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  1. I believe him about the singing, too, as someone who always sings as I do things (cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc). I don't always realize I'm doing it either! Anyway, I started out hating this guy, but I have to begrudgingly admit I like him. Although, he looked kinda creepy and even more like the dancing baby with that flowery headband on his bald head last night... but it also made me laugh! Also... he is in there for a long time as basically a "free agent", and, as others have said, not viewed as a floater. He's loosely aligned with a couple others, but is really just playing for himself -- which they all are (at least theoretically) but he's doing it without being in a tight alliance.
  2. Caption This Picture!

    "How can I make myself even *less* manly? Aha! I got it..."
  3. I know, I like Tyler in particular, but Level 6 needs a bit of a challenge. They had a little bit of one last week with Hayleigh getting the hacker thing, but they quickly swung things back around to their direction.
  4. Yeah, I still find him pretty attractive, too, actually.
  5. I have to admit that at least half the time I come to this thread, I am expecting to read about Rockstar, from FF's always referring to her as Bret Somers, which I love. Then I get in here and start reading and I'm like, "What's this?" Then, "Oh, yeah."
  6. What was with (what I think was) JC cheering her on last night in the veto? And JC's hypothesis about the brown spots is really disgusting but kinda makes me laugh a little. At least snicker a tad. But how does he have... oh, nevermind. Back to Rockstar, I don't totally hate her, but she *is* getting more and more grating. But that "Bret Somers/CNR love child" tag line was one of the best-ever...
  7. Yes. Moths scare the shit outta me and make me scream like a little girl. (I'm actually a big one) This is a phobia I appear to have been born with and have yet to overcome, but at least it's one that brings friends & family laughter. Would you be a good "mister" ala Dan and now Tyler/Brett etc. and (in brief of course) what makes you believe that?
  8. Say Something Nice About...

    She's keeping certain men out of the pool of choices for other women, thus saving them the experience. Say something nice about Rockstar's fashion & makeup choices.
  9. Same here. And several of us women on my mom's side also have a natural at-rest/neutral expression of being either sad or mad looking, when we're not. I guess a form of "resting bitch face". But we can't help it. But yeah people have thought I'm mad or stuck-up or a bitch too and I'm really not. Unless you push me too far or do something to one of my loved ones. Then I'll cut a bitch. Anyway. I really didn't like Angela's good-by message to Rachel -- it was too mean and spiteful and just bitchy. And that one speech where she was so sure of herself and was totally wrong and hadn't thought things through *enough*. She's still young though, and has a chance to wise up. Otherwise I think she's playing a decent game and is mostly okay. Her thread tagline also applies to the entire "hive" membership. And yes, I love what Mockingbird did at the end there too. ha!
  10. BB20 House Discussion

    It's amazing how truly clueless "the hive" are. Hayleigh in particular doesn't seem stupid otherwise, but she sure is about this. Fessie & Rockstar, well... they do seem somewhat dim. But as Mockingbird said, they're all generally decent people just playing a game -- just not all that skillfully. The only person I totally hated, loathed, and abhorred is gone, so I'm good with all the ones left. Brett, I agree with Jenn48, and I like a lot about how Brett is playing the game... but sometimes, he is *such* a douche... oh my *god*. And that tone of voice he gets sometimes bugs the hell outta me and is *so* stupid. And I've said before I think he's good-looking, but *no* one thinks he's as good-looking as he does himself! ha!
  11. It's really kinda sad when kids grow up that way. But yes, it would explain her attitudes and behaviors.
  12. Kaycee Clark - Playing the Periphery

    It could be a cultural thing to keep it long even if she wears it up. Wearing it up might be a cultural thing. I'd love to see what she looks like with it loose though! You'd think she'd have to wash it sometime, somehow... even if she's one of the non-shampooers, she'd have to do *something* with it. Like someone mentioned brushing it at least!