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  1. Annoying Las Vegas showgirl that I wouldn't want to spend two minutes talking to.
  2. It must have taken quite a bit of work to install some sort of carnival ride in the living room to make the couches spin. I'm not sure what the point of that is at all. I worked in the IT industry for many years writing "application programs", long before they were called "apps". Now it just seems like a buzzword you throw out there to make things sound new and innovative , when it's really just a new coat of paint, like DC said. I still think it's possible for a couple of veterans to show up and enter the house on premiere night,. We will see.
  3. The only lesbian in the cast, so no showmaances for her. I suppose it must suck to see other people pairing off, while you have no options.
  4. JC Monduix - The Spanish Leprechaun

    He looks like he should be in Middle school, or what we used to call it back in the day, Junior High. Trying to grow a beard doesn't help, dude. Use your advantage to always play a Peter Pan character who never grew up, or maybe an undercover cop infiltrating the unseemly drug deals at your local suburban school.. I'm going to give him the award for houseguest most likely to have been bullied.
  5. Sam Bledsoe - Trashpanda Wrangler

    The last time I saw a female welder was in "Flashdance". I wonder if this is any more realistic. At least she did mention that she likes to dance. Maybe it's time for leg warmer to return.
  6. The ABCs of BB

    Squid parts in a can.
  7. True or False – Getting Acquainted

    Very true. I don't eat eggs and mayo makes me gag, so this is like the dish from hell for me. If that were the only thing to eat on a deserted island, I would surely starve to death. Now, the BB slop I could probably deal with. No eggs and no mayo. The next poster has something else they can't handle.
  8. Who's That Hamster?

  9. The ABCs of BB

    Possum porridge
  10. Casting Director - Create A Hamster

    Jimbo is totally ripped and lifts weights all the time. He has tattoos and piercings and will appeal to anyone looking for beefcake. He will be asexual, and ambiguous about that to keep everyone interested. He will talk about his "art", without ever being clear what that actually is. Tonya, 21, listed as "student"
  11. The ABCs of BB

    Eye of newt
  12. Casting Call - Answer With A Question

    Can you use yours to look up the word redundant?
  13. True or False – Getting Acquainted

    False. I have no inclination to do that at all. Did BB3roddy already do that, or is that just a random name? The next poster is left-handed. Oddly, almost all of my favorite actresses are. Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Marissa Tomei, Tina Fey, Scarlett Johannsson..
  14. The ABCs of BB

    Yard rot. Something ain't right out there.
  15. Casting Call - Answer With A Question

    Do you want me or not?