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  1. Just watched a post-eviction interview with Kyland (With Sharon Tharp for US magazine) and asked about his parting words to Xavier, he said that he doesn't regret them because they were "objectively true" in that he and X had had discussions about wanting to take on competitors face-to-face. He also said that he realized they would "strike a chord" but that you got to have some fun on your way out. Well, if his definition of having fun is spitefully bringing up the son of someone's dead brother and throwing it in his face, I want to know how he defines being really nasty. The best moment of last night, in my opinion, was when he just couldn't make himself leave the house and went running back for his drink while Julie was bellowing. "KYLAND! KYLAND!". Great TV.
  2. Pardon me, but I believe the correct phrasing is "sadly evoke".
  3. Yep, in an instant the game went from historic to same old, same old. And frantically cuddle as they may, none of the women has even got a showmance to insure that they get carried to the end. Race aside, it's just the usual dude bros wanting to go to the end with "the strongest competitor" (a guy, of course) plus the person who has no chance of winning. Dull.
  4. Whitney opened up her OnlyFans site today. Yesterday I saw someone posted her Amazon wish list which contained a lot of adult toys and lingerie. Probably a more sure way of making money, than thinking BB is going to be your gateway to a professional acting career. https://onlyfans.com/thiccney
  5. This Alyssa/Derek F conversation is so cringe! She keeps going on about her "master plan" to get Claire out and how she can't believe her plot to get Claire on the block actually worked. Big D is humoring her and laughing with her, and she's downright cackling about how she's the one who will get Claire backdoored, and next HOH will put Tiff and Ky up on the block against each other. She says that Zingbot shouldn't have called her dim.
  6. Brent getting more heated as Whitney continues to talk with him. He says that his team (the Aces) are doing the best and are the storyline of the season. "Cook and clean all you want. I'm here to play the game!"
  7. Whitney has sat down with Brent and is explaining to him how, when there are no clear targets, the house will go after people who aren't helpful or likeable. She's advising him to pitch in more when it comes to cleaning and watch his comments and jokes that can be interpreted negatively. Brent isn't accepting any of it and says that he came into the house with a target on his back because of the way he looks, so he's not very motivated to try to make people like him. Brent says, "My strategy has been amazing in this house."
  8. So tired of hearing Frenchie go on about his wife and kids as if no one else in the house has loved ones that they miss and want to do right by.
  9. Looks like it's part of their onlyfans content, if true? https://heavy.com/entertainment/big-brother/nolan-twins-onlyfans-video-photos/
  10. Brent has held forth several times on his belief that men can not be friends with a woman that they are attracted to. I don't know why he seems to think that this is some kind of illuminating and original opinion, but mostly it seems to be related to the fact that Alyssia prefers Christian over himself.
  11. Just an FYI, if you have an issue signing up with Paramount Plus, or accessing the live feeds, don't hesitate to call their customer service. I was stuck up on a greyed out "Complete Your Registration" page and they were able to fix it within minutes. EDIT: Ugh this is in the wrong thread. My apologies. I can't seem to delete it!
  12. I saw people in the live feed chat saying that evictions are not live this season - that everything is taped. Any truth to that?
  13. Luxury competitions where they pile on clothes under a time limit like the greedy little monsters they are.
  14. I may be misremembering this but I think in the old days each castaway was allowed one "luxury item" and a lot of the women chose razors. I don't know if this is still the case. Great recap as always! I look forward to them every week.
  15. I watched her Ponderosa and she came off as so genuine and likable. All the others were saying that they understand her getting voted out because her social game was so great. Did I somehow miss that during the broadcast shows?
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