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  1. You're only as old as you tell people you are.
  2. What a complete waste of time this season turned out to be.
  3. It's weird, because I don't hate hate him, but I don't really like him either. But he's not a useless tool like most of the rest, so I'm not indifferent either.
  4. I feel like Reem Daly should just become a permanent part of Survivor. Like, the tribe arrives at their camp, and there's Reem Daly, already bitching about how there's no shelter. You can't vote her out and she always goes on every reward. She'd be like a permanent challenge.
  5. No one. Aurora is the only one who would even stand a shot at winning my vote, because everyone else has done nothing except lay around ExStinky Island until final 6. How do you even justify that? "I know I got voted out 4 months ago and haven't played the game at all, but here's why I deserve the million dollars." Barf, no.
  6. I kind of hate myself for saying this, but I don't think my dad-crush Devens should win. He's definitely worked for it, far more so than any of those left, but...he DID get voted out. And those on ExStinky Island have it comparatively easy - they don't have to play the game. So for one of them to come back and win, well...I dunno. I don't love it. Of course the alternative is a very boring and lackluster winner like Freckles, Gavin, Lauren, Aurora, or Julie, so...gross.
  7. Y'all need to work on your gaydar. I knew he was a goner when he talked about how he was in charge of the game. That's like Survivor editing 101.
  8. Yes, we're back to being besties, especially after calling out Shark Eyes Ron.
  9. I'm posting this because the animation was traced from Da'Vonne's (remember that bitch?) eviction. https://m.imgur.com/ZIqM0gg?r and also because it makes me laugh.
  10. If any of these guys let Warthog get to the end, they'll deserve to lose.
  11. I can't stand this guy, but he does have a good grasp of the game. I guess his strategery is where he got his nickname, because he absolutely sucks at anything remotely physical.
  12. He does say "Now we'll bring in the members of the jury."
  13. I hated him this episode (except his jokes were gold) so seeing his shocked pikachu face at Tribal was delicious. He can still be my friend if he gets his shit together next week.
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