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  1. Uaintjak's post is the reason I return to HT every year. I think Austin could be one of the best entertainers this year.
  2. I saw an interview somewhere that asked him about the photo and he said he wanted it swapped because it was grainy and he wanted a clearer photo. It was a photo that had his grandfather in it. I'm not sure which site it was though and haven't had enough coffee to go searching at the moment.
  3. Congratulations! Such a lovely couple. You are the anti-JeJo and we love you for it.
  4. I'm with Pushplay. Every time she appears in the DR I cringe. I want her to leave just so I don't have to listen to her endless whining.
  5. (Not sure I can beat #7!) 6. Show him the popularity polls from various BB discussion forums.
  6. That is awesome! What is up with that bathroom door though? I'd only be able to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  7. Donny on both. Then Nicole. I'm ready for these idiots to start turning on each other.
  8. I can't wait for the day in the next few weeks when Christine realizes that she is at the bottom of the totem poll with these guys. Donny tried to tell her. I predict she will go into the beehive room and curl up into a ball and cry.
  9. Ditto on the powervote. I want Donny to win America's vote.
  10. Zach reminds me of one of the boys my daughter grew up with. I really should have despised him but instead I adored him. Zach is just like that. I enjoy his antics but I don't know why. If someone else, say Caleb, acted like that I would not enjoy it.
  11. This was my thought exactly. Once Caleb saw that Frankie was doing well he could have gotten up and grabbed one of the chains to mess up the process.
  12. I go to bed and Zach is out the door. I wake up and it looks as if he's staying. I'm happy they changed their minds. Zach at least gives me a laugh occasionally. I sometimes forget Jocasta is there.
  13. Feeds are back and it appears that Caleb/Vic won. I haven't heard anyone say it but Vic isn't crying and Zach was stomping around before he got in the shower. Just random chatter at the moment. Well, we've gone back to Jeff for some reason. ETA: They "won" not "one" and I confirmed that Caleb/Vic did win so Zach/Jocasta are nominees.
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