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  1. Is CBS trying to get the younger crowd to watch? I don't know a single one of these fame whores.
  2. Tonight we have our sooper-special edition of Big Brother, courtesy of Thursday night Football. Tonight’s show/vote will come as a surprise to the houseguests (oooh, a twist!). We begin in typical fashion with our previouslies…. Last episode, in the most dramatic rose ceremony ever, Austin, Liz, Johnny Mac, and Steve battles for the HOH in another version of Eggs in Hell. Vanessa won the HOH, which placed her in a difficult position since she made alliances with both side of the house. She made a deal with Austin/Judas (Justin?!) and placed Steve and Johnny Mac on the block. Tonight we see the veto competition, as well as the live eviction, and the new HOH competition. We go to opening credits as Steve runs away from the storage room, squirreling “They’re talking in there, they’re talking in there!” Julie surprises the houseguests, all of whom are in the kitchen (except for Liz – get your carcass out of bed!), and asks them to join her in the living room. She asks them to specifically not sit in the eviction chairs. She informs them this is a surprise eviction episode and they will also have their HOH competition tonight. The hammies grumble and groan that their regular scheduled activities are being thrown for a loop. We get a flashback to the nomination ceremony. Steve does not compute Vanessa’s bizarre game play and questions how it’s in her best interests to place him and JM on the block. JM vows to win the veto or pull all the last-minute tricks up his sleeve in order to not walk out of the house a second time. Vanessa confides in confessional that Johnny Mac is her target this week and calls him dangerous. Steve and Vanessa hug it out in the HOH and Vanessa cries some more. Steve tells her not to worry and they plot and hope that JM doesn’t win the veto. Vanessa tells Steve he’s not going home this week. JM has an awkward conversation with Liz and Austin about feeling like he’s on the outs. He throws out a “what if” he throws the veto to Liz or Austin and asks if they would break that deal with Vanessa. Austin (in confessional) wonders how this is good game play. Liz and Austin see Vanessa pass by and let her in on the scam. Vanessa doesn’t believe what she hears. After regularly scheduled commercials, we get to see the POV competition. The hammies are told that not only are they playing the competition, but also CBS is using them to hock their new comedy “Life in Pieces.” Of course the hammies are excited, as they have had no TV in three months. They’d probably be happy watching the fish on the feeds at this point. They play along with CBS and pretend to enjoy the promo, smiling, laughing, and even Liz saying she’d watch it back home. The competition for POV is a “Life in Pieces” puzzle, where the players will have to assemble the puzzle, walking across a balance beam, and press a buzzer within 20 seconds to keep the puzzle board magnetized (which will drop their pieces if they aren’t careful). If they fall of the balance beam, they have only 10 seconds to still press the buzzer or they will be out of the competition entirely! JM lets us know that if he sees Steve winning, he may not throw the competition (and try to win POV) in order to stay in the house. The hammies discover early on how quickly 20 seconds will go by. Every hammie is watching their timer and hitting their reset button, except Vanessa. Her timer and 10-second warning elapse, and she is out of the game before she even got started. Liz worries about Austin’s lack of ability with puzzles and Austin wonders whether or not Jonny Mac will really throw the competition. We hear the individual strategies from each player. Austin gets the doofy edit since he can’t seem to keep up the timer or put the puzzle together well. Liz is doing well, but is frustrated that she can’t get all the pieces to work yet. JM sees that Steve is doing well, and “Plan B” goes into effect – he will fight for the veto. With Liz and Steve very close to finishing, JM hits his buzzer and wins POV (and blows up Vanessa’s plan). Vanessa doesn’t know who will be her next target. After commercials, we see the aftermath of the POV competition. Steve says it was a close game and JM is thrilled someone else is being voted out. In her HOH room, Vanessa cries (if this isn’t already a drinking game, it oughtta be!) and doesn’t know how JM could possibly win the veto and save himself. It’s sooo frustrating. You wouldn’t understand. Liz and Austin are frustrated because Liz was close. JM walks into the room. They do congratulate him. Austin says it will be either JM and he, or JM and Liz that control the votes. In the storage room, Steve thinks this