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  1. Cases of MinuteMaid light lemonade and tons of ice, sour cream Pringles, mushroom and pineapple, double cheese pizza, and chocolate walnut fudge. I want my letter to be from my granddaughter Libby.
  2. Now I thought Kaysar was hot, until he took his stupid hand off the button, then he was dead to me. I am pretty sure I thought a couple of others were good looking, but I don't remember them now. Looks aren't that important, personality is tops.
  3. I think he is a very attractive man, I don't think he looks at all female, but beyond that how he plays the game will be what's important to me. If he is anything like the goofy, unattractive Frank, off with his head.
  4. I picked the cop guy Steve, who also is a prof...no real reason.
  5. JC Monduix - The Spanish Leprechaun

    So he must be Fugly's lover?
  6. Rockstar? Seriously, Rockstar...more like Carol Channing in drag.
  7. JC Monduix - The Spanish Leprechaun

    Nudes? In thr pedophile section? I think I will choose to pre-hate him. He seems way too creepy.
  8. Production is letting soandso win!
  9. The ABCs of BB

  10. None of the above. I happily discuss the show, the feeds, this site with anyone interested, but I don't normally bring up TV shows when TV shows aren't being discussed. I like to be very open about liking several reality shows that I like to people who are being all snorty about stupid people who watch such shows or TV at all, not people who don't like them, but people who are being bitches. So anyway, I don't think any of the choices fit.
  11. The ABCs of BB

    Scissors hanging on all the walls, even the bathroom.
  12. The ABCs of BB