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  1. 2:45 Ahousetime The house grows very quiet as Ian and Enzo head for bed, leaving David to mutter to himself in the bathroom. Dani is still up as well, snug in her HOH room listening to music. David lists off the people he thinks are in an alliance, but he can't quite figure it out.
  2. 2:00 AM housetime Looks like the BY is closed, and now we have David, Ian, and Enzo sitting around in the living room having a low key conversation. David has a lot of lamenting to do, and wonders why he's doing this, why he can't sleep, why this is entertaining for someone watching, and why he even exists. He worries that no one keeps track of them when they leave the house, and how someone may need help getting back to real life. He doesn't like the lighting, and says it's unnatural to not have dim lights. He thinks there's a whole host of behaviors outside the house that he has to relearn. It sounds like he's losing his mind, or maybe planning for it. .
  3. 1:30 AM housetime PETS! We must have something going on, but there isn't anything scheduled till Monday, so who knows.
  4. 4:15 AM housetime DaVonne is the last one still up, but now she goes to bed and we have all four feeds on sleeping hammies.
  5. 3:30 AM housetime In the bathroom, DaVonne and Kevin are alone, with DA asking Kevin what he would do if he wins HOH. he says he doesn't know, but he would probably put up Cody and Nicole, because he could justify his reasons for doing that. Da encourages this, and Skippy goes to stars When we come back, DA is telling Kevin that David is not strong, and she can't convince him to join them. David is emotional and unsure of himself, and they can't count on him for anything. She can't work with him. They plot together about taking out Cody, and that will upset the structure of the house, and everyone will need to re-group.
  6. 3:10 AM housetime DaVonne in the lounge room by herself talks to her loved ones at home, and stresses that she needs to win HOH this week, because anything else won't work, and this is CRUCIAL. She heads to the main bathroom, where she and Bayleigh inspect Kevin;s feet to see if he has good "man feet". Kaysar is there as well, and they pronounce his feet as acceptable. Dani goes to her bedroom and tells Tyler that DaVonne and Bayleigh are conspiring in the bathroom. She obviously didn't hear that they were talking about feet, but that doesn't stop her from throwing them under the bus. She tells Tyler that Bayleigh is coming after them all, and she needs to go.
  7. 2:40 AM houstime Katsar just had a long discussion with Christmas in the lounge room, where he basically dumped his knowledge onto her on his way out the door tomorrow. Nothing terribly surprising, and mostly just his take on everything that's happened in the house and why. I'm not sure why he chose Christmas for this, but maybe she's the oldest and sanest person left to talk to. Upstairs in the HOH room, Tyler, Bayleigh, and Enzo have a talk, with both of the guys encouraging her to win HOH, and they will support her. She wants to get out Dani, and they think this is a good idea. When she leaves, Enzo says that he respects that Dani is Evel Dick's daughter, but she's playing "a really sloppy game".
  8. 1:00 AM housetime Still no live feeds. I was hoping to see a bit of Kaysar in his final days, and maybe check out what Bayleigh is doing so I can adjust my opinion one way or the other, but no such luck. I can't imagine what the delay is. I'm starting to wonder if they're cleaning and disinfecting the entire house.
  9. 11:30 PM housetime Enzo entertains all comers in the HOH room, who all try to sway his opinion about who the replacement nominee should be. I'm sure he likes being on a power trip here, and loves everyone bowing down to his supreme power. When it comes down to it, he probably already knows what he's going to do, but enjoys having everyone kissing his ring and making their pleas. Downstairs, the meaningless question game continues. Back upstairs, Enzo says Kaysar is going home no matter who he puts up. People are still awake, but I have to go now.
  10. 10:50 pm housetime Still no word on exactly why the feeds were off for so long, but now we have Cody and Dani in the lounge room asking each other weird questions, like what color would you want the sky to be, if it could be any color? They say things like Periwinkle, which would mean there is no life on Earth, but these folks don't know anything about science, and probably deserve to live on a planet with no oxygen.
  11. 3:00 AM housetime Everyone finally in bed now. I'm getting the idea that the noms are supposed to stay the same, and they don't think Kaysar or Kevin are going to win anything. All four feeds on sleeping hammies.
