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  1. What Magpie said. Derek F is a legend in his own mind. He has zero self-awareness when it comes to his own gameplay. The amount of eyerolls and side eyes during his finals speech would be a meme gold mine.
  2. Enzo. I think his position is getting stronger by the week and everyone else's is getting worse. A strong case could be made for David, but I just can't.
  3. I don't feel sorry for him at all. Janelle and Kaysar tried to warn him about the big alliance and he didn't care because at the time his ass wasn't on the block. He couldn't see the long game so now it's too late.
  4. Got it. Here's an idea. Cliff and Nicole should tell Tommy that they are voting to keep him, then split the vote, and force Jackson to evict him. So that if they are sitting next to Jackson, that's one less vote in his column.
  5. Where did those last two paragraphs come from? I didn't write that.
  6. That's what I'm saying. If it is either one of vs. Tommy, they lose. If they are against Jackson, it could go either way. With that you have to look at who will NOT vote for Jackson: Kat, Christie, Jessica, Cliff or Nicole, and Sis?? Nick?? It's too close to call.. This. Tommy wins Part 1 hands down, but then so does Jackson and Holly. Bottom line is Cliff or Nicole will have to win the final HOH and take the other.
  7. I think if Cliff and Nicole vote out Holly instead of Tommy they all but seal their fate if they are sitting next to him in the Finals. Tommy will have Jack, Sis, Christie, Jackson and Holly. Cliff and Nicole will have each other's vote, they'll both have Jessica, and Nicole might get Kat and Nick's as well. That leaves them short. If either of them has a chance of winning this thing, they will need Holly and Jackson's votes. And that means, no funny business.
  8. That's too perfect. If that happened I would walk around with a permanent grin on my face forever.
  9. I'm calling my shot now. DE has never gone the way I wanted it to and tonight will not be an exception. So here goes: HOH - Holly Noms: Tommy/Christie Veto: Christie Replacement: Nicole Votes: Nicole - Christie, Jackson / Tommy - Cliff Evicted: Nicole That's worst-case scenario, so go ahead and book it.
  10. I like this one. I would also like to suggest that last place in HoH comp is 3rd nominee.
  11. I voted for Christie. She took out a target and got to keep her power. Her alliance benefited but she did the work.
  12. Cliff, soon to be followed by having the worst week.
  13. That's interesting. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong then.
  14. Last season I watched the live-feeds through my CBS All-Access, Amazon subscription. This year the live-feed links are gone. Anyone else having this problem?
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