is what Vanessa deserves for going back on her word. He knows Vanessa is crying. He hopes that vote will be 1-1 and she will have to be the tiebreaker (and break up the showmance). He goes awkwardly goes to talk to her, but she quickly shuts him down and tells him she wants to be left alone. Austin goes up to talk to Vanessa and says it shouldn’t matter who goes up since they *should* have the votes. During the veto meeting, JM takes himself off the block and Austin goes up in his place. Austin says he’s okay with being on the block, but he knows that he is not 100% safe. Steve thinks he’s a shoe-in for votes and is already planning on Austin leaving. The wild card is JM’s vote. We move to the HOH room; Vanessa wants to know how JM will vote. They once again shake on a deal for final three, but JM wonders if keeping Austin would be a good move for him. JM goes downstairs to talk with Austin. JM thinks he might keep Austin, just to tick off Vanessa. Austin has high hopes of this plan, because it would mean a final 3 deal for him, JM, and Liz. We’re back from another round of commercials and it’s time for the live vote. Steve or Austin will be voted out and become the 7th member of the jury. Steve praises how happy he is to have the opportunity to play Big Brother. Austin/Judas plugs “Life in Pieces” for CBS and says he’s enjoyed becoming friends with Steve and still asks the voters to keep in the house. Liz is the first to cast her vote, and makes the obvious vote to evict Steve. JM says it’s time for some blood, and votes out Austin. This will force Vanessa to make the tie-breaker vote. Julie informs the houseguests that there is a tie. Vanessa says she’s here to play a game, and votes out Austin. The look on his and Liz’s face shows that she definitely blindsided them. He’s furious at her and walks out of the house with no shoes on. We return to the house and Vanessa is crying how hard it is for her. Austin tells Julie that Vanessa has no chance in winning the game and that she ultimately “Judased Judas.” Julie asks about his showmance with Liz – Austin says he loves her and that Big Brother was his shot back in show business. Julie informs us that we get to vote for America’s for favorite player and give them $25,000. After commercials, we return to the HOH competition. It’s a video competition where we will see a segment of video for various houseguests and the hammies will have to choose whether the bleeped out word or phrase is correct. The answers are true or false. The hammie with the most points after 7 rounds will win the game. - The first question shows Julie saying she never got “bleeped” – is the word “picked”? They all answer true and they are all correct. - The second question shows Becky saying “I’m a retail manager and I like “bleep” outdoors” – is the word “camping”? They all answer false and they are again all correct. - The third question shows Jackie saying she “never got any “bleep on herself” – is the word “dirt”? Liz and JM say false, and Steve says true. Steve is the only one to get the point. - The fourth question shows Jace saying he knew there was a plan to backdoor and “bleep” take him down – is the word “throw”? They all say false and all earn a point. - The fifth question shows Megan saying she was honored this week to have been called someone’s queen, but she “bleeped” a lot of friends – is the correct word “made”? JM votes false and Liz and Steve vote true – JM gets the sole point. (At this point, JM and Steve have 4 points and Liz has 3). - The sixth question shows James saying he gets bored and he “bleeps” to keep himself occupied – is the correct phrase “play pranks”? They all say true and they’re all incorrect. - The final question shows Vanessa reading her letter that says her girlfriend misses her “bleep” – is the correct word “kisses”? JM and Steve vote true and Liz says false. Both JM and Steve are correct, and they earn another point and are still tied. Liz is behind two points and is out of the competition. They have to go to a tiebreaker. They will have to guess a number without going over. The tiebreaking question is “In seconds, how long was the Over the Rainbow competition from the official start to when Vanessa won the HOH?” JM guesses 3600 and Steve says 601. The correct answer is 2,825 – Steve is now the new HOH. He confesses that he forgot a 0 (he was going to guess 6001 – which is a super lucky mistake). For our final scene of the evening, Julie reminds of another live eviction episode tomorrow. Brendan and Rachel will be returning for a “big announcement” – I’m putting my money on them procreating… and there’s only another two more episodes after that to finally end this season of suck. We “eavesdrop” to see Vanessa, JM and Steve chatting in the kitchen and Liz is crying in bed.
