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  1. False... I am rarely in one, the last time I texted/posted anything from one was a year ago at my Dad's wedding (married at 79 years old). The next posted was/is at least mildly surprised (if not more) that Tsy is posting from inside a chapel.
  2. This! I totally hate when they do that, on here or Survivor.
  3. She really said she is a member of Mensa??
  4. I don't have to eat it! Say something nice about the Temptation Competition.
  5. Either way, it was hideous.
  6. Apparently they need to, but *WHY*?? Are there not people monitoring stuff 24/7? Do you really think it would be allowed to continue unmentioned if one of the guys was doing this? Hell, they call in the guys over all that posturing they've been doing, and play stuff over the loudspeakers for them to knock it off and stuff. If I was there (which I never would be) and she was doing that to me, the bitch would be missing some teeth along with her missing hair and eyelashes. Maybe not the 1st time, I mean there is such a thing as "fair warning", but definitely the 2nd time.
  7. Ice picks
  8. Josh: Last person emailed... his momma, of course!
  9. If we can't "shame" someone for their clearly chosen behavior, what can we "shame" them for? They chose the behavior, they can live with the consequences, which includes, when they become a "public figure" (even if that's just BB), people talking about their chosen behavior, and some people finding that chosen behavior shameful, or stupid, or whatever. Anyway, I hadn't realized the butt-poking was *that* extensive! Holy crap. No pun intended. How the fuck is she getting away with that? Those who have pointed out the thing about if this was a man doing this, are spot-on. What an antiquated double standard!