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  1. Aaryn just saved me 50$, after being treated to watching her put on makeup on BBAD there's no way I'm buying that same Urban Decay "Naked" eye palette when I go to Sephora this week. Bitch ruins everything.
  2. So do I bill Elissa, Fisty or Tsy for the new coffee-nose-spit free keyboard I need now?
  3. Band-Aid Boobs? Band-Aid Boobs! And here I've been calling her Sticky-Tits....
  4. Helen's husband is probably white. We have the "looks Asian" conversation all the time about my sister's kids because my sister's husband is white and the kids are an interesting mash-up of asian/anglo features. The eldest has very Asian features but is double-lidded and has anglo textured hair that's dark brown not black while the younger one is more anglo featured but single lidded and her hair (she's almost 1 so she's getting in her non-baby hair) is coming in kinda curly and pitch black, both of them are extremely pale like their father. It's not an unusual conversation in mixed-race families at all.
  5. No idea about an accident but they're evenly placed and sized on his arms. They seem kind of symmetrical for a car wreck but I guess they could be. I just have such bad memories of people doing it in college and the disasters. One the fairer the skin the less likely it is to develop so no red-haired pasty boy it was probably never going to work and two sometimes they keep growing and you end up with a giant blob.
  6. I found Howard's College Ball Stats. I'll bet the keloids on his arm are from some frat/sport branding. I thought that shit went out in the 90's.
  7. Next week on "My Big Gay Husband" Nick dons rainbow feathers for Pride and GM brags to all her friends how they're so in LOVE he even uses HER razor to manscape.
  8. Serious business? CBSRadio missed payroll one period last month because money-skippy put in the wrong date for all the direct deposits. Not super well run behind the scenes over there.
  9. Yeah, CBS training on the subject is pretty much a video you watch online at your desk.
  10. It was always going to get out of hand as soon as Arryn didn't get her way because she's a spoiled vicious bitch.
  11. Dear moms and dads of VGM and Aaryn, You are complete and utter fucking failures as parents. The only bigger failure is whoever raised that dipshit with the "Dzhokhar is Innocent" shirt outside the Federal Courthouse yesterday and even then it's a close call. Please sterilize yourselves for the sake of the nation. Brat
  12. On team Andy now because he's the only one who knows how to pronounce "mobile."
  13. I bet Daddy is doing more than that. Depending on the demographics in his county he may have a little trouble being reelected as a judge thanks to Spencer-boy plus there's gonna be more than one lawyer asking him to recuse himself as judge since "racism begins at home."
  14. The thing is jak that his actions in the house could be used as proof of a pattern of behavior in a workplace harassment case against the railroad. It's a liability issue for them. As we speak there's a lawyer going through his personnel records and reviews with a fine tooth comb, guaranteed.
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