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  1. BB20 House Discussion

    A leak of the set for the jury roundtable being built. (source:Reddit)
  2. Is she the first HG we've seen who actively tried to avoid the scrutiny of the cameras? I don't mean like hiding under a bush when you have a meltdown, but on a regular basis. I don't even think it was just the cameras. I don't think she even could deal with all the mirrors. Brushing your teeth with your eyes closed is pretty bad. Although I found it entertaining, I worry about the mental toll it took on her despite her statements about it being such a great experience.
  3. I'm so thrilled (if the rumors are true) that JC won HOH yesterday. It's our only hope for something interesting happening this week. I think a F2 of JC and Angela would be hysterical. Imagine being on the jury and having to pick between the detestable Angela and the deluded "puppet master". I only wish live feeds were on.
  4. An aerial photo taken last night of the backyard. Remember the corn maze from BBOTT? I hope it's just as entertaining.
  5. Sings "Stand by your man....."
  6. BB20 House Discussion

    I'm thrilled to see any of Level 6 contemplating a backstabbin'. I only hope that Brett wins HOH tonight and ousts one of his own. I'm all for anything that doesn't mean plodding on to a F4 with Tyler, Angela, Kaycee and Brett. And can you imagine the drama afterwards? Maybe not Shelly and Jordon level drama, but something!
  7. Previously On BB20 - Five Word Story

