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  1. Hello Everyone.  It's been a long time.  I'm glad to see so many of you are still here.

  2. He kind of acts like my first boyfriend. (Doesn't look like him, though)-- that I had when I was 13. How DO all these men manage to never grow up at all? ETA: women, too, of course, but in this case.....
  3. My alternate online identity is Jule Romans

  4. Did anyone else already catch this??? I've carried a torch for Tsy for seven years now. This is why:
  5. I noticed it, too, especially on the scary collagen-lipped deerhunter lady, who seems to be pretending she's a redneck.
  6. Hi everyone: I have missed you. I'm done with my (rather long) dramatic departure. In case some of you remember me, I just want to say hi. I am eager for this season, not for the show--- I am STILL OFFICIALLY MAD AT YOU ABOUT THE GUINEA PIG QUESTION, ALISON---but because I miss you all too much.
  7. I am so disappointed. I was just about done with BB entirely, but last night did it. For me, there's nothing left to analyze or observe anymore. It's all just a sham, and a poorly done one at that. I knew I wouldn't be on the feeds at all and at HT only rarely for S9 since it's during school time for me. I've lurked some, but haven't spoken. After the guinea pig answer was revealed, I actually felt sad. This has been a really nice diversion for me, and even though I don't talk to you very much, I have come to consider many of you my friends. There's really nothing left, now. It's just ridiculous and stupid. And obvious. And... stupid. Ah, well. I'll probably come back here whenever I need a shot of intelligent wittiness, but good grief, there's just no point in paying any attention to BB anymore. It's not a game, and not a show. So, If you'll forgive the dramatics (and the fact that this is a mixed-topic post)- thanks for the memories, folks. I'm done. For real.
  8. I saw it. Uh, I guess that's all I have to say.
  9. I'm sorry, too, Jak. It's really hard and sad. The only thing I have found that's worse is waiting too long. I did that once. I am thinking of you. I dread the day that may be coming for our oldest dog. She's over 12-- we don't know how far over-- my guess is 14-17. We've had her ten years. She has hip dysplasia (the bunny-hop run), arthritis, and her hearing and sight aren't what they used to be. She evidences no pain, at least not at present, but you can't always tell. aside: If I'm not mistaken, we're both in the mitten, right? We have MANY cats-- 10. Yes, 10. and NO, it's not all me. I am not the crazy cat lady, my husband is the crazy cat MAN. I swear!!! Reallyyyyy! Truly. Honestly! Well, we're probably the crazy cat people. And it is nice having lots of room for them to be free to be cats. We also have three dogs, and.... OH crap. I just realized this is a pic thread, not discussion. *stops talking*
  10. I'm reading an unusual book called They Went Thata Way about how famous people throughout history have died. It was written by Malcolm Forbes. Yes, Malcolm Forbes. I'm also dabbling with Confessions of Teenage Hackers- a bit old (1999), but still interesting; and of course all my butterfly and moth books. We are ony talking about reading nonfiction, right? or are we discussing writing it, too? *waves happily at Gryn*
  11. P.T.R.I.N.K.E.T.: Person Trained for Rational Infiltration, Nocturnal Killing and Efficient Troubleshooting Not bad- except for the killing part. I'm embarrassed to show the avatar I chose, though.
  12. I'm Puff, and I... I'll be updating my Butterfly and Moth website, and maybe starting a blog. Grading papers. Ordering seeds and winter sowing. reading about gardening. Practicing my Scrabble so MAYBE I can go to the Scrabble club again without kgetting my ass kicked. Coming back here regularly. Hey, maybe I'll have more fun in the off season at Ht, without BB8 to distract me. Heh.
  13. It probably isn't breaking the rules, but for me, there's a limit to what I can remain interested in. I've never held the illusion that BB was fair. I did however, hope that there would be at least some element of "reality" or at least spontaneity. Now, all I have to do to know who's going to win is develop a formula for the two factors of the popularity polls on CBS and the TV ratings. If I wanted to do math, I'd watch Deal or No Deal. I've lost interest, I am disappointed, and I am sad to see my favorite summer guilty pleasure gone for good. I come here to HT becuase of you guys, but there is nothing in BB that I want to see anymore. I bounced back and for the between extremes in my opinions of the show this season but I feel pretty settled on how I feel right now. Basically, I think "What's the point of watching the show?" Jameka was right when she said the outcome was predetermined. Not by OGG, though, by the producers. What irks me the most is that they didn't have the courage or the guts to LET the show happen. In a sense, it takes a very brave and confident producer to truly pull off a reality show in any solid sense. I did not see that this season at all. And I am very disappointed. I may have disliked some hamsters in the past, but at least I found them watchable to a certain extent. I can find not a single redeeming, or even watchable quality in either Dick or Danielle. Danielle is so wrapped up in herself and has absolutely no compassion, empathy, kindness, or even a sense of anyone outside herself. Dick is deeply insecure, deluded, and his over the top intensity only betrays how desperate he is for something, anything to be the best at. I don't see either of them having any interest in changing, either. The producers are not only content with these two as their poster children, they have designed at least the past five weeks, if not the entire season, around them. This allowed a very good show to become nothing more than an ad-lib soap opera. I guess to some extent BB has always been scripted, and maybe nothing has really changed but the sugar coating. Still, I am disgusted and saddened to lose a hobby I've enjoyed for several years. (I know some of this verges on diary room, because I'm giving a lot of personal reaction. I tried to edit out as much personal stuff as possible)
  14. I completely agree, ff. I keep checking hamstertime, but I have lost all interest in the show. It's nothing but a sham. For awhile I thought it might have some redeeming qualities, even as a sham, but it doesn't. I've skipped the last several shows on TV, and have had very little interest in anything that is happenning in the house. For a couple mintues, I thought it might get interesting wen D & D went up, but then Dani won veto, so who cares? I now believe it is a dishonest, ugly, shallow and uninteresting display of bad producer judgement. It prompts me to wonder- who are the real famewhores? I say the producers are, more than any of the hamsters.
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