Healers

    I...did not hate him. Sure he was kind of a little bit slimey, and he's carrying a lot of baggage from previous episodes, but...he kind of moves up a notch for me.
  3. Roark Luskin - Soko: Healers

    Aw, she got lines this week! And I didn't hate her! So far so good.
  4. Cole Medders - Soko: Healers

    Cute but so dumb. So, so dumb. I stand by my post from last week.
  5. That was a pretty damn good tribal council! I don't like Joe, but if he doesn't get any slimier, I might start routing for him. I mean, he was helped by the advantage, but still, he played that well. This was a great episode I thought. Someone I didn't like went home, and I didn't hate anyone.
  6. General Drama

    AMC, does that count as basic cable? I feel like I don't understand things anymore.
  7. General Drama

    Fear the Walking Dead dropped an f-bomb this week too. It fit so well into the dialogue I almost didn't notice, and then I was like "Wait a second...!"
  8. Celebrity Big Brother - Coming this winter

    If he's on, I'm out.
  9. I enjoyed his serial killer face. It's nice when gingers remind you that they're soulless abominations capable of anything.
  10. Project Runway

    Wasn't one of them aufed?
  11. It's hard hitting Survivor journalism like this that keeps us coming back for more though.
  12. Cole Medders - Soko: Healers

    Yeah Cole missed a golden opportunity. He needs to marinate a few more years before being let go into the real world.
  13. Honestly, given a choice between aqua pooping and squatting over a smelly hole in the ground, the crystal waters of Fiji are getting my gift every time.
  14. Chrissy Hofbeck - Levu: Heroes

    Plus Ben is kinda hot in the over 40 way.
  15. Project Runway

    This is the one and only PR episode I've seen in a couple years, due to it being too long and too trashy for me now, with all the product placement. Tim had to fucking name drop like 4 different companies before he could leave the workroom, it was totally gross and I won't watch another episode. Having said that, the twins are trash although the bald one had about 68% less bitch face than her sister, and both their nose rings look terrible. So I guess I hope Bald Twin sticks around, though ultimately I will never see her again either way. Also, what the fuck is up with everyone having stupid names now? Margarita. Margarita's partner Bionica or something. That dude and then that other dude. Everyone has a ridiculous name. Also, totally over Nina Garcia and Zach Posen and yes, you too Heidi. Also someone please put some makeup on poor Tim Gunn, if I had wanted to watch the undead I'd have stared at a box of Count Chocula. I liked the 2nd place outfits better.