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  1. ditto what elizabethann said!! what the fuck happened?????
  2. Well, yeah, okay..... she seems okay enough, true..... I was (am?) still annoyed with/at her about the Grabby Dan stuff and Janet. But I didn't really think of her as "fun", "just pleasant enough", haha!
  3. Does she??? I hadn't remembered -- i thought this was her first. God, I hope not.
  4. Thank you for getting it up so fast even with the impending holiday! I enjoyed reading it before bed last night. You always point out -- and enhance -- all the funny in this show.
  5. Okay, so first, I was totally thinking like Magpie..... But Tsy makes several very salient points. Especially considering the wild card in the whole thing was Karishma.
  6. Tiny Tank and Elaine for sure, I'd love to see. For my 3rd, I picked Dean. I'm not sure why, but I kinda like him, and yes, he's cute. I really hope that Weekend At Karishma's, Elizabeth (who i used to kinda like, but not so much after the recent crap), and Dan (same thing jak said).
  7. Ew. I too thought all that extra time Missy got was a little questionable. I mean sure, they've let people get a quick hug now and then before, but that was ridiculous.
  8. Yeah, I'm sure she just got caught up in the moment, but it is just another reason for others to want her out. Although, even though they keep talking about it, they never end up going after her for real.
  9. I can definitely see reasonable points on both sides. Also, I guess I did not realize A-Aron was African-American..... I thought he was ..... well, I'm not sure. Mediterranean or something?
  10. She is just unbelievable and insufferable in that attitude. Geezus.
  11. Eh, he was okay, I kinda liked him, there was something in there I liked. That was a dumb speech but still.
  12. Two African-Americans voted out? also, I kinda see Jeff's point he made in rebuttal -- that pointing out that double win would be kinda like saying "Wow, this shouldn't have happened!"
  13. bwahahaha! omg, jak, you always say the perfect thing.....
  14. I know -- Kellee was one of my favorites, not just this year, but in a while -- and I was going batshit when she didn't play ONE OF TWO -- TWO!!! -- idols. I mean, TWO!!!!! how could you not play one, when you know your name had been thrown around??? and yes, MrsGryn is always worth waiting for.
  15. bwahaha! i can wear it on my one arm. eta: when i came here to read elizabethann's post, I realized that I'd made it sound like i'm a one-armed woman. I am not, in fact, one-armed. I meant to say "on one of my arms".
  16. So that was all kinda weird. Still not totally sure what to make of that..... but I've never seen a Survivor with disclaimers, nor with a Producer Intervention, before.
  17. I have to agree with Jak..... while in theory it shouldn't be a thing, so to speak; in reality, it is. There is a point that an alliance of all guys is rarely referenced by gender though. Perhaps that's just because a "girls alliance" that works is like a unicorn.
  18. okay, so i laughed while almost throwing up. also, i love the "Giant Head" designation on Sandra & Rob's threads.
  19. Ooohhh..... okay. now i get it and of course that makes sense. thanks! And yeah -- that's taking a big risk on Dean!
  20. Indeed. These two have a weird partnership or whatever you wanna call that.
  21. So wait -- why did Kellee vote for Dean then? I mean, I've got the flu and all, and i don't get why she voted for him.
  22. Aw. I always really liked Rudy. Damn He *was* the "Original Survivor Badass".
  23. yep, "doo-rag"..... it took me a second or two, to make the connection between what was on the screen and what was being said, and I was like, "Oh, look, they misspelled it....." Another brilliantly witty and enjoyable recap!
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