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  1. Uh oh. The social media mogul's Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked, and his Instagram looks like it was deleted. Jocasta may end up with more followers.
  2. I think it has something to do with Olympians. There is a gymnastics event tonight in California. Though the events they take them to tie in to CBS, so maybe not.
  3. Hell no. None of the messages from the sabbie(s) have even been right. Annie said she escaped the block, just a few days before she was ousted. She also said there is a secret pair, which was resurrected at a viewer's suggestion by Ragan. If there was a pair, wouldn't they have highlighted/teased it more in this fairly boring season?
  4. She is incapable of talking to Julie without giggling every two seconds and tilting her head like she is flirting with a customer at a casino. And the constant refrain of 'you tried to get between me and my man' is tiresome - can she really believe that, or is it her pathetic attempt at humor?
  5. This is probably not the right place for this but the new Inside Dish is up with Janelle, HWSNBN, Danielle and Keesha (no Dick). http://www.theinsider.com/obsessions/Insid...th_Ross_Mathews I put it here because they are talking about what is going on/what went on in the current house, but feel free to move it. I won't send any nasty messages about the lousy 200 readers that come here and the terrible language.
  6. The entire thing was just weird. She seemed happy to get to talk to him, but then it was very awkward when she did see him. At first, there was a brotherly hug, then a look askance when he told her he asked for her hand on premier night, then she told him she gave up a lot...A LOT...to get to see him. However, the strangest part was when she knew for days that she was getting a phone call from home, she cried like a baby when she was talking to her father. Her boyfriend who just proposed marriage? Not so much. It doesn't ring true.
  7. I know you are looking for thoughtful, coherent posts, but all I can come up with for this proposal, real or imagined, is... um...EW!
  8. Where did you see that? CBS and Viacom split about two years ago, though they likely continue to have a very close relationship. Not that I don't hope it's true, though.
  9. Not just removed, they also said self-destructs and is remove' They were doing a pretty good job setting up the witches of Burbank (or wherever they are) as starting to go over the edge over Jesse, keeping the camera trained on Chima's sour puss during the HHN competition, and a few DR tirades. Tuesday should be good.
  10. After her fine body of work up through and including tonight's fine display, I think the nanny gigs are now forever in her past. Plus, she doesn't know the difference between a grape and a blueberry.
  11. What. The fuck. Is wrong. With these people? I was under the impression they went through psych tests prior to being cast, but now I firmly believe they cast from the psych ward. This is a game, right? They didn't actually kill Jesse - they just prevented him from winning $500,000, correct? Honestly, this is just baffling.
  12. It is amazing to me how poorly these three people, especially Chima, handled a change of power. While they were part of the HOH crew, everything was great and it was fun to watch people squirm on the block. The minute the tide turned, they all acted about 20 years younger than they are, in Chima's case, 25 years younger. Chima is out because she didn't like not calling the shots, acted like a toddler, and had a tantrum. I truly hope they show what kind of person she really is and show what was going on in that house right before she took her ball and went home. Her family will be proud. So much for the strong women alliance.
  13. Another site purportedly has information on what actually went down when they were at fishes. Read it here.
  14. That interview with Ross Matthews was painful. Jessie is an insufferable douche. It's America's fault, certainly not his own for his gameplay or his personality in general, it's because America likes the underdog. He is in serious need of some self awareness. Jeff is not a competitor, so they cut him from their alliance. Not a competitor? Really? More like not fawning for Jessie, and we can't have that. Jackass.
  15. I don't know if this is the right place to post this or not but here goes: I have seen a few rumors on Twitter as far as who was evicted and who is HOH, the most common being that Jessie was evicted and Michelle won HOH. When Jessie was tossed last year, wasn't his puppy dog Michelle (Manchelle) HOH? I think someone out there is confused. OR...it's a strange coincidence. Guess we'll find out in a couple of hours.
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