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  1. Simply put, it is easy for most black folks to appreciate the Cookout. I would never be on BB, don't want to go and don't think they will give me a 2nd look. I would, nonetheless, do exactly what the Cookout did given the opportunity. $750000 would be life changing, no doubt. Having future generations of young black folk look into this season and a) see a black winner b) see black folks put a common interest ahead of personal interest...PRICELESS. It's unfortunate it came at the price of some possible great play by both Tiff and DX and the unfortunate torture of DF, SB, Claire and Azah making it further than the would have.
  2. God forbid a phenomenal player without the Dan Gheeseling move, pardon me, umm moves. Xavier has kept himself without needing the dramatics of saving himself by some overrated "funeral". He was on the block 4 times without any danger of being voted out.
  3. And I have never been more wrong in my life. He is the best player I have seen since Dr Will and Danielle Reyes. I agree, he held the cookout together. Authoritative yet laid back. He made this season for me.
  4. Both. I want her evicted and I predict she will be evicted
  5. Claire has played zero game, I don't get why she remains 'America's favorite. I get the dislike for the Cookout dominance but Claire is not the answer. On the same note, I hope the same people disliking the Cookout had the same sentiments on previous dominant alliances. My suspicion is most are, but have a feeling some hate it because it is just black folks and particularly white folks on the receiving end,and would praise its genius if the members were white. What can I say 'America'?
  6. Xavier. He remains my favorite. I want Tiff gone just for selfishly putting the Cookout plan in jeopardy. Cookout all the way. !
  7. Xavier has been the smartest and level headed player this season. He is the only one who makes me feel he would have gone far with/without the Cookout. No one, I mean no one (including evicted houseguests) really wants him gone so far.
  8. according to online chatter, Claire cannot play for HOH this week, as per rules that came with her Coin of Destiny win. A veto win is a MUST for her this week.
  9. Magpie, you have a better handle on this than I do. Thanks for the insight.
  10. Poor Sarah Beth! Is she getting hate from viewers? The only 2 people who don't seem to like her inside are Claire and Tiffany. Not sure if DX was not a fan of hers on not a fan of her game.
  11. I hope she gets to play next week. I see your point on how it has to stay anonymous. Watching the feeds, she was safe this week anyway, since Alyssa and SB were the Cookout's targets. Big D was 2nd best to win and the plan was already to keep the norms the same. Now it has made her more disposable than Alyssa with the fear of America voting for any twist, at least to remaining houseguests.
  12. Everybody and their mama knew Claire will do what Tiffany wants at this stage. What I don't understand is why her fans voted for ( other than to let her know 'America's loves her I suppose). Was it to ding the Cookout members' egos? Now she can't play for HOH next week and likely go home. Somebody make it make sense.
  13. Yes. They are very impressive! Yes Azah is deadweight and may actually be survived by Elyssa/Claire
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