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  1. Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

    Yeah, no hamburger is that good.
  2. House Analysis and Discussion

    I wonder if there will even be another season of CBB. The coddling and concessions this cast received was ridiculous. So much worry about houseguest's "brands" and how they are perceived by the public that the fights and nasty talk were cut from the feeds. Boo! Horrible. Awful. I wish they would do another season of OTT, though.
  3. House Analysis and Discussion

    Miss Cleo was an African-American telephone psychic who used to advertise a lot on TV. She always wore a turban and there is a bit of resemblance to Tamar. I don't get how that gets interpreted as racist but...
  4. House Analysis and Discussion

    Tom and Kato are particularly fun to watch now that they aren't in power and on the outs with everyone. Tom was actually saying today how it's sad, but true, that being a good person and doing good doesn't always mean that you will win in the end. He'd be fine with either Dina or Kandi winning because "they are both nice ladies". Kato was grousing that the only logical move for Tay is to get Natalie out of the house, but unfortunately she'll never see it. Their lack of self-awareness is hilarious!!
  5. Christian's Ponderosa is the best by far this season. I'm sorry to see him out of the game.
  6. BB20 House Discussion

    It really looked like the reflection of a skippy behind the window/mirror over the sink. If you watch it a couple of times you see the face is not just on the fridge but the entire screen. It's just more visible against the silver of the fridge. To me it looks like she is looking up at the monitor above her camera.
  7. BB20 House Discussion

    A leak of the set for the jury roundtable being built. (source:Reddit)
  8. Is she the first HG we've seen who actively tried to avoid the scrutiny of the cameras? I don't mean like hiding under a bush when you have a meltdown, but on a regular basis. I don't even think it was just the cameras. I don't think she even could deal with all the mirrors. Brushing your teeth with your eyes closed is pretty bad. Although I found it entertaining, I worry about the mental toll it took on her despite her statements about it being such a great experience.
  9. I'm so thrilled (if the rumors are true) that JC won HOH yesterday. It's our only hope for something interesting happening this week. I think a F2 of JC and Angela would be hysterical. Imagine being on the jury and having to pick between the detestable Angela and the deluded "puppet master". I only wish live feeds were on.
  10. An aerial photo taken last night of the backyard. Remember the corn maze from BBOTT? I hope it's just as entertaining.
  11. Sings "Stand by your man....."
  12. BB20 House Discussion

    I'm thrilled to see any of Level 6 contemplating a backstabbin'. I only hope that Brett wins HOH tonight and ousts one of his own. I'm all for anything that doesn't mean plodding on to a F4 with Tyler, Angela, Kaycee and Brett. And can you imagine the drama afterwards? Maybe not Shelly and Jordon level drama, but something!
  13. Previously On BB20 - Five Word Story

    Sam quoted her Mama who
  14. BB20 House Discussion

    Is Rachel a dinosaur because she's 30 and that's really, really old?
  15. Broadcast Recappers Wanted!

    I totally forgot to do this and I apologize. I will do it ASAP!