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  1. Oops, sorry @Magpie, somehow I totally missed your original clarification until you pointed out it was there! @AVorlon i got more confused when google told me that "parasexual" is an actual thing, ha!
  2. Parasexual? The fuck?? "Medical Definition of parasexual. : relating to or being reproduction that results in recombination of genes from different individuals but does not involve meiosis and formation of a zygote by fertilization as in sexual reproduction the parasexual cycle in some fungi." So she's a fungi?
  3. My Aunt Mary passed away last night. Watching TV together was our thing, it's gonna be hard to watch "our shows" without her. She never missed a single second of a single Survivor episode since the very first one, until of course this past week. With everything going on, my cousin Wendy (Mary's daughter) was able to get Mary's husband John in to see her just before she died and he was with her. They'd had their 50th anniversary in November.
  4. Hopefully they invested what they could, that wasn't taken up by the house, which yes, is a reasonable investment. A million dollars, after taxes, really isn't *that* much in practicality. At least not for like sustaining one's lifestyle for very long! Also, Rob definitely seems like a sensible person in that regard. Amber does to, she's just, um quieter about most everything.
  5. I googled the paint names long ago, when it was a different brand, and they are real! for instance, this one: https://www.behr.com/consumer/ColorDetailView/M490-7
  6. omg, Shannon & MockingBird!! lots of positive thoughts for both of you, and for Nixie's friend. I just found out earlier today that my Aunt Mary -- the one I often mention here because we watch all these shows together and have for 20 years, and who is my Momma's little sister and became like a "surrogate mom" to me after my Momma died back in 1999 -- anyway earlier today I found out she is dying. She'd been having a severe flare-up with her ulcerative colitis, then got c-diff infection, and diverticulitis, and bed-sores, and thrush..... she'd been in the hospital for over a week, then in a rehab place for three weeks, then came home for a few days (just this past Thursday) but went down-hill FAST, and was back in the hospital this past Sunday. Then she stopped answering my texts Monday, and I was finally able to get ahold of her daughter/my cousin (who is an RN) Wendy, and she told me that Mary had gone septic, and her kidneys are failing, and she's on some constant dialysis treatment (i think she called it CRRT), is unconsious, is very weak, and not likely to recover. If that treatment they are doing now does not work -- the CRRT -- and right now it's not looking good -- then they're gonna call it. The hospital allowed her husband and Wendy in last night to say good-bye. Her husband has just had a severe stroke in November and has just regained most of his walking ability (although still unsteady) and can still only minimally speak. So it looks like my BB/Survivor/TAR-watching companion -- plus of course "2nd mom" and very close friend -- will be gone soon. And I can't go visit, they won't let me in.
  7. I picked up my "click-list" order of groceries earlier today -- a bit of a germophobe am I..... the employee who brought stuff out to my car was telling me about all the stuff they were either out of completely or had to substitute. I made a dumb joke about TP, and she said, "Oh my God -- there was a customer fist-fight in the TP aisle this morning over the TP that was left!" So, you're not that far off the mark!!
  8. I like Wendell -- always have! That he can build shit makes me like him more.
  9. Totally. I thought Rob really screwed up at "reading the room" this time. His "misting powers" are waning slightly, or at least they did in this scenario.
  10. It really is kinda amazing. There must be some "magic mist" she emits to those around her.
  11. Well, yes, true..... but the way people snoop in bags i'd just always have mine in my bra!
  12. I know -- I just could not believe the one bad move after another from her!
  13. I actually wondered that about Rob and the puzzle also.
  14. Or i suppose if you take a shot at him and miss because some people switch up their vote -- then all eyeballs are on you..... so you'd have to be sure you trust everyone.
  15. it would seem to make the most sense -- and be the most interesting -- that when you are voted off, before going to Extinction Island, you have to give up *all* of your Fire Tokens. Also, if you have several of them, that you don't have to bequeath them all to the same person -- you can split 'em up. I'm interested to see how it plays out, myself. And then if it ends up being stupid, i can have fun bitching about it on here.
  16. 1) Another thoroughly enjoyable reading experience that enhanced the fun i had watching the show 2) I didn't get the thing with Sandra getting that idol, either -- I was like "wtf just happened there?" Now I get it. So, what if Sandra had been an idiot..... what happens then? Or say a future recipient doesn't have a Fire Token or something, and the person on Dinosaur Island for whatever reason doesn't know that. The idol's returned to Natalie (or whoever)?
  17. Yes -- it was on TAR that they were at their peak of annoying.
  18. Stay strong, SLuG! I'm very sorry for all you're going through, i've been in similar circumstances and know how it can make daily life very difficult and be exhausting. You're in my thoughts, and I hope your dad is feeling better too.
  19. Cool, thanks! I also found out that on Xfinity, it's on demand for the next week, in case that helps anyone too!
  20. Crap! a day late and a dollar short.....
  21. haha! Well, okay. I mean, that *is* a good idea. And once I get into it, it is actually kinda fun!
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