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  1. Diversions

    Okay, now that was funny, all right... ha!
  2. My sweet little Zoey just left for Rainbow Bridge about an hour ago. My heart is broken to a million pieces.
  3. That had crossed my mind, but wouldn't white chocolate be kinda melty? Of course I guess it's not like they were handled that long, so that may not have been an issue. You'd think you could smell that before you bit. Still grossed me out though. haha!
  4. My thought exactly! And I hope that was at least some decent chocolate. I was wondering what the hell was on the outside of it, too. And the fact it was a shoe, would make it disgusting for me to try to eat in the first place... just mentally repulsive. I'm with Tsy on that!
  5. Not quite as sad as Rupert & Laura being in that one place for like 2 freaking hours, but yes, it was kinda sad.
  6. So... I know we have some other pet lovers here besides me... if any of you can spare any positivity for my little Sheltie Zoey, we would appreciate it. She's either got "just epilepsy", which is looking less likely, or we are dealing with a brain tumor. She is only 11 years old, which isn't really *that* old for a Sheltie. Her first seizure was October 19th... then she was totally fine until December 19th when she had 10 to 12 seizures over 3 days... we started her on an Rx anti-seizure med plus I put her on CBD oil. It took her almost 10 days to go totally back to normal, but she gradually improved over that time, and became her normal happy self again. Until April 4th... she had another major seizure and then 10 to 12 more, again, over the next three days. She would regain being mostly normal in between, but then April 8th she started having other neurological symptoms and lost most of her sight. We upped her dosages of the Rx and the CBD... and her seizures are once again under control, but neurologically she is most certainly *not* herself again, and only happy sometimes, which breaks my heart. Yet she is in no pain or anything, either. She just naps a lot -- a LOT -- and when you call, she shows interest, if you can wake her up -- but due to her sight looks the wrong way and gets like stuck in the furniture, so she spends most of her time in a play-pen in the TV room unless I can actively supervise her, or hold and snuggle her. After some research I found out about the Keto diet for cancer that especially works well as an adjunct therapy for brain diseases/disorders (including epilepsy) and brain tumors, according to numerous studies on both animals and people. So I'm trying that with her, as at this point we have nothing to lose. She just started on it the 17th (between Survivor and TAR), and she likes the food at least. This is especially a emotional blow after losing my Sheltie Possum on February 2nd this year. Taking care of Zoey, especially with my spine and hip disabilities, has been exhausting, especially as a 3rd year Computer Science degree major -- we're into the "really difficult shit" at this point... and I am so exhausted and, well, distraught that my comprehension skills are sometimes virtually nil, so it has made school difficult, including the 1/2 hour each way commute to campus! Some days I can barely stay awake for the drive, so Rockstar Energy Drink has been helping. I try not to think of a particular BB houseguest while I drink it. ha! And some nights Zoey is restless and keeps me awake so I get even less sleep, plus she has to be dosed every 8 hours, so there is a middle-of-the-night dosing. Our vet clinic dog-sits her for me while I go to school, which is awesome, so I don't have to worry about her going into a seizure all by herself, or having some other sudden difficulty... and they only charge $18 per day, which is worth it to me to know she's safe. But anyway, if you have any positivty to spare, we would appreciate it if you sent it our way for Zoey... and thank you.
  7. Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

    How dare they expect you to work the morning after Survivor/TAR night! Oh, the humanity, indeed...
  8. Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

    Did he?? I was trying to remember if he said that line, or not, and was just leaving out the individual names. Hmmm. So when is the next competition for someone to return?? And does anyone know how many competitions to return there will ultimately be? I mean, obviously, there's going to be at least one more going back into the main game, besides Dadbod Rick, or they wouldn't still be doing Extinction.
  9. Oh, I know... the utter lack of physical / athletic skills and "adeptness" is just astounding for a military guy. I'm amazed every week. My Aunt and I have noticed that he isn't totally inept game-wise though, yeah. Interesting. He is somewhat annoying, but I don't full-out hate him like i thought i would.
  10. Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

    Well, yes, that *would* make a lot of sense. I hope Joe either makes it back in the game, or makes the jury, just so he stays on my screen longer.
  11. Oh, I would bet so. Might have to start a pool on that... like, first mention, mentions per episode, stuff like that.
  12. I totally remember these guys... they were, as I recall (and to my taste) kinda fun, and as MrsG said, "not assholes". They were on twice, I believe... one season with the shrieking harpies who called themselves "the twinnies". That they did not slap the shit out of at least one twinnie was testament to their non-asshole-ish-ness.
  13. You and me both! But it does kinda look like a mini-boob...
  14. wow! of course, that *was* a long time ago... but the change isn't just aging! Why mess up something that was so nice to begin with? and that would be awesome, FF...
  15. Ha! I just wish I could tie a shirt like that without looking like an idiot. I really can't wait to see these two together, though! It might be more fun to see them on BB, where you can get full snark from both, but this will do. (and I bet neither would go near BB again with all the babies and stuff)