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  1. General Drama

    Isn't it all cable channels other than the 3 networks and PBS?
  2. Project Runway

    Good gawd, enough with the stupid long ribbons from hell! When some others do that same thing over and over, they get jumped on, and rightly so, for boring the crap out of the judges, but this guy gets it to be his signature, ugh. Ayana's a should have won, even Margerita (is that her name) should have won, but lumpy space head suit, double ugh.
  3. Celebrity Big Brother - Coming this winter

    You know she does, he's her replacement for Jessie.
  4. As the mother of two redheads...oh nevermind...I am so glad that that asswipe got a great blindside. He was so pissed.
  5. Project Runway

    People are running like rats from a sinking ship, I don't know who to believe, someone calls him out, then they are called out, what a mess this is. I wasn't surprised when Ben Affleck was called out, but then Matt Damon is called out, damn it, I wanted Damon to be a good guy. By the time this is all spilled, there will be a lot of people to hate. I am so sick of finding out that celebs I have really enjoyed turning out to me monsters!
  6. Project Runway

    Die twins, die. I thought I was watching some middle school drama.
  7. I don't think the people can poop in the short time they are there to cause any more problems than the ocean life.
  8. Wouldn't it be funny if after they marry, at the reception, Jessica pulled off her fake head and she really is a 90 year old woman.
  9. Project Runway

    The strange weird hanging dress reminded me of the hilarious messed up crazy shirt that Denise made for Theo. who knew that it would go from comedy to serious fashion.
  10. I hardly noticed his eyes, his nose was hypnotizing me, like a train wreck, horrifying but I couldn't look away.
  11. Alexandrea "Ali" Elliott - Yawa: Hustler

    I had to look again to see if she was the curly-head twit, I am going to give her a second try, then off with her head.
  12. Poof and she was gone, but not before she got her Olympian comment in.
  13. General Reality Shows

    Web only, well shoot I probably not going to be able to see it. This IPad doesn't let me see much.
  14. Oh I do want to see Cody crying while she drags him to the end.
  15. General Reality Shows

    I always liked the female carpenter, can't think of her name, but I couldn't stand Ty. Remember Christopher Lowell? I used to watch his show all the time. One time he scanned china plates, ran copies then glued them to an old wood floor and covered that with a poly finish, I always wanted to do that. You could scan about anything and place it about anywhere, but I never did try it.