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    I was going to write a whole long post about Dickass, but you know what...I just can't. The guy is such a major butthole he nearly transcends words. Just the way he got such obvious glee at criticizing and sort of tormenting his own daughter on live national television makes my stomach turn. Loathe, loathe, loathe!
  2. Gah, I can not stand this guy. He is so full of himself. And these attempts at trying to be "cool" and playing "big" to the audience. It sucked when HWSNBN did it and it sucks when Adam does it.
  3. I like Dani. *shrugs* Now Dickass, on the other hand...
  4. Yes, yesterday Adam was sort of threatening Porsche that if she won the final HOH and didn't take him to F2, he was going to vote for Rachel and make sure that Rachel won. But that was yesterday. From my understanding, Rachel did or said something (last night?) that pissed Adam off and now, this very afternoon, he was telling Porsche that he would vote for her to win even if she didn't take him to F2 because he doesn't want Rachel to win. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Still 24 more hours to go. Gives Adam plenty of time to change his mind a couple more times...
  5. Shannon, when in doubt about Adam, bet on the dumb!
  6. I also agree with ff. Two days ago I thought Rachel would probably win in a match-up against Porsche because it seemed that Adam was leaning toward voting for Rachel, which would make the vote 4-3 in her favor. But over the past 24 hours or so, it appears that Rachel has done or said something that really rubbed Adam the wrong way. Didn't Adam basically tell Porsche this afternoon that he wanted her (Porsche) to take him to the F2, but if she didn't, he would still vote for her to win over Rachel? I'm convinced Dani and Kalia will vote Porsche. I think Shelly will as well (not certain, but I think so). Unless this anti-Rachel sentiment is part of some brilliant maneuver on Adam's part, it looks like the tides are swinging toward Porsche at the eleventh hour. Adam? Brilliant? Nahhhhh..... ETA: If Adam is evicted tomorrow, he's not really going to have time to interact much with jury members, is he? Isn't the jury going to go and sit on the set with Julie, and then Adam will join them? Not sure Jeff will have enough time to sway Adam one way or another. On the other hand, this is Adam, and he wavers back and forth so much that who the hell knows what he'll really do.
  7. Rachel to Adam: "You've played one of the best games ever on Big Brother." Whaaaaaaa? Talk about trolling for a jury vote...
  8. I voted for Dani. If anyone had told me two months ago that I'd be voting a Donato as my favorite HG, I would have said he/she was crazy. Keith and Lawon are worthless. I rather like Cassi and Dom, but they left just too soon for me to vote for them. Brendon's creepiness still...well, creeps me out! I also like Rachel better without Brendon, but for me that just means she's moved up from total suck to moderate suck. (Plus, her endless weeping over losing the F4 veto reminded me of the woman I can't stand). Jeff is a bully and a phobe. Jordan is beauteous and sweet (most of the time), but her vaguely Gump-ish quality is beginning to wear on me a bit. I couldn't stand Shelly when she was with Team Jeff, and actually liked her a little better when she went rogue...but favorite HG? Not even close. I liked show Fauxprah, but not so much feed Fauxprah (get it--feed Fauxprah?). Porsche has actually grown on me a bit, OGG help me, but not enough to consider voting for her. Adam spent most of the summer sucking on Jeff's phobic teets, which is annoying in and of itself, but for some reason the guy truly bugs me in general. I think it's because I don't perceive his floating as brilliant strategic floating along the lines of a Jun, but more just gutless wavering only a couple steps above Cowboy, who spent the entirety of Season 5 looking befuddled and like he was about to crap his pants. Every now and then you get someone who just idiots their way to the end. (P.S. I don't see Adam as an idiot, just sort of...spineless.) (P.P.S. I do see Cowboy as an idiot.) So that leaves Dani. I really did enjoy the season the most when she was on and scaring the bejesus out of the vets. Even if not all of her big moves worked, I loved that she was willing to try some big moves in a season where a majority of the cast seemed as timid as a grandma with false teeth about to bite into an apple. So yes, color me Team Blackheart!
  9. Actually, I'm in the camp that did find Jordan's remarks about Porsche a little off-putting. I didn't think Jordan came across as super mean or anything, but it's hard for me to see the comments as anything but somewhat belittling. Part of it was the juxtaposition of her comments: "Adam, you're great, you're such a wonderful guy, no hard feelings... Rachel, you're wonderful, I so appreciate getting to know you, blah blah blah... Porsche, you lie around in your bikini and like to host competitions." Come on! I don't think even Jordan is clueless enough not to realize that is going to come across with a bit of a sting. I realize she doesn't know Porsche well, but she could have just said something like, "Porsche, I don't know you very well, we were on different sides of the game, but good luck..." The added "bikini and comps" remark did seem like an intentional dig. But then Jordan seems to have this kind of dismissive and superior attitude about Porsche that bugs me a bit. Not just in her eviction speech but also when she was dissing Adam in HOH for perhaps taking Porsche the "undeserving" to the F2. This coming from Jordan, who hasn't really done that much herself to make it to the end. (Plus, would hammies stop talking about who is deserving and undeserving? Reminds me too much of The Fiendship!) I'm not even debating the accuracy of Jordan's comments (although frankly, I've started to kind of like Porsche...sue me!). I just want to acknowledge that Jordan's comments about Porsche were a little snarky. And hey, I'm the last one who should frown upon snark. I just want to acknowledge it as such--snarky and dismissive--and not just shrug Jordan's remarks off as a sweet girl's candid and factual assessment of her fellow woman.
