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  1. Yes, I think it was Drea who was talking to the camera about all of her advantages. I'm starting to think that maybe too many advantages are floating around out there.
  2. Getting voted out with something like 4 advantages in your pocket must be some kind of dubious record. Hopefully, Romeo won't be far behind.
  3. Ugh, just as I put my stamp of approval on Jenny, she gets eliminated. Not sure I have a favorite now. Anyone else have one?
  4. Yep, Jenny is my early favorite as well. A good first impression can go a long way.
  5. I think we're off to a good start Two people gone right off the bat, and I'll have to say that I never expected Jackson to be trans, and I didn't want him to leave so early, but I understand it. Speaking of leaving early, Zach was one scrawny guy, and a few weeks with no food would not bode well for him.
  6. I'm happy with this outcome. Those folks won many legs and kept their composure and sense of humor throughout. I'm hoping for more seasons still to come.
  7. Ah, Lamar. Your fantasies about a sitcom are misplaced, and I don't know if you're aware that you come across as morose and depressed.
  8. That went exactly the way I thought it would. Now we have two power players against Cynthia, who never won a damn thing the entire time. Miesha just racked up two more wins for her resume, and I believe she should win.
  9. It doesn't sound funny to me at all and taunting someone on their way out the door is just poor sportsmanship.
  10. So, the show on Saturday will just be a clip show, and we'll see who wins HOH on the Sunday show. In the meantime, I would imagine the actual HOH will happen as soon as they can get around to it.
  11. It's hard for me to get behind someone who likes to beat other people up for a living.
  12. Glad to see Carson as the HOH. He will probably put up Miesha and Chadrick, and if one of them comes off the block, the other one goes home.
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