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  1. Stiff dude; don't see him meshing with the group, but maybe with the women scientist types.
  2. Hahaha, MrsGryn! If he doesn't douche it up too much he *might* have a bit of Tyler skillz.
  3. Yeah, she will play too hard and even our dim hammies will pick that up.
  4. "Hey ladies, can I serve you some CHAMPAGNE?" , spoken in an obnoxious 'my best pick-up line' voice. Douche. Tool. AARGH!
  5. Nice smile. If he is a safety officer then I doubt he has entitlement issues.
  6. I can't help rooting for clumsy hammies. I hope her gift is both physical and verbal.
  7. I just hope she brought enough lip botox for her full season of 3 weeks.
  8. She seems very strong and confident which means she might be the 1st to cry uncontrollably in the Diary Room by the end of the 2nd week.
  9. Let the loving to hate hammies (to be clear) begin! Fisty, you outdid yourself with that season intro. Once again, I am sucked in!
  10. SLuG, thanks for letting us know what has been happening. We haven't had many shows lately and know you have a lot of family responsibilities, but don't think we knew your dad needed so much attention. Please take care of yourself along the way. I'll pray for all of you.
  11. I voted for NOura out of spite for this season. Now I want her to be the next Batchelorette. Can you just imagine that?!! I'm very happy with 'Sia's' choices.
  12. I wish I'd thought of Noura's entertainment value at F3. Janet & Elaine and Tommy were my choices but Tommy was a mistake. I want out Karishma, Elizabeth & Dean. copssister had a good point about Karishma for the Top 3.
  13. Tommy's interview with Jeff made me hope he was more grounded and reflective, but Ep 1 shows us that there is a Frankie within. Isabella impressed me even more than her bio & interview. Christy (New Age boutique owner) reinforced my dislikes. Vapid women did too, as did the boring guys. I do think the hammies might make for a good season.
  14. She is my favorite so far too and love the Tiger Mom angle.
  15. His interview with Jeff gave me hope he was less flamboyant and more introspective. Then I saw the 1st episode.
  16. I volunteer to 'take one' for the HT team because I am so giving and selfless.
  17. Rockstar - promises more than it delivers, sloppy, not at all relevant although it wants to be, sort of run down. [Full disclosure: Written after seeing the brief CBS tour.]
  18. I agree, MrsGryn, and hope that is the case. Julie is still a fashion and interviewer disaster, but she is OUR disaster and I'm happy she is back.
  19. She is so shallow it is likely she'll just evaporate before our eyes. She doesn't even mention having a dog. I look forward to her social media/phone withdrawl meltdowns. I might also enjoy her walk down Meme Lane.
  20. Sooo, background in pre-law and Sales and can 'sell anything' and yet is a server? A server as in here is your steak and potatoes or server as in *knock, knock* you have been served, or server as in some kinky naked cowboy porn video server? In any case some of us will be watching in hopes he forgets about the cameras and drops his towel. Right? Right? [I'm a bit thrown by his Mass comment, but I'm a devote Catholic and watch this questionable crap so who am I to throw stones!]
  21. I pray that mop gets tamed into a man-bun! How can you be into fitness/workouts with that kind of heat-sink on your head! Hahaha, Mrs Gryn too! He has given us too little to go on, unless he is pretty vapid in which case we are just missing the obvious.
  22. I think I like him (qualified), but I don't know what a Yeti or Twisted Tea is and he better not be talking basketball all the time. I hope he has good trucker stories.
  23. The first rule of discussing political topics: There is never a right environment, particularly in the midst of a vicious social game. So, go ahead, be the first voted out.
  24. Wine Bar Crawl Guide? Early Couger-ish, fostering dogs (and the occasional mutt she brings home from the crawls?) , knows her alphabet. Might spaz in entertaining ways from phone withdrawl. I have high hopes for this one.
  25. APRIL 2019, LA, Grodner (barking at staff in a deep gutteral voice): "Get me another Frankie!" Perhaps he will have some depth to him and also be a hit dancer for the Mob (his twirls are deadly!).
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