  10. Oh, FUG! At least try to cover your tracks! Wasn't this PoV competition awfully similar to the first HOH competition? Only instead of hammies wrapping their arms and legs around a banana and hanging from that, they were wrapping their arms and legs around a dummy of their partner and hanging from that. Gosh, I wish I could remember...who won that first HOH? Oh, that's right! Rachel! I have to admit, I was flat out laughing at the brazenness of it all.
  11. I think I agree with Sim37 and Mekias on this one. While I enjoy the personality conflicts and the humor of the show, the appeal of BB for me has been the competition and the game play as people feint and maneuver to try and get to the end. I'm under no illusions that BB has manipulated some things in the past to try and get the show to go in a particular direction. I think what bothers me about this week's Pandora's Box "twist" is that it comes so late in the season and was so clearly designed to benefit Jordan and Rachel. Matt's Diamond Power of Veto, for example, didn't bother me that much because 1) it came earlier in the season, when FUG usually does her "twist" and 2) the "twist" didn't seem designed to benefit Matt in particular. He was just the one who happened to win it. Does anyone know why I keep putting "twist" in quotation marks? As all of life can be compared to The Wizard of Oz, I think this week's "twist" was the moment when Toto pulled away the curtain and I got such a clear glimpse of FUG behind the curtain pulling the strings (for me more blatantly than anything in any previous season, including production forcing Eric to save Dick in Season 8) that some of the fun has gone out of the show for me. I can't even articulate exactly why it feels different, it just does. I was aware of the manipulation before, but this week (for me) it seemed to go so far and become so blatant that it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I can't help it. *shrugs* At the risk of sounding like a Cycle Downer, I'm kind of at a crossroads with BB this season. This might be the Fonz Jumping Over the Shark moment for me. I either have to, as Zgeist notes, get on board with watching it solely as an entertainment show and not think about it at all as a reality competition series...or I'm going to slowly retreat away from the show altogether...retreat...retreat...
  12. CycleRob


    The thing is, though, Eric would never have gone along with that if he wasn't sort of forced to by DR because he was America's Player. Eric's assigned mission was to "Save Dick" and teaming with Dick was a way he could accomplish the mission. That's why I can't really give Dick credit for the Dick/Dani/Eric/Jessica house flip, because it just wouldn't have happened if Eric's hands hadn't been tied by FUG and her twist. It would have been another failed, Hail Mary pass a hammie resorts to in a last ditch effort to stay in the house, not unlike Brenchel proposing to Dani that they team up with her so both of Brenchel could remain in the game.
  13. CycleRob


    You know, I've never really bought this idea that Dickass was this epically great BB player. If it hadn't been for the America's Player crap that forced Eric to have to save him, Dick would have been first on the jury instead of Dustin. Eric basically admitted (or at least strongly implied) in post-game interviews that he would never have teamed with Dick or voted for him to stay at that critical juncture of the game if it hadn't been that he was forced to in the DR because he was America's Player, and America wanted him to save Dick. Dick had burned all of his bridges at that point in the game. The hammies other than Dani and Zach were hiding from him in the HOH because he was being such a holy toxic terror. Any other season and he would have been first on the jury, which doesn't strike me as wonderful game playing. My All Time Great BB Players Hall of Fame: Dr. Will, Danielle (BB3), and Dan from Season 10. And yes, Jun as one of the underrated greats. To me, Dick's win will always carry an asterisk that reads "brought to you by America." I even think Dick realizes this at some level. I'll always remember the look on his face during the finale when the America's Player twist was revealed and he realized that his big "flip" of the house was really due to America and not his great gaming. Classic! But then I think Dick is a big ole stinky pants, so maybe I'm not the most objective judge?
  14. Demgirl, I know about Diamond Power of Veto last season. My point is, we've never had Pandora's Box unleash such a game-changing "power" so late in the season. When Matt opened Pandora's Box, it was Week Four? Five?, I think, and he had two weeks in which he could use the Diamond Power of Veto. In short, the latest he could use it was when the numbers were going from nine to eight. The power was bestowed earlier than that. This is the first time Pandora's Box has held a kind of game-changing twist that has unleashed a power so late in the season. That's the part that seems fishy to me. Up until now, all the "twists" and "special powers" have come during the first half of the season. As for endurance as POV comps, the only one I can think of offhand that might have been considered an endurance comp was in Season 8 when they had to stand outside with glasses on their head until there was only one person left. But that was about balance more than endurance, I think. I remember this competition because Dickass was HOH and targeting Jen, and I thought, "This competition seems like a really good competition for Jen." I wish the hurricane would get here so I can stop analyzing BB and go outside and play in the storm!
  15. Well, Quiz Show was about having a predetermined winner and feeding that person answers in order that they would "win," unbeknownst to the audience. That's different than "influencing" results through twists, special powers, America's Choice, DR sessions and so on. Maybe we shouldn't use the word "rig" and should instead say "heavily assist"? And like any "rules" we have in our society, there are innumerable ways for TPTB to manipulate them and skirt around them. I would agree that reality shows aren't "rigged" in the technical sense of the word, but they are often manipulated (sometimes rather strongly) in one way or another to make for a "better show." ETA: FF explained it better. Entertainment show vs. quiz show and all that.
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