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  1. Has there ever been a BB winner with only 19 pages devoted to him/her? I know many thought he was boring, but to me it looks like he was so skilled that nobody out here was paying as much attention to him either.
  2. Derrick won't throw it. There's no point because Victoria can't possibly win it to take him. He would rather be in control and choose whom to bring with him. Would you let Cody choose if you were in there? Even if you were 90% sure he was going to take you, you have to know there is going to be a temptation to bring Victoria. In diary Cody seems to want to bring Derrick, but I there's a chance he'll see the dollar signs. From what I can tell Cody seems pretty cold-blooded when it comes to evictions. No way in hell Derrick is going to take a chance. If the Victoria hates Derrick ruse is still working (is it? I don't have the feeds) maybe Cody will throw it so that he gets Victoria's vote. And before I hit send, I notice that Derrick has already won part 2. I kind of want Cody to win it just to see what he would do, but I wouldn't want to see Derrick lose like that. I'm equally curious who Derrick will take.
  3. I don't think Frankie will get the wakeup call. He appears to live in a relatively insulated world with others like him. Who among his peers is going to tell him he's a douche? Certainly not his family, which as far as I can tell is even worse. Not his millions hundreds of youtube fans. He doesn't live a normal life as the rest of us. Everyone else will just be noise and "haters". As long as I don't have to see him again after the finale, he can go about his business. I wouldn't mind seeing him on TAR with Zack just to get a little more Zack, or even Caleb. Caleb will probably be too busy doing his army movies and novel writing.
  4. I get why he had to go, but I'm sad that he's gone. I hoping to see an epic final 3. Instead, the only mystery now is if whoever wins HoH will bring Victoria or not. BORING.
  5. Spoiler... Someone on another site reported that there was a leak on the feeds as the contestants were preparing for veto. Frankie is gone (yay!) and Derrick is HoH. That's actually good for Derrick so that he doesn't have to be the one to vote Caleb out (assuming Caleb doesn't win veto).
  6. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions yet about what happens in the final four. All the power goes to the one who holds veto and any of the boys could win it. The only thing for sure is that either Cody or Derrick will be safe (HOH).
  7. Hard to say what would have happened. Let's say Amber liked Caleb too and they became a couple. One or both of them probably would have been eliminated quickly, especially if the first one out made it on the jury. I'm still on board the Caleb train. So entertaining since Amber left. I want to see him and Derrick make it to the end. JUDY CHOP!
  8. For a while he was a football coach, but as far as I can tell, he doesn't do that anymore. My guess is he's spending all of his time working on selling his persona which should include his physical appearance. You're not going to get hired to be someone's "life coach" if you can't take care of yourself.
  9. If he wins veto again, he'll be in an even better spot because he can play in the next HoH.
  10. I have no doubt that Derrick will win if he makes it to the end. The last couple of competitions can make things go sideways in a hurry if the wrong person wins. For example, if he ends up in the final 3 with Victoria and the remaining bro wins HoH, it would be hard to fault that guy for taking Victoria to the end. In fact, dropping Victoria at final 4 (if they manage to get Frankie out this week) is probably a smart move because you don't want to risk someone else choosing her over you. That seemed to be Frankie's rationale for booting her at 5.
  11. I thought that was obvious on day 1. On the first two episodes (houseguests intros), I think all of Cody's DR were along the lines "That girl has a tight body. I'd like to get to know her"
  12. I can't help but think that they made a comp that FFF would be good at in the hopes that he would win just so they could get the epic meltdown on Tuesday when everything is reset. You know that they are all looking forward to it just as much as we are.
  13. Making yourself seem like a waste of space is valid strategy and I think can be worthy of a final victory even if it is mostly unsatisfying for most. The problem with Victoria is that it's not really her strategy, it's just the way she is. The only possible way she could win now is she suddenly went on a comp streak and said "haha fooled you into thinking I was weak" or if whoever she is sitting next to burns every bridge to get to the end. And even in those scenarios, I'd still only give her a 10% chance.
  14. Fuck Face Frankie (FFF is easier to type than FtFW) winning HoH this week is the best possible outcome of the button twist. If anyone other than FFF wins the rewind HOH he's going to EXPLODE. I can not wait for it. I'm already giddy with anticipation. Of course he could just win again and we'll have to suffer 2 weeks of him. Then we'll all explode.
  15. I think Caleb taking out FtFW would have been good for his end game qualifications, but not a great move to get him there. He seems relatively tight with all of the boys, and as long as Frankie is still in there, there's a bigger target than him. Plus, this late in the game, you can't just let Nicole or anyone else in the house that has tons of friends on the jury hang around when you can get them out.
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