    Sam quoted her Mama who
  8. BB20 House Discussion

    Is Rachel a dinosaur because she's 30 and that's really, really old?
  9. September 9 - "I will absolutely rip these bitches to shreds" Previously on Big Brother: Angela and Tyler spent a lot of time in HOH, noticing that they are both photogenic and without souls and therefore perfectly suited for pawing at each other on the down low. They fooled no one. Scottie went home a second time after a shocking speech. Kaycee beat Brett by a second to win HOH. And now..."Let's go!" After KayCee's HOH win Haleigh goes to the SR where she humps her suitcase and groans. She knows she's going up on the block again this week. She's going to smile and keep swimming. Meanwhile Sam is laying on the couch on the walkway upstairs, talking to herself. She feels alone, and so does the Sam inside her head. In the geometry room KayCee and Angela go over what she will say at the nomination ceremony when she puts up Haleigh and Sam. Now, just like we heard in the DR leak (Big Energy!) KayCee invites everyone up to see her HOH room. Haleigh looks at a photo and exclaims, "Your mom is exactly what I pictured!" Well, she looks like a middle aged filipino lady which was probably a pretty safe bet. KayCee gets a letter from her little brother asking her to stand up with him at his wedding. This was not the feels fest I was promised. It's just a'ight. Angela and Tyler doing their creepy skin-touchy thing (Couldn't they just bang under the covers like normal people?) and she discloses to him her superpower. She has a nose like a blood hound! It's a blessing and a curse, people. In case you were wondering this is how the remaining houseguests smell to Droopy Dawg: Haleigh: Good - like Moroccan oil. Brett: Fish and beans night at a fraternity house. JC: Sweat. Sam: Angela's grandmother. Musky, musty. KayCee: Neutral to no smell. Tyler: Amazing. Phermones, cologne, she doesn't know, but it's just amazing! KayCee plans to put up Sam as the pawn and Brett takes the initiative to seek her out in the Havenot room and tell her that she needs to be calm this week. He's trying to form a bond with her in the off chance she gets HOH next week. Sam says she trusts Brett. Kaycee gets Sam upstairs in a one on one to prep her for the fact she's going up and to reassure her that Haleigh is the target. Sam shares that she believes Haleigh does little "secret things". She sets booby traps like putting one or two pieces of fruit in a Tupperware because she thinks it will make Sam snap. Kaycee then has her one on one with Haleigh. Haleigh keeps pathetically saying "You have me" as if KayCee is in need of numbers. It's...awkward. Suddenly Nicole, winner of season 18 enters the house via the DR, thinking she's going to host a luxury comp and dressed like she's in a Mariachi band. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! (Nah, actually I don't care.) but she can't find anyone because they are all locked in the HOH room watching her on the TV. Victor is on the TV in the living room and he has a Special Message for Nicole. I'll be damned if I recap the whole thing - you can watch it if you really care. In a nutshell, she's really swell and he wants them to get married. There are lots of clips from their season together. None of them show her cuddling with Corey even though she spent about 75% of the show doing that. Weird. Then Victor comes out in person from somewhere and his hair is cut and he has lost his beard. He looks eighteen. He kneels down and thrusts a ring in her direction. I know you won't believe this but she says "yes". Say hi to the future Mr. And Mrs. Arroyo. Now the doorbell rings and Nicole shrieks "Oh my Gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwd!" and I can actually feel the cells of my inner ear dying and peeling off. Surprise! Surprise! Everyone, jump up and down because it's a bunch of prior house guests here to celebrate with "i promessi sposi". There's Derek, Paul, Josh, Britney, and Dani and they have CAKE! Upstairs they are watching and freaking out and Tyler yells that he needs to put on a nicer shirt. Lots of diary room lauding of the happy couple from the party guests. Dani says it's weird to be back and older than everyone. She feels like the granny. The current houseguests join the party and you can just imagine the screaming and embracing of strangers. I wonder if Sam knows who all these people are. I'm gonna assume, no. Champange corks are popped and toasts all around. Everyone loves everyone and it's all super cool! Derek announces that they all need to vamoose because it's time for the nomination ceremony. More running around and screaming and Josh gets a group hug, which I'll admit is kind of sweet. I'm not crying. You're crying! But first! JC exhibits his hula hoop skills. And...a segment of Tyler and Angela in the hammock and Tyler asks her for her life story. So, it's officially Rewrite Angela's Story time because she's about to sue the network for defamation after the comments Fessie and Scotty have made about her on their way out the door. This is how it goes. Angela was a gymnastics prodigy and competed from the age of five. She had no childhood, y'all! She had no life and she was a sad little kid. It took a toll on her relationships with her family. She would cry and she has no emotions now because she had to hide them for so long. Fuck gymnastics, man! She finally quit when she was seventeen and she was FREE! So she tried out pole vaulting and pole vaulting is great because it doesn't tear apart families and kick babies and puppies and she was really good at it and colleges wanted her because pole vaulting! Tyler feels so lucky to meet her. The end. Meanwhile, Haleigh is trying to get into HOH to talk to KayCee but Kaycee is listening to music and can't hear her. So Haleigh walks in and commences to try to get more info. KayCee makes noise about "least amount of blood on my hands". She lies about not having a target. Haleigh tears up and KayCee hugs her and tells her it will be OK. Haleigh reassures her "You have me"! Hey everyone, it's time for the nomination ceremony. KayCee nominates Haleigh, because she put her on the block twice, and Sam, because she voted against the house twice. This nomination ceremony is adjourned! Haleigh vows to win veto. Sam says she was promised safety but if it's all a lie, she will "tear every door off its fucking hinges" on her way out of "this motherfucker" and will absoulutely rip "these bitches to shreds".
  10. Broadcast Recappers Wanted!

    I totally forgot to do this and I apologize. I will do it ASAP!
  11. BB20 House Discussion

    Oh how very boring the next few days shall be. Then Haleigh will go home. Our only hope for excitement is if JC wins that second HOH and puts up Angela and KayCee.
  12. BB20 House Discussion

    Feeds have been down all day today after an early wake up call. The usual rumor are abounding. My guess is that they have all been taken on some sort of field trip as part of a promotion for something and there's no point streaming video of an empty house. Any other guesses that aren't completely paranoid? Oh, they're back! 3:59 central time.
  13. I do like her creative side and she is generally kind-hearted and pretty intelligent. (Though if you fact check her stories you'll find that she flubs the details most of the time. A little learning is a dangerous thing.) Where she loses it for me is her jealousy of the other women in the house and her slut-shaming of people who aren't even acting slutty. I've seen her play up to the men when she's alone with them, so she attempts to do it herself, she just isn't good at it. It was so freakin' awkward when she's telling Tyler about his eyes or hugging any of the men until they are uncomfortable. She's a hypocrite. Her views on feminism are messed up but that's just political/cultural differences, I don't hate her for that.
  14. He shaved his head this afternoon. Looks like he knows he won't be doing any DRs tonight.
  15. Broadcast Recappers Wanted!

    Do you still need recappers? I can do Sunday the 9th if the slot's open.