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  1. I loved the larger font, then it was gone. Poof. I can change the size myself, of course, but then the avatars move too far over and whine whine whine.
  2. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    Yeah, I am sure that Natalie is a hated bitch everywhere she goes, and not at all respected by anyone. The jacket thing was hilarious, and she kept it up, absolutey hilarious. These shows are so much better without bring in Vets.
  3. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Oh boy, love those rolls with the cinnamon butter, yum As for Cody and Jess, yuck.
  4. Tribe Swap!

    Why have tribes at all? I am so tried of production messing up the game.
  5. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    She should have named him Santa. I had a cousin named Billy Bob Williams.
  6. Management--when someone often rise to a level of total incompetence, and stay there making life miserable for those below them.
  7. Comedy

    He has a big Nicole nose, from BB who won by laying under a guy...yeah I am still pissed about that. Small man with a lot of hair.
  8. Project Runway

    I can't read the article, damn old IPad.
  9. BB20 House Discussion

    I think he lost Sam's vote the second she was evicted, she is really that lame. I think he lost Scottie's vote when Scottie was put on the block. Both very bitter and with Sam, too dumb to ever get the game. Then there were the two bitter queens who hated Angela to pieces and thinking they should have won, Blackstar and Pregantsplat. But, I think Kaycee won because she deserved to win, just as Tyler might have won because have also deserved to win. Tyler did have to do the dirty work so that Kaycee could be all sweet and kind. It was truly a great final game. I also think Tyler not falling from the rocket made sense, he was trying to win, not give it to KC. I am glad Tyler won the favorite player, it reminded me of Janelle winning things and the bitches wondering why? why? why!
  10. BB20 House Discussion

    Still some bitter borons, but two winners who deserved to win. And Tyler would have won if he hadn't done the showmance crap, there's the rest of your life after the show. But Kaycee winning was great.
  11. BB20 House Discussion

    Well Kaitlyn tried hard to be a slut with some of the men, but alas poor dumbass Kaitlyn, not a single person in the game wanted to be with you.
  12. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Well I tried to post a quote and this tablet doesn't highlight, so I hope I got this close. Tyler just moved his arm--repeat, Tyler just moved his arm! Too funny