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  1. A curtain was taken down in the HOH room because it was infested with bugs.
  2. 1. Mr. Zingbot Goes to Washington
  3. Who is eating the food they put outside my door, and why can't I open the window to let the voices out?
  4. It's the knowing that eats at you, isn't it?
  5. Did they mention, you know, umm...anyone else?
  6. 2. The HOH Who Shagged Me
  7. 6. Dude, Where's my Backdoor?
  8. 3. Planet of the Skippies.
  9. Adora Borealis. **gets shovel ready. Assume the position**
  10. I was just looking at the IMDB list of the 250 best TV shows. I've never seen The Sopranos, but maybe it's time. I wasn't interested in a show about organized crime, but maybe I'm missing something.. I would also think I wouldn't be interested in a show about a high school chemistry teacher who starts "Breaking Bad" , but that ended up as #1 on their list, and it was fantastic.
  11. Good for them, I suppose. Morgan was never a favorite of mine, and BBOTT was probably the least watched version of BB, since it wasn't even on television. The cool people would hang out in the backyard every night, while Morgan and "The Barbies" would camp out in the HOH room and practice social distancing before that was even a thing.
  12. I think it would be nice to see Tommy and Christmas back again. Those were people that I could tolerate. It seems like hygiene will be a big issue if they do this, and mostly on the part of the production staff. The HG's will be quarantined and corona free, but I'm guessing there will be no elaborate challenges in the back yard that require a big overnight construction crew. Too many people to test, so probably more simple challenges.
  13. I'm sure the Hierarchy of Hate exists (HOH), and I'm sure that Frankie is only acceptable when everyone else is even worse. I'm hoping they cast at least one person I can like. Derrick might be okay, ,but I'll miss him dragging along Victoria and her mane, just for the extra vote. That girl was in pain the whole time because of the clamps on her scalp holding her hair on. At this point I would even take Bridgette and her Basil plant, even though they both had the same personality.
  14. What I'm curious about, and maybe I missed it, is why this is coming up right now. Are they trying to cast a new season of TAR, or is this something that's years old?
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