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  1. Yet another immunity idol leaving in someone's pocket. That seemed like a pretty brutal betrayal, but she took it well.
  2. Evvie is playing a pretty decent game, so I would like to see her stick around. What I should've said is that I want BOTH Tiffany and Heather on the jury right away, followed by Ms. BossyPants and her buddy.
  3. At this point I think Erica is the only woman I can root for. I don't really like Ms. Bossy Pastor and her sidekick, and Heather and Tiffany need to go to the jury before they get used as useless canon fodder.
  4. I like what they're doing next week, with a reorganization instead of a full merger. That should stop any talk of throwing the comps, and maybe result in some much needed trimming of the dead weight.
  5. Heather is clearly a person who cannot win for her tribe, and needs to go. Maybe Jeff can make her feel better about it, but she still sucks
  6. He became the dumbass he was afraid of being. Tricked by a pastor, no less.
  7. Once again, you can almost predict who is going home by how much screen time they get. There are still a couple of them that get no time at all.
  8. 2:15 am housetime Thanks for all the hard work all season, angel. Feeds still on right now, but everyone in bed with lights out.
  9. 2:25 am housetime I turn on the feeds and everyone is in bed, like I expected. They really have no reason to be up late at night anymore.
  10. 2:00 am housetime Yeah, I wouldn't want to hear that ether. Missed it, thankfully. Everyone in bed now.
  11. 3:45 am housetime Everyone in bed at this hour, and lights off. Feed 4 on bright display that says "BB Beach Club".
  12. It's nice to see it back again. I thought it got off to a great start, and it does seem to move faster. Not that I wanted it. I had no problem with the pace before, and now two people are gone before we even got to know them. .
  13. 2:30 am housetime I turn on the feeds to find everyone in bed and lights out. Kyland is not really sleeping, however. Too many worries, I'm sure.
  14. 4:30 am housetime Unlike last night, everyone in bed and lights out at this hour. Almost makes me yearn for the days when BB would keep waking them up, and there were things like fake crickets making noise all night.
  15. 5:00 am housetime Azah still having a problem with Derek saying he carried her this far in the game. He apologizes for his statements, and says he should never have used the word "carry". They go on and on, arguing about nothing. They both suck, and neither one deserves a prize for anything.
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