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  1. 1) Another thoroughly enjoyable reading experience that enhanced the fun i had watching the show 2) I didn't get the thing with Sandra getting that idol, either -- I was like "wtf just happened there?" Now I get it. So, what if Sandra had been an idiot..... what happens then? Or say a future recipient doesn't have a Fire Token or something, and the person on Dinosaur Island for whatever reason doesn't know that. The idol's returned to Natalie (or whoever)?
  2. Yes -- it was on TAR that they were at their peak of annoying.
  3. Stay strong, SLuG! I'm very sorry for all you're going through, i've been in similar circumstances and know how it can make daily life very difficult and be exhausting. You're in my thoughts, and I hope your dad is feeling better too.
  4. Cool, thanks! I also found out that on Xfinity, it's on demand for the next week, in case that helps anyone too!
  5. Crap! a day late and a dollar short.....
  6. haha! Well, okay. I mean, that *is* a good idea. And once I get into it, it is actually kinda fun!
  7. I am *loving* all the MrsGryn commentary on each player! That is entertaining me while I'm procrastinating on doing homework.
  8. Woo was indeed stupid, but generally likeable.
  9. that was *awesome*. the thing about Natalie too -- hahaha!
  10. I can't remember anything she did, just the name, and the slightly-different look about her. Something about the eyes I think.
  11. This is when we got Malcolm? I had blocked Abi-Maria until you mentioned her -- then I immediately remembered her. And had to keep from vomiting. All I remember is the sex therapist jokes also.
  12. I was right again! That's what I thought but was not sure.
  13. That's what I would like to know.....
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