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  1. I could be put on a show with someone who lives on my own fucking *street*, and I wouldn't know them.
  2. Ah, for another Dr. Will type. Good luck with whatever shitty-ass casting company/process they use now.
  3. Yep, gotta be Nicole. "Has she done anything other than be a threat?" No, not really. I thought about Jess, but she did get Jack out, but still, that's about it. Also thought about Cliff, because I totally forget what he even did now on his HOH. And while Jackson has long been part of some alliance, what has he really *done*? I mean, this week he might do something I guess.
  4. omg, thank you @Magpie! I will always love that screencap.
  5. So those bitches *were* conspiring against me! Or wait -- was it an alien conspiracy??
  6. BB plays the entire collection of Alvin & the Chipmunks on infinite loop. BB, after Tommy-Rocket, the house reeks even more than usual. Can we get something for that?
  7. x?? geezus. okay, let's get this one outta the way. x-rated
  8. @elizabethann, I think you meant that for the other thread..... this is the "Say Something Nice About". Which, I could say lots of nice things about that, especially the "Money is no object" part. But since you asked..... to Norway, and Scotland... (our family's ancestral lands) fly across the Atlantic, then hire a personal driver in a comfy car while in-country over there. Who wants to learn to drive on the wrong side of the road? Plus I wouldn't know where I'm going. This driver would be young-ish, male, ruggedly handsome, and with bodyguard capabilities just in case. Say something nice about not just Julie, but specifically Julie's wardrobe.
  9. Since I already have been afflicted with (B), I'm almost certain... I'll go ahead and take that one. Would you rather: A) spend a week with Michie in your house, or B) spend a week in a cave full of bats?
  10. While jak has a point, casting really does need to stop being so goddammed fucking lazy.
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