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  1. Ryan Ulrich - Yawa: Hustler

    So far, I like this guy too... and his alliance with the big kinda-dumb-seeming dude who's name I can't remember yet.
  2. Oh, I had forgotten that was this one... that's pretty hilarious...
  3. Geezus... first all the tampon talk and now all the shit talk. Anyway, Simone *was* indeed pretty clueless, about a *lot* of things, not just the game. And, yeah, kinda sucked. I was hoping for more/better.
  4. Yep, that's exactly what they meant. I've read other articles (I think linked from here) that they all do that. Like, that's a thing. And then people go swimming, bathing, fishing, etc... yeah.
  5. Cole Medders - Soko: Healers

    Totally what Jade said. Cole shoulda thought a second before pointing out the (supposedly) obvious.
  6. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I think I'd still rather be sitting around at home in the middle of the afternoon. Provided, of course, I was independently wealthy. Or at least comfortable. That's kinda funny though they stuck the meatball reference in there.
  7. Oh, yeah, that too!!! The probation-officer-equals-"healer" thing. Ree-diculous!!! Talk about a stretch.
  8. I started wondering the same thing as I watched: I realized I hadn't heard what he'd done that made him a "hero", just that he was an ex professional footballer. Since when does playing football a hero make? I mean, maybe to your team and their fans, but not to the world at large. Really, really stretching the use of "hero" on this season! haha - yeah, school teachers (of any age students) have a built-in excuse for "crazy". Maybe this guy's excuse *is* the knocks to the noggin over the years.
  9. Chrissy Hofbeck - Levu: Heroes

    Um, a *big* stretch. I mean, millions, probably billions, of other women are moms. Being a mom doesn't mean you're a good one, either. It may be special to *you*, but it's not special in the bigger scheme of things. Anyway, yeah, stupid.
  10. Chrissy Hofbeck - Levu: Heroes

    I was wondering the same thing as Tooletta! I didn't see it in her bio up there, and I don't recall anything being described on the show either.
  11. General Drama

    I wish I still had time to watch all those shows! Ah, for those days... but these are pretty good in another way. I've just had to pare down my TV time. I mostly just watch BB & Survivor, and will make time for TAR when it comes out again. Other than that, just random 1/2 hour goofy stuff while I have lunch & dinner... But I'd love to check out the new Star Trek. But I don't have $5.99 either!
  12. I'd like to see Josh's (BB, sorry) reaction to this guy... suspect it would kinda like that hilarious reaction he had to Paul that time...
  13. General Reality Shows

    I have a lot of the same questions, but I finally realized that the "rose" color is, yes, on the ceiling... however, that's *worse* than that horrid "dusty rose" color... that looks more pepto or bubble-gum pink to me... but i was wondering about the wrinkled sheet, and is that just floor-to-ceiling drapery over the windows on the far right?
  14. Suggestions & Comments

    Hey, I just had an idea for a thread... so I'm in a super-pissy mood today, and all of the TV ads that normally annoy the shit out of me are almost inciting me to violence, today, punching whoever is responsible for those atrocities right in the scrum. On the other hand, some of them are pretty funny. There's a whole website something about "commercials i hate" or some such, that I found in doing a quick google to see if anyone else thought the ads I hate are incredibly stupid or if I'm just in a really bad mood today... turns out I'm not alone. Anyway, the snark over there almost made me think of here. We might have fun snarking on stupid ads in the off-season... the people here are super-good at insults and stuff.
  15. But at least (in season six especially) Janelle showed some personality and a fun/likeable side too. As I recall she didn't quit trying to play when she ran into some kind of obstacle, either, like Cody seemed to do after he couldn't get Paul out when he wanted to nominate him. But then, I don't have *total* recall on the past seasons, even the ones I really liked!