  3. I can be an alternate, or take one of the Sundays or the Tuesday if needed! Sorry I'm coming in so late!
  4. False (don't tell Mr Tismissella...) Never have I ever been too drunk in public.
  5. Our eviction night is between Devin and Caleb - who will be voted out? Read on! Previously on BB - HOH Derrick and Nicole conspire who to put up on the block. Caleb volunteered to go up on the block and eventually threw the Battle of the block competition, which took Donny and Amber off the nomination. Caleb thought that what he was doing was chivalrous, and in turn thought Amber would fall for him. Amber isn't playing his reindeer games, and instead turned her attention to Cody (which makes Caleb even more jealous). Cody then starts questioning if Caleb isn't the best choice to be sent home. At some point in the past few days, Jocasta came down with the plague and was unable to play the POV competition. Devin's chip was pulled, which allowed him to try to fight for his life in the BB house. In the end, Groundskeeper Donny pulled off a win and sent the house into mad fits and cheers. Donny uses his POV to take Jocasta off the block (cue ugly crying here) and Devin is sent on as her replacement. Operation Devin Removal is in full swing! Tonight we see the live eviction, as well as the new HOH competition. Also, BB capitalizes on Donny's popularity and sends former houseguest Jeff Schroeder to Donny's parent's house. We see the end of the POV meeting and Jocasta is all smiles and tears. Donny says it was a no-brainer taking her off the block as she is a close friend to her in the house. He also feels compelled to help her because she was so ill and couldn't pay for herself in the POV competition. Caleb needs to learn a thing or two about chivalry from the groundskeeper. Caleb feels like it could be a big move on his part putting himself up against Devin on the block. Devin plans on finding a crack in the houseguest's plan and seeing if he can get Caleb sent home instead. Jocasta is overwhelmed by Donny's act of kindness. She says she will return the favor in any way she can. In BB night vision, we see Amber going to bed in the Have Not room. Later, Caleb goes in to sleep, and uses his own blankets to cover Amber. In what should be a kind move, he then lets people know his good deed. Hayden is there too, and he's completely confused by Caleb's dream of winning a date with Amber. We see Donny and Cody chatting about Caleb. He's clearly blinded by "love" for Amber, and he's still making Cody feel uncomfortable every time he talks to Amber. Cody drops a hint that maybe they should get Caleb out of the house sooner rather than later. Donny agrees, but warns that Caleb is a beast at competitions. Later in the day we see Victoria leave the house in a bikini, a lacey cover, and super high wedges (and WHO is she trying to impress?) and she does get catcalls from a few of the guys. This will be Victoria's sole shining moment in the entirety of her BB stint. Caleb and Amber (and Victoria) are chatting under night vision. We see Caleb fondling Amber's knee - she puts up no fight to his touch. Creeper Caleb comes in to the room to check out what's going on. He's clearly frustrating Cody with his jealous stalker routine. Cody confronts Derrick about the situation, and suggests that perhaps Caleb be the one sent home this week. Zach joins the conversation, and agrees that the love triangle is a big issue in the house. We get a break from the creepy love triangle and BB rewards us with the budding showmance of Hayden and Nicole. They're cuddly, kissey-faced, and remind us maybe a little of Jeff and Jordan. Hayden is all googley-eyed for her and really wants a kiss. Victoria comes in to the room and worries she's interrupting something, but alas, this duo is too PG for that. This ruins Hayden's plans for a move. In the backyard, Devin and Cody bond over the pool table. Devin's honesty with Cody gives him an endearing quality. This makes Cody question if Devin is the right person to send home this week. Cody then brings it up to Zach, who in turns brings it up