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  1. Never had a crush on him but loved his hair...so where the hell is his hair?
  2. So will Ryan and Joey team up?
  3. That scary purple haired thing is butt- ugly
  4. Aubrey was on Celebrity Apprentice and any other phony celebrity show she could shove her fake boobs into. She has been with many a married man with a few bucks, I think last time I saw her was on marriage boot camp, although I don't remember her being married. I don't know if Trump did her but rat-boy jr, did her, while he was married, that is Aubrey, hope she goes first.
  5. I hate Stephen Baldwin
  6. Even Lindsay hasn't been a celebrity for years, she's a has been. Yeah, I've seen the sad commercial for a wannabe come back for Lindsay. I'll be shocked if it lasts.
  7. Dina Lohan? Good gawd, now that is pretty low on the scale of what's a celebrity.
  8. POLL: Will you be watching?

    I am addicted to BB like a drug...too bad the side effect isn't weight loss and lottery winning...sigh
  9. I kept looking at her huge ass and thighs wondering of she was Kardashian- sized up or just naturally out of proportion. As for her weird personality, I tried to tune her out, what a jackass.
  10. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    I fell asleep so I am glad the recap will be coming soon. Thank you MrsGryn..
  11. Survivor 37: David vs Goliath

    Gabby will take it hard when it is not her...
  12. Yeah, he is so odd, but I liked watching him play, was hoping he'd win. But was glad that stupid Gabby did not get him out.
  13. Who wouldn't beat her at the end? She's nothing but a bawl-baby looking for attention and whoa! did Christian give her sucking-the-air-out-of-the-room, who else would ever give her that much attention. Now it's oh no she wasn't jealous of his girlfriend etc., she's an idiot. As weird as Christian is, he"s great at reading the others, so far, and I would never have wanted such a dumbass like her to have done it.
  14. Site & Show Questions

    It was down last week too.
  15. Food Shows

    I was surprised that the not even trying guy stayed too. WTH?