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  1. I have not been following BB as much since last season but wanted to thank all those that are still recapping.
  2. My first celebrity she looks like reaction was Hilary Swank.
  3. Rachel is on Periscope. The topic is "#brenchel we need your help 4 our comedy show".
  4. Derrick is called to the Dr. Before he goes in he tells Cody that he is not going to throw the comp and let Victoria win. Cody goes into the fire room and does some bitching that he's not scared of Victoria winning.
  5. Feeds return. Victoria gets into the shower. Cody is also in the bathroom. Derrick is in the fire room getting clothing.
  6. Feeds are on highlights. BBAD starts showing Derick, Cody and Victoria going back into the house.
  7. A little chit chat from Cody and Derrick on what hands and fingers hurt from holding into the bar during the comp. More highlights. We are back and Derrick has dropped off. It's over Rock!
  8. Derrick again offers to drop and Cody is not smart enough to let him do it so he stays on.
  9. We return from highlights for more snorting from Cody. They start talking about what they are going to do. The question is who feels more confident playing in the second comp. Victoria makes the useless observation that Cody and Derrick are not looking at each other. When one looks at the other they turn away. They both ignore her comment. Derrick says he's willing to drop. He's not going to sit up there for 3 hours. He tells Cody his is going to try his best. Derrick says there is no doubt Cody is better than him. Derrick asks Victoria why she is mad she did a good job. I don't know Derrick maybe it's because Cody said he had a F2 deal with you from the first week in the house and you are not going to take her to the F2?
  10. So much for having some of the comp on BBAD. Cody and Derrick start to debate who is going to drop. Highlights.
  11. Cody keeps snorting like a bull and of course the mic has to be right next to his nose when he does it. Victoria says her hands are slipping. Cody and Derrick tell her to not drop. She asks if their hands are falling asleep. Cody says the comp is not easy. Here comes the rain again. Hammie down! Victoria is out.
  12. We get some snorting from Cody and Derrick. Cody smells boardwalk food.
  13. Victoria asks how long have we been on here? 10min? Derrick asks if they are allowed to get time checks and we get highlights.
  14. I thought there was at least one recent season where part one was kept off the feeds and BBAD. At least CBS came through tonight and started the comp on the feeds soon to be BBAD.
  15. Cody returns from the DR holding the POV medal so it's confirmed he won the POV.
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