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  1. Karishma -- she's a pretty girl, but wow... what a drag!!
  2. It's like that's just a part of her, like she actually likes the "being on the outs" status, because it must get her attention from *someone*.
  3. I kinda thought that, too -- other than the surprise factor, kind of a blah-zay move. second one in a row to go out with an idol on them, and we're only on week four!
  4. That is a good point -- watching that would have been very amusing!
  5. I noticed that -- and they didn't even practice with her! haha!
  6. That was pretty funny how not only did the tribe not let her be the caller, but pretty much unanimously (except for herself, of course) picked her to be the one to sit out. bwah! But in practice, she was pretty awful at calling.
  7. I was wondering too, if she exaggerated a bit. She certainly had an injury, but then like you say, it didn't seem to be bothering her that much, later on. I thought it was pretty cold though for no one to even really like find out if she was okay, even when she said she felt like she would pass out. Some people get that way after bleeding, even if it's just a mental reaction. Which doesn't make them any less likely to pass out.
  8. omg. He does! Except fatter.
  9. I think it's the rare person who can write as sharp and witty as MrsGryn can.
  10. bwahahaha! Love this. Love the title for this recap, too! It is unbelievable how many flabby survivors there are this year.
  11. I *love* your recaps, MrsGryn!! I look forward to them every week almost as much as the show itself. When I see they are up, I get myself a snack of some kind, and settle in for some good reading.
  12. bwah Oh my god, I love this. And yes, he did. And yes, i can respect that also. And Magpie makes a very pertinent point!
  13. I was wondering the same, elizabethann! Let's hope they get some advice from the Survivor casting people for next summer. Geezus. Almost anyone would be better than most of this year's people. Although it might not be a good thing to say that out loud.
  14. Ugh, *GOD* no, that's not what I meant, either. But so far, this year, Survivor seems to have some interesting people with some game, and many of them are definitely not pretty, nor toned. But they seem like they will be fun to watch. And yeah -- BB *did* used to get this right! What the fuck happened?? PS I always miss BB when it ends every summer, no matter what -- mostly because of the community here! Thank you for the Survivor threads so we can keep on yakking away!
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