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  1. I think Jessica because I would love to see Jackson up as a nominee on Holly's HOH. She put Jackson up before with Jack.
  2. I want Zach to get AFP. This is the first year I have ever voted and I voted the alloted number of times per day for Zach. I can't explain it but he got me somehow. I have watched BB every season since season one. This is the first time I have ever felt this way about any of the hammies. I really want Zach to get some $ plus it will piss off Christine and Fcubed. I really like Donny too but there is something about Zach. He has looks, personality, charm, and charisma. He tried so hard to be a villian but just couldn't pull it off. I have been watching youtubes of him (first time of ever doing that in 16 seasons too) and he actually had some encouraging words for Donny, Nicole and even Victoria at times. Any one who likes Zach (and even if you don't) go watch the youtube entitled Zach romances Victoria. Sorry I don't know how to do a link. I really hope to continue seeing Zach somewhere in the future..
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