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  1. This is a joint recap with myself and ScrambledLegs sharing our insight. I mention this because it’s interesting in that while we agree on a lot, we also disagree on a lot. For example, I want Cody and Jess to survive a couple more weeks and she wants them gone now. In fact, she’s kinda hoping tonight is a triple eviction and we can rid the show of Paul too! Or that she loves Kevin and I think he's kinda meh for now. She also likes to get up early and run marathons and I like to sleep late, run to the couch, lay back down, watch TV and eat ice cream. Of course, it was the great Paula Abdul who once said, it ain't fiction just a natural fact, we come together cuz opposites attract. So sing along with us in tonight's recap. Before we even started, Scrambled noticed that the description for tonight's show stated: "A houseguest is evicted from the compound." What? Is it always called a compound? Is this the clue that Paul is going to start pouring the Kool-Aid soon? First, we see Julie. She's looking very proper in her Jackie Kennedy knock off dress and jewelry ensemble. She explains that tonight’s show is going to be all about Tears, Temptations and Lovers Torn Apart. Wow, we sure are glad we chose tonight to recap. (Sigh) Now...the Previouslies. If you want to get the real scoop, read MrsGryn's stellar recap. We bow to her greatness. Here's a quick rewind. We suggest you read it out loud in Jason's auctioneer voice, it will make it much more interesting. Meatball Lord wins HOH, wants big boobs/red lipstick out, spooky temptation comp, Jessica is 3rd nom. On the block are Elena, Mark, and Jess. Josh tries to talk to Jess. But she must be a vegetarian cause she shut the meatball down. So veto players are picked, Cody gives classic Robot Death Glare when the Ring of Redemption is wasted. Blah blah blah...Its Otev..Mark wins, pulls himself down. Final noms are Raven, Jess and Elena. Seriously MrsGryn did it better, read her recap here. We begin after the veto ceremony, hugs all around and we get to Raven, who is proud to be on the block because she claims she has a hand in sending Jessica home. How Raven? How? You don't even get to vote. Have you ever even seen this game??? Kevin walks in to give Jessica a hug and some fatherly advice. Scrambled whistles like a construction worker. Hold up, seriously, did she just whistle? She loves Kevin. He's still meh to me. I take things serious and she takes 'em light Kevin explains to her that he has a master plan that includes saving Cody after Jess leaves. He wants to bring Cody into the sheep alliance and get the remaining showmances out. Jess explains it to Cody...and the robot processes it...and all is going well until he discovers that it also involves him being loyal to the shepherd. That is not computing. Smoke comes out of his robot ears and his head spins around. Okay, that last part didn't really happen but as expected, Cody is having none of it. Now Kevin is explaining it to Jason and Alex..and they aren't really 100% for it. Now onto Paul. Paul is not pleased. There is not room enough for two shepherds. I mean, they'd constantly be comparing the size of their staffs. Kevin, Cody, and Jason in back yard walking. Kevin selling this plan. Jason feeling very uncomfy. But Cody seems good to take the showmances out. Kevin DR's he has ESPN (great Kevin, there's a Red Sox game on later...I'm thinking he meant something else there) and that he knew it was a great deal. Cody DR's that this deal was null and void from the very beginning. As a web developer by trade, I'm very happy to see the robot use the word null. Jason runs to Paul and Alex..and explains that Kevin shook Cody's hand and sealed the deal. They are not pleased. Scrambled is not pleased either. This is messing with her man's game. But I actually like it. I'd love to see Cody go against it and get Paul out. I go to bed early And she parties all night We cut back to Julie who tells us about an upcoming spelling lesson that turns ugly. Framed behind her are our three nominees. They spent all night last night figuring out what to wear for eviction..and this is what they came up with? Scrambled and I actually agree on something, It looks like Charlies Angels, Porn Edition. (I'm not stupid, I know when to agree!) Now back to the kitchen with Paul, Jessica, and Josh. They are talking about Matt taking so many showers and the California drought. Jessica sarcastically asks Josh if he can spell drought. They began to bicker. Then later that day Paul gives Josh the perfect comeback. "Hey Jess, the jerk store called..." No that wasn't it, instead, he eggs Josh on to ask her how to spell evicted. Scrambled: Was that another Seinfeld joke? Jerrye25: Yeah, it's the best show ever. Scrambled: Yeah, I've never seen a second of it. I like it quiet and she loves to shout. Cody turns full on beast mode. And he and Jessica begin a personal attack on Josh. calling him Fat. Stupid. Cody says he's going to tell the whole world what kind of person Josh is. It's suddenly a huge huge fight. With everybody gathering around watching. Jessica ends it by telling him to truffle shuffle his fat ass out the door. Josh goes up to the HOH and in typical Josh fashion, he starts a fight, they throw it back at him and he can't take it. He's very upset and crying. Everybody else is up in the HOH now comforting him. He's a human being for God's sake! He grows his balls back and now is back downstairs with the circus music and pan banging. Cody charges and Josh runs inside. Alex and Jessica break it up. Now..poor Kevin is doing laundry knowing the ESPN deal is over..that is some furious folding there. Back from commercials. It's more Charlies