  12. 2:40 AM housetime Other feeds on sleeping houseguests, while Enzo and Dani continue to talk. Enzo says he doesn't want to waste his HOH to get rid of David, because he's going home next week anyway. They talk about not having special outfits to wear during the comps, and they have to wear their own clothes. Dani finally decides to go to bed, while Enzo listens to music, which is apparently by eminem, because he starts to sing along and Skippy goes to WBRB.
  13. 2:20 AM housetime Enzo and Dani hang out in the HOH room. Enzo says he really appreciates meeting Janelle, and he thinks they could hang out together after the show and it would be fun. They talk about who to pick for veto, and Enzo says Tyler is off his game, so he might pick Christmas as the mother of all his children. They have a great time laughing about all the possibilities, like starting to say DaVonne and saying David instead. It was really funny to them, I swear. They think its really funny that everyone is in an alliance but they don't realize that everyone else is.
  14. Janelle seems to think there's a battle back coming, but is that just wishful thinking? Keesha and Nicole A. are already back home and out of the game, but could FUG start a battle back right now with the remaining houseguests?
  15. 3:40 PM housetime It's nice to see Janelle and Kaysar together, in one of their final conversations on the show. They get along together so well, and it's just fun to listen to them. Janelle finishes her puzzle, with Kaysar looking on but promising to not help her. She says that David hates her now for what she did to Nicole A., and Janelle thinks she only tried to help her. They agree that Nicole was off her rocker. Kaysar, in the future, will try to work with whomever he can. Kaysar asks why Janelle looks uncomfortable, and she says she's on her period. Kaysar says that's one thing he won't miss hearing about.
  16. Do you think your fancy words and diction will ever alleviate the harm and disfunction of your so-called "stuff"?
  17. Yes, and I was just starting to really appreciate seeing Kaysar and Janelle together again.
  18. 7:30 PM hoousetime Just so you don't think everyone has dropped the ball here, the feeds are currently on animal rescue mode. Lots of puppies and kittens, but few hamsters.
  19. 3:50 AM housetime Janelle and Nicole A. head back to the lounge room to continue their conversation. Nicole says she wants to stay, and Janelle says she wants that, too. Janelle says Nicole is a "victim of stupidity". Nicole says it's partly her own stupidity, and they both think her situation sucks. Nicole wonders what is next for her. Will she go home or go into sequester to compete with Keesha to get back in? They don't know. Janelle says those guys are scared of Memphis, meaning Cody and his group. Memphis says off the wall things that are delusional and don't make any sense. He doesn't believe in backdooring and won't listen to anything she says. Janelle goes to bed, leaving Nicole to talk to the cameras. Everyone else in bed now.
  20. 3:30 AM housetime Nicolle messes up her eye and thinks she scratched it, so she has to head to the bathroom to take care of it. In the bathroom we have DaVonne talking to Kevin about whether Bayleigh is still mad , with DaVonne saying she's fine. Now they try to help Nicole with her eye, while Janelle sits in the lounge room patiently waiting for Nicole to come back. Kevin takes this opportunity to bond with the girls, and says they need to work together. Nicole says she's not even gone yet and "they" have moved on to the next target. She says that's Janelle and Kaysar, and they talk about getting Bayleigh and Christmas on their side. They want to give Christmas a reason why she needs to wok with them and keep Nicole this week. Janelle goes to the bathroom to see what happened to Nicole, so the conversation breaks up. Nicole wants to know if anyone has eye drops, and DaVonne says the other Nicole has some, "but that won't help you".
  21. 3:15 AM housetime In the lounge room, Nicole A. is with Janelle. Nicole is saying that she finally sees everything now, after wondering where she stood all week. She says it's too bad she just figured it all out right before she walks out the door. Janelle asks what she sees, and she describes the alliance and where everyone stands in relation to it. She says Mempphis is stuppid because he refuses to acknowledge there's an alliance and Janelle agrees. Nicole laments not having a reset button, because it would be nice to start over now that everything is clear. They start talking about what happens in sequester when you leave, so Skippy goes to STARS.
  22. She tried the same strategy she used in her previous season, which was to not align with anyone and just float to the end. It worked the first time, so why not tell yourself that you accomplished something based on a brilliant strategy? It wasn't true then, and she just got lucky. I can't tell you how many times I listened to her late at night telling the cameras about her great gameplay.
  23. Will the darkness ever obscure the allegations and the reek of your unwashed guilt?
  24. He would be a fool to veto one of his own nominations. Trying to backdoor someone at this point without a huge consensus from the house would be a fatal mistake.
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