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  1. Completely ridiculous. I agree with bttrcup. They all give things up to go on the show, but they all do it willingly. He didn't have to go on the show. He could have decided to stay home. He knew what he was getting into and giving up by going.
  2. I figure Jeff won over Jordan because voting starting before she was evicted.
  3. Sorry .. didn't see any other thread available to ask anyone.
  4. This stinks! Nope, still not on. We have our local CBS and an Indianapolis CBS station. Neither are working.
  5. My problem is she had no issue with how Dick played the game. Does she really think Rachel was worse?
  6. So, does everyone still have the show? All of our CBS stations went out during Porsche's speech.
  7. Yeah, that was worse .. but, I was already off the train by then.
  8. It's part 3 that is the part where they have to decide between two options what the jury members say....
  9. Exactly. I don't mind the lying and even hiding of things throughout the house. That was too far though.
  10. Mean girl things? She still didn't really say anything bad about her. At least she didn't put anything in anyone's drink. Wow! I had forgotten that Jerry had even made it that far.
  11. After she put the Benefiber in the Muscle Milk, there was no way I was rooting for her. I thought she should have some kind of penalty for that.
  12. Best Freudian slip ever! Bwahaha! That's hilarious! My husband would have been happy if she would have came to spend the summer with me, I'm sure! I'm going to leave it .. for shits and giggles!
  13. I have a feeling that she didn't necessarily want to be there this year. I think she came back to help Jeff win and to spend the summer with me. Her heart hasn't been in it since he was evicted. I think she started to come back a little, but still wasn't quite as in it as she needed to be. Pretty sure Porsche doesn't think she can win against Jordan in a final two, so she would rather keep Rachel. Plus the fact that they had been friends, kind of sealed Jordan's fate. I'm not even sure Jordan cares all that much.
  14. She says she has words for people in the jury house. I'm curious who she is upset with.
  15. I still don't think she was as upset with Shelly over the gameplay part of it .. as she was that she felt a true friend betrayed her. Her one outburst at Shelly definitely doesn't make me think any less of her.
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