to Frankie, that perhaps Caleb is a better target. Frankie talks to Christine and Derrick about the possibility of voting out Caleb instead of Devin. The wheels start turning in several houseguest's minds that maybe, just maybe, Caleb is the better choice to evict. (Kudos to Editor Skippy for creating the façade that Devin might actually have a chance this week.) We return from commercials and BB fills our time slot with a visit to Donny's parent's house with none other than Jeff Schroeder. Donny's parents are exactly as you'd imagine them - down to earth and sweet. And ironically, they don't watch their son on TV. Jeff shows his folks a few clips of Donny on the show, and his parents and family seem amused. It's interesting to see the family that Donny clearly loves so much - they're good hearted people. If you're interested in watching the clip, click on CBS's link. We return to the waiting houseguests in the living room. Jocasta proclaims how much better she is feeling. Zach is asked about his time in the house and he (rather openly) says how much he dislikes them all. The houseguests think it's all a joke and laugh, but given his pre-house interviews, he really doesn't like people - so maybe he's telling the truth? Hayden says it's not too terrible being a have-not and questions if Survivor is still casting. Chenbot lets the group know that in the following week there will be no have-nots and the hammies cheer! Julie does remind them to expect the unexpected. It looks like the wristbands they're carrying are also fitness trackers, which tracks exercise and calories burned. The next group of have-nots will more than likely be those who are "least active" in the house. As we return from commercial break, the fate of Devin and Caleb is at hand. Caleb and Devin both give brief speeches throwing one another under the bus in a last-ditch effort to stay. During the live votes, each and every houseguest votes to evict Devin. The final vote is 11-0. Devin takes the eviction well, and says his goodbyes to everyone. Brittany gives Devin a tinfoil heart. Cheers in the house as Devin is gone. He is not surprised that he's gone, as he did "play the game hard". The goodbye messages aren't as awful as one might expect, and Devin learns that Donny is indeed a groundskeeper and not ex-military or a Harvard med student. For the next HOH, the hammies are paired randomly by numbers. The pairings are: Victoria and Christine, Caleb and Nicole, Brittany and Jocasta, Amber and Zach, Donny and Hayden, and finally Cody and Frankie. The competition, "Deviled Eggs", is difficult, as it requires the houseguests to work together to get 12 eggs through a chicken wire obstacle course and safely nested in their respective slots. The houseguests all struggle initially getting the eggs through the beginning slot and learn that slow and steady will win the race. Passing the eggs back and forth, not only through the wire but also through a wall separating the paired houseguests, is very difficult. This is not an endurance challenge, but it's evident that we will not know the winners of the competition until later in the evening. Julie lets us know that Team America's (f*ck yeah!) next task has been chosen by viewers. The choices were to put up floaters or physical threats on the block. America voted for "someone they believe is a physical threat". Julie also gives upcoming show clues, such as who is going to be nominated and what day to see what show (and if you're reading HT, her clues are useless). When we return to the competition,Team Amber and Zach and Team Cody and Frankie have each safely placed one egg in its slot. BB Skippy drops fake "ashes" on the hammies, and Derrick looks like he's dressed up for Halloween in a red cape, horns, and red pitchfork ensemble. See you next show!
  6. I'm cheering for the Jew! There. I said it. As one of the fellow "chosen people" I like that she has SOME cultural differences, and maybe can even enlighten a few of these hammies about the world outside the US. I'm also hoping to see her do a Sabbath dinner. Baruch attah Adonia......
