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  1. I cannot believe they did not get rid of Taylor when they had the chance! Turner will live to regret it soon.
  2. I would love to see Monte and Turner in the final two. Win/win.
  3. Hoping it's Enzo. However anyone BUT Christmas or Nicole would be ok. One of those two could push me over the edge never to be seen again!
  4. I think Tyler is going and I'm fine with that since he was responsible for Janelle's eviction. Christmas annoys me more but then they all do. This season sucks!
  5. Enzo. I think he is our only hope to get rid of Nicole and/or Christmas.
  6. Now that he has both HOH and veto this week it would be nice if he would grow a pair and backdoor one of the Terrible Trio: Christmas, Dani or Nicole. Anyone would do.
  7. 4.6/4.8 is nothing but I am sure they will make a big deal out of it.
  8. My guess is Janelle. That would be wickedly funny!
  9. This would actually be the high point of BB22 so far. Therefore, sadly, it is probably not happening.
  10. You are amazing angelmi. I often wonder if we would even have live feed recaps without you. I live in the hope that they will find a way to bring Janelle back. Hope is dwindling but not gone yet.
  11. I didn't like her the first time around. I barely remember her second appearance her game play was so nonexistent. I absolutely hate this self absorbed bitch now. My happiest moment would be to see her back doored.
  12. This is the perfect week for a new twist: Lame duck HOH with no eviction!
  13. If Big Brother is on, HT is my home away from home. This is the only time of year that my phone battery dies before the end of the day because I am constantly checking for updates. Thanks for the cozy room that allows us to feed our BB habit! Love you all.
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