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  1. Matthew Clines - Cereal Killer - Evicted

    So it's already been announced that Matt is getting a penalty vote for breaking Havenot rules. But he is doing it on purpose so he's also using production as a strategy which is also against the rules. I think, since he continues to break the rules that he should be ejected and therefore, denied a spot in the jury house and his vote for winner. This is setting a bad precedent. EDIT: (I just read Sophy's comment and yes, I agree!)
  2. Leaves her scooter at the bottom and scoots up backwards on her butt (I did this after foot surgery, too). She keeps the walker at the top of the stairs and shifts to that to get to HOH. Getting down is harder. She supports her weight on her arms. A week or so ago after a blow up between her and Matt, Raven was petting on her and asked for a kiss. Xmas said, "Don't hug me or I'll fall down the stairs."
  3. Live Feed Recaps, Week 6 - HOH: Josh

    Drive by recap because right after the announcement Cody and Jessica went into the storage room laughing and acting strange. Cody said "They aren't going to show that on TV." Jessica calls Elena into the Apple room from outside and tells her that she and Cody were "doing it" when the crying baby announcement came on and she thinks it was production pranking them.
  4. Jess claims that she wears those big Audrey sunglasses because the lights in the house give her headaches, but I'm betting it's the four extra pounds of fake hair she has clipped to her scalp.
  5. General House Analysis and Discussion

