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  1. 5:35 PM Back from trivia. Jam and Jess whispering...they seem to be the nominees this week. No sign of Eric or Dick. Dani is with Zach in HOH. Edit: changed to hamster time.
  2. Mr. Carey: "Honestly, how does it feel in the Big Brother house to be scrutinized every day?" Amber: "Honestly, I don't know what scrutinized means." -- Power of Ten broadcast, 8/28/07. Despite the quotes, Mr. Carey's question is paraphrased. Amber's response is exact.
  3. Sarafu: If a particular carrier was blocked from voting, it probably has to do with back-end technical or business deal with that carrier. I don't see anything at cbs that suggests Sprint users can't vote, though, so if this happened to just you, you might have walked through a coverage hole waiting for the message to send. *shrug* sbell111: Thank you for the Zach perspective...sometimes I forget to read my sarcasm literally to see how it would be interpreted in his brain! :)
  4. I'm not sure I'm following your math there...wouldn't it just be easier to put $10.00 in an envelope and mail it to CBS?
  5. I totally voted for Dick to be on the blocks. His behavior this week was worse than reprehensible. (Not that Jen's was any better, but it would appear she's got hers already.) And when Dustin, Jen, and Dick are all in the sequester villa together, I want to subscribe to those feeds.
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    Oh for the love of OGG!! Nick was Danielle's "support player" for her Power of 10 appearance. They'll do anything to pimp that manchild....
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