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  1. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    I don't know, I didn't have any problem with the whole French Fry elimination comp. It was funny that Joey held the record for eating the most French fries, and Ms. Belgium couldn't have cared less. Glad to see the Goat Yoga girls gone, and the NBA guys rebounding from their earlier dismal performance. I think I like those guys, and I'm also finding myself liking Cody and Jessica. Is Cody really only about 5'5"? I never thought of him as being short, until it was mentioned. .
  2. General Drama

    Yeah, my DVD did say there was an alternate ending , but I could only watch that if I purchased the movie. It was made clear that I was only an unworthily renter. I've got plenty of other Golden Globe nominees in the queue. It's a pretty good indicator for the best things out there, and what you might like.
  3. General Drama

    Just finished watching "Get Out", which was a nominee for best picture at the Golden Globes. It involves an African-American guy who has a white girlfriend, and agrees to go to her parents home to meet them. According to the movie, this is not a good thing, and it quickly turns into a horror story . It has a lot of funny elements to it, and a lot of creepy ones as well. This was the worst case scenario for going to meet your girlfriends parents . Everything is off, and maybe you've been hypnotized by her mother, who does that for a living. In any case, this is creepy and funny at the same time,. "Lets get this party started. It's time for sparklers and Bingo!"
  4. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    Natalie Wood was always one of my favorites, but I had never heard that before, either. I read a book about her, but I don't think that was ever mentioned. The book was more about her mysterious death a long time ago, and how she drowned while staying on a yacht with her husband and several other people, including Christopher Walken. Everyone who was there claims to have no knowledge about what happened to her. ETA: She was also having a big argument with her husband, Robert Wagner, at the time, and was deathly afraid of the water. .
  5. General Drama

    I just finished watching season 1 of "Big Little Lies" on Sunday, within an hour of Nicole Kidman winning a Golden Globe for it. That was well deserved, because her character as a suburban housewife who was abused by her husband was very nuanced, complex, and believable. I also got a kick out of her husband actually wearing a wife beater when he took off his business suit. You know, the white tank top undershirt. There wasn't anything funny about that at all, but I certainly noticed it. The special features said that this was based on a book, and it originally took place in Sydney, Australia. They moved the story to California to make it more relatable. I think they've already covered the book, so season 2 will be something the screenwriters come up with on their own.
  6. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    I didn't really want to see the Ring girls go before we even got to know them. I'm still not sure what they did to make them finish so badly. And yes, the Yoga girls can go next. I've already seen enough of them.
  7. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I guess I'll record that MTV show with all the reality rejects, just to see what it's like. It starts on January 2,and I've never seen it before. I mostly just want to see more of Natalie, because she's my body type.
  8. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I understand he was the first contestant from the CBS version of BB to ever die, so far. He was 62, but I barely remember BB 2 at all. I've watched every season, and I suppose season 2 is out there on demand, but I'm not inclined to go back. Bring on the future and whatever it holds, and R.I.P Kent.
  9. General Drama

    No puppeteers so far, because that happens later, and the DVD I have only has the first two episodes. I'll be getting the next one in a few days, and there are only a total of three for the first season. What I can tell you so far abut "Big Little Lies" is that it involves a bunch of mothers who all have their kids in first grade in the same school. They don't get along, and someone got murdered, but we don't know who. We also don't know who did it or why, and the episodes are giving us backstory on all the characters to help us figure it out.
  10. Diary Room - Off-Topic Discussion

    Fisty the Snowman looks particularly dejected right now. Did he not get a tax cut, or is it that his hands are really small and made out of twigs?
  11. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Yikes, that link does not work for me at all. In fact, it crashed my computer. My browser started blocking pop-ups, and then I got a voice telling me that hackers were stealing my personal information right now, and I needed to call a certain number to make it stop. That's a scam and I know it, so I'm just going to warn everyone that if you get a phone call or a message that says something is wrong and you need to call them right away, IT'S a SCAM. BTW, can you summarize what Victor and Natalie are talking about? Thanks!
  12. Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

    I was surprised by the outcome, because I thought Chrissy would win. I wasn't shocked or disappointed when Ben won, though. He did a really good job just to get to the end, and I suppose a compelling backstory always helps. As for the reunion show, I'm glad they've done away with trying to interview everyone who started the game. I don't even remember some of them, and it's pointless and boring to have all of them say something. Still trying to figure out why some random girl in the audience, who was probably not random at all, was asked to predict the winner.
  13. General Reality Shows

    I don't like that woman, but I can see her as being a "celebrity", since most people know who she is. Omarosa is a toxic gas bag who would probably bring in the ratings, while making everyone sick in the process. I hope she's too busy writing her book to bother us again.
  14. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    So now Salma Hayek is the latest to accuse Harvey Weinstein. He couldn't get in her pants, so he made her do a nude scene in a movie so he could get his satisfaction. That's just disgusting. At least she got nominated for an Academy Award for "Frida", which may explain why she didn't complain about it until now.
  15. A Shocking Moment or Ridiculous Waste?

    I think this latest episode showed the value of the hidden immunity idol to create drama and uncertainty, and that's why it won't be going away.