Angels. Stupid speeches that I always mute. Scrambled listens though and tells me that per Raven its National Gastroparesis awareness month. Next is Elena. It's never easy to witness a false fact. It's never easy to dribble the ball back. Except, if it's false, by definition it's not a fact and dribbling is not that hard. (Wait...did she really say that? Was she doing a bit? Wasn't that's Dominique's speech? And Scrambled wonders why I mute this part every single many douche chills.) Last is Jessica. She thanks CBS for having her, a dream come true. She thanks Cody. She says it took 15 of you and half the season to get one of us out so she is not impressed. And she calls out Mr. Friendship as being the biggest target and ends with "Take me home, Julie" Voting now. No surprise that its 7-1 with Jessica leaving. (Cody voted for Raven). Only interesting thing about this vote was that we discovered there are actually two Whistle-Nut shirts. One is worn by Jason and one by Mark. It is definitely the Bear Shirt of BB19. Now Scrambled is reminiscing about how much she loved BB15 Judd...yeah, I wasn't really a fan. She likes it neat and I make a mess. So...Jessica goes out the door. Actually, Cody carries her to the door. Scrambled wishes he would kiss her lips and then bend down and kiss her baby belly. But alas, it doesn't happen. Cody tells her she loves him. She is met with cheers from the audience. Tearful interview with Julie. How she felt betrayed by a lot of people. Julie spills the truth that Josh really wasn't pushing to get her out. And we get some goodbye messages: Cody: Exactly what you'd expect, humbled, honored, love you, etc..Paul (screaming): you threw away your game...whatever, she's heard it beforeKevin: Very kind, wants to go to a Patriots game (he should probably get the schedule from ESP)Josh: ObnoxiousButt let's talk about the major disappointment in this game. That has to be Alex. She wore the cat ears (the cat ears that Raven hid by the way, not Jess) over a hat that says PETTY. She also offers to take care of Cody for her. Way to stay classy Alex. It makes Scrambled smile with glee. But I think it's petty. I take 2 steps forward, she takes 2 steps back HOH Comp time It's a true/false game named Hocus Focus. It's magical transformations from David and Donya. So a couple comes out and through magic, they do some quick changes in costumes. Ok. This should be called Hokey Fokey. It's really quite hokey. He's literally just holding up a curtain while she changes her clothes. That's it. Who are these people? Is this FUG's older brother who is struggling to make a name for himself so he and his wife ride the coattails of the Chenbot? Is he the Frankie Grande of the Chen household? But after the first performance (and we use the term loosely here) Chenbot ask questions about her outfits. Everybody gets the first question correct. On the second question, Matt, Kevin, Jason and Paul are eliminated. On the third, everyone gets it right. Second "Performance" more grand transformations from D/D. The budget for entertainment must be really low this year. Wow. This is bad. Next question: Christmas is eliminated. Next question: Cody, Elena and Matt are sent packing. Now it's down to Raven and Alex I'm pretty sure I heard Raven saying to Alex, "give it to me, give it to me." But Alex wins. Jubilation galore. Well, you know, for all but Cody. Back to the House..with Julie telling them that everybody will now go to Jury. And that there will be no Jury buy back. Julie announces to us that next week is a double eviction. Who will Alex Paul put up? Who will win Safety? Stay tuned for the great upcoming recap by jennknee And last but not least, thanks Paula, you're forever our girl.
  2. Skip sends me back to Mark and Elena where there is more small talk about the future of Mark and Elena. Mark: When did you decide you were gonna give me a chance? Elena: When did I say I was giving you a chance. Cody comes in and Elena whispers, if you win veto, will you take me down? Cody needs clarification on if he can go up in her place, she says nope. He says, "fuck yeah, hell yeah." So she feels a little better. Me too actually. Let's get three of the sheep on the block and see which how the house starts to split. (also known as...which of the three sheep beg Paul the most for the permission to be voted out and sent to jury)
  3. Skipster spits me over to Elena also putting on makeup in the weird small room with the giant couch. While she is putting on the makeup her and Mark grunt out sentences...I can't understand them. Christmas rolls in. Mark asks if she would ever leave Dallas for a job. She says yep. Elena while putting on her makeup, "I think this is too much, but fuck it!" I feel like that's the attitude she wakes up with each morning. Christmas does a little bagging on Jess..and Elena is like...yeah...which is odd cause earlier when it was just Mark and Elena, Elena said, "I miss Jess." It's super boring with these three in the room right now but I don't feel like changing the feed. Paul is probably on the other one and he annoys me.
  4. Here's why Jason is a moron. They are sitting there counting votes, they don't exactly who is gonna vote for who but yet he still is okay being on the block. He even volunteered before the temptation challenge. He doesn't know what is gonna happen or who is gonna vote for who but he volunteered to go on the block instead of Paul. He's apparently more afraid of Paul not winning them himself not surviving this week. He's a moron. Kevin comes in and Jason is confused...are Alex and Paul really in the DR together? Kevin tells him no, she came out before he went in. Skippy takes me to Christmas getting ready in the bathroom. It bores me.
