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  1. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    Oh my God... those things are *awesome* reasons for Angelina in the finals. I want so bad for someone to say what a stupid-ass opening bid that was in those "negotiations". "My opening offer is... virtually everything of any value we have." geezus.
  2. I noticed that attitude too. He doesn't seem to be one who can appreciate the game, if he's one of the ones who got out-gamed.
  3. Which Survivor has EARNED the win?

    I wanna vote for two! to me Davie & Nick have done the most work, and had the most game. Plus I like both of them. I like Mike, too, but I think those other two have played more than he has.
  4. My nephew asked me "So what did the contestants do??" as in, in response to Jeff's constant ball talk. I said they just remained stone-faced and concentrated on (ahem) keeping their balls together. ha! He said, "How do they never laugh at any of that?" That I'm not sure, myself... they must just learn to tune out Jeff's play-by-play. Personally, I don't really miss the gross food challenges.... they were fun, in a way -- but I couldn't watch half or more of it so that I wouldn't barf.
  5. Loved it again! But you forgot the remark about -- and I'm sorry but I forget exactly how Jeff put it -- but something about if it was better to have your balls spread apart or stuck together. Both my Aunt and I could not help but to snicker at that one...
  6. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    I'm with Jak on this one.
  7. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    I don't recall it as a regular thing, yet it's kinda in my memory that there has been such a prize sometimes -- for instance, didn't Rupert win a "Favorite" prize?
  8. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    Yeah, I guess he is... right that is... i too would prefer an extra episode, though! But yeah, the Tour of Torches, meh.
  9. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    TWO episodes left?? Holy shit. They want it over pre-xmas. I don't like when it's *too* packed.
  10. Site & Show Questions

    Nope, it was me too, and this is not the first time I've gotten that message. The top banner shows up, but it says the content is unavailable or something like that.
  11. Really?? Wow. I remember them being on TAR, but somehow totally blanked on that. I'm surprised I would forget such a thing!
  12. Food Shows

    They totally sound like something I'd really like, too! Some people -- even loved ones sometimes -- have no accounting for taste... my dad, for instance, prefers *less* cheese on things, and *fewer* chocolate chips in his cookies... i'm like, "the fuck??" one of the newer generation doesn't like chocolate or cheese at all, and I'm like, "are you sure this kid is related and didn't get switched in the hospital??"
  13. Food Shows

    I'd never heard of a "Hot Brown Sandwich", so googled that, and now, I think I've got to have one...
  14. Okay, so one thing, is that i'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Gabby's moves were perhaps spurred by jealously. My Aunt thought so, too, while we watched the episode, but said it out loud first. But I'm glad it wasn't just us. I thought she seemed *totally* jealous! Also, was gonna comment much like @copssister noticed... that with Mike and his boyfriend was just weird-seeming, as in awkward... like they really didn't want to touch each other all that much. I was thinking even "buddies" who are guys often interact more comfortably with each other. Maybe it was just that Mike really reeks by now? Did they have some huge fight that was left unresolved before Mike's departure? Also I'll admit I had no idea Mike was gay, so was a little surprised. And yeah, Christian and his girlfriend, that was kind of awkward, too... but then being a nerd myself, for two completely nerdy people, not entirely unexpected nor unexplainable. I was really only surprised by Davie's vote... I thought he wanted to keep Christian, and why did he (Davie) let him (Christian) in on the plot to get rid of him so that Christian would play his idol, if Davie actually wanted him out enough to vote for him? Christian was and has been pretty set on Allison. So far as Mike & Angelina voting for Gabby, that side briefly discussed splitting their votes between Christian & Gabby, so that if Christian played his idol (someone on that side knew he had one, or had heard or something) they could get rid of Gabby as 2nd choice. Anyway, another thoroughly-enjoyed recap, @MrsGryn! Enjoyed it with some PBJ toast.
  15. hahahahaha! I was laughing my ass off too! that was too perfect. I liked Gabby enough in the early days, but she has become more and more grating as time wore on. Plus, as @MrsGryn pointed out in her fun, witty recap of last night's episode, it seemed totally sparked by jealousy. It also kind of seemed like, from Gabby's reaction, that she was unaware of Christian having a girlfriend -- I know I was, and was in mild shock when Jeff said the word "girlfriend" in association with Christian, and it took me a moment to process. But Gabby also seemed to be insta-pissed/jealous...