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  1. Well, he DID tell these people it was everyone else that did the "bad" things. If someone doesn't want to believe him, well, no soup for you!!!
  2. If we could post gifs, right here would be the perfect place to drop the one of Capn Tightpants starting to speak, then,not.
  3. Yeah. I'm not sure why Paul kept up the innocent act after the voting was done. It had to be exhausting. I wonder if he kept that act up at the party or if he just sat in the corner with his blow up Tuccan and a growing stack of empty red cups. The ones that held the "Tootie Frootie"s he was drinking to drown his two time loser status.
  4. Maybe Paul can join the Matt Foley Motivational Tour and teach people how to NOT lose TWICE!!!!
  5. Now if Kevin wins AF I'll sleep soundly tonight. (I'll sleep soundly anyway, but you know)
  6. Diddya see that Les made Julie take a pay cut for Celebrity BB? Yeah, I didn't read all of that article either.
  7. Raven. "Paullllll? If two trains potato at quinoa, look what I can dooo!" /high kicks and pacemaker flies out of her butt/ /that's for Disneypro/
  8. Oh anglemi! That would be awesome. It's been a few years since I've watched, do they say who is voting for who? The look on Paul's face when he realizes his win would be decided by Cody......
  9. Yeah, if Paul had owned up to what he had done on his "see ya" interveiws and not been a lying little bitch, he might have gotten the," well shit. He played me" vote. At this point, the only "well shit" votes he's gonna get are from Raven and Matt.
  10. I just want a bitter jury. I'm sure Jason has really done some damage to Paul's game and when Alex shows up? Oh My! Hopefully Paul will decide to take Kevin as F2 and Kevin wins. Paul's head would explode and he'd hopefully slink off never to be seen again. And MAYBE TPtB will not pull this Veteran crap again. Giving Paul three weeks of safety so he can bulldoze his way through the house was boring. One week of safety would have been enough. Give the Vet a fighting chance then they are on their own.
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