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  1. I like what they're doing next week, with a reorganization instead of a full merger. That should stop any talk of throwing the comps, and maybe result in some much needed trimming of the dead weight.
  2. Heather is clearly a person who cannot win for her tribe, and needs to go. Maybe Jeff can make her feel better about it, but she still sucks
  3. He became the dumbass he was afraid of being. Tricked by a pastor, no less.
  4. Once again, you can almost predict who is going home by how much screen time they get. There are still a couple of them that get no time at all.
  5. 2:15 am housetime Thanks for all the hard work all season, angel. Feeds still on right now, but everyone in bed with lights out.
  6. 2:25 am housetime I turn on the feeds and everyone is in bed, like I expected. They really have no reason to be up late at night anymore.
  7. 2:00 am housetime Yeah, I wouldn't want to hear that ether. Missed it, thankfully. Everyone in bed now.
  8. 3:45 am housetime Everyone in bed at this hour, and lights off. Feed 4 on bright display that says "BB Beach Club".
  9. It's nice to see it back again. I thought it got off to a great start, and it does seem to move faster. Not that I wanted it. I had no problem with the pace before, and now two people are gone before we even got to know them. .
  10. 2:30 am housetime I turn on the feeds to find everyone in bed and lights out. Kyland is not really sleeping, however. Too many worries, I'm sure.
  11. 4:30 am housetime Unlike last night, everyone in bed and lights out at this hour. Almost makes me yearn for the days when BB would keep waking them up, and there were things like fake crickets making noise all night.
  12. 5:00 am housetime Azah still having a problem with Derek saying he carried her this far in the game. He apologizes for his statements, and says he should never have used the word "carry". They go on and on, arguing about nothing. They both suck, and neither one deserves a prize for anything.
  13. 4:30 am housetime Derek F puts out a huge barrage of bullshit to make Azah feel better, and not notice that he's full of crap. She says he has mislead her, and has treated her badly all along, and she's not taking it anymore. He talks really fast, and tells her about how great she is and how much he respects her. She is having a big problem with him lying to her the whole time, and making it seem like he was controlling her game to get her this far. She does not like him taking credit for her accomplishments.
  14. 4:15 am housetime Big D does some housework while waiting for Azah to come back. In this case he gets some laundry out of the dryer and folds it, while wearing no shirt and showing off his boobs. Seriously, they are big man-boobs. Now he puts a shirt on, Azah coms back, and they start to argue.
  15. 3:55 am housetine Skippy fucks up and leaves the feeds on while talking to Azah, who is now back in her bed. Skippy tells her to go back to the DR for one more question, and don't worry about makeup, because you won't be on camera. She says okay. I will say that late-night Skippy sounded very friendly.
  16. 3:20 am housetime Azah and Big D once again fall asleep with the lights on. Skippy gives them a rude awakening, with Azah called to the DR. Big D curls up in bed and goes back to sleep. I see that the veto status is still TBD. That is usually over with by now. Other feeds on sleeping hammies.
  17. 2:25 am housetime Azah and Big D have gone to sleep with the lights still on. All other lights out and everyone sleeping.
  18. Second place still gets you some money, so I would be all in favor of Kyand getting that. Unfortunately, it looks like it will go to Azah or Big D, who don't deserve anything.
  19. 1:50 am housetime Kyland takes a shower, but he cah't clean off what he did wrong in the game, no matter how hard he scrubs. Derek F and Azah are still up, with Azah saying she will join Tiffany and Hannah soon enough, and they will tell her the guys were working together, and we warned you. Derek continues with his delusions of grandeur, talking to Azah like he has been running the whole thing all along.
  20. 1:20 am housetine Like many doomed players before him, Kyland can't sleep tonight. Instead, he messes around in the kitchen, scooping out ice cream using a fork, and putting it in a cup. He then microwaves the cup to melt it. All four feeds on this pathetic man who has recently realized that Azah and Big D will finish better than him.
  21. 1:45 am housetime Everyone in bed, and lights out.
  22. AVorlon

    poll Week 11 HOH

    That is a tricky question, because there will be two HOH winners during the double. I don't think Tiffany will be around, so one HOH will need to be Hannah.
  23. 2:30 am housetime I turn on the feeds, but there is no activity in the house. Just as well, since I saw a good bit of the Tiffany apology tour last night, and I don't need any more of that.
  24. 2:15 am housetime Xavier and Kyland are on the same page, and Xavier heads back downstairs. Kyland resets his own chess pieces, and I didn't realize they had two separate chess sets. Tiffany comes upstairs to talk to Kyland, and says she accepted her fate yesterday, when she lost the veto. She can't run from it, and says it happened so she would be humbled. She says God is teaching her a lesson, and she lost for a reason. She says she is independent and takes pride in that. She comp[laments Kyland and his game, and says her life in the game is over unless he saves her. She is humbled by the events and will swear undying loyalty to him. She says she was meant to lose the veto so she would lose her pride and be humbled.
  25. 1:50 am housetime Now Kyland is back in the HOH room, and Derek is gone. Xavier says he doesn't want to be at the end with Azah. He thinks she will win, because she's played an honest game. They go over all the possibilities going forward, and there are a lot of them. They know one of the guys needs to be the next HOH , because the women will put them up. Tiffany and Azah continue to play chess in silence.
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