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  1. Grynnie, she’s a modest married Indian woman! She’d never show off her coconuts!
  2. Karishma is barely part of their alliance. I think keeping her over Vince is going to bite them in the ass, unless she somehow sprays bone fragments in the other tribe's eyes during a challenge before getting lightheaded.
  3. Real people can be hotties, just none of them qualify for me.
  4. She made sense as a boot. She didn’t seem any stronger or weaker than CrayCray Noura or Suspicious What’s-His-Name, and she was probably the weakest of her trio physically, and strongest socially.
  5. Her hair move pushed her into my Like zone. I was totally convinced Jamal was going to catch her, based on the edit. On the other hand, lying about Asshole Island is dumb, even if she told the same lie the other woman did.
  6. Yes, and I was torn. On the one hand, it was nice to see an apparent woman’s alliance that didn’t fall apart at the first vote. On the other hand, I think there’s only been a couple of women’s alliances that actually made it, so Chelsea needs to slow her roll of thinking it’s the greatest thing since Cherokee Hair Tampons.
  7. I kinda remember her now, she spoke like 4 times and every time it was the same schtick about Probst not being there to greet them.
  8. Survivor gods, if we ever needed water challenges, we need them now.
  9. I hope she lasts long enough so we can see it’s progression.
  10. Well...she's in charge of a bunch of lifeguards, I didn't get the impression she was still out there lifeguarding herself. I do hope she sticks around.
  11. Using Oprah's mag is absolutely a credibility killer.
  12. I'm surprised her name didn't come up when they were discussing who to vote out. She seemed pretty useless, and she's got that chubby out-of-shape vibe that usually doesn't do well on Survivor, as opposed to the fat-but-built-to-last look or the muscular-brawny type or the starving-girl-who-still-lasts look.
  13. Seems like a smart guy. Looks like he's always on the verge of crying.
  14. I get hot-headed-barely-contained-bitch-just-under-the-surface vibes from her.
  15. I'm worried about her stunt hair.
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