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  1. O: Octopus (and yes I would like to see Julie on the scooter)
  2. I am *very* much enjoying this season after a couple, two or three it seems, years of kinda duds. I wasn't super-thrilled immediately, and had/have this fear that the whole "all-consuming social media" thing might have at least semi-ruined shows like this. But this season has been very fun so far! And like always, this place makes it so much more fun. Thanks everyone for helping make that so!
  3. "Who says you can't stare at the sun?"
  4. 4. seven 6. jiggle 7. saunter 8. fart 9. plunger
  5. I said Brittany and Michael too, for Michael's comp-winning ability and people I wouldn't mind being associated with much. But I see the arguments others have made too. Tough call. But I think I'd throw in with Brittany and Michael.
  6. Oh please let what Mags and Minxy said happen!
  7. After the last couple of seasons being "meh" at best, and at times downright "blech", I have to say I am very very much enjoying this season. I am loving that not everyone just "falls in line with the house" or with the HOH and that kind of nonsense. I like the "Leftovers" alliance grouping and I am loving the blindsides. The only thing to make it better would be some more extreme reactions like was it Zach? Who avoided all the hugs and stuff by going up over the coffee table and straight out. I really hope Nichole goes. She is ..... something else, and not in a good way.
  8. Yep, we have a "UI/UX Manager" where I work. I'm on the developer team that writes the code for what she comes up with. Today I just finished coding a brand-new component to add to the others we've coded, so she and the other content folks can drag and drop blocks around to put our site together, it's pretty cool! Gonna have to be on "team nerd" until she does something awful.
  9. We seem to have a few giraffe hybrids this year.
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