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  1. 1:45 am housetime Everyone in bed, and lights out.
  2. That is a tricky question, because there will be two HOH winners during the double. I don't think Tiffany will be around, so one HOH will need to be Hannah.
  3. 2:30 am housetime I turn on the feeds, but there is no activity in the house. Just as well, since I saw a good bit of the Tiffany apology tour last night, and I don't need any more of that.
  4. 2:15 am housetime Xavier and Kyland are on the same page, and Xavier heads back downstairs. Kyland resets his own chess pieces, and I didn't realize they had two separate chess sets. Tiffany comes upstairs to talk to Kyland, and says she accepted her fate yesterday, when she lost the veto. She can't run from it, and says it happened so she would be humbled. She says God is teaching her a lesson, and she lost for a reason. She says she is independent and takes pride in that. She comp[laments Kyland and his game, and says her life in the game is over unless he saves her. She is humbled by the events and will swear undying loyalty to him. She says she was meant to lose the veto so she would lose her pride and be humbled.
  5. 1:50 am housetime Now Kyland is back in the HOH room, and Derek is gone. Xavier says he doesn't want to be at the end with Azah. He thinks she will win, because she's played an honest game. They go over all the possibilities going forward, and there are a lot of them. They know one of the guys needs to be the next HOH , because the women will put them up. Tiffany and Azah continue to play chess in silence.
  6. 1:25 am housetime Xavier and Derek F talk in the HOH room, with Kyland not around. Derek continues to have delusions of grandeur. He says he definitely deserves to be in the F3. He says he hasn't won anything at all, but he has been behind the scenes making everything happen. Yeah, in your own mind, dumbass. They agree that the nominations should stay the same, and they talk about how Hannah doesn't need to win because she's too young and can come back and play a few more times. Other feeds on Tiffany and Azah playing chess in bed. They don't say a whole lot.
  7. 2:10 am housetime I turn on the feeds, only to find everyone in bed. Probably the earliest all season.
  8. 1:50 am housetime Everyone sitting around in the living room, celebrating their victory. There is a lot of shouting, and Tiffany is getting really annoying. I would switch to another feed, but this is all there is. I can't listen to Tiffany and her screeching anymore. Too much..
  9. 1:15 am housetime Hannah was the HOH for just a few minutes, but she still gets a basket and letters. She reads a letter from her little sister out loud, and everyone loves it. There are a lot of nicknames for everyone, and she is Hannah-banana. There are dry fruit bars in there, which she says make her throw up. Her sister put them in there as a joke. It's getting really loud in there, and everyone seems to be shouting. It seems that Hannah is still the HOH right now,
  10. 3:00 am housetme Hannah insists that she's not lying about her age. She is only 21, and not 30 at all. She is just mature for her age from growing up with older people. They speculate that SB was in her mid 30's, and lying about things. They are in the main bathroom, with the other feeds on night vision. Hannah says she is nervous about the coming days. She thinks Alyssa can win a few more things.
  11. 2;30 am housetime Azah talks with Derek F in their bedroom. Derek says he is putting up Tiffany when he wins HOH. He says he can't beat the "girl competitors" , so he has to eliminate them instead, starting with Tiff. Kyland was there a little while ago, so now Derek accuses Azah of flirting ":with my man". I think he is only halfway kidding. Hannah and Claire in the main bathroom, getting ready for bed. Azah travels in there, where Hannah whispers about the Cookout, and how old everyone is. She thinks people are lying about their age, especially Xavier, who she says is way older than he says. He makes references to things from the 80's , and his timeline has big gaps in it.
  12. 3:15 am housetime Xavier is in his bed plotting with Kyland. Xavier says his hands are tied right now, and he can't win HOH and put up Alyssa. He thinks he will be on the block, and is ready for it. Upstairs, Tiffany and Hannah talk in bed with the lights out. Hannah assures her that she had no pre-existing relationships with anyone in the house before getting here. They talk about Xavier some more, and how he's not who he claims to be. Hannah says that Claire pointed out to her that Xavier changes his personality, depending on who he is talking to. She started watching for it, and says Claire is a very smart person.
  13. 2:40 am housetime Claire leaves the HOH room, so Tiffany and Hannah talk about all the alliances they have been in. There were a lot of them, and many never even had an alliance name. Hannah lists off at least a dozen. She says they d0n't matter anymore, since most of the people are long gone. They plot out how to manipulate each person in the house, and they have a plan for handling all of them. Lights out, and we are in night vision all over the house.
  14. 2:15 am housetime Claire joins Tiffany and Hannah in the HOH room. She gives them the rundown on how her campaign to stay is going. This is a futile conversation, since none of Claire's delusions will ever happen. They talk about Alyssa, and how she's a big fan of the show, but she failed to make connections with them all. They say she is too dependent on men, which seems to be a theme with them tonight. Back to bubbles.
  15. 1:45 am housetime In the HOH room, Brittany and Hannah use the chess board to plot their strategy. They move the pieces around, and they represent the other players. They are concerned about Xavier not being who he says he is. Tiffany says he is hiding things. Hannah says she may have to win the next HOH, just to keep Azah from winning it. They don't trust Azah to do the right thing. They agree that men are the enemy, and they will work together to make sure the guys don't win. Now we have bubbles.
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