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  1. POLL: Week 2 - Who do you want to win HOH?

    Tsy made a good point about Sam, so I take back my vote. I don't want Swaggy C to get HOH because I loathe him. On the other hand, if he wins we will have one h*ll of a week. Burn it all down to the ground!
  2. He is smarter than I expected and looks good in his man bun and bandana; also I didn't notice much surfer slacker vocabulary. He was wise not to show his hand by choosing his side so soon.
  3. POLL: RoboSam

    I have mixed feelings; if it happened a week or two in I'd be happier about it. Sam really doesn't have the opportunity to bond with others so early in the game. On the other hand, Sam makes a cute robot and I kinda like it.
  4. I like him so far; he is easy on the eyes and ears and appears to be sane. I could see him going far. Admitting to bedwetting either means he is not too full of himself, OR it could mean he thinks so much of himself that he is prideful about being able to admit it.We will figure it out. Personally, I'd keep that info quiet and use it as a killer security question/answer.
  5. So, we have our first Incel in BB. My little, humble hope is that he wins HOH and when hammies want to come up and kiss the ring they cry up to him, "Beam me up, Scottie"! Yes, I am this easy to please.
  6. I am willing to give Steve a chance despite his, ugh, B**gie admiration; perhaps it is just out of nostalgia. He seems to have the right perspective about the game, not coming in with a set plan like so many of the others. The only tub in the house is in the HOH room which could be very annoying to the Powers that Be each week. I hope he is funny.
  7. I thought getting 'messages from my guides' was against BB rules. I do hope the visual tech department is ready with the special auras, like mickey mouse ears, train track halos, higher math symbols. It would be fun. Put them on all the hammies like those special effects on Instagram. I hope she confines her 'self-love regimes for the shower. Better yet, do a show-duration cleanse, please.
  8. LOL on all the comments above! Best first impression comments of this group of hammies. Tyler might get lucky and get put on quinoa slop. Too much sun, too many drugs, but hey, isn't that what life's about.
  9. First of all, her voice hurts my ears, and she has beauty competition vocal mannerisms that scream 'phony'. Also, when you try to be Miss Congeniality you are not. Second, she will not be able to contain her sass and will cause all kinds of t-r-o-u-b-l-e. She will be out right away or a more clever hammie will use her as a meat shield to advance his/her game ("We gotta get out Bayleigh first!)
  10. Some hammies are bringing too little to the game; she is bringing too much. On the other hand, it is a long season with many boring feed hours to watch, so perhaps I'll weaken my attitude.
  11. I like her; she seems intelligent and social and could see her going far. I think she will be in a showmance by week 2.
  12. Right! Also, the flip side of providing cyber security is hacking and hackery. Steal any NSA secrets for fun yet, Brett? No one will trust him and he will be out quickly.
  13. Does he sell oldster meds? I could use oldster meds. He is cute and level-headed, likes music (but he is a hipster into vinyl). I am available for a showmance, Winston.
  14. Justin Tradeau (sp) has his eyebrow. He is from my town so I have to root for him even if he is too self-confident. It is always dangerous to have a full-blown strategy and a Swaggy C t-shirt.
  15. The Munchkin will be entertaining until he is not.