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  1. I am so happy she addressed the behavior and included Jackson, and the Powers tried to make him look good.
  2. Did I miss something? Were the discussing keeping Christie last night?
  3. Did Sis say she was late and may be pregnant?
  4. Christie is crying she seems afraid to use the power because Jack could still go and be powerless.
  5. Tommy is telling Christie if she uses the power she is saving an ally and getting out someone who is trying to target her, Christie agrees, Kat and Jess are in the room as well. Sam and Sis come in and they stop talking about the game.
  6. Jack is making sure Kat is voting Bella out (I don't remember hearing Cliff say he is putting her on the block). Christie and Tommy talking about Christie's power and how she wants to discuss it with Cliff, but because everyone knows her power she is in an unfortunate position. Tommy says she needs to choose a side, no more floating.
  7. As I said, he never shuts his freakin mouth
  8. I have voted, but never changed my vote, but did have ah-ha moment. Do you wish they still had the food comps?
  9. I thought other people were going to know each other. Is it only Christie and Tommy?
  10. I agree as his personality comes out, he physically gets ugly, I can't even see the Jason in him anymore.
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