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    Pet Pic Post

    See photos like that make me think I am depriving my poor cats of there jungle nature by making them indoor kittens. That and the hours they spend chirping at the birds through the windows..
  2. I vote this one. If it wasn’t for my occasional lurking here, I would have no BB9 in my life. This season is killing the show I once loved, and my desire to watch it. I have no investment in any of the cast. Leading me to the reason I like this theory, you know all the sane people leave first. We might get less drama whores and more lets have some fun. I however will officially deny this season ever existed in my brain. Granted if this and last season are what I have to look forward to this summer. I might just get my BB from HT and never watch the show again. However, Zombies would be cool.
  3. smurf

    Pet Pic Post

    These are completely worth it. I am on my 2nd one but the 1st lasted 2+ years and the one I have now I have had for 3 yrs. I hate cleaning the poo too but I now just drop the container in the trash once a week. It occasionally has to be reset by unplugging it and then plugging it back in. The kitty and I are both much happier cuz her litter box is always clean and with my little miss attitude, a happy cat is very important. I second this. With 2 of them I would die with out my self cleaner. I recieved it as a gift and can not imagine life without it. However mine does hiccup if they decided to use the same spot everytime. Which is very annoying. However I think Oggs does that just to see me skowl at the kitty litter box. Also sbell I always try to get a photo when my cat does that and it doesnt work. Very pretty kitty. And louisdog Louis is very cute as well. I have a thing for bulldogs.. they are second only to my beloved Rottweillers, in breeds I love.
  4. See the plague in my room growing up says it means Knowledgeble. I would second the name. however, I have issues when people have the same name as me. It confuses me since it rarely happens.
  5. smurf

    Pet Pic Post

    I just spit taked my good wine. I would feel bad for the poor puppy always thinking something is wrong. Granted I would be giggling constantly if i heard it. And Genie - Tchai is 17.5 lbs. so he isn't little by any means. The vet I don't see in my office wants to put him on a diet. I value my clothes to much to do that. and inky I have faith that deep down he is a lap cat. My childhood cat was like that. No one saw Sandy unless you were family. And then it was touch and go.
  6. I just wanted to add my thanks to all the Mods and Admins of HT. You guys do a great job and I love lurking here every summer. This summer was a mix blessing, It caused me to finally create a user id and log in. But it also made me question my love for BB due to my not so happyness with how the season was handled by the producers. I am glad that no matter what, i still loved to read the highlight threads every morning and I offer a big thanks to the few Highlighters this season. And when I did have the time to actually read the full recaps, I want to thanks for all the giggles and chuckles I got from reading them. I cant imagine reading another sights recaps. I hope you all have a good off year. And see you next summer.
  7. smurf

    Pet Pic Post

    I have a fodness for all orange kittens.. They always seem to be lovers. wanting attention. Mine has been curled up next to me all morning. Tchai is only 3 so hopefully i have many many years with him.
  8. smurf


    That makes me sad. I love concerts.. My first real concert was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers- "Dogs have Wings Tour' It was horrid cause my brother was paranoid about Mom killing him. The next time I saw him, it was the best concert of my life. Sad I was 16 at the time and in the last 11 years there is not a concert I enjoyed more. Granted there have been other good ones. But they did 4 encores, who does that. It was awesome. A close second goes to Bridge School Benefit 2006- and that is soley due to Trent Reznor's amazing accoustic set. I am a concert fiend.. I will go see just about anyone in concert. I love live music in general.
  9. smurf

