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  1. Yeah, going to work at that age is one thing -- but moving out? would tend to imply an estrangement from your parents for one reason or other.
  2. I thought usually, when the end of a leg wasn't really the end of a leg but "keep racing", that usually they didn't eliminate teams?
  3. I totally forgot this was gonna be on last night -- but fortunately my DVR remembered for me.
  4. All that, plus it pissed me off. I want Nicole OUT of there, I can't stand her anymore, and haven't for some time now!
  5. he laid low a little too long -- and/or missed the cue that it was time to start a little early. I still and always will like him, and it sucks he's out (to me).
  6. hahaha! that would be like Nicole, think she's doing something magnanimous for someone by trying to get them to pay $3,000 for her wedding/honeymoon.
  7. I will definitely remember that analogy. But yeah, same. Sometimes it is interesting, what is said or goes on there, for sure..... but is mostly a bunch of nut-jobs, sadly.
  8. Agreed, forever1267, I still love Ian. Like someone else in another thread said, I also really like Tyler (did the first time also). So, I don't like this week at all.
  9. Hey everyone, keep us in your thoughts here..... that is what it looks like out our picture window (ignore the reflection of the kitchen in the middle there, hahaha) there are fires all around, like 40-45 minutes away from here (Willamette Valley of Oregon) ..... several towns in the Santiam Canyon have already burned. the only comfort is that the Red Cross designated the State Fairgrounds as the "safe" evacuation spot -- where everyone is running TO..... the state fairgrounds are two blocks to the east of our house, so, hopefully, we should be safe, too!! They are taking people and animals of all kinds since they have the livestock barns and etc for the state fair. You can smell the smoke inside our house, there is ash all over outside, and the scary part is we are still having "historically gusty winds" for this time of year and super-low humidity. It has been orange outside all day!!
  10. (potential alliance names) IdiotSquad
  11. I like all of what Magpie said but that was the part that made me laugh. Her gaming abilities always were pathetic. No idea how mine would be in reality, but then that's only one reason I'd never be caught dead on a show like this. I just like watching other people do it. Until a bunch of boobs starting ruining things.
  12. Who the fuck even *are* most of those people? And, Tyra Banks?! I honestly rarely even watch this show, but if I was a fan I'd be offended.
  13. While disappointing on a few levels, I'm still glad it's on. But I know what you mean. haha!
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