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  1. Joe Mena - Soko: Healers

    I don't like this guy at all. Everything about him rubs me the wrong way. Maybe he's good at dealing with convicted felons who are leaving prison., but that's not something I can relate to. He seems to have no compassion for anyone, at least so far, which is a trademark of a true socio-path. I'm not saying he is, but I used to work with one before, and I'm keeping a watchful eye on Joe.
  2. Cole Medders - Soko: Healers

    Between him and Devon, we have two surfer dude types in the same season. Athletic, but dumber than a box of rocks. I've said it before, but whatever ladies are attacked to them will be automatically dead to me.
  3. Desiree "Desi" Williams - Soko: Healers

    I liked her in this episode because she seemed like a reasonable person. I hope I'm not forgetting something .
  4. Mike Zahalsky - Soko: Healers

    I made a special effort to look for this guy, since he's so elusive. I did see him helping his new tribe win a puzzle, but then back under the radar again. Good thing he's not a famewhore, because he seems to get less screen time than anyone.
  5. General Drama

    CBS can get away with a little more on the new Star Trek, since it's not on broadcast TV. So, now we have the first F-bomb in the history of Star Trek on TV. Don't remember if they ever did that in a movie, but I thought it was unexpected and awesome. I guess we have to consider this as CBS branching out and creating something new and competitive from a traditional platform.
  6. The previews show the tribes being consolidated next week, probably much earlier than production wanted it. The whole concept of healers vs hustlers vs heroes goes right out the window when they all get mixed in together.
  7. I guess he won't be out there long enough to get the severe sunburn that I saw coming . Still, seeing that stupid grin go away was worth watching, and then he was a sore loser on top of it all. Buh bye, we won't miss you.
  8. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    I think Weinstein was not an outlier here, and there are still plenty of men just like him out there, in his industry and in others. I used to think that people with that sort of attitude were just old fogeys who would eventually die off, but I see now that it's nice that they get their comeuppance while they're still around to get the full impact of their humiliation. I don't want someone like Bill Cosby, for instance, to die off thinking that he got away with everything.
  9. Ryan Ulrich - Yawa: Hustler

    Good thing this guy has some wits about him, because his scrawny body is a total mess, and that's before he starts to starve on this show.
  10. Someone who is a "diversity advocate" getting voted out right away because she doesn't fit in is so incredibly ironic.
  11. General Drama

    Star Trek Discovery continues to be awesome. In episode three we finally get to see the actual starship Discovery, and learn something about it's Captain and what his motives are. It continues to be a well produced and expensive looking show, even if no one is watching it.
  12. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Just watched a clip of Jessica on The Bold and the Beautiful, where she was a waitress recommending chef Josh's meatballs. That lasted for about five seconds, and then I started watching the rest of it, much to my dismay. This is a great example of why you would want to be at work in the middle of the afternoon, and not sitting around at home watching a crapfest of this magnitude.
  13. I see they have matching hats now, too. Jessica probably shouldn't be wearing shorts. I never noticed it before, but her knees look like those of a 90 year old woman.
  14. I'm still waiting for the Voice of Reason, which is the one person with sanity, empathy, hope and reason. Why is that so difficult to find?
  15. General Drama

    I suppose it's always possible to wait until all the episodes have aired, and then sign up for one month and binge watch all of them. 5.99 for the whole series wouldn't be too bad. As for me, I have to keep my feeds running anyway, because my cable company has cut off CBS because of a contract dispute. I don't watch many shows on CBS, but now I watch Survivor and Stephen Colbert on my computer.