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  1. Project Runway

    I have to disagree, Kelly didn't do anything that followed the theme, I knew she was going.
  2. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    The story was that drugs and alcohol were involved and that she may have had something going on with Walken...I have no idea if any of that is true. I don't remember anything about her and Douglas, but things like that were so covered up.
  3. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    As usual Jess knew better but Cody said follow me, and like a dumbass who desperately clings to kookoo Cody, she follow him to nowhere. It was funny when she said were not in BB anymore and he said ...and we lost there.
  4. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    I've seen that fire challenge before but don't know if it was ever used in the final. And yes any of them could have been there, Crusty took Ryan because she knew he was no theft to her winning, but she was left with Ben and Devon, both who might beat her, and Ben did. She should have throught farther ahead, she helped kick out someone, along with Ryan, who couldn't have beat her.
  5. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    Yes! Ben wins the chicken dinner.
  6. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    I voted for Ben for all, but I hardly ever get what I want. So if Devon wins, okay, but the other three, ugh, be like watching Sandra win, insulting as hell.
  7. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    If things keep going the same way, I hope Ben wins and I hope it slaps Crusty right up the side of her head.
  8. Food Shows

    I love feta, but as ice cream...don't think so. I agree about Joe and his stupid facial hair, I hope he's gone soon.
  9. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    They aren't going to show the rest of the season, I am so sick of these freaking criminals running around in society!
  10. A Shocking Moment or Ridiculous Waste?

    Even when the camera is on him, he's invisible.
  11. Mike Zahalsky - Solewa (Merge) - former Healer

    I had the same reaction as Jak
  12. Project Runway

    I loved that smug, too cocky to bother working on his line, Brandon got a huge reality check. Of course the judges should have called him out on his ridiculous repeating, so maybe he could have evolved, but no, he was Strings and by golly he was going to make the same thing over and over and felt entitled to do so, and the judges kept egging him on. I was thrilled he didn't win, didn't even come in second. I didn't much care for most of Ayana's line, but that final dress was a show stopper. I liked Kentaro's the most, but the Penney's rendition is truly bad. And I still liked Margarita's, it was fun, like cruiseware for bling loving elderly. The Wannabe Cherware. I should add that I can only see the first part of the Penney's line, the IPad isn't having it, I hardly ever get the IPad to go to a link and stay there long enough to see anything. And I didn't even notice a male model or see a wedding dress, how slowold am I?
  13. Ryan Ulrich - Solewa (Merge) - former Hustler

    My youngest daughter is thin, you can see her heart do that, you can also see if she's eaten because her belly will stick out a bit. So does only Ryan and Crusty know that Ryan has the idol?
  14. I agree, for a second I thought the wizard had given him a brain cell.
  15. Guess The Final Two

    I picked Ryan and Devon, because I don't want to vote for Crusty.