  5. Alex called to the diary room leaving Jason and Christmas there to talk about who can be pulled for the veto comp. They talk about Raven being very sad that Matt is up there and Christmas told her he has zero chance of going home. Zero! Apparently, she missed the memo where Matt is worse case scenario. Paul is called to the DR also...and Jason is puzzled cause Paul is already in there. FUG must want to make sure Paul is cool with Alex's plans. Christmas pitches to Jason to keep using her as long as they need a vote and when they don't need her, they should vote her out. She claims she didn't play in the temptation challenge because she is a solid vote for their side. Jason speculates that if Cody wins veto and it's Matt, Elena and someone else, I don't know, he says Raven will vote him out. But Christmas has his back. They speculate that Cody will vote out Matt in that scenario. They think that Christmas, Josh, Paul and someone else will vote out someone other than Jason...they think Elena, although personally, I don't think Paul is ready to let Elena go. They worry that if Matt goes, Raven goes to Cody, Mark and Elena's side. Breaking News: Christmas wants to cause some chaos.
  6. Sitting here listening to Alex complain to Jason about someone, a male. She is pissed that he takes all her stuff, wants to be included in all the plans but doesn't contribute anything. I'm pretty sure she is talking about Matt. She says she is putting Jason and Elena up. According to her, worst case would be Cody winning, pulling Elena down and they would vote out Matt. I thought before she was bitching about Matt, she was also bitching about Paul not knowing the correct dates. She said he is really dumb. My guess is he's giving them the wrong dates but who knows. Christmas comes in and they recap the temptation challenge. Apparently, Jason missed one because he was walking down stairs when the sound played and the question was which room were you in when you heard it.
  7. Hey Paul, you're a vet, who is this? Said a sheep who is trapped in his mist I don't really know, I don't watch the show. They just paid me to say "friendship" and "pissed" Paul jumped up and ran out the door to ask for more safety I'm sure How many weeks do you need? Two or three to succeed So FUG went and gave him five more. Hey, blondie, who the hell are you? That's Jannelle, Alex said, that's who! They needed advice Since she played it thrice We're so dumb. What do we do? It's Paul that you must all vote out You guys are way to devout He thinks he's got skills You do what he wills And here's what you're all about Elena, what's with those lips And why must I keep seeing your nips Matt, you're a bore you eat cereal galore Raven no one likes you, close your lips And Josh you really need to calm down Stop beating those pots and pans around You sure dish it out But then you go pout This house already has a clown I guess what I'm trying to say It's for yourself, you're supposed to play Not for this fool God, what a tool So wake up, that's what I pray And with a flash she withdrew They didn't know what they should do The sheep looked around Paul couldn't be found The poor dopes, they haven't a clue The next poster must continue this story with at least two sentences where each word is no more than two syllables.
  8. Not to be outdone by her worthless showmance partner, she also volunteers to go up. And she's happy about it! I remember reading or hearing somewhere that two minutes after she went up, she reminded people that she did it. Raven, no one cares about you. You are a pawn in the chess game that only Paul is playing. Dumbest cast ever
  9. So let me get this takes him like 7 weeks to actually do something that has to do with the game of big brother and that something he does is to volunteer to go up on the block. This does not help you at all. No one is gonna care that you did this a week from now. And also, you can't go home if you're not on the block. Dumbest cast ever.
  10. You don't know what to do??? How about this, stop isolating yourself and go talk to people. It would have taken all of five seconds to understand that Elena was Josh's target. Maybe then you could get Christmas's vote and Cody's vote. Then maybe talk to a couple others, like Mark. He didn't want Elena out. Boom, that's three. Then go talk to Kevin or Jason. And maybe just maybe you get four. Then Josh can be ordered by Paul to vote you out...but at least you tried. At least you made this show interesting instead of forcing me to have 24/7 of the Jody cam. God, so freaking stupid.
  11. Okay, so let me get this straight. Josh's target was Elena. Christmas agreed with him. They were happy. Paul's argument to them was, Cody and Jess will be two votes in the jury which should have made Christmas and Josh happy because they are easily two votes against Paul. That would benefit them over Paul. But they just went along with it. So then Christmas has this power, a power that she can use to help herself, her one-legged self later in the game when she will absolutely need it. But instead, she wastes it to hurt her and Josh and help Paul. It's easy to see why some people think Paul is playing a good game. I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is easily the dumbest cast to ever play this game. Does anyone even want to win?
  12. True, but not necessarily because it's a woman but more because the guy after Matt Smith was terrible and angry and I didn't like him. I'm looking forward to another doctor, male or female, to see if it goes back to being good. True or False, the next poster wants to join Ramses for Thanksgiving Dinner at Kevin's
  13. I went Cody. I'm tired of Paul and his sheep running things.