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  1. Tom Green - Nuts...well, Nut.

    I am now convinced Tom is/was a live feeder. I am also leaning towards him being a member of HT. He is just now talking to live feeders and has been doing it for a while. The ZAC (Zen Angry Cult)??? It does not get any HTer than that. So roll call, who of the regulars is missing. LOL
  2. House Analysis and Discussion

    I am far from rich or being a celebrity, but I wouldn't touch Los Angeles' "purified" water with a 10 feet pole. That ish be nastyyyy
  3. House Analysis and Discussion

    If Dina wins this season due to a bitter jury then I am suing BB for having to endure Tamar for nothing.
  4. As much as I have disliked Tamar from the real, I now feel sorry for her! The girl is seriously troubled! It seems like she does have a good soul underneath the "brave and outspoken" facade. She does seem to want to get along but she never learned how to. Sadly, it may be too late for this old dog to learn new tricks.
  5. POLL: Pre-show Prediction

    Anthony. Seems like the only 1 with the brains. He will either be 1st out or win. Kandi's likeability (amongst the HG I predict) will get her very far. However she has an annoying need to be "nice" and hence un-decisive, respect for her will be quickly lost
  6. Lord of all things BB!!! Please please let this one be the first one out. I am on my knees. Her lip smacking is going to kill my ears!
  7. House Analysis and Discussion

    Yikes! I though I was more into the pop culture than I am. The only somewhat familiar names are Stormy Daniels (Thanks Forrest Trump) and the Lohan lady. No idea (without google) who the others are.
  8. BB20 House Discussion

    I am also in a work pool and I got Winston and Steve. We use a blind draw and my players have always placed in the top 5 for the last 10 years (Yie). I have won 5 times, much to most pool members' chagrin, so if the trend continues Steve and Winston will be around for a long while. Or my luck is bout to change. Any other pool players on this group?
  9. POLL: Do you let acquaintances in on your BB habit?

    Snort* Very Funny. I might will use this one
  10. POLL: Do you let acquaintances in on your BB habit?

    Everybody (friends, co-workers and family), call, text and come talk to me to hear my take after every airing. They say I make it more fun than live feeds and TV. I just smile a say thanks HT. They are dying to know what HT stands for. I won't tell
  11. True or False – Getting Acquainted

    True. With my own private summers, who needs summers. The next poster has been keeping up with Jeff and Jordan.
  12. Chris Noble - Lavita - Eliminated eighth

    You guys are going to seriously kill me. I did like him until he wouldn't stop about modeling.
  13. Kellyn Bechtold - Lavita - Eliminated fourteenth

    I almost died! Too funny.
  14. House Analysis and Discussion

    I have heard of all of them and dislike ALL of them. The BB gods really hate me
  15. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Agreed. A heartfelt thank you to you all. I am as addicted to HT as I am to BB and it is all because of you. Till next season.
  16. POLL: America's Favorite Houseguest

    Paul has my everything this season. He probably will not qualify(as a winner, hopefully) but just in case Josh got smart tomorrow. Also, it is my vote against Cody (worst hammie of all times). I split with Mark because he is a giant crying teddy bear, and I love me some crying men.
  17. Now, this. This is a Paul hater I can get behind. Still love my Paul though. I am OK with hate as long as his game play is respected.
  18. Kevin Schlehuber - Totally NOT in the Mob - Evicted

    I honestly am I BB addict. I woke to a dream (more a nightmare) of Kevin winning the HOH today. It was buzzer math type comp and it was down to him and Paul. I need help. I dislike this man!
  19. Let's put this into perspective. Below are the ages of the casts from both Paul's season (BB19) and Derrick's (BB16). Intentionally sorted by age. BB19 BB16 Name Age Name Age Ramses 21 Hayden 21 Josh 23 Nicole 22 Raven 23 Victoria 22 Cameron 24 Christine 23 Jillian 24 Cody 23 Paul 24 Zach 24 Mark 25 Amber 26 Elena 26 Devin 26 Jessica 26 Caleb 26 Alex 28 Joey 27 Megan 28 Paola 27 Dominique 30 Paola 27 Cody 32 Brittany 29 Matthew 33 Derrick 30 Christmas 35 Frankie 31 Jason 37 Jocasta 33 Kevin 55 Donny 42 As we can clearly see, Derrick was more on the older matured side of his cast as opposed to Paul. Every single person Pail is purported to "torment" or "abuse" is older than him. Every. Single. One. I can live with not liking Paul but the hatred he is getting is troubling me. Why blame him for the weakness of older mature cast mates? They are and should be old enough to make up their own minds
  20. Matthew Clines - Cereal Killer - Evicted

    Ok, that was FUNNY! Matthew may just win this game. Stop laughing, I know I know, cereal and all. I think he is the only person Paul is overlooking. He is the only person a bitter jury may choose over Paul (Jordan Llyod memorial style) . If he takes him too far, he may not be able to get him out.
  21. But Paul is playing the exact same game Derrick played. Why is Paul hated and Derrick loved? They both control the game, in different way s yes, but total control is total control. I have heard it being said that Deriick did not have safety, well duh, Derrick was not a returning vet, he will for sure need safety to survive past week 1 if/when he plays again. Maybe it is the inner Manson in me but I love how Paul is playing the game. This coming for a Vanessa R fan, so there is that.
  22. What side of the house would you be on?

    I would be founder and CEO of the misfitts. How did they come about by the way?
  23. Safety Servent: Who is getting your Care Package votes?

    Shelby since polls shows it is between her and Alex and I would like to see Alex or Scott go home this week. Just to mess up Justin and Jason.
  24. Week 3 - Eviction Prediction

    I am sucker for a love story, so Neely has my votes. It will not matter to anybody else but me. Hope Shanielle goes the same direction as Brenchel
  25. Justin Duncan - Seafood restaurant owner

    And...he lost me last night we all the 'planting seed' talk. Justin! Justin! You need some serious help.