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  1. Oh. My. God. Well, okay, at least there's not both of them.
  2. She indeed has that going for her. That, and the perfect last name. Life Coach??
  3. I was kinda back and forth on her, until this last season. Then, I came to like her and can't wait to see how she navigates this.
  4. bwahahaha! I was wondering if perhaps she had just eaten something she was allergic to, just before that photo was taken.
  5. Wow, he looks sooooo much older. I don't, of course. Just he does.
  6. So she was on that same season as Tony, right? As I recall, I liked her.
  7. Mostly what I remember about this season was that one horrible awful little dude..... can't think of his name right now, but i can remember him!
  8. So does he *really* still work construction? He built an awesome shelter last season, but just wondering if that's really his day-to-day job. haha!
  9. Why can't I remember him either? I distinctly remember that season..... just not him somehow.
  10. I remember liking this guy quite a bit in his season.
  11. Why don't I remember her? She won the damned season.
  12. So which of the three categories was this guy?
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