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  1. The Final HOH

    Either one. I would be a bit more for Tyler, but that laying in bed with Angela has made him look stupid, while Kaycee kept playing her heart out. So while they both deserve to win, Tyler has become Moondoggie and bored me. So go KC!
  2. I thought the robot got her a lot of attention, I also liked the whole robot idea. She whined the whole time but really she is just that weird, the robot wasn't at fault.
  3. He looked good playing the dumbdumb side, but it really shows that he had no idea that Level 6 was playing him the whole time. They should have voted him out before Sam. Letting JC get this close could backfire on Tyler, I think it's a given that Kaycee would win over JC, bitter idiots might just give JC the votes over tyler because they have the brains of bitter idiots. It's funny watching him brag because he's so damn wrong, but they've let him get too close.
  4. Crime Shows

    Love Veronica Mars!
  5. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Great big high fives to all the recappers!
  6. BB20 House Discussion

    I agree with Sophy, and I would like to see KC win.
  7. There was nothing close to grace or class in her DR rants about ripping off the doors and threatening the other Hammies. Her meek demeanor as she left was totally as strange as her ranting and raving on other days.
  8. JC winning would bug me, and I wonder if it would be like Adam and his big drug deal.
  9. He spent all that time ruling over dumbasses, thinking he was king of the game without ever paying attention to the alliance that was truly running it all. He seemed to have game, but alas he was just lame.
  10. Unless all of his accusers are lying, how has her husband been railroaded? Many contracts have a moral clause, mainly to use to get rid of someone. I am guessing they are working some ways to dump her, I found her use of his last name to be rather juvenile. I was a big fan of Chenbot, now I am deeply disappointed. I have zero tolerance of sexual abuse, I was hoping she had some proof, something, but no, just a fuck you all.
  11. BB20 House Discussion

    My daughter, her husband, and my granddaughter just moved to Fayetteville, she said they are getting a lot of wind and rain. Brett shot himself in the foot, I don't think the alliance had a choice but to take him out.
  12. I thought he looked shook to his core, he did not see this coming and he's lost Brett. I am waiting for BBAD to see if he's back to normal.
  13. Wow. Did she just support someone who seems to be a sexual predator? What the hell?