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  1. I can't wait for the premiere.... CBB was kinda "meh", yes -- especially as it wore on... but it gave me something to distract myself from certain things and a break, and I can't wait for Survivor to start up and be something to look forward to. Last season was pretty good (to me anyway) and here's hoping this season will be too!
  2. House Analysis and Discussion

    Once Tom & Kato were gone, everyone left pretty much sucked, and I didn't really give a rat's ass who won. There was some entertainment left in seeing just how much of a bitch Lolo really is. And my surprise that I came to hate Tamar less. I really didn't mind Ricky, and Kandi was okay too. The finale was okay by me, probably just because of the depression I'm in and needing some meaningless distraction. And hey, it didn't make my mental state worse! ha! I'm glad Julie's gonna be back for the summer.
  3. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Well, it's a little more classy than having it at Walmart...
  4. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I know, it's really pretty weird how many people have found long-term relationships and even marriage on BB... and like you say better than the shows where that's actually the point! ha! All that with Swaggy et al was actually pretty delicious... in a perverse kinda way. It's fascinating just how much of a turd he really is -- and BayLeaf proved she's just a mean, ugly, nasty bitch -- like I always thought she was. Ugly as a human being, that is -- on the inside.
  5. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    ha! oh my. Who puts toilet paper & hand lotion on their gift registry?? Geezus. Someone should get them condoms to discourage (further?) reproduction...
  6. House Analysis and Discussion

    That's so weird to have a "tainted" jury... let alone a jury totally open to swaying through the opinions and insights (legit or not) of others. But yeah I bet Tom does. And I'm not surprised you got so many likes!
  7. Yeah, I saw it now! Good Lord. What a douche. Apparently not remembering (a) it's a fucking game, and perhaps more importantly (b) he'll be one of the ones voting for the winner.
  8. House Analysis and Discussion

    Bitter and stupid, to not recognize a better-played game, in something that is, indeed, a *game*.
  9. House Analysis and Discussion

    So obviously the "celebrities" don't get sent to a jury house -- are *all* the evicted ones on jury? So they all get to go home and watch everything before they vote? Is that how last year's "Celebrity" BB was too? And the thing about the last HOH like immediately evicting *two* people, I don't remember that last year, I thought just one, which *is* like usual... right? If I'm remembering right the last HOH of the final 3 just evicts one person. ETA: at least last year I had Ross to root for through the end... this year, bleah on most of them. At best, "meh". ha! But at least it's something to do.
  10. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    That's probably why they added Kevin's name to it -- I think he had more "fans" than the other two, definitely, plus the whole "guy with wife & seven kids has cancer" angle. I can't even begin to imagine who would be a "fan" of Swaggy or Bayleaf in particular. At least Fessie wasn't a *total* ass, but did nothing much to attract "fans". Although I still remember laughing about his realization of how stupid he was. But that's not being a "fan".
  11. Do you mean from the broadcast show or something that happened on the feeds?
  12. House Analysis and Discussion

    Aw, crap. No one I like is left, except I kinda like Ricky. I haven't seen tonight's (Friday's) show yet, but will still watch, and will only be happy with half of it. ha!
  13. House Analysis and Discussion

    Interesting... I don't have feed access and had to go to bed early last night so didn't see BBAD either. But thanks... she's really just been like part of the decor til now.
  14. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    That makes me feel a *little* better about Fessy. I didn't think he was *that* much of a jerk... just kinda "duh". Or maybe more than kinda.
  15. House Analysis and Discussion

    That reminder actually made me laugh. Did you ever imagine you'd have to type that first sentence? Sorry though. So... what I'd like to know, is similar to what copss brought up. What the hell is up with Dina?? Does she ever actually -- and really -- talk game with anyone? Or are the others just kind of ignoring her game-wise? I haven't had time to keep up with the recaps or After Dark this season... on the broadcast episodes, they virtually *never* show her involved -- either by her own volition or being asked to join -- in any game discussions. Does she even seem to care about the game?