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  1. 1:50 AM housetime I guess they don't have too much to hash out late at night right now, so everyone in bed with lights out. Major snoring coming from the target room.
  2. 1:20 PM housetime Nicole listens to music in the HOH room, and really gets into it. Not sure what music is in there, but anything would sound great compared to nothing. Downstairs, Christie in her bed starts to whisper to Tommy about her big plans to overthrow the game and get rid of their enemies. She says she can't just lay there and take what happens. even though that's what she's doing. Christie now tries to poison Jessica against everyone else. She tries to lay the groundwork for what happens after she leaves. Back to your regularly scheduled Angel posts.
  3. 1:00 PM housetime Everyone is outside in the BY, taking advantage of the nice weather. Some are exercising, and some are just laying out in the sun by the pool. Christie tells Tommy that she just wants to sleep until Thursday. "It's so frustrating". Christie heads inside to the bathroom, where she starts blubbering to Jessica and Nicole.about how it's not fair, and she can't deal with not being in control. They give her a group hug, , and she heads off to sulk in bed.
  4. 12:40 PM housetime Outside, Cliff says he's 6 foot one, and he's the shortest of his two brothers. He wend to China, and he was really glad to be able to see over everyone's head. He was in a square with a crowd of Chinese people, and all he could see was a sea of dark hair. Tommy says he's 5:4", but as a dancer it's not an obstacle. They sit around outside, talking about past comps. Tommy isolates himself with Sis, and asks if he should avoid being seen with her. She says it doesn't matter. Tommy says he wants to get rid of Jackson , but she can't tell anyone.
  5. 12:20 PM housetime Besides the dead fish thing, Holly and Jackson talk about how Jessica is all about gender. Jackson says it's evenly divided between men and women, with minorities mixed in, and both straight and gay. Jackson thinks Jess has a clear agenda of women first, and is biased.
  6. Physics, biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, foreign languages, and how to cook eggs.
  7. How is he cheating on a bro-mance? Anyway, I'm thinking this Brett guy is probably too good to be true. He seems to check all the boxes as a "perfect man", but I seriously doubt that. . I want the best for Kat, and the results are in, and I'm not her dad. I want to be her boyfriend twenty years ago.
  8. Having considered all of that, I'm going to go with Analyse. She hasn't accomplished anything except being Jack's comfort girl, which makes her ideal to take to the end. I really don't see her winning against anyone.
  9. Okay, I was sorry to see Kat go, because I really liked her and some of her oddball ways. Who is this "Brett" person she wants to hook up with? I should probably know, but I don't remember. I'm pretty sure I would've been her boyfriend in the house, if I were only the right age.
  10. Interesting that we never saw Sis having to get up at all hours of the night to make eggs in her chicken outfit. Another failed twist? Also, where is the Zingbot? I was thinking that maybe Kathy Griffin, as a big fan of the show, was the person writing for Zingbot, and maybe they don't want her anymore.
  11. How do they keep casting people who know each other? Is the famewhore world that small? There are over 300 million people in the US, for crying out loud. It seems like they're getting folks from a small tribe of tattooed assholes who want to be famous.
  12. 5:15 AM housetime Holly and Jackson finally go to sleep, and only have a few hours now until wake-up. You're going to have some really tired houseguests in there tomorrow. All four feeds on sleeping hammies.
  13. 4:50 AM housetime Jessica tries to apologize to Jackson and Holly in the target room. When she leaves, they talk about how she's lost her mind. They think she's drunk or on drugs or something, because she looked dazed and confused. They think something is wrong with her, and they want to smell her glass to see if it's full of Vodka . Other feeds on sleeping hammies.
  14. 4:35 AM housetime Christie congratulates Jessica for coming forward with information, and basically coming over to her side. So now Jessica is aligned with Christie on the dark side, so she is lost to me. She is at the bottom of that alliance, so good luck with that, dumbass. None of this is normal for the night before an eviction, where things are usually set in place and everyone goes to bed early. Instead we have all sorts of last minute scheming and intrigue going deep into the night.
  15. 4:25 AM housetime Holly, Jackson, and Kat commiserate in the lounge room about how all their games are fucked up now. Kat can't wait to go now, and is looking forward to it. She's sorry that she didn't self-evict before this. Jackson tells her about no cameras in the jury house, unlimited alcohol, and she still gets screen time every week as a member of the jury. Jackson jokes that she should torment Christie on her way out by saying she's looking forward to spending alone time with Jack in the jury . Kat says that she feels like she's back in high school, with cliques and mean girls.
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