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  1. Cliff is my favorite "old guy" to have been on BB.
  2. Exactly what is it that he does to make a living? Is there still enough interest in OJ to sustain him? When OJ's house was sold, was he included in the deal, like, you know, a yard ornament?
  3. I was getting a "Game of Throne's" vibe, especially the hair. Maybe she will slay somebody, hopefully Tamar. Soon.
  4. So far, so good... she basically told Kato he was being a jerk, so there's that...
  5. Yes, because I never look away from a train wreck...
  6. So did anyone ever figure out what or why that face appeared on the fridge the night they were having the whipped cream fight? I hate unsolved mysteries....
  7. If the truth be known, the problem probably isn't that he's gay, the problem is they find him an annoying jerk just like we do.
  8. As long as its not Mr. Pectacular , FFF or Boogie, I'm good... but Britney would be wonderful.
  9. Anyone notice Corey was never named or even had a picture shown in this little segment? I guess they were trying to erase all memory of Nicole having carnal knowledge of him and promote the sweet love story of Nicole and Victor being soulmates from the moment they met..... Anybody know what happened to Corey? Besides him being a dick still?
  10. Les Moonves has been fired.... Er...make that officially resigned.
  11. Having just witnessed Scotty graphically cleaning his ears in the storage room, next to the food, I want him out...
  12. Agree, JC, because I want to see him suffer when 6 people are expecting him to keep them... and I want to see Tyler explode when JC puts up Angela.
  13. Why does JC need to sleep with Brett now or anyone? There are plenty of beds available. He may be small, but he is not a child. Personally I dislike JC, but if Angela is going to be inappropriate and shower naked with him, one might get the idea that the rules are fast and loose on needs for privacy in the BB house, and that morals are lax.. Adults don't usually shower naked together in public, let alone on feeds broadcast to thousands and television, unless they want to invite prurient attention. If KC had showered with Tyler or Brett, it would have raised many more eyebrows, even though she is not into men. Not that this gives JC any right to do the things he has done, but in one lacking impulse control, one little funny infraction of interpersonal rules leads to the next one, and the next one....
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