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  1. General Drama

    My old Crock Pot was in the garbage the next day. Have never cried before watching This is Us. I was inconsolable for the whole show.
  2. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    Or a few DUI's. Sorry but I think the worst of Jessica. Left over feelings from months of BB does that to you.
  3. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I had found Netflix while waiting for this season of BB. I highly recommend Orange Is The New Black, Glow, and Wentworth.
  4. Jozea Flores - Rhymes with "go away"

    Any Frankie fan is no fan of mine. just saying.
  5. She describes herself as awesome. I am going to wait for some awesomeness and see how far that gets her.
  6. Big Brother Canada – Season 4

    Is there any way that we can see Big Brother Canada in the US?
  7. I hope some got homes from publicity.
  8. I do think that she would have a chance as a returning player. All depends on the other players. If enlisted from a drugstore for their giant personality and good looks or if they get real players who know BB. VanASSa can be very convincing. " MY WORD IS GOOD!" as she says to all even the praying mantis that JMac had, as she stepped on him and said oh it is not "MY fault", with tears etc, etc. I believe that she was a very very bitter jurer. She would not have take Steve but Liz ??? gets her vote. She was worried that if she got to final two that there would be a bitter jury. She turned out to be the biggest and only bitter jury member this season.l
  9. I have seen Vanessa many times playing poker on tv. As I remember she is very quiet and has her shades and usually some type of hat. Always found her fairly pleasant. Not anymore. I didn't know that she was so talkative. And rather nasty. She is constantly running the odds in her mind as when she plays poker. Hoping she puts up Austin and Austin goes. I see a better path for John. Hoping that John wins HOH and she will be gone.
  10. Jeff and Jordan are on Marriage Boot Camp on WE Friday nights. I think they are doing well on that show cause they don't have all the problems of the other nut couples. Like Mike from Jersey Shore.
  11. Week 3 – Who Will Be Evicted?

    I want Jeff out. He has a big mouth telling the guys the Jackie was "easy" on the AMR.
  12. I thought she had a real tight bound with Tyler. Guess not. I thought she said she would give her reward to Rodney. Guess not. I was "rooting for her" but now I guess not. Guess I am just disappointed. I wanted mom warm and fuzzy.
  13. GAME – Getting to Know Your Teammate

    Do I look fat with my fannypack?
  14. Amazing Race Camera Guys – Five Word Story

    Teeth that Jim took out.
  15. Limericks – One Line at a Time

    There once was a host named Phil, His eyebrow shot up with a thrill, He started the race, The teams did not leave with grace,