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  1. It was great to post a bit this season – was strictly lurking last season – and it's always hilarious to read everyone's recraps and commentary. Until next summer, hamster watchers. Adios!
  2. Stamp that. Double stamp it. Triple stamp it. (Harry: "You can't triple stamp a double stamp! You can't triple stamp a double stamp!" I'm waiting for next year when there's a house full of Dicks, because he got away with it, got lots of camera time, and will take home a nice chunk of change either way it goes in the finale. Talk about a nightmarish mess of a season. The disgust I feel for this imaginary cast already makes me want to slap them all with Jen's unitard. Buncha jerks!
  3. When Zach and Dick held up the same card on the last question, I turned my TV off. Just could not take it .... if I had to hear Daniele scream and throw her skeletal frame onto her dad one more time ... I might have hurt someone. So I swore I'd boycot the rest of the season. So there, CBS. Like it matters. The only good thing I can see coming out of this is the two of them bickering and being miserable; and one or both totally turning on the other to get the money. (Daniele will do this I feel confident; Dick might not because he really seems to want to work things out with her, even in a horribly dysfunctional unhealthy way.) The other good thing would be to have the jury rip them up one side and down the other, but as Aplomb points out (earlier in the thread) none of them will probably be able to string two coherent thoughts together to do so. They'll be sitting on their high horses, with mad faces – for good reason but not very useful when trying to berate someone effectively. I do anticipate the media both pleasing and annoying me. While a number of media outlets will bash many houseguests for their behavior and commentary ... there are still others who will kiss the patooties of said famewhores, feeding their need for more attention and that will make them feel like what they did and said was ok, in general. Oh well! Onto next season. Please, OGG, make it better than this one was.
  4. I brought this over from the General House Analysis thread, because I discuss Dick's behavior more than anything, and I wanted to make sure it goes in the right thread. Hope that's ok. See< I don't get that at all. I often hear the phrase, "it's just a game" and "his game play" or "my game play" (depending on who's talking) ... and not just in reference to this season/show. But as far as Dick is concerned, I don't think it's "just game play." I think he's a major a-hole, narcissistic, violent and possibly unbalanced psycho. Only my opinioin, of course. So with that viewpoint, his behavior is just him being him. And to reward that? Not good, IMO. DaniSpawn is a little Dickette in Training, taking pleasure in other people's suffering at the hands of her father (Exhibit A: her scary skeletal bitchface grin) .... so by default, I feel I have to root for Zach Rabbit. Maybe he didn't put himself out there compeltely, or try to win comps at first, but that was strategic – unlike Dick & Dani's behavior, which was just personality and not strategy, in my opinion. And yes, the whole, "I Survived You" (thank you Clay Aiken I love you) theme for Zach, able to sneer in the face of his abusers .... good for him! moved from the Dick thread, because you're talking about more than just Dick here. ~tooletta
  5. Hmm. You may be right, preciouskiller. With Amber & Dustin at least, I think Jameka would have the votes. I guess if the hamsters vote personally, they might all vote against Zach if a Zach/Jam F2 plays out. I just have a fear that it'll be one of those situations that always makes me vow never to "watch this stupid show ever again!" (And by "stupid show" I mean any reality show that does not turn out like I want.) If Dick or Dani makes F2 with Zach, then I think the jury will use that skewed reality show reasoning to reward them for their "game play" ... and forget the "horrible person they were in the house." Guess my voice is silent now that my AP hammie can't dance to America's Tune anymore. Bye bye HammEric. Twas sweet (and horrific) while it lasted.
  6. I was wondering the same thing about the coup de gras. What gives? It doesn't surprise me. BB's big on "twists" and by that I mean, "Oops we're changing the rules, plans, punishments, rewards and anything else we feel like right in the middle of the game because we did not plan very well and/or we want to improve ratings. Twist on that, houseguests." All I can judge Dick by is his behavior in the house, and for me, it's been horrific. I would've liked for him to face consequences up to and including removal for some of the actions .... not only because of the incidents themselves (that, for me at least, crossed a line that should not have been crossed, and we've debated that and I respect others' viewpoints) ... but in the Big Brother realm, if he makes it to F2 and/or wins, then I can only imagine how many other houseguests might try to emulate his game play. And who knows where their "line" might be? Someone's going to be hurt, physically or emotionally long-term (Amber: I worry about you, truthfully) and I hate to see that happen just for entertainment purposes. edited to fix typos. d'oh
  7. haha! You know, if I knew for a fact that the houseguests would be unmercifully brutal to them in their comments and behavior, then I would be okay with a Dick/Dani final two. Those two asshats deserve the negative energy they threw out, and they deserve it thrown back at them twofold. However, that won't happen. So, I'll bury my remains next to yours. Keith ... would you bring some snacks to our mutual Final Rest? I have a bad feeling that a D&D F2 is near ... My extremities are starting to go cold ... Can it really be that my hopes now rest on Zach? Really? I hope he doesn't zach it up.
