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  1. I went with David who was at the top of the eviction list at beginning of this HOH reign to now be 3rd behind Kevin and Day. Not much of a climb, but a climb nonetheless. I don't see any movement position wise from the others, other than strengthening Cody's position. Say what you want about Cody (and I immensely dislike the guy) but he is executing that Derrick 's directive with finesse...so far. That counts for something.
  2. Agreed Captains Savem. I am disappointed in Ian who used to be my favorite. To come back and play the exact same game with people who are aware of it is insane.
  3. I think the frustration with the alleged "pre-game' alliance is what is driving yellers crazy. I know just the possibility of it being true has taken the fun out for me, Now would I be scaling walls in this California heat? Nah, fam.
  4. Ian. Again. Because Ian am smart. Period.
  5. I have worked from home 3 days a week for the last 15 years, I never realized I actually enjoyed going into the office now and then, so this full time work at home thing is getting to me. Were you ( or any of your family members and friend) tested positive for COVID19. If so, how are they doing?
  6. I will take anybody, including Gina Marie. Please, please don't give me Evil Dick, it has been a horrible year already.
  7. Thank you MrsGryn. I always look forward to these recaps
  8. So sad to see him go. On the other hand, are they saving Rob in hopes of him getting rid of Sandra?
  9. Rob may win. I can't almost touch his determination of dethroning Sandra (or match her). He wants it that bad.
  10. How did she manage to stay so beautiful. Would be nice for her to get out of Rob's shadow, that might mean screwing Rob over and I am here for it.
  11. She is the only one who has the potential of making this season ultra memorable by pulling a 3rd win. So I am rooting for hew (after Ethan of course)
  12. My favorite! I hope he is all healed, matured and less Mr Nice Guy. He will be playing against sharks and I worry about him
  13. I have to add my 2 cents on this. I truly have to defend Missy and what's-her-name. I have been in a similar situation at a workplace. See, I am a no-nonsense kinda girl and I sometimes forget that not everyone is like me. I had told workplace-grabby off very easily and it never occurred to me that someone else couldn't do the same. When asked by HR ( I was never told it was reported by several other people) I wrote it off as not big deal because a) he never tried it with me ever again b) he was a non-threatening wimp to me. I genuinely felt horrible when I got told the whole story after he was let go. Somebody took a video. Another lady had quit because of him. So, we really have to be as forgiving to women like Missy who did not see the seriousness at the time as we are understanding for Kellee for reporting it.
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