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  1. I finally got back in here where I can post. Got on a plane at 6 something AM in El Paso an got into Raleigh at 6 PM on feb. 13. Same plane, three different crews and two layovers and a 1 hour stay on the tarmac in Dallas while something was fixed. Long time for an obese old lady with swelling feet and wondering about blood clots. Except for 2 days it has rained every day here, but it is beautiful here, tons of tall pine trees.
  2. Fluoride was just as wonderful as vaccinations for humankind, wonderful for health. What's wrong with our tap water are the amounts of toxins from the atombomb era. They test it and send us the results, saying the levels are safe. I am so sick of people on this show thinking it's a popularity contest, or who is the poorest, or who is the most masturbation king or queen for the audience, or who doesn't lie, or who thinks some deity will protected, etc. ; sit down and shut up, or play the your best game. I thought Tamar and Joey were going to be the worst but good gawd Lolo and Purplewhinewhine are the most ridicoulas. STFU and stop being personally insulted that other people aren't there to help you win.
  3. Where is rest of the money? I hated these three befor I knew they are also theives, I hate theives, they should never see the light of day again.
  4. I didn't like it, thought it looked like a high school home ec class project...again. I did like the tan or was it light brown one.
  5. Isn't most bottled water just water out the manufacturers water tap?
  6. This is why I hate this voting shit, so many are cheating, how many people (who do not watch the show) are you getting to vote, etc., and I hate when you are expected to vote 20 times a day...they need to either make the voting fair, or drop the whole damn voting.
  7. The cheeky monkey dress was embarrassing, it looked like a jr high school home ec attempt.
  8. I don't like any of them, but I'm still fine with Tom winning. I have no idea who Lolo or weird name are, but while I don't like them, they do make good buffers for Tom. I don't think I would like any of them in person, Ryan came off much nicer than I've seen him before. Ricky, shudder, what next, he's too odd for me. The rest, snore.
  9. Joey is dumber than dirt and has been very busy listing his many ailments...please throw him out. I think Tamar should always be on the block, always, just in case the target doesn't go, what the hell, screeching bitch can go screaming into the night. Dina is as bad but she doesn't harm my ears. If you aren't going to take your pal with you, Dina is your F2.
  10. Is Joey comparing himself to the physical threat that Ryan actually is?
  11. I am sure she and CBS have a contract neither can nor wants to break, if I am right she will be gone at the of that contract. It's a shame, Chenbot was a big part of the fun, but I can't with her now.
  12. The interview was great, Jonathan is truly an idiot.
  13. I am so behind...surprise twist? W T F ? l hope they vote out Jon. He was annoying to begin with, then seeing laying all over the horrible Dina and calling her Momma, gag me. Next take out that screeching wannabe her sister wench. Thanks for the info, I read the recaps, it just does not make sense as a twist. FUG am stupid.
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