    Pet Pic Post

    I finally got onto my village photos and after seeing everyones babies I had to throw mine up here. (Yes i have been trying to get them up since the thread first opend. I know I am a pathetic owner.) Tchaikovski (Tchai) as a baby.. this is after his first not critical vet visit. (He forgot to mention his allergy to flea collars when I got him and spent 4 out his first 5 days at the kitty hospital.) My Texas vet liked bandana's Tchai not so much. He is my big lap cap who wants carried like a baby. Here he is exhausted after our move to California.. I dont think he has forgivin me for moving him yet. Then to add insult to the move. I adopted Oogie Boogie (oogs). Oogs is my hyper active lovable uber hyper dog like child.. He is now one and not calming down.. I keep hoping. And to prove that they love each other, and why oogs is named after the boogie man. Look at that look he gives.. Scary.. And I will now go back to awing all of your babies. Oh on the socks thing.. I think its a feet thing, i dont know how many animals like to cuddle with my feet and take off with my socks. I can list 4 of my friends who do. I never got it.
  10. I voted for the Bunnysuits. And the fact that after all of the parts of the veto Kail walked out of the house still in her bunny suit at eviction, a constant reminder of the bunny fun and how the hamsters were cute for a moment. I also did enjoy the pirates and chaos afternoon that wasnt listed.
  11. My name is smurf I am a long time lurker new to posting and still rarely posting addict of HT. For the off season, I will shift my focus to the cute otter cams at the Monterey Bay Aquarium . They will be my online viewing and they are much cuter than any of the hamsters we had this season. Outside of that I will return my life to normal. Workaholic and Volunteering what is left of my time to charity.. I will miss HT and occasionally look in for a second but will then return to the work/volunteering I listed above.
  12. Sunday will air the QA session with the jury. At least thats my bet. A whole hour of torture the remaining duo.
  13. I voted on who will not who i want so it was D&D. However, the reason I love my office. The only person I know who watches and doesn't pay attention to the feeds. Still hates D&D and finds them annoying. However that happened after the Jessica thing, so it was a late catch on. I still give her credit. I have her rooting for america's bunny now (even if I disowned him after he didnt use the veto last Thursday.) edited: Cause I do know how to capitolize things.
  14. smurf


    I havent been the biggest Dani Fan, but as a girl who is not that much older. I second this, hell in my late twenties, i still have friends like Dani. I think she is what most of us are, and Jess did similar things, she just wasn't as whiney about it. As for her game. I hate the backdoor, and she loved to use it. She tried to take Eric out with it (which was a good move) and she took Jen out with it. But she made those and most of the stratigic desicions. I think she would be a good winner, even if she isnt my favorite person. Actually after Zach didnt take the chance to get a Donato out, She is the only person I would be happy to see win.
  15. Some of our toes.. dont have the live feeds... but realize they should go help in the highlights thread.. but atlas is just way to lazy.. So on behalf of those toes.. Sorry we do not help more, but we love the job you do. *smiles sweetly hoping you will forgive us*
  16. smurf

    Jen II

    I just want to say here here to that. I have seen emotionally abusive situations first hand. Its not as easy as you expect to just walk away or Girl Up. Exspecailly if some one is not overly confident (and i read a lot of her vanity to be just that.. self doubt.) And no matter how much money you can make once you leave. It doesnt account for the money you have lost being there for 40 plus days. Jen will survive all of this once she is out and if life is at all fair, she will go further in life than any of her abusiers.
  17. smurf

    Jen II

    If jokers is correct. Then I would definately keep eating if I was Jen. Thats the nail in the coffin to get rid of her. Its a shame. BB has now totally saw to control. Even if Eric is told to vote to keep Jen. its unlikely that she will stay.
  18. I voted Jam. Jam bores me.. and well since i spend more time reading the quick recaps since although i have HT up all day. I sit at my comp not enough. (and i heart all the highlight cappers) she really doesnt show up. so okay i will stop rambling now. eta: dude so losing it.. I want Jen to stay.. dont ask why i wrote her name at the top of my post.
  19. smurf

    Jen II

    As I read everything above, I thought i should point out that BB encouraged and had Eric destroy (put mustard on) one of her objects. So, The hole destroys sigs thing is no worse. The continueing to eat food thing. Hell, i say go Jen. Maybe big brother will learn something from all of this.
  20. First Post Ever Had to give it a Try Lurker Loves Y'all (FYI- I suck at Syllables.. but wantes to mention that after lurking for years (even at previous board.) love you all and this place..now i retreat to hiding.)
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