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    So important it bears repeating, ZGeist. Matt also admitted, in that conversation, that he was "fucking (Ragan's) game up on the way out," because he wanted Ragan to go to the jury house with him--quickly. So, in essence, he's destroying any chance of Ragan winning the game because he's too damned cowardly to face Rachel alone and wants Ragan to be the focus of her ire. That ani't game. That's a grotesque character flaw. This, from the guy who whined about Rachel jacking his game up after she was toast... I don't know why people with trust issues decide to climb Mt. Everest with every connection they make to new people but Ragan needs to kick this shit heel to the curb, feel good about his self-preservation instincts for doing so, and stick to mole hill types until he gets a better feel for signs of trustworthiness in people. Some people just don't deserve trust--or second chances, or even the benefit of doubt around a notoriously underhanded game--and this pile of excrement is one of them.
  2. I want to thank everyone for the delightful and devilishly clever recaps. The awesome banners rock too. I thoroughly burned myself out recapping every minute detail of remediation efforts on 12-19 feeds of ROV's working on the BP catastrophe a mile below in the Gulf. Two person volunteer tech team, on a good day, doing round the clock watch for months... Point being, I know how tedious it can be to dream up imaginative and entertaining ways to present mundane developments over the long haul. It takes a lot of you. I want everybody working on this recapping effort to know how enjoyable you've made it for me--especially coming off of my total submersion on live feeds elsewhere. You're a terrific crew and I was really looking forward to sharing the summer with you all again. I'm also really glad to see thoughtful and amusing newcomers join in the fray! So thank you, all of you, again.
  3. Sidhe


    We'll see IceMan. Ragan's in a tough position right now. Throughout the night he revealed that he has the best read on the housemates and the game--right down to knowing that Hayden's the most lethal player in the game, and that Hayden and Lane are headed for the F2 unless something changes. Only when he's talking to Matt does his judgment seem to cloud over again. But is that intentional? I could flip a coin on it, this morning. He told Britney, last night in the hammock, that he caught Matt red-handed in gaffes and retroactive sense-making which led him to believe that Matt had a strategy for the "make up" conversation with Ragan. So he knows Matt's still working him and the house. He asked Matt several times about what throwing him under the bus consisted of, before and after yesterday morning's revelation. So he knows Matt's still using it as a tack to stay in the game. Matt, of course, lied to him--and it was obvious that he was lying. I don't think a man with a PhD in communications could possibly have missed it, even though he wants to believe otherwise. So the question is how does he change social course without looking flaky and causing himself more problems? I think Ragan knows it serves him better to look like he's still on the hook while Matt is running around trying to slit his throat every chance he gets. It hurts more. It's risky too. But, ultimately, Matt is making a truly disgusting spectacle of trying to stay in the game at Ragan's expense and it's reinforcing the group's desire to shut Matt down and put him out. Plus, it allows Ragan's intellect and emotional strength to be underestimated as they head into a double eviction, just in case he doesn't win HoH. It's easy for viewers to make cavalier judgments about who should go next. But who in that house can even imagine feeling good about kicking that poor bastard in the teeth on top of having his throat cut all week by somebody he was so obviously loyal to? Not to mention the fact that Matt's such a loose cannon... Sometimes playing possum's the smartest play. This looks like one of those times to me. ETA: I'm cutting Ragan a thousand miles of slack for bashing Rachel because she made him righteously pissed and he needs to touch base with his anger to survive in the game and because, like it or lump it, it's a strong point of commonality with Britney. I don't think the point for either of them is to injure Rachel. I think the real (albeit unconscious) point is to fire each other up and maintain communication in a way that doesn't flag as "side dealing".
  4. I'm irked, too, that Matt managed to screw up Britney and Ragan's endgame. But there is sill one tiny ray of interest in the season for me if Ragan becomes a better player without Matt around, the way Britney did without Monet and Brendon without Rachel. It's late in the game but I don't think he's going to go to pieces any more than the others did and I wonder what he can come up with in terms of recovery. I hope he becomes a competition machine, along with Britney, just to give the rest of them agida. "The boys" don't seem to think real highly of women or gay men. I would enjoy seeing them have their asses handed to them by both.
  5. Sidhe


    Ditto, Kareny. I was almost beginning to suspect that he was going to walk Britney into F3 (building her up for the fan favorite $) and Ragan into the F2 with every intention of losing to him because he didn't want to win the game on the whopper lie he told against the one guy who truly cared about him. 50K is damn good money for three months of competing with a manufactured advantage. Leave with your soul intact, help a good man pay down his PhD... Think of it as a finder's fee. Life could be spent doing worse. But to culminate your game with this? Way to go Professor Moriarty; counteract suspicions about you being shady and unnecessarily selfish by throwing the only person willing to protect you into an oncoming train, rather than strike the root of what threatens you. There's nothing genius about being a soulless, terrified prick, clawing around in the dark for an easy out. It is a pretty good demonstration of just how banal "evil" really is, though. What a waste of time and purported IQ.
  6. Sidhe


    I'm glad I'm not the only one here hoping that Britney's playing a stellar game with H/E/L right now. The one thing that's always bugged me about her though is an apparent weakness for needing to be included with the "beautiful people". I'd be thrilled to be wrong but I think it may get the better of her--and her game.
  7. Sidhe


