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  1. If Big Brother is on, HT is my home away from home. This is the only time of year that my phone battery dies before the end of the day because I am constantly checking for updates. Thanks for the cozy room that allows us to feed our BB habit! Love you all.
  2. Wow! I missed all this the first time around. Thanks for reposting Mrs. G. Pretty disturbing.
  3. According to Nicole it was not for lack of trying on Nick's part. She shut him down.
  4. I am still hoping Holly wins pt. 3 and kicks Jackson to the curb. Maybe if we all focus she will get the fact that he has been using her all along.
  5. I watched the beginning of BBAD Friday (for the first time this season) and got a whole different take on Nicole (so different from the cBS edit) and now understand the "Nicole-like" posts. Nicole and Holly seemed to be getting pretty chummy in a bonding sort of way as Jackson was cleaning the kitchen after dinner. All my AFG votes are now going to Nicole. How funny would it be if Holly won F3 and took Nicole to F2? A pipedream I know but one can hope.....
  6. Jackson lied... we had a F2 deal and shook on it.
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