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  1. His dumb ass was saved by Kass flipping (which he had nothing to do with).
  2. Spencer's comment was golden - "Zero percent chance of winning the game"! I actually was rooting for Tasha and Spencer so Kass flipping on her tribe for ego reasons pissed me off. I hope the other tribe tosses her aside as soon as they don't need her anymore.
  3. I hope they don't invite him to the live finale....two time quitters don't deserve a free trip to LA. Although it would be fun to see Probst belittle him again
  4. Can't see them winning a leg unless a tragic accident takes out all the teams ahead of them or they have a fast pass challenge that requires drilling for oil. Nice story....just don't see them lasting long.
  5. Is this sports year?? Team Football, Team Baseball Wives and Team Hockey ice girls.....all they need is to bring back Team Globetrotters. I was just meh with these two.
  6. I always like the teams that have fun while competing. Hope the afghanimals stick around for a while.
  7. I dated a former "baseball girlfriend" who told me stories about how the teams pretty much had staffers whose only job was to keep them separate from the "wives" since a good number of players had one in each category.
  8. First losers prize.....spending the next month with your dad in sequester listening to him trying to set up a marriage for you. They sucked at what was an easy leg.
  9. I would take his wife and her fake boobs but for a Gator dickwad former Defensive Lineman it is surpising to see him looking so fit. He weighed 280 in his playing days.
  10. What an ass....he spends the whole week trying to create chaos and then melts down when returning players who know how to play the game figure his crap out in two seconds. Please OGG let him walk out and never be seen again.
  11. As an Florida State grad I am legally required to hate this former Gator player. He did his university proud showing off the math skills he learned.... Now that the required insult is out of the way I think he has actually played a good game so far that will get him to the merge.
  12. She did well in the challenge was with the lead group and helping untie the boat while Colton and Gervase were drowing.
  13. Actually I think the Exterminators is an appropriate name.....FUG will need tent and fumigate the place before next season after two more weeks of these vile slobs in the house. At this point I have no choice but to root for Andy since he seems to be only one who actually had a plan for playing this game. Unless of course you call being so totally useless that no one sees you as a threat a plan for Spencer....
  14. My dislike for Andy goes back to being the key vote to send the only player this season I liked out of the house in Helen. Putting that aside it was the right call since Helen wanted Elissa sitting next to her in the F2 for a guaranteed landslide win. He was in the same boat with Mcranda but knew that paranoid Amanda would self destruct where Helen would become a tougher out the longer she stayed in the house.
  15. I feel sorry for the producers who have to go through the footage for the broadcast shows trying to figure out what he said.
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