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  1. After getting used to how the feeds work, I would like to try. I actually came here to say, though, how much I enjoy the Movie Title Game..... I can *never* think of any -- I just thought of one -- I am not really a "movie person", although when I read everyone else's, I do know the movie they are referencing. I'm just not good at thinking of movies myself. Anyway..... everyone over there is freaking hilarious!!
  2. I can't wait! I'm gonna have the feeds for the first time since waaaaaaaaay back in the day when they were free..... Now they had damned well better entertain me. (eta: I have had BBAD for the last several years, and while not "the feeds", it gave me a taste of them at least, but now I can watch whenever I want!)
  3. Gave up booze 4+ years ago because I had to..... never been a coffee drinker anyway, it gives me heartburn..... I'm one of the few people on the planet without a smartphone, just a dumb one, so, meh..... and I've barely needed a personal vehicle since March anyway. The other stuff?? My stupid back problems make a nice bed a necessity, and I'm phyiscally incapable of any changes in showering habits. Unless you don't mind stench of course, but, I do, so..... But the Internet, HT, and my friends/family? Those are definite "No"s!
  4. Tsy's last paragraph is genius. Which is why it's not ever happened yet on this show. I too wondered about the loose photos, and cameras sitting around.
  5. Good Lord, are all those rubber ducks just loose?? Plus, that is a shit-ton of stuff to dust.....
  6. Holy shit I'm tired of the slop thing. I don't even care for the "have not" thing. They're just like some stupid "accessories to the game" that don't matter to me at best and annoy me at worst. And yes, bring back the key wheel! And Pandora's Box. Even the different types of "secret powers". Those things interest me.
  7. Okay, thanks!! I've done the VPN location-spoofing for other things but forgot about that. Good to know that simply having CBS all-access won't solve the issue though. btw -- that does include the live feeds, right?
  8. Not sure if I'm putting this question in the correct section, sorry if it's not. But since I was considering getting CBS All-Access for the first time ever -- does that mean that I would be able to see BB live, like in real time? Instead of the "west coast delay"? It might help to explain what I'm getting at..... My friend who used to live here (here = Oregon) but now lives in Tennessee, we were going to try to watch "together", but, we are two hours apart of course. If I had CBS All-Access, could I see it at 6pm my time, which would be 8pm her time?
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