  7. My husband and housekeeping. What is your drink of choice whilst recapping Big Brother?
  8. You can put me down for July 17th. Perhaps more if my schedule allows.
  9. But it will be on Friday now? Are they trying to compete with Shark Tank and 20/20?
  10. There's nothing less exciting than your BB 3 ring circus.
  11. Previouslies... Last week, we saw that Howard finally came clean to Helen about being a member of the now defunct Moving Company. His honesty, however, did put a target on his back. Amanda tried to force Elissa's hand with MVP to get her to put Howard on the block. We also see that the power in the house has switched, making Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin, and Jeremy lose their minds and take their aggressions out on other houseguests. Aaryn and Kaitlin are rewarded for their bad behavior when Helen puts them on the block. (Helen's real target is Jeremy). When Kaitlin wins Veto and removes herself from the block, Jeremy is placed in her spot and is voted out of the house. During the HoH comp, Judd mumbles his way into victory. Chenbot announces that America is MVP this week, and we will nominate the 3rd houseguest for nomination. She does tell the houseguests to "expect the unexpected". Tonight, we see Candice's and Howard's romance begin to blossom and the slow destruction of Aaryn and GinaMarie's alliance to one another. Plus, we find out who Judd places on the block for eviction. In a black and grey memory, we're reminded that Jeremy is voted out with a vote of 9-1. Kaitlin mourns his loss, feels his leaving is her fault, and laments that Jeremy deserves to be in the house more than other contestants. Aaryn calls Jeremy's exit bittersweet, but she's thanking OGG that she didn't get the boot out of the house. Helen is elated with Jeremy leaving the house, but grounds herself and says she can't get cocky now. In BB technocolor, the houseguests watch Jeremy's Memory Wall photo go to black and white. Amanda tries to make Kaitlin feel better by announcing that Jeremy looks better in black and white and then supplies her with a pity hug. Spencer is grateful that he wasn't the one voted out, but he's noticing a pattern of guys leaving the house and he's nervous there's a girl's alliance. Kaitlin is going to take the complete opposite of GinaMarie's crazy "Nick's gone and my world is ending" attitude, but instead not show her feelings and distance herself from others. Judd's glorious win in the HoH competition is revisited and he tells us, with cotton balls in his mouth, how excited he is to be "king of the house". His alliance is excited for him, but GinaMarie devises a plan to butter him up and "get these scrubs out of the house." In the bathroom, Jessie flirts with Judd and asks if he wants a crown to wear. OGG bless Big Brother for deciphering his jumbled mess of words (he said yes) but he tries to con a kiss out of Jessie. He walks away, no kiss and completely not understood. In their bedroom, Kaitlin and Aaryn are cooling their heels post-HoH comp. Kaitlin is a little jealous that Jeremy is out of the house and can do whatever he wants. Aaryn points out she should be grateful she's still here. Kaitlin responds that she does have a better chance in the house without Jeremy there. McCrae and Amanda parannoy about the new twist to Andy, and with wisdom Andy replies they can't do anything about it. They don't know how to react to the twist, and then speculate that Judd will put up Kaitlin and GM as his nominees. Amanda says Judd should put up Howard (a continuing theme for her choice of nominations). Judd joins the group with Jessie and Amanda immediately asks him who he's putting up. She then rattles off eligible houseguests for Judd. In DR, Judd lets us know that he's annoyed with Amanda trying to tell him who to put up and that no one is HoH this week except "Jay-eyuw-dubba-Dee". In another part of the house, Howard and Candice also devise a way to stay close to Judd - because really, who isn't? Candice thinks Judd will go after Aaryn and Kaitlin because they screwed with her mattress and he will avenge her. Howard declares that he will stay close to Judd and report any findings back to Candice. Howard knows that he got caught in a lie to Helen, but knows that he's cool with Judd. Judd yells to the house to see his HoH room. It's the same as everyone else's, but we see a younger HS version of Judd in a frame and Helen coos over it. Jessie thinks he's cute enough to do her homework, but not take her to prom. Judd reads his letter from his mom and dad to the houseguests, and they pretend they can understand what he says. Later in the HoH, Judd mumbles to Spencer, Howard, and Elissa about putting up GM as a nominee. Elissa suggests Aaryn. Howard suggests Kaitlin. Spencer is praying it's not him. Judd asks Elissa to let him know if she gets MVP, to which she agrees. They all parannoy about the unknown twist. When we return of commercials, Kaitlin, Andy, and GM are in the HoH. We see that GM can't speak the English language good. We're shown her trying to pronounce auburn, she says "worser", she says she needs an "interpredator", and that pickles "disguise/despise" her. She also talks about "comprenisation" with others. She promises America that she's not a dumb blonde. Sorry GM, America disagrees. We now see the blooming relationship of Howard and Candice. It seems both are open to each other and they trust each other (awww). Candice asks Howard where he would take her on a real date. He replies wherever she wants. They seem like a cute couple and Candice rattles off in the DR how alike they are. She tells him how a penguin is her favorite animal, because they mate for life and the male penguin has to prove his love by giving the female penguin a pebble (which she must accept). She then demands a pebble from Howard, and gets tickled instead. In the Have-not room, Aaryn promises her allegiance to Judd to try to keep herself off the block. He tells her that she is not his main target, but GM and Kaitlin are. Aaryn presses him about Howard, but Howard is Judd's friend - so he'd have to get backdoored. Kaitlin wonders if she and Jeremy will really meet up outside the house. GM says she needs to find his cologne so she can smell him while he's gone. They're joined by Aaryn who tells them she doesn't want to go back up on the block. Kaitlin warns her she can't freak out about it yet and to spend more time with Judd. All three are aware that Judd is friends with Spencer and Howard, so the chance of them going up is small. Aaryn lets the DR know that she's aggravated that GM and Kaitlin are shooting down her game play talk, because she feels she knows best. She picks a fight with GM, and GM tells Aaryn to "check herself". GM wants Aaryn to be more positive, and they bicker-battle back and forth while Kaitlin says nothing. After another commercial break, Judd announces that it's time for the Have/Have-not competition. Teams are divided in threes: Green Team: Howard, McCrae, Amanda and Elissa Blue Team: Helen, GM, Aaryn, and Kaitlin Orange Team: Jessie, Spencer, Candice, and Andy The rules are simple: eat the most frozen yogurt and all flavors of it (which has things like anchovies in it). The team that weighs the least at the end is the Have-not team for the week. Post competition: Orange: gained 11 lbs Blue: gained 13.2 lbs Green: 12.9 lbs Orange team (Jessie, Spencer, Candice, and Andy) are Have-nots for the week. Poor Andy is a Have-not for the third week in a row. Judd talks to Amanda post competition. She tells him he needs to break up the Spencer-Howard-Candice alliance. She pushes Judd to make a big move and get Howard out of the game, since Spencer and Candice are weaker and Amanda's alliance will back Judd. Amanda is certain that Howard is coming after her and McCrae. Post-commercial, Elissa and Howard are in the backyard. Howard asks Elissa to teach him yoga. It proves to be tougher for Howard to do simple moves (like downward dog). She also does some crazy pretzel moves that baffle Howard completely. Elissa later joins Judd and Jessie up in the HoH room. Judd says he's definitely putting GM and Kaitlin up. He feels 90% about his decision. Elissa says she would put up Aaryn instead because she's a ticking time-bomb. They debate the merits of keeping Aaryn versus GM. In the lounge, Amada continues to say that the house wants Howard gone. Andy reveals that Judd doesn't want to put him up. Amanda is adamant on getting the votes to get Howard out this week. She points out that regardless if someone is your friend, you can't play the game without getting your hands a little dirty. Judd joins them and tells them he's not sure who he wants to put up. Amanda presses him on putting up Howard, but Judd is not thrilled with the idea. In DR, Andy lets us know that Amanda is going to rub people the wrong way since she is pressing so hard. Judd laments in DR how hard it is to be HoH (although I'm certain any other houseguest would LOVE to be in his position. We return from another commercial break and we are gearing up for the nomination ceremony. Aaryn is certain she is going home and doubts a bigger target will be put up. Howard feels comfortable, but hopes he won't be put up. Judd lets us know power in this game is good and bad and that others are trying to influence him (of course they are, Judd. You're a human carpet). Judd announces it's time for the nomination ceremony. Keys are pulled out, and we find out that Judd has put up Aaryn and Kaitlin as his two nominations. He says he doesn't think anyone is going to vote Kaitlin out, but calls Aaryn a Texas Tornado and he doesn't want her to twist his words anymore. Aaryn claims she has no clue why she's being put up by Judd. Kaitlin knows her game is getting dragged down by her association with Aaryn and GM. Amanda is okay that Judd didn't nominate Howard. She hopes that Aaryn or Kaitlin win Veto and they can backdoor Howard. Next week, we'll find out who America voted to be the third nominee (or rather, didn't read and thought they were voting MVP again. Nice way to screw with us, Grodner!) and who wins the veto competition.
  12. Beard = awesomeness. Let's hope he continues that trend.
  13. I'm predicting that he's likable. *Please OGG let me be right!*
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