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  1. Gabby Pascuzzi - David

    yeah, that was pretty awesome what she did in the immunity challenge.
  2. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    At this point, especially, whichever of the "kids" did that, would probably be seen as a hero... just sayin'...
  3. Tribe Swap!

    Yeah, I can see jak's point... but do have to admit it's kind of annoying on one level, and nothing i would ever even think of on my own, I don't think, if put in that situation -- but never having been in it, i couldn't say for 100%. ha! But then I can see how it might occur to more sports-oriented people, where teams have names, and the team name does kinda inspire some team spirit and loyalty, so maybe there is a point. Hmmm. I've noticed in this case, it's always Hillbilly Lawyer's idea. Maybe he watches BB a lot, too... because I don't think I recall alliance names being a thing on Survivor in the past...
  4. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    Oh. My. GOD!! I would probably eventually be arrested if I had to spend too much time with her!! Geezus. She'd be perfect to drag to the end -- if you could stand her that long. Would putting up with that be worth $1 million? Perhaps...
  5. Tribe Swap!

    There was one season where one tribe got down to just Stephanie & Bobby Jon, and then just Stephanie. I forget how they did that. But she was a tribe of one for a while there. At least I'm pretty sure of it, and my Aunt remembers it that way too -- she just brought it up the other night. Anyone else remember that? Ah... Google says they had a fire-making challenge... hmmm.
  6. Tribe Swap!

    I know, Shannon. and like yesteach and copss said: it is far too soon!! way way too soon. Eventually, yeah, but we needed to let the theme play out a little longer before that. When they cut it off so soon it isn't as meaningful. Let the alliances and side relationships and other dynamics develop a little more, with the tribes divided as the theme indicates.
  7. Food Shows

    Oh man. That's heart-breaking -- it would be for anyone that young. Cancer is an evil thing.
  8. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I used to know of this old guy who's name was "Loyal". And he would've been an old guy a long time ago. I also knew of one named "Ponder", but I think that was a nick-name. Then my Grandpa and his twin brother were legally named "Billie" and "Bobby". No William or Robert or even Bill or Bob.
  9. Kara Kay - Goliath

    I think MrsG meant on the program, so one could get a feel for how she is.
  10. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    It's happened before, and yeah, she'd be a prime candidate for such a thing! I mean, just wow... could you imagine living 24/7 with her in such close quarters?? They haven't shown us anything redeeming about her, so far -- aside from perhaps when she gave those couple other people a frank heads-up.
  11. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    I don't think so... only in her profile picture at the top of this thread. I have noticed, however, a couple of times, where she's given a couple people a heads-up about crap. I don't recall what, exactly, right now... the old guy (Mike?) off by himself too long idol-hunting, and then something to that girl about the showmance thing, maybe? I was like, "What is she trying to do, there?" Also, what was with the her telling everyone something like "We need to work on the shelter" and then when people assemble, she just stands back and watches them work on stuff? Does she not consider herself part of "we"?
  12. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    I remember her saying she's in charge of a bunch of "young people", or did she outright say "kids?"
  13. Nick Wilson - David

    No matter how much I like people -- and I did tend to kinda like this guy -- I just can't stand the "do as little work as possible". Hell, I'm a freaking gimp and I still wouldn't be like that! Even if there was stuff I couldn't do physically, I would be doing whatever the hell i could do, to contribute as much as I could. When he said that, I was like, "you can't be serious... have you ever watched this show? have you ever co-existed with other humans who didn't end up kicking your ass for that attitude??"
  14. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    A teacher??? I missed that part. A teacher for who or what, convicts??? With that (as MrsG perfectly put it) "cut-a-bitch" glare??? (my Dad was a Vocational Instructor in a prison for 25 years, so I thought maybe...)
  15. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    I really loved this season too, and as usual HT made it even better. This place is *so* much better than any other place for discussing BB and other shows! Everyone here is just freaking awesome. As others have said, i love having a place where the people are civil and generally pretty danged smart and articulate, and thoughtful... with no garish crap in here that insults one's eyes. ha! @krb428 -- I can't believe you've never even seen Survivor once! With my Aunt, I've seen every single episode since the first one in the summer of 2000. You need to at least check it out and then the awesome discussions in the thread here!