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  1. Brittany, because you can't have too many zaftig belly dancing hypnotherapists around, in my opinion.
  2. Her photo does her no favors as it makes her look emaciated, which she is clearly not. She looks much better on live TV. Dress wasn't the best choice, but BB probably made her wear it. Or she was stress eating in sequester and outgrew the chosen outfit .
  3. It's just not All-Stars without Britney Haynes, but since they didn't include Rachel and HerMan, I'll deal with it.
  4. I don't think we will see any romance this year, unless Ian and Nicole A. hook up. ( which would actually be cute) Everyone else almost, seems to be attached on the outside.
  5. Cliff is my favorite "old guy" to have been on BB.
  6. Exactly what is it that he does to make a living? Is there still enough interest in OJ to sustain him? When OJ's house was sold, was he included in the deal, like, you know, a yard ornament?
  7. I was getting a "Game of Throne's" vibe, especially the hair. Maybe she will slay somebody, hopefully Tamar. Soon.
  8. So far, so good... she basically told Kato he was being a jerk, so there's that...
  9. Yes, because I never look away from a train wreck...
  10. So did anyone ever figure out what or why that face appeared on the fridge the night they were having the whipped cream fight? I hate unsolved mysteries....
  11. If the truth be known, the problem probably isn't that he's gay, the problem is they find him an annoying jerk just like we do.
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