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  1. On the flip side. BB has always recruited, and some of their recruits have been among the best houseguests. And, you know, also the worst.
  2. Spins a spool of lies, any size Catches houseguests, just like flies
  3. I’m surprised SpiderChen wasn’t in Into the Spiderverse.
  4. I think the biggest reason I can't watch BB anymore is because I can't stand watching the women play with their hair.
  5. What a joke. They have this discussion every year.
  6. She keeps it next to the 1000 year old dragon egg.
  7. I mean...is “old Chinese money” a racist thing to say?
  8. And Beastmode Cowboy actually seemed like a really good guy when he was on Survivor.
  9. It’s happened like 3 times now, or something, hasn’t it?
  10. You're only as old as you tell people you are.
  11. What a complete waste of time this season turned out to be.
  12. It's weird, because I don't hate hate him, but I don't really like him either. But he's not a useless tool like most of the rest, so I'm not indifferent either.
  13. I feel like Reem Daly should just become a permanent part of Survivor. Like, the tribe arrives at their camp, and there's Reem Daly, already bitching about how there's no shelter. You can't vote her out and she always goes on every reward. She'd be like a permanent challenge.
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