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  1. Just went to the grocery store on Saturday, and it was fairly crowded, with all the employees wearing gloves and some of them wearing masks. Still a lot of items that are not in stock, and a lot of bare shelves everywhere . Some of it is hoarding, and some of it is simply because you need more groceries when everyone is home because of the lockdown. Most of the shoppers seemed to be keeping their distance, and I only saw one guy with a shopping cart that was totally filled with toilet paper. May you get a raging case of diarrhea and actually need all that. So sorry for everyone who is sick, the health workers who are trying to do their best, and all the people who have lost their jobs.
  2. Team douche? Heh. So, we get the merger next time, and that should add an interesting dynamic to the whole thing. In the meantime, they really need to thin out the herd on Exile (or Extinction). Whatever they call it, more people need to go besides Sandra. Boston Rob getting three tokens in one day was impressive, but I'm kind of tired of him now.
  3. On another subject, I knew that the current season of Hawaii 5-O was about to happen, but now I find out it's the end of the entire series. There's a two hour series finale coming up, and I'm going to miss all those folks. It was a nice ten year run I'm also going to miss that weird thing they had with the bad guys driving Fords, and the good guys driving Chevrolets.
  4. Yeah, I wasn't so confused about the Borg having that transport system, because they assimilated it. I was wondering more about how it got programmed to go to Troi and Riker's house. I loved the reference to Isaac Asimov a few weeks ago, since this whole android/robot uprising was right in his wheelhouse. I was imagining him still alive and watching this, and what he would make of it .
  5. Heh, I never thought about treating the holograms like shit, because they're basically just computer programs. I think the audience is meant to think that they're more sophisticated versions of what they have in their homes right now, and have no consciousness or feelings. As for plot holes, I was taken aback when Picard used the transport system in the Borg queens room, and it took him directly to Troi and Riker;s estate. That made no sense to me.
  6. I can't believe it's almost time for the season finale of Star Trek:: Picard. It seems like it only just started, and it was so nice to see so many familiar faces again, along with the new ones. There are still a few original people that we haven't seen yet, and I'm hopeful for a second season. I don't see any reason not to renew it, and I did get a kick out of seven of nine as a kick-ass action figure, even though Jeri Ryan is over 50 years old now. .
  7. Well, I'm glad that I got my hair cut when I did, because they just shut down all the salons and barbershops in the state. I'm guessing they'll be closed for quite a while, so I just barely avoided looking like a Yeti for the rest of the spring. I wish this wasn't so severe. and we didn't have so many people losing their jobs.
  8. If you want to socially distance people, the BB house seems like the ideal place to do it. Once you determine that everyone is virus-free, then they have no contact with the outside world anymore and won't be getting sick.. Of course, all the production staff needs to be cleared as well. The last time there was a delay it was due to a writer's strike, and we got a bonus winter version of BB. Is it too much to ask for the regular summer version, and another one later?
  9. All the bars and restaurants here are shut down until further notice, except for carry-out and drive-thru. I can see that this is putting a lot of people out of work, and now they're talking about shutting down all day-care facilities in the state, putting even more stress on parents. The dorms at Ohio State are being emptied out, so the students have to find somewhere else to stay. I've never seen anything like this before I went for a haircut this morning, and I was the only customer in there. The girl who cut my hair was wearing gloves, and said she wanted to be there because she has to make a living. I gave her a big tip when I left.
  10. No big crowd when I went to the grocery on Saturday evening, but it looked like the hoarders had already emptied the store of certain items. The toilet paper isle, which is huge, was now empty, and all of the bottled water was gone. It made me wonder just what sort of emergency these people thought was going to happen. Apparently, contaminated water that leads to massive diarrhea? I don't get it.
  11. I don't root for Wendell at all, but at least he knows how to build a decent shelter. It must suck to be stuck there with your ex-girlfriend, and apparently Michelle feels the same way. Awkward to say the least. So, let him rebuild the shelter, and don't vote him out for some petty grievance just yet.
  12. Buh, bye Boston Rob. Now he joins his wife on Exile, but it would have been nice to see just who voted him out. Despite the buddy system of not talking to anyone all day, the girls obviously knew that they didn't have to play their idol or their vote cancel. Was it just Ben who voted with them, or was it Adam too?
  13. One thing became clear for me in this episode, and that was that you have to forfeit all your fire tokens when you leave. Tyson only had one to bequeath, but if you have more than one you can probably split them up any way you want. I also noticed for the first time that Natalie is kind of a bad-ass competitor, being a cross-fit instructor. She already has enough tokens to get back into the game. Also liked Tyson showing up on Exile and remarking about how much firewood they had. If he only knew!
  14. I'm not sure that's really a thing. Maybe you can give your middle finger to them instead,!
  15. I would stilll like to see a new season of the Amazing Race, even if it was filmed two years ago. I guess that happens when a CBS show fails in a miserable way, and they need a replacement. It's already March now, so nothing is failing yet? The contestants must be going through hell, having to keep everything a secret all this time. Nice new condo, folks! I guess your grandma died and left you something?
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