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  1. Tommy mentioned being in the Broadway version of Pretty Lady, where he played the role of the elevator boy and I found this clip with him.
  2. All signs are pointing to Sis going out tonight. I'm flabbergasted.
  3. Well, she did it. I was absolutely sure she was going this week, but at the times we lost the feeds she has Jackson agreeing to voting out Sis in the case of a tie. Christie is annoying AF but she certainly can play the game.
  4. Ugh, I didn't think it through and voted for Nicole ten times today. Tomorrow and the rest of the week I'm going to have to remedy that by voting for some six-shooters. Question: What if one of the three chosen is voted out on the 7th?
  5. If that gets pulled, you can download it from the this site. https://mega.nz/#!SQ8TkY6Z!0cwD4uZ177tYJ-d2mTw3KvhBL_7skSFdQJcfhwi1d_M
  6. Sorry to be a bit out of sequence, but about an hour ago, Christie was holding court in the Boat Room and telling stories about her experiences with Salvia and it was pretty hysterical. Apparently, she took it once and was convinced that she had become a mermaid, in that she was a fish from the waist down and she couldn't move her legs and she had ugly fins. She had to keep reminding herself that it would be over in five minutes. She had a friend who took it and thought that she had become a piece of "looseleaf" - "three holes and a margin down the side!" Then Sam (I think it was him) told a story about dating a girl whose parents were into smoking Salvia and had him try it. He didn't feel any effects so kept hitting it until he suddenly was overwhelmed by the effects and thought he was dying. He wanted water but couldn't stand up so he crawled up the stairs to the kitchen. The girlfriend's dad started messing with him and telling him that he was dying, which was OK with Sam at that point.
  7. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6LwRG3HP7ca3w4679
  8. Is there an issue with embedding Google photos? When I try to add the link, the field turns pink and nothing happens. I've been using Photobucket for storage for years but they are now behind a paywall and I'm over my limit for free storage.
  9. Early on he was telling someone in the house that he had sex with this one girl back home maybe 40-50 times but they are just really good friends and there's nothing romantic between them. I'd really like to hear from her. I've seen enough Catfish to know that usually only one half of the "friendship" believes they are just friends.
  10. Can't we have one season where I don't have to despise someone for being a racist POS? I can't even look at this guy's face anymore.
  11. Apparently David referred to Holly as "Beth" the other day and now the Internet is having a good time with it. There was a "Beth" who was a potential HG who never made it into the house so one rumor is that she had a lot surgery done and it's actually her (they look nothing alike). The other meme is that she has two personalities - Beth and Holly. Very silly.
  12. He finally (maybe at production's urging) admitted to some of them that he has the Special Power and has tried to use it as a bargaining chip. He's telling the Gr8tful (without even knowing that's what they are) that if they keep him, he will use the Power however they like at some time in the future. Of course, they don't trust him and some think it's all the more reason to send him home tonight. I can't argue with that logic.
  13. Michie talks and acts like the kind of guy who is used to his mother finding him fascinating. He's the walking definition of privilege.
  14. So, can OVi use his power to force new noms at this point? And if he does, do they get a chance at Veto and all that?
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