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  1. Botox and filler are usually not permanent. I wonder what his face would look like if he stopped.
  2. I am surprised by how angry he is. And his trash talking of everyone is just surprising.
  3. All she has in life is “You aren’t invited to my wedding?” Whatever, Janey doesn’t need your cash bar or your overcooked chicken, Nicole. Nobody wants to go to your wedding. Probably not even Victor.
  4. I realized it after I wrote it but I guess it was just wishful thinking. Now I so despise Jackson that I hope they send him out the door next week.
  5. If Tommy takes down Christie, can’t Jackson put Tommy up in her place? He could at least threaten to do it, couldn’t he?
  6. Scotty is a grown man. It doesn't matter who got in his ear, it's part of the game. He chose to be an obnoxious, crass, poop head in that speech. Nobody did that for him.
  7. Scottie's eviction speech is basically a nutshell reason for why he has never had a girlfriend. The worst.
  8. I agree that Fessy is a dumbo but don't forget Cowboy came in 2nd in his season. Yikes.
  9. I really try not to judge people by their appearances but man! She is like a merging of the two ugly step sisters inside and out. Anastasia and Drizella wrapped into one person. Not good. Not good at all.
  10. I started watching BB season 3 because my baby went through a phase where he would not sleep and this is what we did. Now that kid is 17 and all I can say as his mom is that if he ever got someone pregnant on national television...oh boy...he would be in big trouble. Just ew. Ew! Baileigh's family has got to be mortified...after all, their "one point away from being a genius" daughter had sex on tv. Guess she's not as smart as they thought. And in other news, I am officially a grumpy old prude.
  11. My kids were heartbroken that Paul didn't win. My younger kid said, "The finale has made me dead inside." Last year Paul lost because of his potty mouth. This year I think he lost because he got those three weeks of immunity. The jury didn't think that was fair. I didn't either. He played a great game. I think this time he was screwed by production protecting him in the beginning.
  12. I think Alex would have Cody's vote and of course Jason...and that's about it.
  13. I liked that Julie threw the shade straight to Raven last night. She deserved a little reality check.
  14. I thought the sleeves hid her baby bump very nicely.
  15. For a guy who said in his initial interview that he has never been offended...ever, he seems to spend a lot of time being offended.
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