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  1. General Reality Shows

    There are still people who exist, who don't know that social media can crucify you?? Really?? Perhaps they just expect that people will behave normally and reasonably and rationally. But then again, have they not even *been* on the internet??
  2. Survivor 36: Ghost Island

    They have to get rid of three more people before the final jury... don't they usually go into the finale with just five remaining? They're going to *have* to do nothing but challenges!
  3. General Reality Shows

    Wow... has that ever happened before and I'm just not remembering? Where someone spilled beans like that? I mean it's not like they told who won or anything, but still. What a couple of idiots... Although since they're no one anyone knows... is it really "spoiling" anything?
  4. Wow! Now there's an exciting life change, Shannon! I love that you're so happy, and I'm happy for you!
  5. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Are all of those people supposed to be people we know? (Kidding... I am aware of five of them... ) But I like DC's idea in concept... even though I hate that Marissa won last time.
  6. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Well, at least I am at least vaguely aware of who all of those people are... ha!
  7. We need a season that has both Malcolm and Michael on it... and who was the other one? Was his name Joe? I think so... hahaha! Yeah, I bet she did... eta: Anglim... Joe Anglim, not Joe Mena... holy mother of god, not the latter...
  8. Well, yes, that is a very good point, Elizabethann... his hot dad might even be too young for me!! It could be a close call though... haha!
  9. I was kinda thinking it would've been nice to see Michael's family person... see how strong the "looks" genetics are there, or if he's simply an anomaly...
  10. Yes, aside from being someone I could look at all day, he seems like a genuinely nice guy -- especially for being just a kid. I was surprised how together he was for 18! And kept reminding myself "he is only 18" as I could barely peel my eyes from him...
  11. Again, that photo at the top of the thread does not do this guy justice at *all*. My #1 pick for a BB-crossover, just so that I can look at him for as much of my summer as possible. My god, those eyes...
  12. And here we thought you were this incredible psychic along with being incredibly amusing, MrsG!
  13. Holy crap, yeah, it now says 13 hours ago! MrsG is awesome! And not just for the always-entertaining recaps...