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  1. My husband loved Ted Lasso. I found it alternately cloying and harsh. Also, just not that in to competitive team sports so the setting is "meh" for me. I'm thrilled that there's a new season of The Great British Baking Show (Bake Off) and have binged multiple seasons of The Great Pottery Throw Down which scratches the same itch. I really miss the sad jazz music that used to accompany the winner and loser of the week, but every season delivers. I started the Dahmer series on Netflix but find that although I can handle all kinds of gruesome content in a documentary, an immersive, detailed account using actors is pretty unpleasant to sit through. For light fare I really enjoyed the British, original version of "Ghosts". The CBS version is pretty bad in comparison. Husband and I like to stay up late and watch the Sumo tournament highlights on NHK. Next tournament starts November 13!
  2. I think he'll put up Taylor, but his target is Alyssa.
  3. I was also reminded of Dan and Danielle. I was fine with the speech - I mean shoot your shot, but I didn't like how he left the house in a hissy fit. It's over. There's no game left to play. Obviously Brittany was hurting and he could have given her a little comfort. The "I just have one thing to say" was straight-up weird. I like him a bit less now.
  4. 1:07 HT Apparently we have reached the time in the season when the HGs are allowed to sleep during the day because I turned on the live feeds and it's four cams of sleeping hammies. Maybe Zingbot showed up very late last night?
  5. Thanks for recapping last night. From what I was seeing the target was switching like a fresh caught catfish in a fryin' pan! (Said in Jasmine speak).
  6. He's playing both sides too early and too hard. Eventually he is going to spill something and anger both sides.
  7. 10:30 House time Daniel outside drinking coffee alone. He's going on aloud about iconic houseguests and alliances of the past. He regrets that he can't geek out about the all to other people in the house and thus, giveaway his superfan status. Britney Hayes, she was "dope, hot and funny". We can't we have people like THAT in the house? He thinks viewers will think Michael is currently playing the best game. He doesn't agree with Michael's floater status. Too bad he doesn't realize that Michael is not floating. He thinks that viewers will think Monte is playing a good game, but fortunately people like himself can see through Monte's BS. It pisses him off that Janelle and Kaysar have not won the game yet. It's like he's just playing to the fans at this point, name dropping. Trying to prove that he knows his BB history. Dude, we don't care. Thankfully Nicole has joined D outside and he can stop the monologue. Oh no, he's now speculating to N that former houseguests are watching them.
  8. 2:50 house time Monte and Terrance outside and....I'm kicked to Nicole and Michael inside. Nichole says to Michael that at this point anything will be helpful. He says nothing and it's very uncomfortable. He's not too good at doing the level of lying that is required here. She's complaining that everyone is carrying on and laughing, oblivious to those who are on the block and how unhappy they are feeling. It's clear Michael doesn't care and doesn't want to be having this conversation. Nic says she feels numb and hates being emotional in the house. It bothers her that Monte didn't put up Turner. She's worried she doesn't have the numbers to stay. She's afraid that her homegirls don't trust her anymore and think that she was in on the Ameerah blindside. Randomly, she says, "I love this game so much." Then she says, "I hate this."
  9. Just want to throw out some love to the recappers. I've really been enjoying the updates and snark!
  10. 3:27 HT Daniel has pulled Kyle aside and is telling him that he plans on giving Terrance a sympathy vote and that he ran it past Ameerah and she was good with it. He loves them both. He just doesn't want Terrance to go home with a zero. He tells Kyle that as far as he knows the vote will be 11-0 unless he tosses one Terrance's way. Kyle asks if he should throw a vote at Terrance as well. He says Michael also wanted to give Terrance a vote but he told him to check with Ameerah first. They agree to both really try for HOH tonight. Daniel having his chat now with Terrance. He tells him he wants to give him one vote and that he should walk out with pride. Terrance says he'll stay himself all the way out the door and tells Daniel "you'd better give me that one vote so I don't look stupid."
  11. Now it's Jasmine's turn to give Terrance the Dead Man Walking talk. He tells her that Nicole talked to him last night so he already knows he's going. (He's really good at this. I never expected him to be such a good actor.) Jasmine says she knows they haven't talked a whole lot but it's just not going to be the same without him here. She's fishing around for info. I imagine she thinks that since he's on his way out he might share something. He's had enough of the conversation and leaves. Now it's Kyle's turn to give Terrance the big goodbye, although he says that if T is still here next week he wants to work with him. He tells Kyle that when Nicole told him Ameerah was her #1 it hurt him because he though that they were tight. If by some chance he stays he would like to work with Turner and Kyle. The two of them are tired of being in the place where other people come to them and tell them how the votes are going. They agree that the anti-Taylor stuff makes no sense and that neither of them have ever had a problem with her. Kyle says he wants to play as individuals and not work with people who hand them an instruction manual for how the game will go. Now Joseph and Terrance whispering. J also wants to work with him if he stays and he tells him that he will be voting for him to stay. He wants T to ask Daniel if there is a "Paloma" alliance and if he's in it. He says Terrance has nothing to lose by asking now. So, J trying to get T to do his dirty work it looks like.
