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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your dad's passing, SLuG. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Your tiredness, love, and care was both sad and beautiful, so loving. God bless and lift you up during the challenges ahead. I know you will be there for your mother, helping her through too. God bless you both.
  2. Thank you, Tsy/Fisty; you always do a great job with the two views. Soooo helpful at the beginning until we know them enough to know why we pre-hate them.
  3. Happy Birthday, HT. If HT is 20 then we are now ..... *freaks out* *fist*
  4. Well, isn't it about time there was a Detroit edition? I was only speculating that she has those kind of aspirations.
  5. Another long-necked alien attorney. Grodner, you need to be more subtle.
  6. Joseph, another long-necked lawyer ... hmmmmm. Obviously another alien.
  7. They could all get together and form the Bleached Brains Alliance.
  8. Hey, we're all rusty. As a person who studied chemistry, I was fixated in that area. Good call, Donner; we can begin by nicknaming him Prince.
  9. I can see 'cop' in her, but also chef.
  10. Wants to be a actress or host a reality show. (Watch your back, Julie.)
  11. What is UX? I think I like her. Stay away from the aliens, Ameerah.
  12. DD is trying for a full BB residency. Can we submit drunken requests?
  13. Solid person, but still a little crazy from having to deal with difficult passengers and face mask violations for 2 years. Easily triggered at unexpected moments.
  14. BB, a frolic by a millionaire narcissist? A clever season-long free advertisement for her product? Why not both!
  15. Another long neck! Wonder if they are from the same planet. The might be the most shocking season EVAH! Actually I want to know what tech he sells.
  16. Home remodeler? Which kind? Decor of structure? The BB house is gonna make her throw up either way. She will either be down to earth (structure) or a real fake-y diva (decor).
  17. BB is her audition for Real Housewives of Detroit MI.
  18. Hahahaha, Tsy. Maybe that was his favorite earth show.
  19. Genial, able to roll with the punches, high social ability. He may be too likeable for my dark heart.
  20. Just...yikes. Such a chill dude vibe that I hope one of the hammies gets under his skin in a big way.
  21. Let me show you how to make poop into patio lanterns. I like the possibilities here.
  22. She looks likeable unless she acts like she owns the kitchen and criticizes everyone else about their bad habits in that area.
  23. My guess: she does yoga, swears by the power of crystals, has a yearly spa membership, and is single and trying too hard.
  24. Another alien; they haven't gotten the human neck down quite right yet.. Good cover; as an 'attorney' he can talk gibberish and the humans (or hammies) will just leave the room or fall asleep. Tip to alien, don't talk cats.
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