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  1. Yes! The wire hanger scene. I've been trying to think who she reminded me of the other night when she was yelling at Ian. She was sitting on the couch in the BR staring in the mirror, eye brows up to her hair line, head tilted back, full-on crazy eyes. That broad freaks me out. I was just watching last night's BBAD. When she was yammering on at Dan it looked like he would have gladly grabbed the closest sharp object and stabbed his ear drums just to make.it.freaking.stop.talking.at.him. I actually felt bad for Dan, but only for a few minutes.
  2. I had the same thoughts. I didn't watch more than a few minutes of BBAD this past week because I couldn't stand to listen to Adam. He was a complete ass tonight and I hope that he fades off into the recesses of Hoboken, never to be seen again.
  3. If B/R end up on TAR I anticipate a giant meltdown at some point. Something along the lines of Colin's "My ox is broken!" moment. If Rachele wins at this point I'm hoping that she uses the money to break free of Brendon. It's not very likely, but I can be hopeful. As irritating as she is, he treats her horribly when they are in silly stressful situations created on BB. I can only imagine how poorly he treats her when the big stressors occur.
  4. Kalie sobbing in the DR? Truly delightful. And, I knew she would end her whining, crying jag by exclaiming (everyone say it together), "It's so unfaaaaaiiiirrrrrr". I really did lol when she said that. The icing on the eviction? Julie barely asked her one question and that was the end of prime time for Kalia, until the finale when she has to vote to give the money to SOMEONE ELSE. Love it!
  5. It was worth watching Kalia last night on BBAD for entertainment value. This idiot thinks it's a good idea to campaign Jordan to get Adam to use the veto. Funniest part? When Jordan finally explains to Kalia that if Adam uses the veto, Jordan goes up as a replacement. Then, she still goes off and cries in her bed about how stupid Adam is being. Loved it! I don't think her meltdown is going to reach Chima level, but she might be on the same road. She's too in love with her self and convinced herself that she deserves to win. Reality is now biting her in the ass and she's going to have a temper tantrum at some point in the next few days.
  6. I think he will purposely lose the Veto. He doesn't want to have to make a decision.
  7. I can no longer stand listening to a single minute of Kalia. I've pretty much given up on BBAD until she is gone, which I hope will be this week. She is beyond obnoxious. Everything single thing about her bugs me beyond distraction. I cannot WAIT until she walks herself out the door.
  8. That's what I don't understand, either. Shelly has claimed all along her alliance and plan was to go to final 3 with J/J. If that's true how could she not see the fatal flaw from the very beginning? By all rights everyone else in the house should have completely dumped on the idea of a final three with B/R or J/J from day one. In both cases neither of those couples were going to backstab their bf/gf. It just doesn't make sense to me, unless her plan was to dump them at some point no matter what and that's yet another thing she's been lying about with everyone.
  9. Iceman was being generous. She says the word "like" about every third or fourth word in each sentence. Then, when Porsche and Rachele get in a convo with yappy Kalia is a "like" overdose. BBAD the last few nights has been easy to get through because I ff anytime she's on the screen.
  10. If she walks out the door tonight I won't be sorry to see her go. I understand the game play she was trying to carry out. However, all that indignation over being called out for the liar she is, mixed with snot-slinging crying fits has been just too much for me. I also think this claim of Tony and Josie being her "true" alliance is a steaming pile of poo. Shelly is throwing any and everything at the wall to see what will stick.
  11. I started to watch the recording of BBAD from night before last and ended up fast forwarding through almost all of it because I could not listen to Kalia. Up until now I just generally was annoyed with everything about her. After reading what she admitted to doing to her dog? I fully hate her and will be quite disgusted if she someone happens to win 1st or 2nd place. She is a vile POS. It's not a bit surprising her dogs pees all over her bed and belongings. She abuses the poor thing.
  12. This is the part that now takes me from believing Shelly is a good player to, once again, believing that she's crazier than a shithouse mouse.
  13. She talks so much because she mistakenly believes that she's the smartest person in the room. She will always be one of the dumbest people in any room because she doesn't understand one of the rules to becoming the smartest, which is shutting the hell up and listening to what everyone else is saying.
  14. I wish someone, ANYONE, would get her to stop using that horrible accent when they are playing poker. I guess the upside is when she's doing that I ff through that part of BBAD, which is always boring.
  15. She's going to ride her high horse of so-called integrity right through her eviction interview with Julie, which I hope comes to pass this week. I understand her game play to keep herself in with those in power. However, the way she was so confrontational with Jordan right after the big betrayal and Jeff's eviction truly is whackadoo thinking. Why in the world would anyone think that's a good time to have a discussion about what just happened. This bs that she is so worried about how her daughter will perceive her is just that, a load of bs. She should have thought about that before she walked in the door of the BB house. She started off lying (about her first vote) and she's just escalated up to the big whopper yesterday. I won't miss her and I especially won't watch her lurching around the house with her damn near gorilla walk. She should grab Rachele's furry boots and complete the final step to becoming a Yeti.
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