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  1. Absolutely. It was too perfect. At the beginning you could see Paul's confidence when he was ahead, then as Josh caught up it really blindsided him. I loved it! I will probably watch again tonight to relive the moment!
  2. I feel a nightmare coming on.....
  3. You called it Angel!!! It was perfect. Best.finale.ever.
  4. General House Analysis and Discussion

    Thanks Tsy. I feel marginally better now.
  5. General House Analysis and Discussion

    I am all for the occasional spoiler but the amount of leaks this year has been ridiculous. I hope they find out who is responsible and "evict" them from the set..... That being said if it really is Paul and Josh, I hope Paul comes in second again..... Not that I like Josh as much as I hate Paul. Xmas getting nothing but a broken foot is perfect.
  6. POLL: America's Favorite Houseguest

    ^5 Magpie! #TeamCody
  7. POLL: America's Favorite Houseguest

    I want to see Paul's reaction when Cody wins America's favorite....
  8. I am not claiming total recall but I don't remember such an advantage being given in past seasons..... and was there ever a season with only one vet returning? She is probably ripping him a new one even as we speak (as she makes the sign of the cross...). I hope this foolish move comes back to bite him in the ass.
  9. General House Analysis and Discussion

    I am hoping for some big time bitterness..... It is a totally different thing to respect game play when you think the player is taking you to final 2. Completely different than feeling like you are stabbed in the back at the last possible moment. I am a firm believer that there are consequences to your actions - even in Big Brother. I am not sure that the little weasel can approach this from the right angle to get votes (unless FUG gives him the clue - or writes his speech for him!)
  10. Stamp that Jade and add the three weeks of safety he was handed. Say what you will, Cody would have gotten him evicted and we would have a whole different season.
  11. General House Analysis and Discussion

    For me, FUG gave this season to Paul with the initial multi-weeks of immunity. Such BS... It enabled him to get his claws sharpened. He would have been gone week one. Terribly unfair advantage for this little scumbag. I would love to see him as final jury vote!
  12. General House Analysis and Discussion

    I'm 110% in for Team Cody for AFP. I would love to see Paul get to F3 only to get booted and win nothing other than being the final jury vote!!!
  13. IMO Alex is the worst of the worst. Nothing more disgusting than a mean girl making the sign of the cross......
  14. I cannot more strongly hate this guy.... I really truly hated Maggie and was disgusted when she won her season. That BB hatred has held until now. Paul has surpassed it by far!
  15. General House Analysis and Discussion

    From my point of view, he is correct. The rest don't realize/don't care that Paul is making their decisions for them. The few that do will not stand up against him. I would LOVE to see Matt get evicted this week. Maybe it would wake some of them up. BB rule #1 should always be get rid of the Vet first thing. Cody realized this but sadly FUG blocked his mission.