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  1. Anyone who will take a shot at Cody and/or Nicole has my vote. So Tyler is going, and I am OK with that, since he would most likely put Enzo and Memphis up if he stays. Lame.
  2. Memphis. I hope he nominates Nicole and Enzo. I want Christmas to win veto and take Enzo off the block forcing Cody on the block. I don't like Christmas but I like Cody and Nicole even less. Looks like Nicole is staying since queen Nicole promised her her vote.
  3. Thank you!!  I love watching and sharing.  

  4. Thanks Angelmi. You made it more fun than watching the feeds. You are one brave soul with nerves of steel.
  5. Tyler. I know wishful thinking, but I hope he wins the veto forcing Cody to put up Memphis. I hope (more wishful thinking) that would wake Memphis up to turn against Cody. But realistically Cody is set to win
  6. I went with David who was at the top of the eviction list at beginning of this HOH reign to now be 3rd behind Kevin and Day. Not much of a climb, but a climb nonetheless. I don't see any movement position wise from the others, other than strengthening Cody's position. Say what you want about Cody (and I immensely dislike the guy) but he is executing that Derrick 's directive with finesse...so far. That counts for something.
  7. Agreed Captains Savem. I am disappointed in Ian who used to be my favorite. To come back and play the exact same game with people who are aware of it is insane.
  8. I think the frustration with the alleged "pre-game' alliance is what is driving yellers crazy. I know just the possibility of it being true has taken the fun out for me, Now would I be scaling walls in this California heat? Nah, fam.
  9. Ian. Again. Because Ian am smart. Period.
  10. I have worked from home 3 days a week for the last 15 years, I never realized I actually enjoyed going into the office now and then, so this full time work at home thing is getting to me. Were you ( or any of your family members and friend) tested positive for COVID19. If so, how are they doing?
  11. I will take anybody, including Gina Marie. Please, please don't give me Evil Dick, it has been a horrible year already.
  12. Thank you MrsGryn. I always look forward to these recaps
  13. So sad to see him go. On the other hand, are they saving Rob in hopes of him getting rid of Sandra?
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