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  1. Caption That Cap

    On the next episode of "Where Are They Now?" John Walker Lindh
  2. Johnny Macaroni... I have to admit at first I thought this guy was the biggest creeper on the planet and there was no way I would ever go to him if i needed work on my teeth, but after a few weeks have to say that he's my favorite hammie. His DRs are awesome. The one about the game being a side piece and him needed to focus on "the band" had me in stitches. Loves some Johnny Macaroni.
  3. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Much love to all the recappers. It is without a doubt one of the most difficult things to do. So I appreciate all those brave souls who venture inside the hamster cage. Thank You!!
  4. House Analysis and Discussion

    # What ff said... Exactly. And as accurate as that synopsis was, it doesn't do credit to the "Hurricane Howie" and the "HOH Light Sabers Battle" or the "What Up, Kasar!" moments throughout that season. Season 6 is BB royalty for the reasons you listed: The Jedi v. the Fiendship. BY FAR MY FAVORITE SEASON. I would also add that I didn't join HT until that season after the Cappy and Michael fight or maybe that was the first time I forked out the dough for the feeds I'm not sure. But I was a visitor to this site before that season and I can't remember a season where the recappers by a solid majority (I include myself in that) were actively rooting for a particular hammie or alliance to win. I don't think it's ever happended before or since. P.S. Greatest Quote of All Time: "I didn't seal your fate...I sealed your partner's fate." ~ Kasar to Maggie after Cappy lost the veto comp.
  5. House Analysis and Discussion

  6. Janelle

    The thing that bugs me about women like Janelle who leave their babies isn't the fact that they left their babies per se. It's the fact that they left their babies and then constantly remind us of how much they miss their babies when it was their choice to leave their babies in the first place. I could see if she had a job where they sent her to some training seminar in Podunck Idaho for a week and she didn't have a choice. And I'm pretty sure she is a stay-at-home mom in her real life. Can't really see my Janey Doll holding down a 9-to-5. Point is, she left her 3 or 4 month old because she wanted to, not because she had to....suck it up or go home.
  7. Britney

    That's it in a nutshell folks. Britney was a lazy player and she is turning out to be a lazy coach. Instead of rallying her team around Willie, she decided it was best to sacrifice him. BEFORE NOMS WERE EVEN MADE!!! Really? Willie told it true when he said he's never seen a bigger group of pussies in his whole life. Amen. Even if Willie got nommed which was pretty much guaranteed, it's still possible that you could have HoJo and Shame (not a typo) playing WITH Willie in POV with a chance to save his ass. Willie may have quit the game, but his team quit on him first and that's the biggest disappointment of all.
  8. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Damn! Beer actually came out my nose...ouch!
  9. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    This is why I heart Beehoppy...It's all good....freaking genius.
  10. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Nice imagery there KK
  11. Dan

    He picked them because they were cute. That's the only reason it could have been. And then he got stuck with the leftover Jodi. Like chrysana pointed out, the comp was laid out right in front of his eyes, he had to know those beds weren't just going to be stationary, if he didn't then he deserves to pack his bags. And that's not to say women can't kick ass in comps, Rachel and Janelle were a couple of the fiercest competitors in BB history, but they had their weaknesses. You shouldn't have all women, just like I wouldn't advise having all dudes. A good team has balance. If I was his wife he'd have some 'splainin' to do when he got home...
  12. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Thanks to all the recappers for another great season! It's not Big Brother but you guys and gals that are my true summer obsession. Coming from someone who's recapped before, the shit ain't easy and yet you guys make it look like a walk in the park! Thanks so much.
  13. Shelly

    Wait...in what way?
  14. Rachel

    I agree brat. I'm not a lawyer but I'm pretty certain that Big Brother falls under the "Game Show" category in which contestants are competing for prizes or money. So that would mean they would have to produce some sort of schedule that lists the comps or challenges they plan to use weeks prior. But to be on the safe side if I'm a hammie I would definitely ask to see it. I wonder if it falls under FOIA?
  15. Rachel

    Thanks cub! Great to be back.