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  1. It makes sense to me that each competition was held on the existing set before it was torn down with the losers having gone home at that time with the only one staying for weeks being Victor.
  2. James tells Meg not to give up hope, but Meg says it is unlikely John or Steve will vote out Julia.
  3. James did it, nominated Shelli and Clay. James is my new hero.
  4. I took an immediate dislike to him because, after all, he's a dentist. But as the season goes on I'm liking more and more in spite of myself
  5. Congratulations, Fisthilda. May your marriage last longer than Rachel and Brandon's and be ever happier that Jordan and Jeff's.
  6. I just got a good look at Beastmode's and Frankies, the Cowboy is ahead, but Nicole is close.
  7. The feeds are hilarious right now. Cody has accused Zack of being the thief, but they are all watching each other. They are roaming the house in a pack. Zack, claiming innocence, stomps off, Cody following to watch him. Frankie and Caleb march along behind. Here come the girls, Victoria saying her super valuable necklace is missing to sheriff in the cowboy hat, Derrick and bringing up the rear is Donnie, waving his hands in the air following the rest of the pack saying he doesn't want to be left alone so he can be blamed. Zack starts going at full gallop through the house, cowboy, neck scarf and no shirt Cody rides behind totally losing it leaving a blue stream of foul language in his wake. Prancer, aka, Frakie, trots off because he has it, he has it, America has voted for Zack, he's America's player.
  8. Would someone refresh my memory. What has Cody done besides look pretty and cuddle everyone, male and female, in the house?
  9. Zombie Cupid. Donny will come to the reception dressed in a diaper with a bow and arrow. No extra makeup required for the Zombie look.
  10. Love coconut martini fueled dancing for our Bride. Snarkhilda and Fisty will now perform their wedding dance which as been choreographed and taught to them by none other than this season's Frankie. Sharkhilda, be sure to remind Fisty to have another martini first as Frankie's choreography is a little over the top.
  11. The last thing Caleb ever wanted to do was send Amber home, just scare he a little, he seems very despondent. Frankie tells him they had to do it now for Caleb's sake. If Amber lasted until Jury, then left, Caleb would want to leave right behind her. This way he can play to the very end with his desire for Amber forcing him into a early eviction. Caleb sits and stares. He's called to the DR, he doesn't move. BB voice summons him once again and Caleb sits and stares. "I don't want to go" he says, as he sits and stares across the yard at Amber.
  12. "Amber's drawn a line in the sand" says Frankie to BC, (Beastman Cowboy) but blowing up the bomb squad and telling the the girls the guys are trying to vote the out of the house. Caleb declares Amber has lost his vote and she is on her way out the door. The big hearted men decide the humane thing to do is to tell Amber of her pending eviction.
  13. Where are our recappers? There is a lot going on right now and I'm not the best at recapping. But I'll give it a go, Caleb and Amber had a long heart to heart talk trying to sort out the reason Amber is on the block. Caleb is feeling really bad for Amber at this point. They call Frankie into the hive room to confront him. Frankie is really good at reading people and twisting the situation to his advantage. Amber was trying to get an all girl alliance back together and blew up the bomb, not a real bomb, the squad one. Amber leaves and Frankie calls Nicole into the hive. Caleb ask Nicole if Amber had ever talked about their date to her. Nicole said just that she went on the date because she felt she had to but has no interest in any romantic entanglements. Caleb seems really stunned that fair maiden Amber did not see the romantic setting he had provided with candles and wine on the lawn chairs instead of the regular date place, the hammock, and have little hearts of love shooting out of her eyes. Nicole leaves and Frankie very dramatically tells Caleb that at the EOTD, he has to trust someone and that someone is not Amber, it is of course, (sob) Frankie. Frankie then goes onto convince that he kept Zack off the block thinking only of Caleb's best interest. As long as Zack in is the house he is the target and if he were gone, of course the target would be the beastman cowboy.
  14. I think Donny B. Good is the male equivalent of Jordan. Sometimes the things he says are reminiscent of Jordan's words of wisdom. Wisdom is probably the wrong word. Jordan's words of wonder might be better. I used to wonder things like why she would chose a squirrel over any other animal to be. Donny often speaks in similar words to wonder about. However, both are very likable, wonder words and all.
  15. Donny reminds me of the Peter Sellers character, the gardener, in the old movie Being There. The gardener was a very simple minded man who worked on the White House gardens. He would issue such simple words of wisdom that the Washington elite thought he was being very profound, "If you water the flowers, the flowers will grow". So they supported him and elected him President. Of course he really was a simple minded man.
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