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  1. I kinda look at Cody as this season's Janelle...now wait...don't start cursing me yet. Just bear with me. In season 6, she was universally loved because of who she went against. But let's be honest, she was horrible to them. But we loved her cause we hated the Friendship (wow...what a coincidence!) She also was great at comps. I think Cody is exactly the same way. He was great at comps, not exactly the nicest person against the people we didn't like and it got him voted America's Favorite. Okay, now you may resume cursing me.
  2. In every interview I saw with him in, he took complete credit for the running the house, getting them to do everything he wanted them to do. Cue the bullying question? Well, except for all the bullying stuff. Those people are adults, they did that on their own and they should own it. Well, as long as they don't take credit for all the things that he did that wasn't bullying, That was stuff he orchestrated. Hypocritical douchebag. In terms of him watching the season to see what he did wrong, from everything I heard, he didn't even watch last season. It's why he had no clue how to handle the jury this season. And he's a bit of a sore loser, I doubt this season will be on his tv schedule.
  3. Not sure how I feel about #1. In one way you are letting them get together and talk about the game. I think I like that. I'm gonna disagree on #2. I think good-bye messages are a great way to talk to someone one on one. Josh knew he couldn't tell them while they were in the house because God forbid Paul see him talking to someone without his permission. So Josh did something that Paul couldn't even comprehend that he would think of. Paul used them one way while Josh used them another way. I think it was really smart of him to do it that way. I don't think it's using production since everyone gets to do them and they see all of them. I guess the big question I have with #3 is, how much is the jury part of the game. Should the people in there be able to keep playing if they want to help someone win...or lose? If so, then they shouldn't show them anything they didn't see with their own eyes. I was really happy with the finale, the season was so terrible and boring and predictable that while Paul played the better game, it was a nice kick in the balls to the producers who tried to help Paul win. And by help Paul win, I mean things like, making him the only veteran, giving him friendship bracelets to hand out to start forming his friendships while keeping him safe that week, making the first temptation an America's choice where we've seen the person America knows get it every single time first. I don't think they fixed anything for him during the season, but they set him up really well and he had the game to take it to the end. Unfortunately having never seen what happens in the jury house or even watching the show (including his own first season), he had no clue how to manage them. Josh did and that's what won it for him.
  4. The funny thing to me about it was that when he asked her, she thought for a moment and I feel like even though she didn't drink any kool-aid in the house, Paul probably never made any she just assumed it was true cause he said it. Methinks Momma trained her on that one. How's that inverted spine baby? Umm...It feels okay right now momma. Oddly enough the Casefile podcast just did a three-part series on Jonestown, it was interesting.
  5. So very nice to have you back. Desperate-for-attention leg kickers is my new favorite insult.
  6. Are you sure it was lipstick? I think just recently she had been diagnosed with reddish-teethitis syndrome.
  7. I can see Paul getting booted at final four if Josh or Kevin win veto and Paul is one of the two on the block. They both have said to us that they know what Paul is doing and in final four (or three), they won't have to rely on anyone else's vote.
  8. So I actually think tonight was not good for Paul. They backdoored Jason and if Alex actually sits down and thinks logically, maybe the clue finds her (Yeah, I doubt it too). But it doesn't even matter cause she can't win HOH. But they also got rid of Raven. Raven was so far up Paul's ass, she could almost reach out and touch Alex. She was a guarantee to take him to final two if she was able to suck it up, overcome her many illnesses and win an HOH. So why did he get rid of her already? Josh is already questioning Paul and we've seen Kevin tell us that he's questioning him too. But he left them in. Christmas is up his ass too but she also loves Josh...so maybe he can convince her too. I wouldn't be surprised to see Kevin and/or Josh take a shot at Paul if either of them wins HOH or veto or something. I think he lost two allies tonight and kept two people in who could take a shot. He also lost a jury vote with Jason and the folks in the jury like Jason. He may have a little sway.
  9. Oddly enough they are on Rob Has a Podcast once or twice a season and they are fun. Yep, I don't hate Rachel or Brendon anymore...checking...nope, pigs aren't flying across my front yard. I've been enjoying Kevin too and will be voting for him. He was so happy in that video. It really bugs me the way they have been treating him lately, especially Alex and Paul. Alex is just trash and the way Paul continuously tells him to just shut up, it's just horrible.
  10. The friendship bracelet eviction was the first of five evictions he was safe from. That was followed by three weeks of safety and let's not forget when Mark gave him the save a friend apple from the amazing Tree twist. Sure, he was probably safe that week anyway, but if this wasn't the stupidest cast ever put together by Kassting (and that's quite the feat for her), maybe someone puts something together and attempts to get him on the block. But alas, he was safe. I'm not sure if my math is right, but there have been 10 evictions. He has been safe for five of them. Has anyone else even been safe before the week started for one? Paul is playing a great game and deserves to win. In fact of the people left, I think only Josh could even be considered a deserving chance to win if he's sitting in final tow and that's only if he's responsible for Paul not sitting beside him (probably have to Steve Moses him). He may be an emotional mess but he's the only one who has shown the ability to think on his own. The rest of them are so utterly worthless. And with that, there's no way I'm putting Paul anywhere near my greatest player of all time rankings. To use a sports metaphor (cause I know there are tons of sports fans here), I'd have to take strength of schedule into account. Was he great as an experienced player against a bunch of dummies with safety 50% of the time? Sure, he absolutely was. He knew exactly what to do and even planned some of it out weeks ahead of time. But put him in a season where even one other person is trying to play for themselves and he doesn't last long. He's loud, abrasive, talks down to people and he's a jerk. That is the recipe for a just before jury eviction every year. I am hoping beyond hope that FUG sees this season as what happens when you bring vets back. It's predictable and boring. I haven't watched feeds. Look at all the times that vets came back. Nicole won last year, Dan finished second his year, Rachel won her year. Hell even Jessie was looking good his season until FUG realized she was about to lose Jeff and created the Coup d'Etat. I wish they'd stop the stunt casting and give us what we haven't gotten in a while. But it doesn't matter what I think, FUG doesn't care about me or the people on this site. It's a TV show and it needs ratings to survive. And stunt casting brings those ratings. Okay I'm done ranting (for now), it's lunch time.
  11. I don't know Disneypro...we never saw Aaryn actually act on her hatred...but I do remember reading (cause I stopped watching feeds weeks ago) that Alex threw out the only food Kevin was allowed to eat and then told everyone not to help him make more. She wants to make him suffer...actually suffer until he is kicked out. I think there may be an argument that she's worse.
  12. So let's just look at tonight's episode. Everyone threw the HOH allowing the girl with the shattered foot to win a racing contest. For the second straight week, no one took an apple from the Tree of Temptation, the newest temptation sensation from the geniuses that gave us the Battle Back and the Saboteur. Edit: Not to mention, two, count em two different Alex jokey segments with slow motion replays cause they have NOTHING LEFT TO SHOW. Also, Alex continues to be the dumbest player in the history of this game.
  13. He was also great on Murphy Brown. It is sad.
  14. I think it's sweet that FUG made a little room up there to let them join her.
  15. Let me be the first to congratulate Christmas on following through and making that ginormous move that she promised us in the diary room. Backdooring Mark...wow, amazing move. No one saw it coming! Looking forward to more Christmas "big moves" this season.
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