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  1. Awesome! Can't wait for the threads to go up and the snark to begin.
  2. So you're saying your opinion is worthless?
  3. Ah, yeah, I'd forgotten about Colin & Christie. You would think a cop would have some idea of how to do an organized & methodical search pattern, at least more organized than what was depicted to us. From the terrain they showed us underwater, it almost seems like that goblet would have been spottable just with your eyeballs... but then I wasn't there. I was wondering while watching, just how big of a radius out from the bouys, were the official search areas? Those whole darker-colored areas? Those were pretty damned big. And then I think it was Colin who went and stirred up all the silt into the water in their area... which seemed like a dumb thing to do.
  4. I noticed that too at the end of the show -- I even said, "What, is this a 2-hour and we didn't know it?" because it totally seemed like they were running out of time. Maybe they thought we'd just figure that he did? It just seems like if he did, that was quite a cool accomplishment, given the trouble most everyone else had. But then didn't the editing imply that who... Brett?? Got it quickly also?
  5. Yes, that is my main hope each year -- fewer bimbos (and/or himbos) and famewhores... and more people who are actually into playing the game. I mean, even if they turn out being not all that great at the game, or decent players but zig when they shoulda zagged, or whatever -- at least freaking *try* to play, and be into the game. Have at least half who have some semblance of intellect. Have a few who are in their 30's and maybe a couple in their 40's to balance out the stupidness that typically just comes with being really young (even smart really young people are still stupid in certain ways just because of youth -- it's just the human condition). Pick people less for appearance and more for being interesting at least. It's fun to have an idiot to make fun of, or the vain airheads to roll your eyes at, or someone awful to hate... but have *players*, for God's sake. Even the Boogfuck was better than some recent contestants, in one way -- at least he was into playing the damned game most of the time. Plus you could make fun of him, so a two-fer.
  6. They were likable guys. It seems like they either really sucked, or were really good, at stuff. Only two teams even tried the coin thing, right? It really didn't seem like it should have been *that* hard. I mean, obviously, the stuff they were supposed to find was planted, it's not like they were *really* treasure hunting.
  7. Yeah, I remember he was in the marching band... I just thought that if he really had gotten it on his first attempt, they would have like actually said it, or like put "1st attempt" on the screen, or something -- especially after the other teams had taken for freaking ever. I mean, sometimes, you have to wonder if they just edit crap out, and the show was running out of time. But I think he probably did do it pretty quick.
  8. It was pretty awesome though if Floyd really did get the soldier thing on the first try, like they made it look. Wonder if he really did.
  9. I just didn't/don't really like the "coaches" thing. That one year it turned out okay enough, at least for me, when that little nerd got rid of the boog-fuck, but after that I didn't really like the years where they mixed in veterans with new players. The only way it might be interesting is if you had a "team" of vets against a "team" of newbies..... that might actually be interesting. But they'd have to be in even numbers. And, not in "forced" teams.
  10. I think I would prefer all newbies..... however, i'd also enjoy another all-star season. As long as certain people weren't in it. Well, hell... maybe even if they were. I kinda need a receptacle for venom here lately. As for *which* veterans, I'm not sure yet. Ask me after the algorithms final exam tomorrow... right now I can't not think about algorithms too much. ha! I can't even think of any veteran's names, besides the ones listed here, yet.
  11. Well, thanks for making me realize how fucking old *I* am, with that... i was only 32 when Janelle was on the first time! That seems forever ago when you put it that way -- but it doesn't *feel* that long ago... hmmm.
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