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  1. Skamper


    I didnt like her and I too think she put a target on her back and that is why she was voted off. I hope she never makes it off redemption island.
  2. Skamper


    Last night was my 1st chance to watch the show, and I was really weirded out by Brandon's behavior. At 1st I thought he was going to be an all right kinda guy but that changed in a heartbeat. I have no words that can describe this man and I hope he is voted off before he really hurts someone, I feel he is a danger to the women there, and production needs to keep a close eye on him.
  3. I cant stand Danielle, and I hope she never comes back, but if she does, maybe she'll come back as a red head in honor of Rachel.
  4. I too am glad Rachel won, I think she played a totally different game this summer than she did last summer. I never dreameed at the beginning of the summer that I would be happy about Rachel winning either. I think, with the money Jeff has won, he should go ahead and marry Jordan if he truly loves her instead of trying to win more. I dont think Jordan cares how much money he has anyway. As far as Rachel goes, not only did she win the big bucks, but today on The Talk, she won a honeymoon vacation by finding 3 vetoes with her mouth in a bowl of slop. Of course, Brendon was by her side.
  5. I too hope to see Rachel/Jordan/Adam in the finale 3. I cant stand Kalia or Pornsia. I cant wait to see who wins it will be my luck Pornsia will win. If a newbie has to win, I'd rather it be Adam even though he hasnt won like the others have. I really hope Adam doesnt stick to any deal with Pornsia from here til the end.
  6. I can only pray at this point that Enzo goes home Thursday. He is worse than Kathy in my book. Kathy, on the other hand reminds me of Sheila. I dont like Matt, I feel he is the one production wants to win. I'd rather anyone have the dpov besides Matt. I'm also looking forward to Matt leaving as soon as possible, and hope the Brogade is outed as soon as possible. Ragan can go as well, he throws comps to keep from getting his hands dirty, then cries and complains. Britney isn't much better, but at least she wins comps. I'd like to see Brendon stay a little longer to see if he will start to play for himself. I like poor dumb Lane, but I think he may be able to pull a rabbit out now that its every man for himself, and shake things up a bit.
  7. Rachel is in the house for 24 hours and brendon is locked away. Does this mean what I think it means? Brendon cant see Rachel? ETA Yep looks that way
  8. I just wanted to thank the recappers for the great job all of them do. They all go above and beyond the call of duty for those of us who dont have the live feeds! I've tried my hand at it and sucked! You guys/gals are great! *orders a drink for the recappers because they need it worse than I do.
  9. Skamper


    IF Matt were as smart as he thinks he is, he would of told the houseguests that he got a phone call from home from the Pandora's box. None of the houseguests believe he only got a dollar, he's made a bigger target because they all believe he got money from it. (which is a bad thing in BB) However he told them he got a phone call from his poor sick wife, everyone would have been somewhat happy for him.
  10. I had to give Kathy my vote as well. I tend to forget the season as soon as it ends. I think this is an awesome thread!
  11. Just wondering, Brendon is a swim coach, has anyone seen him in the pool, much less swimming? I had high hopes for Brendon then he had to screw it up and hook up with Rachel.
  12. I'm not real sure Ragan will take the sabo deal. He says he wants the whole BB experience, and to me, Ragan seems to be to scared to go out on a limb. He may feel like that would put a target on his back if he gets caught, and with being the sabo he'd only have 2 weeks left? Right? I think Matt is a wild card playing for himself, and doing his own thing. I hope he does put up the 2 lovebirds, but with him, there's always a chance. I sure hope we get some drama this week. If Matt follows the plan, it will be a great week!
  13. Happy birthday!

  14. I chose feed 3. Renny cooking, but about the time it comes up, I see Michelle washing dishes like its her JOB. Michelle starts to sing pussycat, pussycat, and Renny throws in the woo-hoo-hoo, and Skippy gives me brief fishes while he smacks them over the head. OK, now I see why nobody is posting, people this is boring. Just idle chit chat from Renny and Michelle in the KT. April and Ollie, well, I refuse to recap except that April is upset that there is something she doesn't know about Ollie, and then asks him what time of day he was born. See how exiting this is? Feed 3 and 4 is now back to Jerry and Keesha outside talking about nothing important.
  15. I tune into the feeds to see what's happening since there hasn't been a post for awhile. Since no one else is here, please excuse my recapping shortfalls. Ollie and April are playing chess, and I think April just won that game. Feeds 3&4 are Jerry and Keesha. Jerry is talking non stop, and keesha is looking like she really doesn't want to be there but is too polite to get up to leave. What is Jerry talking nonstop about? Anything and everything. Mainly, about no one knows what's really been said in the house, blah, blah, blah. Trying to make himself look better. At least he is open about how he feels and doesn't go talk behind peoples back. Keesha politely excuses herself to go get something to drink. Renny is in the KT cooking, asking herself why she is cooking every night when Jerry's on slop? April/Ollie getting kinda loud, while I'm on quad, so it time to pick a feed. Posting............
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