  12. Terrance is now talking with Turner and this couldn't be more fun because he's recapping the whole conversation with Ameerah for him. Apparently, he brought up possible alliances for her because he wanted to know whatever she knew about those who might target Turner, so that he could bring that info to him. He reports that no one's coming for him until they (Daniel, Ameerah and Nicole) "trim the fat" meaning Taylor and Brittany. They just want to get to jury. Terrance says he will act surprised that he isn't voted out but wants to know how he and Turner will go forward. He wants to go to the others and express his gratitude for not being evicted and ask them how the want to proceed just to get information. He says they threw him to the wall and all day have been patronizing by asking to make his last breakfast. etc. Terrance say says that Nicole came to him as if he was a child and she was the mom breaking the news that she and dad were getting divorced. Terrance tells Turner his farewell speech. Turner looks great in a flowered shirt and he's putting on cologne and a green hat.
  13. Terrance taking to Ameerah while she packs her bag and he says he's cool with leaving - sad, but he wants to see his wife. He tells Ameerah to keep fighting. He tells her about Nicole coming to talk to him last night and he says he's fine, he's not dead. He tells Ameerah to be strategic, that she has Nicole and Daniel. She asks him who she doesn't have. He says Turner obviously and they laugh. He tells her to talk to Taylor. Ameerah says that when Taylor was being attacked she would be kind to her so she thinks she's good with Taylor. I don't know if Terrance is playing dumb or if he really thinks he's going home. He throws out Indy's name as someone who is a "wildcard". Ameerah says that the boys wanted to put her up last week. Terrance tells her to trust herself, to think about aligning with someone that no one else would want to work with. He wants her to mend fences because people get emotional. They think Jasmine is not going to be in danger until her ankle is healed up because it would be such a cheap shot. Ameerah says she could join up with Michael and Britt. She thinks she has a good relationship with Michael. They laugh about the live feeds and agree that people talk more shit in the house than you would think, even watching the feeds. She says once she gets to jury she's going to be "fuckin' reckless". They think HOH comp could be endurance because production has really wrapped up Jas's foot well. Speculates that she will be a have not and drop weight like crazy. Terrance says he will look at everyone's Instagram. Everything in this recap may become very funny after tonight's eviction...
  14. 1:46 pm house time: Indy and Jasmine under comforters making small talk. Daniel and Terrance primping in front of the mirror and trimming hair in various areas. Not a lot of conversation. Meanwhile Alyssa and Ameerah chatting in a bedroom. Ameerah seems oblivious to the danger she is in. She complains about the unhealthy food in the house and wonders why no one has talked game with her today and she hasn't been called to DR. Camera's switch to Kyle and Turner chatting in HOH and Kyle is running through some scenario in which Taylor or Indy goes, while saying that he thinks the Leftovers is a pretty solid alliance. They move downstairs so Turner can put away the clothes that he's taken down from HOH. Terrance and Joseph now whispering in the kitchen. Terrance says the he's feeling a good vibe. He had a nice conversation with Monte last night. Turner comes in and they stop talking game. Ameerah is making plans for next week and talking about getting to jury. Wondering what tonight's HOH competition will be. She wishes they could have a luxury comp. She thinks everything is going to go well next week as long as the Festie Bestie twist doesn't eff things up. She heads to the bathroom to wash her hands. It's full of people getting ready for tonight so no game talk. Ameerah sees herself in the mirror and says she does NOT look like her memory wall picture just now.
  15. 2:34 house time Brittany and Michael are having a chat together with Turner in the HOH room. They are both pushing for Taylor to be the target but both seem resigned that they are going up on the block and Taylor being the backdoor. Brittany says that the competitions have been really hard, and although Michael is a good competitor, it might make more sense to pair him with another really strong pawn (NOT her, obviously). Turner doesn't seem to be very responsive to that. He thinks that Daniel and Kyle are close with him and will go along, heck, basically everyone will do his bidding and that she and Michael will be OK. Turner says he will justify noms saying that B and M were the first pair in the house. I don't remember how they are the "first pair" but I'm sure someone has been watching more closely than I have and knows. Brittany is still pushing a narrative in which it doesn't make sense for her to be on the block (who can blame her). She says that the two of them "as a duo" on the block aren't as strong as the two of them not on the block. She's just going to feel bad if it's super physical and Michael is killing it, and she can't pull her weight. This is a really shitty argument and you can see Turner is just nodding...but does not agree. Michael asks what happens if Taylor wins veto. Turner promises he would ask Taylor to use it if she won it, but he does not say who would replace her.
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