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  1. She's something of an icon on this show, and many current contestants watched her succeed and admire her for that. She's 37 years old now and hasn't been on in a while, so I'm curious to see if she can still bring it. I'm going to leave on a shallow note, so to speak, and say that she has a smokin' body.
  2. So you're saying its still not over after 8 episodes? I only watched the first one.
  3. I guess this type of show was inevitable. The contestants can.t see each other, and use social media to create profiles and text each other, with the goal of being the most popular. This highlights one of the aspects of Big Brother that I never liked in recent years, where the houseguests dwell on their popularity and how many new followers they're going to get.
  4. Looking forward to your PM, th9. If I can say anything that's helpful, I would be glad to do it. Back in the day there were limited resources on the mainframe computer, so they wanted to limit the number of students who were using it. Thus, only a small fraction of students would be allowed to continue. That shouldn't be a problem anymore these days. I'm thinking that if you're paying someone to teach you things, they shouldn't be trying to eliminate you.
  5. Yes, another word for bullshit from 100 years ago. It's all a bunch of malarkey from Noura, I tell you!.
  6. I want to pick the production assistant who got her leg touched by Handsy Dan after he was warned to stop doing that shit. She doesn't deserve a million dollars for that, but Tommy did little to deserve it, either. No award. Give the money to charity. I think it would be fun if the jurors had that option.
  7. Yeah, that's the profession that I've been in for years. When I was in college, the first two courses were designed to weed out most students . That was a long time ago, but it sounds like the philosophy is still the same.
  8. I got most of the show on my DVR, with only a couple of news breaks. CBS All-Access should have the whole show without interruptions posted by now. My take on the final three was that it was a vote for the least of three evils. I didn't really like any of them, but Dean was a slime ball and Noura was the unlikeable person that everyone wanted to take to the end because no one would vote for her. Tommy wins by default, but not because he was an amazing Survivor.
  9. I can't believe it's finale time already! I suppose this means that Boston Rob and Sandra are done for the season, although I'm sure they will be on the finale show. The person who won't be there will be Handsy Dan, who managed to grope his way out of a lifetime opportunity. I'm thinking this is only the tip of the iceberg with this guy. If this is what he does after being warned, then what does he do in private when no one is paying attention?
  10. Everything was in place to get rid of Tommy until that slime-ball Dean decided to break off and whisper that he wasn't voting him off. I agreed with Noura that you can't trust that guy and his smug pretty face, but then Noura claimed that she was about to do the same thing, and he just beat her to it. I kinda doubt that. It seemed more like desperate damage control to me. She nearly got herself voted out, but Karishma was still the bigger target, until next Tribal, that is. Dean can go home right after her.
  11. I think Lauren playing her idol now was a great move. Sure, it turned out to be unnecessary, but she knew that only one rogue vote could send her to the jury, and better safe than sorry. My opinion of her went up a great deal during this episode.
  12. I don't like any of the remaining guys, so I'm good for an all-female final three. I would want Elaine to be there, but the other two can be wild cards.
  13. I didn't realize that either. I thought she was talking about Jamal, and I was confused. It also never occurred to me that this was a "milestone", but I give Jeff credit for addressing it. Missy had her point to make, and seemed satisfied that it was listened to.
  14. I think getting eliminated with TWO immunity idols in you pocket puts you right into Survivor history as an all-time dumbass. It's a rare and lofty achievement, but at least she has some souvenirs to take home.
  15. So, does anyone still have an idol or an advantage now? Two of them were used at the last Tribal, but now I can't remember if Olympic Swimmer Girl has one.
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