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  1. House Analysis and Discussion

    This seems like a famewhore move to squeeze out the very last ounce of publicity from this season. I watched the whole thing, and Dina was a floater who only got close to the end by being inept, clueless, and not worth the time to vote out. At least she learned a lot about astrology from Ricky. Hash tag Dumbasses.
  2. House Analysis and Discussion

    I was happy to see Tom Green win for favorite houseguest, because he was truly entertaining Ricky deciding to take Tamar to the final two with him may go down in BB history as the worst decision ever, considering that he could have chosen Dina, who was unlikely to get any votes at all. I realize that Ricky doesn't need the money, but it's still a huge mistake. Dumbass. I also noticed that Julie said she's going to be back ithis summer, so the tradition of bad fashion choices and "but first" will continue.
  3. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    I just want to say thanks to angelmi for all the hard work and dedication, and keeping us informed about the goings on in the house. I think she's been doing this for something like a decade now, but who's counting? Next season may not have Julie Chen, but hopefully we'll still have our angel.
  4. House Analysis and Discussion

    So, it looks like Ricky, Lolo, and Tamar have made it to the final four. Kandi will probably be there as well. but it ain't over quite yet. I thought Ricky got a really good edit on the Monday night show, prepping us to feel good if he wins.
  5. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    12:50 AM housetime Everybody in bed early, with two feeds on sleeping hammies and two feeds on Orville, the owl. Orville sits at the dinner table, all dressed up but with nowhere to go.
  6. House Analysis and Discussion

    I think Dina is canon fodder at this point, and I would be surprised if anyone thought that far ahead. I don't see anyone as a strategic mastermind right now.
  7. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    5:40 AM housetime Everyone in bed and sleeping, with no feeds on the HOH room, because no one is in there. Ricky is sleeping in his normal bed downstairs, which makes sense if you want to keep track of what's going on. Stay right in the middle of it, and that bedroom with Tamar and Lolo is the perfect place to be.
  8. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    Tom has won the veto, and is now coming after Natalie, Ricky and Lolo. The people on the block are Ricky and Natalie.
  9. House Analysis and Discussion

    Dina had a conversation last night where she talked strategy with Kandi in the lounge room.. She's just not being a floater anymore, and has her opinions about things. If you really want to hear it, it's at 11:00 PM house time last night. It's not very exciting, but it's proof that Dina is no longer a floater.
  10. Julie Chen - Charged and ready to go

    Has Julie finally achieved the ultimate goal of wearing an outfit that no one can find fault with? She may have only a few more appearances left on BB, so did the light blue dress finally hit the right note ?
  11. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    I'm sure her fan will be happy about that! Sleeping hammies at this hour.
  12. House Analysis and Discussion

    I didn't see the comments that were made that may or may not be edited out of the broadcast episode on Monday. Who the hell is "Miss Cleo" ?
  13. She needs to mellow out, and maybe that would do it.
  14. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    3:00 AM housetime Tamar goes to bed in her normal place downstairs, while asking everyone to pray and read Bible verses. Tamar thanks Jesus for answering their prayers and giving them this opportunity, and giving them just as much as they can handle. She praises him and his wisdom. I think they propped the door open to get more air in there, but now everyone is finally going to sleep., and that brings this day in the BB house to a conclusion.
  15. Celebrity BB2 - Live Feed Recaps

    2:20 AM housetime Tamar's letter from home is downstairs now, with NEM reading it out loud with her permission. It's basically a love letter, with some guy saying how amazing she and her son are, and how he gave her the keys to his house on the second date, and he's never done that before. The letter goes on about how things aren't the same without her there, and life is more interesting with her there, and there's a lot more stuff about how she makes him feel , and how he misses their special moments. The girls think this is great, because he's in love with her and her son at the same time. They eat Ramen noodles dry, right out of the package. Lots of crunching going on, but they say this bypasses all the salt.