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  1. Yale drives me a bit crazy. Evan's need to be in control of every tiny decision combined with their need to have discussions about minutia makes Homer someone something.
  2. I'll TiVo it and try to watch them nightly. I suspect that they will then peave me and I'll go to fewer and fewer days.
  3. I have no idea who she is, but was the Joker from the old Batman show her dad? Also, anyone who says 'from the jump' needs to lose. If that's not a rule, it shou,d be.
  4. These people are the suckiest sucks who ever sucked.
  5. I don't understand Frankie and Derrick's reluctance. This seems like a fairly simply challenge that the two of them could easily perform.
  6. I'm prepared to cut Victoria and Derrick a break. Victoria's playing a card that will get her further in the game by snuggling up to the alpha dog. It's sleazy, but it's not bad gameplay. It isn't her job to mind Derrick's vows or to ensure that he doesn't step over whatever line of allow ability that he and his wife have worked out. It should also be noted that he laid his head in her lap, her playing with his hair is not that big of a deal. Derrick's basically playing the same game here as Victoria. It's the classic meaningless flirtation/showmance. I wonder if he hadn't already cleared such behavior with his wife. As I recall, his bio had him doing undercover police work, so he MK doubt has had the 'what happens undercover stays undercover' talk with his wife. From there, it's not too big of a stretch to think that they have an agreement regarding in-house flirtations. I wouldn't have either of these idiots around my family, but they are playing the game.
  7. I would rather have Devin back than Amber. If he were aligned with the floaters against the brodiots, I think it would be good show.
  8. Gremlins multiply when they get wet. I think that you were going for 'feed after midnight'.
  9. She's going to make it far, until the Bragade ditches her.
  10. I. agree. Just tell me who you nominated and why. Last year's method of 'listing the houseguests by order of how much you like them' got tedious fast. i think that you've answered your own question.
  11. I agree. If a deposed HoH would get nominated, that might make them think twice about working together on noms.
  12. I also like having the extra comp and having the HoH not have as much power (or safety)
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