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  1. Project Runway

    Ugh. Yep, that's what I had found. The fabric is nice. Just not what they did with it.
  2. Project Runway

    I tried googling that, and found something hideous, but is there a linky to a picture of her in it so I can make sure I'm looking at the right thing?
  3. Yeah, what Jak said. I couldn't say it better than his first sentence! I was saying much the same to my Aunt as it was going on.
  4. Project Runway

    I liked the "long-sleeved cozy hooded cardigan" at Penney's. Anyway I didn't see the show but was checking out the looks online through your links and that "reverse-mullet" thing? That, is hideous. Same with that wedding (???) dress. Good freaking God. And that dress worn by the male model? What the fuck even *was* that??
  5. Whenever anyone refers to "Crusty", I keep thinking the Simpsons, despite the disparity in spelling. But yeah... that heart thing, that is a little bit freaky yet fascinating at the same time... I didn't know such a thing could happen! There would never be a chance of seeing my heart do anything from the outside. Anyway, it looks like Ryan fucks up next week... dammit.
  6. Guess The Final Two

    I just picked my favorite duo (Ryan and Devon) but I agree with Magpie and think Ryan and Chrissy have a much better shot. But I just like Ryan and Devon together.
  7. I know, I didn't really need to know that about her in the first place, let alone be reminded of it all the time.
  8. Exactly! And even breaking those two up, it seems like right now there's more concerning things than that... I mean, a pair out of 12 isn't that big a deal, compared to a pair out of 5. But if they were just too annoying or whatever, go for Cole!
  9. Yeah, I thought, "What a waste of a vote!" Way to get out a big threat, guys...
  10. So far, I like this guy too... and his alliance with the big kinda-dumb-seeming dude who's name I can't remember yet.
  11. Oh, I had forgotten that was this one... that's pretty hilarious...
  12. Geezus... first all the tampon talk and now all the shit talk. Anyway, Simone *was* indeed pretty clueless, about a *lot* of things, not just the game. And, yeah, kinda sucked. I was hoping for more/better.
  13. Yep, that's exactly what they meant. I've read other articles (I think linked from here) that they all do that. Like, that's a thing. And then people go swimming, bathing, fishing, etc... yeah.
  14. Totally what Jade said. Cole shoulda thought a second before pointing out the (supposedly) obvious.
  15. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I think I'd still rather be sitting around at home in the middle of the afternoon. Provided, of course, I was independently wealthy. Or at least comfortable. That's kinda funny though they stuck the meatball reference in there.