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  1. Everything was in place to get rid of Tommy until that slime-ball Dean decided to break off and whisper that he wasn't voting him off. I agreed with Noura that you can't trust that guy and his smug pretty face, but then Noura claimed that she was about to do the same thing, and he just beat her to it. I kinda doubt that. It seemed more like desperate damage control to me. She nearly got herself voted out, but Karishma was still the bigger target, until next Tribal, that is. Dean can go home right after her.
  2. I think Lauren playing her idol now was a great move. Sure, it turned out to be unnecessary, but she knew that only one rogue vote could send her to the jury, and better safe than sorry. My opinion of her went up a great deal during this episode.
  3. I don't like any of the remaining guys, so I'm good for an all-female final three. I would want Elaine to be there, but the other two can be wild cards.
  4. I didn't realize that either. I thought she was talking about Jamal, and I was confused. It also never occurred to me that this was a "milestone", but I give Jeff credit for addressing it. Missy had her point to make, and seemed satisfied that it was listened to.
  5. I think getting eliminated with TWO immunity idols in you pocket puts you right into Survivor history as an all-time dumbass. It's a rare and lofty achievement, but at least she has some souvenirs to take home.
  6. So, does anyone still have an idol or an advantage now? Two of them were used at the last Tribal, but now I can't remember if Olympic Swimmer Girl has one.
  7. Love the new Halloween diversion by Fisty at the top of the screen. I didn't know that was possible, but I'm still living in the olden days, like way back in 2014.
  8. I hope the rumors are true, and there will be another season of Big Brother, long before next summer. I really don't want to wait that long, so if it's Celebrity or all-stars, or even Over the Top, I'm ready for it. Hopefully not OTT, because I think of that as an experiment that failed, but next July is just too long to wait for something new.
  9. So, her social game is horrible, her physical game is even worse, and she can't do anything mental like solving a puzzle. It's the Survivor trifecta of ineptitude. Yeah, when she's in the final three it will be all about her great gameplay.
  10. Monica was famous for telling Dr. Will that "it's on!". He didn't know what she meant by that, and she got the nickname "Itsonica".
  11. Yes, the victim noises are strong with this one. She could have shown everyone her injury and gotten all sorts of support, but instead she goes off to suffer alone, apparently. At least that was the edit we got. I was surprised at Tribal Council when Probst asked her why she thought she was different. I didn't expect her to say that she was older than the other girls.
  12. AVorlon


    I finished "The Fifth Season" and am reading the second book now. It's just as good as the first one, and it also won the Hugo for best novel. It continues the stories from the first novel, while gradually elaborating on this odd world, which you come to recognize as Earth in the far distant future They don't remember how things got this way, and only have vague legends from tens of thousands of years ago.
  13. Yes, I was thinking the same thing about production people being around, so an intruder would not alarm them at all. I found it interesting that it was the girls alliance that voted him out, even though they seemed to think he was with them. It was a good move for them, since they flushed out the idol and kept Karishma as part of their alliance.
  14. That was a very long time ago, and I can't say I remember too much about her. She must have been the first black female on the show, but when you watch that back again, it was so much different then. The house seems really privative, and this was back when FOTH (front of the house) was a real thing.
  15. I think Chelsea may be the last chance of eye candy for me. Then you have people like Janet, who is a sex repellant. Probably some of the guys are, too.
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