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  1. Dont' you think I deserve to be cast after you knocked me up and gave me syphilis at the same time?
  2. Doesn't everyone? I should be on the show because I don't care about getting more followers or publicity from this. I only want peace and quiet for the summer, and to be left alone to nurture my Basil plant.
  3. My real job is "unemployed", but with a vacuous intellect that I make up for with big boobs.
  4. It's still the same old "house", no matter how much you dress it up. They have it looking better in recent seasons, particularly for the celebrity versions. Still, don't they make enough money from this show to build a new one? I think some of the other versions in different countries are much more elaborate. In the meantime, I refuse to agree with Frankie on anything. At least they seem to have figured out how to ventilate the place and get rid of the bad smell, and the ants haven't been a problem lately, probably from casting people like Sam who don't mind cleaning.
  5. Two big guys who were likeable and had a good bromance going on, but they tried two different challenges in this episode and sucked at both of them. The thing with finding the coins underwater seemed doable, but no one actually completed that
  6. He said he used to be in a marching band and could figure that out quickly. It looked like he did.
  7. I need to know... are they speaking to you right now?
  8. I have big muscles and a lot of tattoos, and I'm also on multiple medications for mental disorders. Bring it ON, losers!
  9. Let me get this straight... you think that your resume and Twin Peaks speak for themselves? Yes, you say?
  10. Did you make up some of the things on your resume, or do you think I'm talking about your grand Tetons?
  11. That was something you could see coming weeks ago, and the only surprise was that they made it this far. Rachel set a record for most legs completed, which just means that they cast her on this show way too often.
  12. I never thought I would have to defend the Riley sisters, but they were only trying to tell Nicole and Victor that other teams were thinking about U-turning them. How that got turned back against the Riley sisters still confounds me. It probably doesn't help that Rachel and Elissa try to talk at the same time and neither one will shut up.
  13. Ain't that the truth. I just got carded the other day while buying beer in the middle of the night at the local grocery store. I'm obviously over 21, so I figured the clerk was trying to hit on me. He even asked me if I was into fishing. The whole thing was wrong on multiple levels. I hope Janelle and Britney have a good time drinking wine at the hotel. From what I've seen, the Riley sisters will join them soon.
  14. I was sorry to see them go. Once again, the all-female teams have an overall track record of not performing as well as other teams. Why does this happen? I would like to see a study of that, because it may have implications for building successful teams out there in the real world.
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