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    Reading fmc, beehoppy, angelmi, OGG love ALL you talented hammie hounders!
  1. I wish I could figure out how to copy the tweet from @IamTennille77 here. It’s all the receipts with dates that Jackson did horrible things. The last line says that section 73.1216 of FCC rules says a “game show” defined by section 509 title 47 of the United States Code determines Big Brother is NOT a true game show but more like Professional Wrestling where the winners are predetermined and for entertainment purposes only. Very telling. Maybe Jackson was supposed to win and Mommie didn’t like the edits and was suing due to some super secret contract? Who knows. I’m over this Melon Head!
  2. Love Jackson or hate him (I’m abundantly happy to be in the hate club) I will say he has made us all talk and given us something to watch. Be it his mommy pressuring Fug, his questionable past, his girlfriend at home, the comments that Holly is his everything IN GAME and will be his friend outside of game, his watermelon eating disorder, his narcissism, and you get the point. He has won comps. ( did production help? Who knows. I think BB is considered a game show and I think held to high regulated standards, but we all know Fug works in mysterious ways) Jackson has manipulated people, and that truly is BB. I feel he got advice from the Skippys. But my feelings don’t mean diddly squat. I love Hamstertime! It lets me “diddly squat” any time I please. It lets us all talk about these Hammies with people who love BB as much as we do. So go forth Jackson! You pompous douche bag, and keep giving us something to talk about!
  3. I’m calling BS. Production gave that last Veto win to Jackson. He was sooooo worried but beat Nicole by 3 minutes? Production gives Jackson endless watermelons and steak. Let’s him eat when he’s a have not with no repercussions. Puts dim bulb Holly there to be his grossmance. I bet when Holly didn’t want to have sex on camera production pushed her onward to service the golden boy. What the hell has his mommy got on Fug to push Jackson to the win??? I’m so over this entitled, umbilical cord dragging, pompous douche bag!!!!!
  4. I too debated on Cliff or Tommy. I think my only argument against Tommy if I was F2 would be that Tommy was lovable but it’s because he’s a great actor. Cliff was lovable because he’s a genuine good guy. Who knows, trying to say Tommy was only “acting” like he cared about everyone would probably sink me as the F2 and the jury would be pissed at me for attacking their beloved friend. I just couldn’t come up with a good plan to attack Cliff if I was sitting next to him.
  5. ..... TIMBER sweet Jessica, you’re finally not a snooze feast, you’re slow speech translated into an epic slow fall, you’re my morning “pick me up” as I hope to never go down like you did!!!
  6. Agree with you on this. I really was liking Jackson for awhile and thought he was getting judged a bit harshly. I saw glimpses of a good guy buried deep in there fighting an eating disorder and over protective mommy. Then I saw that convo in HOH where Jackson totally manipulated Holly. Holly should have stood up for herself. But it made me go back to my original disgust of Lord Pompous Douchebag of the Great Watermelon Realm. But I do agree LPDGWR has played a better game. He’s won comps, wormed his way out of sticky situations, controlled his showmance, and managed to not have the last 5 hate him. His jury management skills are yet to be determined. I’m still pulling for a Cliff win. He’s a pudgy, smarter Donny and I just love to cheer for him.
  7. Did Cliff throw it to Nicole? Cliff picked up the “house” shaped piece that clearly fit where it was, moved it, then put it back. He was one piece behind and Nicole hadn’t taken her first shot yet. Idk, maybe he was just slowed due to his leg by it sure looked like Cliff was trying to help Nicole get her first win.
  8. After watching BBAD 8/31 with Jackson “talking” to Hollie, I am having PTSD flashbacks. While Jackson has a point, if Hollie made comments to “4 out of 7 houseguests and National TV” that disparaged his “image” he has a right to feel upset. But being a survivor of a master manipulative narcissistic sociopath ex husband, the way Jackson is manipulating Hollie is EXACTLY the way I was treated. Jackson can turn everything Hollie feels, says or does back on her!! I don’t think Jackson has the right to spin it all back on her and seems to barely care how Hollie really feels or her motives. Jackson may “say” he’s been spending all his energy making sure Hollie was happy. But was Jackson really? IMHO Jackson IS a pompous douche bag and I hope his “mommy” is able to shield him from life. Because people like him DO get what’s coming to them eventually. Sorry to go off on a rant, that conversation just pushed all my buttons. Love and peace to anyone who’s ever been in Love with someone like Jackson! And more love and prayers for anyone like Jackson that they turn their life around and become a TRUE caring human towards ANYONE that has the misfortune of crossing their tangled web of manipulation!!
  9. Please sweet OGG, let Nicole think to cut small hole in Michie’s watermelons and fill them with whip cream for reversing the pie smash on BBAD 8/24-8/25!!!
  10. There once was a girl with no clue Kat thought her love was true But Jackson slept with Holly Conspiring bitches got their Jolly Will Kat let Jack’s balls turn blue?
  11. BB grants wish by duct taping those little green tree air fresheners to each houseguests nose. BB, May we play a luxury comp?
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