    I've got my fingers crossed for a Matt win today. I don't know that it will be enough to resuscitate his game but I'm willing to hope he can claw his way through the next few days with it. I've believed from the minute he laid the trap for his alliance to tell him they were voting him out, he had to do something with that information--specifically, offload the only one of them that could reliably compete against him. People resent traps like that. Duh. Those boys were never going to welcome Matt back into the fold while he held that sword of Damocles over their heads. Never. The alliance was kaput the minute they told him they were voting him out. Yes, it sucks because he turned in the only tangible evidence that the alliance even existed in the game. But those are the breaks. Move on. When I didn't see him blow the lid off the Brigade before nominations, I was pretty sure he believed he was still part of that alliance only because he wanted to. That's not smart. Worse, the window's all but closed on a lot of his options to launch solid, alternative alliance. Ultimately, I hold BB producers accountable for destroying the organic game by denying Brendon his choice to put Britney on the block and bringing Rachel back to force his hand with the DPoV. It's one thing to have other players jack your game up. It's another to have all-knowing BB do it. I'm hoping he wins, and keeps on winning, so he can stick in BB's craw for the duration.
  8. And that's the irony, Kareny, I think Enzo's the one that takes the game to heart. Hayden's more embarrassed he tipped his hand than he is remorseful about screwing somebody he made a pact with. Hayden's got a great social game for BB but I find everything else about him less and less bearable with every passing day. At least Enzo makes me laugh every now and again. I don't know who I'm rooting for anymore. They're all getting on my nerves now. I know part of it is entirely owing to my unrealistic expectations. I think they have enough information to avoid certain pitfalls. But I also know that I can see them because I have no vested interest in being blind to most of the clues. My only hope for enjoying the rest of the game is that Matt is laying the "Brigade to the bitter end" stuff on thick as pure ruse. I don't give a damn about the Brigade's goals or achievements in the game. One part balls-to-the-wall player, two parts intolerable fame whore and one part likable ballast does not a compelling alliance make. Meh. Whatever.
  9. Sidhe


    Hayden's definitely smart enough to avoid any obvious traps but he's tipped his hand enough already for Matt to catch on. We may never hear Matt talk about it but you just know he's still got to be steamed about Hayden and Enzo not sharing the information about Rachel's message to Brendon. The interesting thing about Hayden though is that he rarely seems to overextend himself. He generally keeps lots of room around himself to maneuver, although Brendon (of all people) can blow the cover off his benevolent-counselor act. Credit where credit's due, though: dude's got mad social game. Talk about being deft... I almost wish I could send him and Matt to the F2. It would never happen but what a match up. I'd love to watch two really bright, effective players with these style differences battle it out for the jury. Can you imagine the closing arguments?
  10. And away we go... Matt asked Hayden and Enzo, in the SR a few minutes ago, to let him know if they were going to line up behind either Lane or himself before the vote so he wouldn't be blindsided. Both gave him the "yeah, of course, bro" schtick. Matt's setting them up. Firstly because Matt was assured only hours ago that the vote would be split. Now? Hayden and Enzo conceded the possibility that the votes could be a block. Secondly, Matt knows he isn't going anywhere. So he wants these boys to fully commit to throwing him overboard. Will he actually put on of them on the block? Maybe. Maybe not. But should he decide to do it, they will have given him all the reason he needs.
  11. I think he should nominate Hayden. Hayden just tipped his hand during the Brigade meeting, that he's the one calling the shots in the H/E side alliance with Brendon, when Matt asked if they were still going to be all nice with Bredon this week. Enzo stayed quiet and Hayden made the call, "Yeah. I'm going to." Matt was probing them as much as he was trying to solidify the alliance. So I'm hoping his instincts are telling him this thing's crumbling and he's been abandoned instead of believing what he wants to believe. The signs are there. We'll see how good his acumen is.
  12. Well the return of Rachel has pretty much ruined any semblance of organic game, as far as I'm concerned. What next? Production will just generally broadcast snatches of audio between scheming players to the whole house from other rooms, the yard, or even the DR if they're not getting the kind of drama they want? Bring back a bona fide All-Star for 24 or 48 hours and a new cast can run through a game where phantom players set the rules around themselves too? People who think BB might be an interesting game to play should walk away from this debacle with these thoughts in mind: 1) Don't bother playing this game unless you've got a host of gigantic, unresolved psychological problems that can stand up to BB's insatiable need for manufactured drama. 2) Know this isn't your game, it's production's game and you're just a vehicle for doog t.v.--so play your part and bring nothing of your true self into the game. 3) Never ever let another showmance survive for a second longer than it takes to rip it apart and shove one of them out the door. Britney walked right into this and Enzo allowed himself to be taken into the giant suck that is Rachel too. But Matt was playing a good game. Seeing production give an evicted player another chance to boot him out and attempt to put her "man" into his place is just ridiculous. Even Julie Chen said, "Where would the 'Brigade' be without Matt?" Bollocks. If they want to write the game too, then pay writers like every other production. I'll be glad when this phony turd is off the lot.
  13. Sidhe


    Rachel is even more appalling than I ever thought she could be (and I gave her kook factor a whole lot of credit). I mean, honestly, the gravitational force of her self-absorption has the density of a singularity for Pete's sake. She opens her mouth and the only thing that keeps coming to my mind is: raging case of narcissistic personality disorder. I had a feeling they'd bring her back. They may even make her an All-Star, I suppose. But I am so grateful I have the luxury of clicking a button to shut off her batshit lunatic ravings any time Big Brother thinks to trouble my entertainment with her quasi-therapeutic "gaming".
  14. Very possible, GraceUnderPressure, if they judge the it the way they keep saying they'll evaluate the game. But every year bent noses cast vengeance votes because they can and I think a whole lot of these folks are going to think Hayden's a real snake in the grass by the time votes come due. Lane too, but he's more entertaining. I figured a 5-2 split: Brendon = Lane Rachel = Hayden Ragan = Lane Kathy = Hayden Matt = Lane Britney = Lane Enzo = Lane
  15. Is it too early for me to call the game? Not if I don't mind having egg on my face, I guess. If Matt loses Ragan this week, I'm calling it for Hayden and Lane in the F2 with Lane for the win.
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