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  1. With so many hammies being from Florida this year it’s going to be an extra hot mess express swamp style! I’ve got my gator nuggets ready!!
  2. Sarah Beth because she scammed her way into keeping the $5,000 in the veto comp. like HOW did that whinny “please” work? Ugggg. She needs smacked upside her hammy head and forced to be the lord of the latrine for the rest of the summer while having to hear her own awful voice on a loop.
  3. Just to screw with Frenchie and watch him freak the F out that no on is using it on him and America is not saving him.
  4. Can’t Can you go a whole day without using your cell phone for anything more than JUST calls?
  5. Thanks @angelmi ! You truly deserve a few corn nuts or a Fisty sweatshirt for all your dedication. I come here every year and it’s so good to see you each time. Everyone is fabulous. Y’all make me laugh and have kept me company through this suckfest even though I mostly lurk. Pray to OGG that you all have wonderful holidays!!!
  6. So did Julie kill the Tiger and take it’s tooth to find Carole Baskin’s Ex Husband with that outfit tonight? Roar...
  7. What are those earrings Julie is wearing? Is that FUG’s Skull???
  8. Is it Blue or white and gold? Here we go again
  9. I wish I could figure out how to copy the tweet from @IamTennille77 here. It’s all the receipts with dates that Jackson did horrible things. The last line says that section 73.1216 of FCC rules says a “game show” defined by section 509 title 47 of the United States Code determines Big Brother is NOT a true game show but more like Professional Wrestling where the winners are predetermined and for entertainment purposes only. Very telling. Maybe Jackson was supposed to win and Mommie didn’t like the edits and was suing due to some super secret contract? Who knows. I’m over this Melon Head!
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