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  1. so, I'm not going to say anything bad about Fessie. He tried to sit down on a bathroom counter, thinking it would be normal. Instead it collapsed, because it was made out of twigs or some other horrible construction techniques. Basically, it was not attached properly to the wall.
  2. BB20 House Discussion

    So, maybe Scottie is not as clueless as he seems, and he's getting ready for when the hive is gone, and Brett needs help getting rid of his other Level 4 people? Maybe Brett is thinking that, but I don't think Scottie is. Scottie may be around to use for Brett's game, but he will have no clue that he's doing it. As any beekeeper can tell you, the hive cannot survive without a Queen, and that was Bayleigh., queen in her own mind.
  3. Brett Robinson - Mic Dropping Since 2018

    Good job tonight , with Brett being the smooth talker and getting all sorts of information about the hive, while pretending to be one of them. Now, how much of that does he share with Level 4, and how much does he keep to himself to further his own game.? In any case, that was excellent gameplay, and the kind of thing that can get you the win.
  4. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    2:40 AM housetime In the BY, Brett plays pool with Scottie while the bullshit flies. Scottie seems to think Brett is totally on his side and plots with him to get rid of Tyler and Angela Scottie has no clue, and reveals his own plans in detail, which involve what Fessie and Haleigh are planning to do. What a dumbass Scottie goes over all sorts of scenarios, guided by Brett, and explains how he and Brett can make it to the end together. He didn't put it quite that way, but you get the idea. This is all going to happen when Kaitlyn's dead grandfather manifests as a flying pig. Everyone in bed now, lights off, and all four feeds on sleeping hammes.
  5. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    2:05 AM housetime Still outside, Brett expands on his wishes, saying he wants a girl he could marry and have kids with. If she doesn't take care of herself, then how could she take care of their children? Tyler is out there too. practicing throwing underhand with some balls at a target. Other feeds on sleeping hammies. They mention Ramsey from last season being into cosplay, and ask Scottie if he's into that., and he says no, but he could if he had the right costume. People start going to bed, and now Brett starts to interrogate Scottie. who spills the beans about the hive. Brett pretends to be one of them, and does a good job of selling it.
  6. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    1:45 AM housetime Out in the BY, Brett plays pool with Kaycee, while Scottie and JC look on. Brett says Rachel was attractive, but not his type. Kaycee says it's the same for her. They ask Brett what his type is, and he says petite girls with nice faces. Then he goes for the boobs next, and he wants a big jiggly pair in his face. He likes brunette hair, or maybe dirty blond. He wants them to have a good personality and be in shape. He spends a lot of time keeping in shape, and wants a girl who values that as well. They ask Scottie what his type is, and they mostly have to guess, since he doesn't say much. . They figure he wants a girl who will get on top and do all the work. Like Scottie would even know. Brett says he likes a girl who is really into him, and Rachel wasn't.
  7. Angela Rummans - Wrong 99% of the time

    Rockstar and Haleigh were bashing Angela tonight for "never saying anything of substance". I'm not sure if they want her to start talking about quantum physics or something, but maybe just going one step beyond working out and posing for photos. Is that all there is to her?
  8. BB20 House Discussion

    No, there will never be a wildcard alliance, since those people try to remain independent and like you say, rarely even talk game with one another. They have different agendas, and don't fiit together really well. The "offer" from Haleigh and Rockstar will never go through, because Tyler is pretty sure he has Sam back on his side, and he probably has JC as well. It looks like the other wildcard, Scottie, is going in the other direction
  9. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    3:30 AM housetime Haleigh and Rockstar go to bed together in the HOH room, talking about how Angela never says anything of substance, and how they're waiting to see the result of their offer. I think they're talking about Tyler when they say "he" would be stupid not to take their deal. All the lights are out now, and everyone in bed.
  10. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    3:15 AM housetime It's snack time in the BB house with munching sounds on all four feeds. Faysal is eating something in the hammock outside, while Rockstar and Haleigh eat popcorn in the HOH bed. They talk with Scottie, and now he starts to eat too, and it's a disgusting crinkling sound from the bags, mixed with saliva and chewing sounds. Rockstar says she might make a speech saying there's only one real Angela here, and its her. The other one is a fake bitch, and then she goes on to pile it on from there. Now all four feeds go to Brett taking a shower.
  11. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    4:00 AM housetime JC is till heading for bed, so he asks why she's already back. She says they just wanted her to return a shirt. Film school Skippy is on the job, and does some extreme close-ups of her face for no good reason. Sam and JC crawl into the same bed, with Sam whispering "Good night, Big Brother". All four feeds on sleeping hammies.
  12. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    3:20 AM housetime Sam is left alone, so she goes outside and searches the perimeter walls of the BY, looking for something. She doesn't find anything, and says "How do you get rid of everything so good" Not sure who she's talking to, but now she says "What are you going to do if I decide to stay?". No one else is out there. Sam gathers some empty glasses in the BY and takes them inside to wash. She ends up doing a lot of other dishes while she's at it. All other feeds on sleeping hammies. JC comes back from the DR and says he's going to bed, and now Sam gets called in for her DR. Sam comes right back out and starts cleaning again, so that DR was probably just to pick up some meds.
  13. Live Feed Recaps Week 7 - HOH: Haleigh

    3:05 AM housetime Tyler, JC, and Sam hang out in the kitchen, with Tyler saying it's nice to have Sam back with him. He says he knew she could come full circle, and get back on his side eventually . Sam says she was going crazy for a while, and JC says everyone in there is going a little bit crazy. Tyler goes to bed, and it looks like everyone else is already there. Jc says he's married to Sam in the house, but he can't be married for real to a girl. He says Sam is the grisliest guy in the house, and she likes that description. JC gets called to the DR, so Sam says when he gets back, he is welcome to sleep with her. She would like that.
  14. BB20 House Discussion

    Given that scenario, shouldn't Kaycee, as the hacker, block Fessie from voting? Why bother blocking one of the wildcards? You don't know what they're going to do, but you DO know Fessie is a vote for the other side.
  15. BB20 House Discussion

    Correct me if my analysis is flawed, but I think Level 4 has to throw the veto to Angela, so she can take herself off. the block. Tyler has his cloud to sit on, so he won't be a replacement. Also, I agree about Tyler not be instigating things. If anything, he seemed like the voice of reason while being screamed at , and accused of being "out of control".