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  1. Live Feed Recaps, Week 2 - HOH: Kaitlyn

    Swaggy's lost some swagger.
  2. He gave himself a nickname. That says it all.
  3. On Twitter a video of him nude, miming intimate relations with a toy Minion.
  4. BB20 House Discussion

    Two from Hilton head, SC.
  5. This girl's vocal fry will be the death of me. I can only imagine how she sounds first thing in the morning. This will be the girl I'm going to love to hate.
  6. Lort, I couldn't make it all the way through her video.
  7. He seems too nice. I'm afraid we'll find out week two that he stalks his ex and has a restraining order.
  8. Sam Bledsoe - It's hard out there for a robot

    I actually think hairdresser and bartender might be good qualifications for the social part of the game. If she uses words like "critters" too often, though, I'm out.
  9. She's "engulfing". Don't get too close or you'll fall in!!
  10. Prediction. She will neither analyze nor deceive the other house guests. She will lecture people and attempt to be this seasons advocate for those suffering from mental illness. She will spout false facts.
  11. Brett Robinson - Dude! Bro! Dude!

    Trophy isn't an adjective. Unless he means he's like a "trophy" wife? Wha? He's going to handle his rotation of face time "tastefully". Box o' rocks.
  12. Dull. However, will don bikinis regularly. Will not be able to contain her confidence and will be targeted early. Or, despite her description as being iron-willed, will enter into a showmance, be manipulated and then backdoored.
  13. "Questionable"? I think he meant to say "inquisitive". Stupid and athletic. Some smarter player will make him their number two and take him far only to drop him before final three.
  14. Matthew Clines - Cereal Killer - Evicted

    So it's already been announced that Matt is getting a penalty vote for breaking Havenot rules. But he is doing it on purpose so he's also using production as a strategy which is also against the rules. I think, since he continues to break the rules that he should be ejected and therefore, denied a spot in the jury house and his vote for winner. This is setting a bad precedent. EDIT: (I just read Sophy's comment and yes, I agree!)
  15. Leaves her scooter at the bottom and scoots up backwards on her butt (I did this after foot surgery, too). She keeps the walker at the top of the stairs and shifts to that to get to HOH. Getting down is harder. She supports her weight on her arms. A week or so ago after a blow up between her and Matt, Raven was petting on her and asked for a kiss. Xmas said, "Don't hug me or I'll fall down the stairs."