  8. I agree. I would've gone for that Final Four over the current one. Why did Eric not try to sway Zach before the Donatos? Or even after the Donatos? Did he ever try to barter a Final 3 deal with Zach when he won HOH before or after noms of Jam/Jess?
  9. Yeah, I'd rather have him in the house this morning than the Smug Spawn and her Dickish Dad. Blech. I agree, he was kind of shafted by the America's Player thing, because he didn't get to play his own game. However, he was also helped by it --- financially, for certain, and possibly through some DR vote swaying hijinks. (Though that certainly didn't only apply to him, it appears ... there was hijinking going on quite often it seems.) Overall, I think he did the best job possible as far as the tasks & voting went. His personal behavior aside, he was a pretty good Hammie for America's First Time. Eric: My First. gah. what a statement.
  10. I hope it's Zach and Jameka, because then the jury will HAVE to choose to reward a floater, which EVERY YEAR they all say they hate, but NEVER DO ANYTHING ABOUT! Ack, the yelling in my all caps way. I'm sorry. If I knew that Dick or his Spawn would be in Final Two and the houseguests would slam them unmercifully, I'd be up for that. Unfortunately, I think if either one makes it, they will likely win and I will die a little inside.
  11. I agree with so many folks here! I teared up a bit --- I admit it! --- when Jess was evicted, when she cried about Eric and her love (real or house-induced) and when he professed his love (real or house induced, not for me to say) ... and when he lost POV and was evicted. I thought he handled himself quite admirably when Jess was evicted --- he was steamed but kept his game play in mind, and just professed his wish that they had told him so he could've had more "time" with her (I assume, "I know it's the end of our time together" time, because really, they had the same amount of time either way) ... and I thought he was awesome when he was readying to leave, very admirably assuring them that he understood, no hard feelings, etc. His Jen bashing was the fly in the ointment for me, and reminded me of my mixed feelings about Eric. I mostly like him, and he cracks me up, but he does have a mean streak. Mean streak ... I think we all probably have one of those, as noted on the boards by others. Eric's is fueled sometimes by his desire to be "the class clown" and he does, indeed, need to have an internal filter. But overall, I liked him and was sad to see him go. My worst fears – Dani and Dick in finals – loom like so much slop hanging over my head. Any minute now, it's going to rain down on me and I'm gonna be hella pissed. Adios, Eric. You amused and annoyed me more than any other Hammie this season. P.S. I will always remember your eyebrows and Crazy DR Stare of Intensity.
  12. On a lighter note, every time Eric does that crazy DR stare it cracks me up. Can you imagine him as a Very Intense Three Year Old? (Full-on DR Stare. Superman undies. Cowlick. Snotty nose.) "But mom, I am honestly thrilled to have one cookie. I desperately want another, and I feel certain I should be able to achieve this goal."
  13. I have to believe that it was a smarmy joke on her part, or else my whole Janey-love will dissipate as well. I'm with Dani on this one (ugh, i'm with freakin Dani now? my stinkin life has come to this?) ... "Has Janelle SEEN the show this season?"
  14. I'm of two minds about Eric as well. On one hand, I do think he's got a major crush on Smurfette Jess. Several posts have noted that he probably has never been within smooching distance of such a gorgeous girl (even one with a chipmunk voice, though cuter as the weeks go on) ... But I also think he is there to play the game, and he has done just that. It has caused a great deal of conflict for him, both "publicly" in the house, and "privately" in the diary room. So I think he's sincere on all counts, in general ... but when he bashes with such fervor, viscious weasely teeth bared (as in: Jen during upside down HOH comp) and when he tried to get a few cheap laughs at JaneyDoll's expense, I was disgusted and realized I don't care about him and his struggles in the house as much as I want to. He's just a goofy guy, making it upu as he goes along, and ticking me off big time more and more lately. Sounds like most of my real life relationships, now that I think about it. (Less monetary reward for my guys in real life though. Suckers.)
  15. If Janelle heard Eric's comments, she didn't mention it when she came out from behind the pink curtain. She spoke to the HG's when they took their turns in the spinning chair (she told Dick he was hot. LOL.) Then everyone took their turn, she announced the winner, then hugged everyone goodbye including Eric--she told Dick he smelled good. That's about it. Eric said something to her when she hugged him, but I didn't catch it. Eric apologized for talking trash about her, and in her beautiful Janey way, she said, "That's okay ..." and did the Janey Eyeroll and said, "no it's not ..." with a smile as she hugged the next person (I think it was Zach) .... Gotta say, Janey sure looks pretty. I mentioned to my significant other that if I could choose someone to look like, it would be her. My SO heartiliy agreed. What a jerk.
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