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  1. Yes, exactly what @Magpie said! Plus yes, it would be fun to watch the jury take in his speech. ha!
  2. Oh cool! so it has been raised to still be 10%. Nice.
  3. Is the cash prize for 2nd place higher this year, also?
  4. I don't want either one to go!! dammit. If I had to pick one that I wanted to stay more, it would be DerekX I think. But I really don't want to lose Claire either.
  5. False. (although maybe -- just maybe -- if I wasn't physically disabled. I'd still have to think really hard about the shared bathroom, and a camera in the toilet) The next poster has a favorite hammie this season, who they actually really like. (if you do and wanna say who, that would be cool!)
  6. 1) yeah it's just ick 2) wtf is with that stupid alias? 3) why tf would she keep using the same alias, after it had been made public? is she really *that* stupid?
  7. So. It's Derek F. I have to thank for ruining my entertainment factor last night. I got myself a snack and was all set for laughing at his egotistical ass. Dammit. Even Julie seemed to be wanting more of a reaction, haha!
  8. That is cool, but you always need a dumbass or two or three on BB just for the humor component.
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