    What I'm not getting is that Cody has made it clear that his one trigger is anyone going after Jessica. Yet, the mindset on getting her to not use the hex is "Hey, Jess we love you but your boyfriend is dick." Jess: Yeah....I think imma stick with my boyfriend. House: Cody, you stink! Cody you a jerk! Cody, you ain't no man! No one dares say anything to Jessica because they want her turn away from Cody to them (and then stab her in the back). Jess: Imma protect my man. Cody: Whatevs. I been in the marines. Fuck y'all, have fun in those tutus. House: Why is all our taunting ineffective?
  6. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    I hung out long enough to see the earlier Paul and Jessica discussion essentially repeated up in the HOH room. Jessica seems to be on board with it. He wants to know if she is OK with him taking Jason down off the block with his veto and she says she has to wait until she gets an answer from production about something before she can tell him yes or no. She leaves the room and he celebrates and tells the cameras he can't believe it! Can't believe that she has agreed. Jess goes to find Cody in the red room and asks if he's OK. He says he is. He doesn't need anything. He doesn't question her loyalty but he just wants out and she should not use the Hex. She says she hopes they can work something out once they are both outside the house. Then she goes to the kitchen and confirms to Raven and Matt that she has met Justin Beiber and she squats over the bottle of diet coke and pretends to fuck it so Matt can't claim it. Yes, she did.
  7. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    I'm sneaking back in here to add that at one point Paul pulled Xmas, Raven and Matt into the bathroom and told them that he wants Mark and Elena to believe that the agreement to get Alex out is a real one. Apparently Josh, Jason and Kevin don't know anything about the agreement. I don't know if she has spilled the beans to them. I assume if Kevin finds out, he'll pull Jessica into the toilet room to spill the beans.
  8. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    Douche. Arrogant. Cocky. Rude. Childish. Ego. Bully. Small man complex. These are the terms Paul and Xmas have come up with to describe Cody. Rehash of all the reasons he is bad for the house. This convo is in the kitchen while Mark rehydrates and Matt cleans up the powdered ice tea. Josh does dishes. They come up with names for a Josh/Mark alliance. Jock, Mosh, etc. The two of them are getting along and Josh sings his annoying circus tune for a bit. Xmas observes that testosterone is an amazing thing. Raven and Matt saying that they say rude things to each other until they fall asleep each night. Josh asks Xmas to stop cleaning and let him do it. All four feeds of kitchen and it's not interesting and I'm out for a bit. Have fun!
  9. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    Jessica just helped Matt to Ranch and Powdered Ice tea Raven in the shower and we get full boobies as she tries to defend herself. Meanwhile Christmas is exposing nip in the kitchen. Good lord, why don't they just walk around topless? Boobs or no boobs this is exceptionally dull and I need to mow the lawn. Kevin just sang "Let 'em in" from Wings and BB did nada. Skippies are also falling asleep. Back in side for the cleanup in the bathroom. Ants have infiltrated the bathroom Jessica just got called to the diary room. And Cody is back in the house so, yeah, I just really go over excited when he went to DR. In the kitchen Paul tells Xmas that Cody is a douche and he can't wait to give his speech at veto ceremony.
  10. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    Guess what Matt and Raven are doing? Yes, you are correct. Grab. Ass. The power is evidently back on because it's freezing in the house again. Raven just dumped her coffee on Matt. Mucho laughter. BB: MATT!? Matt: Yes? More yucks. BB called out Matt instead of Raven. Zero game talk. Zero mentions of Jess or Cody. Grrrrrrrrrr. Out to the backyard and Mark is working out in his white shorts if anyone wants to peen perve. BB tells Jessica to put on her mic. She comes down in her swimsuit and covered in baby oil. She joins in the general chatter in the kitchen and seems relaxed. Did I miss something and was Cody called to the DR so everything is cool? Maybe.
  11. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    CODE RED! Cody has returned to the bedroom and is putting on a shirt! Meh, he heads to the DR. Is he going to leave the house? Kitchen chatter about nonsense. Alex, Kevin and Jason outside exercising. I was hoping there would be some talk about the phony agreement to make sure she leaves the house in two weeks, but nope. Back to the kitchen then and......nothing but the sound of Matt eating. Now chat about slop which is basically white noise in this house. Blah, bah slop, blah blah blah. No sign of Jessica on the feeds. I think she might be hiding up in HOH?
  12. Who is this all-seeing gecko Paul is always talking about? He always says he knows things "from the gecko".
  13. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    Cody and Jess in bed. He asks if she has her mirror and she does. I don't know why you need a mirror in bed but she does, indeed, have one. She takes a birth control pill and he asks why she needs one "if we're celibate" and she says to balance out her hormones. They joke that it's for her skin and she says she has no idea what his penis looks like...or feels like. They laugh. They snuggle in and she says, "That's my boob. You're holding my boob." He shifts his hand and she says, "And..that's my butt. That's my butt hole. You are in my butt hole. You're still there." Giggling and schmoopy. God help me. She whispers, "Go slower." Now, *that's* funny. He tells her to lose the sunglasses. Then, agh, ack more fondling. She tells him to wait until she shaves in the morning. That's it for me. Out.
  14. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    Cody and Jess in a bed in the red room arguing about which one of them is the "normal one" outside the house. Cody thinks he's the normal one. Being alone and hating/fearing the rest of the world and calling people losers and victims and planning out your "genetically superior" family is normal. Well, OK. Of course I'm not sure how normal it is to be professional escort either so... Cuddling, smooching and teasing. It's like last night never happened. And just like that they start to argue about him packing up his things and moving to the other room last night and believing that couples should never go to bed angry. Now more schmoopy and giggling. He admits that as soon as a woman questions him he's out of there. She tells him he's childish. She says, "I'm Cody so I'm going to run away!" and he says she laid out her "standards of gold" and left him a peasant. Something about her chowing down on a turkey leg. She says that "peasant" is like nails on a chalkboard. He says that he embraces his inner child and jumps on the bed. It morphs into a sex joke. A bad one. Now everyone in the have not room. Elena took her chance with the key and boxes in HN and she gets....two weeks as a Have Not! Everyone sticks around to chat and laugh except Cody (the normal one) who goes back to the red room to lie in bed alone.
  15. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    Now Raven is shaving her thighs and claiming that the cold water from the comp made her leg hair grow 5 inches. Cody and Raven are with her in the BR and Cody wonders why girls don't just pay for laser hair removal on their legs. They tell him that it's expensive. Jess says her "no-no, special place" gets waxed, because she doesn't believe in shaving there. She gets waxed every four weeks. Now you know. The word of the evening is "Same". Cody wants to be selfish in this game "for once" and take a comfortable bed. Then some appetizing bathroom kissing before Cody goes in to the toilet telling Jess "I don't have to shit." MmmMMMmmmmmmmM, hot. BTW, Jess is wearing sunglasses in the bathroom now while she brushes her teeth. Switch to Alex, Jason and Raven in the green room whispering. These three are clueless about Jess's hex powers. They think she can switch votes or something. Interesting that Xmas, Kevin, Paul and a few others, who know exactly what her Hex power is, have not shared with them.