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  1. They could cast 13 healthy people and one saboteur who has covid19
  2. From what I read, most (or all) of the crew had already resigned in protest of production continuing anyway. Info here. i can't imagine they will have a US version, considering California's current restrictions.
  3. What a dumbass. She went from guaranteed safety to guaranteed getting voted out. And for what?
  4. So I’m just gonna recommend y’all stock up on food, even if you think this whole thing is overblown. It doesn’t hurt, and if things get real ugly (which for the record I don’t think they will, but...) the last thing you’ll want to worry about is food security, and you won’t know what’s available, so get what you can while you can.
  5. Ok because my other option was picturing the two of you entering the ring Thunderdome style and laying the smack down on each other. Mrs Gryn talks like Randy "Macho Man" Savage in my head canon.
  6. Nick voted for Kim in case Tyson had an idol. He also apologized to her as he voted. Leave my beer-gut vampire boyfriend alone! (Blood-gut? I don't know. He has great hair though.)
  7. Yeah Knewb, I felt exactly the same way. Only thing I missed was the judges examining the outfits up close off the runway (they kind of did that, but not like PR did it) and I think they should have a Tim Gunn-type mentor who doesn't judge. Still overall I really enjoyed it.
  8. Yeah for sure. He's one of the best people on Survivor, not because of his gameplay, but because he just seems like a genuinely good guy who puts his whole heart into being there.
  9. Glad to see you back, you grouchy old bitch! I know it will be rough going, but I'm betting on you! It's good to hear from you Shannon.
  10. To be fair, he wasn't much of a player the season he won either. He had a decent alliance, mostly nice-guyed his way to the end, and was against an older woman who really hadn't done much.
  11. Yeah, Ethan seemed like a dumb choice between the three.
  12. A phone call home so I could call Michael and ask if Britney Spears had her baby yet.
  13. Anyone watching "Next in Fashion" on Netflix? It's like a kinder, gentler Project Runway without the obnoxious advertising.
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